The Best LED Dog Harness (Review) in 2021

Last Updated November 6, 2020

The safety of your dog is paramount when on his daily walk, especially if it’s dark or the weather means visibility is not the best. Ensuring your dog is seen can keep him safe and if you’re able to let him off the leash, you can see exactly where he’s playing at all times. But aside from taking a torch, how else can you make sure your pooch is seen? Well, with an LED lit dog harness, you can ensure he’s brightly lit and visible to all.

Using pet-safe LED lights, set across a normal dog harness, you can illuminate not only your dog, but also the ground around him. LED harnesses are also a good choice for large or boisterous pooches as you can safely keep them visible and happily under control. We’ve shone a light on the brightest, most durable and comfortable LED reflective dog harnesses so you can choose the best for your pet.

The Best LED Dog Harness


With more color options than you can shake a torch at, the noxgear LightHound means serious business when it comes to being seen. You get a choice of eight super-bright LED colors as well as solid or multi-flashing modes. This is one of the best LED harnesses for all dogs, as the makers claim those dazzling LED lights are visible up to ½ a mile away. But what we like most about this harness is its use of fiber optics, instead of individual LEDs, to provide full harness illumination, boosted by reflective strips for a powerful on-the-go glow. Add in a harness made from military grade cordura that’s durable, lightweight, water-resistant and breathable, and with the LightHound, you are on to a LED winner. 

Eight bright colors and two modes

Can be seen up to ½ mile away

Made from military grade cordura

Lightweight and water-resistant

  • Brand: noxgear
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces


If you have a dog that’s a bit of a puller, then this LED dog harness is the one for you. Made from soft mesh material, this padded and adjustable harness has a wide back panel to evenly distribute pulling pressure, helping to keep your pooch safely to heel. When it comes to visibility, the Domi dog harness has that covered too thanks to the evenly spaced LEDs which you can set at steady or flashing. Ok, they may not be as brilliant bright as some other harnesses in this review and there are no LEDs on the chest, but they do the job in low light, dark evenings or bad weather. And, they recharge in two hours, to give you up to eight hours illumination.

No pull harness design

Steady glow or flashing modes

Quick release buckles 

Adjustable and padded for comfort

  • Brand: Domi
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces


Another ‘anti-pull’ harness, this time with a second leash attachment at the front for a choke free walk after dark. And, unlike our other harnesses, the PoyPet uses three colored LEDs in the side snap buckle as the main source of illumination. We like the fact that although in one place, they are really bright and can be set to steady or flash modes. You also get reflective strips across the harness and adjustable straps. This is an any time of the day harness, which adapts as the night or weather rolls in. With a control handle, mesh padding and comfort elastic on the belly straps, this is a versatile harness that’s also a bit of a bright spark.

Front ‘no choke’ leash attachment

Two-mode Tri-colored LED on buckle

Adjustable, padded mesh harness

Quick release buckles and control handle

  • Brand: PoyPet
  • Weight: 9.59 ounces


Available in sizes to suit medium to larger dogs, the BSEEN is excellent value, offering impressive illumination with a durable design. Made from mesh and polyester, it has a no choke design, with extra piping around the neck opening. It’s also nice and lightweight but durable enough for outdoor and overnight adventures with your pet. The LED lights are only located on the shoulders and back, but the illumination and vibrant color are enough for your dog to be clearly seen, either in steady or blinking mode. The batteries are USB rechargeable, offering up to eight hours lighting time. Add in adjustable straps, and a choice of four colors and this is a LED harness to be seen.

Soft harness made from polyester

No choke, padded neck design

Two LED modes and USB rechargeable

Available in four colors

  • Brand: BSEEN
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


Combining safety and comfort, this harness from Dog-E-Glow has a quality design that comes with a good value price tag. Available in three sizes, it works with most canines and has a 1,000ft visibility range. The LEDs are nicely spaced out inside the double fabric harness, providing light coverage across the shoulders, chest as well as around the neck. The back part of the harness is durable nylon webbing with a stainless-steel D ring to securely attach the leash. It is water-resistant and surprisingly lightweight, and for totally doggo convenience, you get adjustable straps and a quick release buckle for when pup just wants to get to his bed once home after his walk. 

Padded harness for comfort

1000ft visibility range

Constant or blinking modes

Available in three sizes 

  • Brand: Dog-E-Glow
  • Weight: 3.21 ounces


With the looks of a more conventional high viz jacket, this LED dog vest is a good choice for urban dog walking. Made from high visibility orange reflective material, you also get reflective strips plus two rows of LED lights down your pooch’s back. And the speedy recharge time is impressive – just one hour and you and your pup can hit the mean, dark streets once more. The whole vest is lightweight and easy to fit, thanks to the soft fabric and adjustable belt. All the buckles are quick release too, for hassle free dog walking. Available in five sizes, this reflective harness is LED dog-walking tech the straightforward way. 

Reflective vest with LED light strips

USB rechargeable – one-hour recharge

Lightweight, soft and comfortable

Available in five sizes

  • Brand: Illumiseen
  • Weight: 3 ounces


This is a two for the price of one harness from MelonTail as you get both LED light tech and a bungee leash for night-time walkies fun. The harness is a compact size but packs a decent illuminating punch, thanks to the LED lined back, side and shoulder panel that’s made from reflective material. The lights may not be as evenly distributed around the back as other harnesses, however. The harness material is breathable, to keep your pooch comfortable as he works up an exercise sweat. There’s also a built-in USB rechargeable battery for up to 10 hours light time per re-juice. And the bungee leash is a nice touch, making the whole package a good deal for urban night walking. 

Rechargeable LED dog harness

Made from breathable, reflective material

Up to 10 hours light per charge

Comes with a bungee leash

  • Brand: MelonTail
  • Weight: 11.9 ounces


Last, but not least is our Premium Pick, this smart looking LED reflective harness vest that gives you a choice of eight vivid light colors. You also get six flashing modes, which can be changed at the press of a button and the harness design and LED location gives you 360-degree visibility of your pet. With the harness made from reflective material, the ‘low slung’ design enhances the location of the LED, which is four independent lines that run the length of the seams in an X shape over the back. The harness itself is easy to put on, with Velcro straps to keep everything secure. And, as a final plus point, the Blazin Safety LED harness has an impressive 15-hour battery life on one single charge.

Eight LED colors; six modes

15 hours’ use on single charge

Easy to put on and adjust

Secure leash attachment

  • Brand: Blazin’
  • Weight: 9.59 ounces

Best LED Dog Harness Buying Guide & FAQ

Why You Need a LED Dog Harness For Your Pooch

Any way to make your pooch more visible after dark is a good thing and a LED harness offers a full body coverage of lights to make sure they’re seen. Here are our top reasons why you need a LED harness for your pooch:

  • Greater levels of illumination, ensuring your dog can be seen from all angles
  • Superior visibility – especially near to roads and cars
  • A great choice for outdoor adventures and overnight camping with your pet
  • A secure and comfortable alternative to a LED collar
  • You can keep track of your dog during his nocturnal potty breaks
  • Shows to others that you know your pooch’s safety and wellbeing are paramount

Features to Look for in a Light Up Dog Harness

Any way to make your pooch more visible after dark is a good thing, especially on those late night or early morning walks and a LED harness offers a full body coverage of lights, whereas with a collar you only get the lights around their neck. Here are our other top reasons why you need a LED harness for your pooch:

  • Greater levels of illumination, ensuring your dog can be seen from all angles
  • Superior visibility – especially near roads and cars
  • They not only illuminate your dog, but shine light onto the path ahead
  • A great safety choice for outdoor adventures and overnight camping with your pet
  • A secure and comfortable alternative to a LED collar
  • You can keep track of your dog during his nocturnal potty breaks
  • Shows to others that you know your pooch’s safety and wellbeing are paramount

Features to Look for in a Light Up Dog Harness

As it’s a piece of safety equipment, there are features you need to consider when choosing a LED harness:

LED brightness: You want your dog to be seen clearly so check how many LEDs there are on the harness and how bright they are – the best models enable your dog to be seen from half a mile away or more. Also, consider the positioning of the LEDs. For all-round visibility, the lights should be places on the front, back and sides of the harness.

Adjustability: Ensure you pick a harness that’s adjustable, so it stays comfortably in place. Look for straps and buckles which you can loosen or tighten for the optimum fit without compromising the positioning of the LEDs.

Materials: Exercise time is meant to be fun and your dog needs to feel comfortable at whatever pace he is going at. Look for breathable materials that are padded to prevent irritation. Durable, tightly woven nylon is one of the best materials for a dog harness.

Durability: Your new glow in the dark dog harness also needs to be a match for your own dog’s walking habits, as well as their size and breed. So, if your dog is more powerful or is known to be a puller when out exercising, make sure you choose a harness that is durable enough to stand up to the rigors of daily walks. And look for chew-proof materials if this is an issue with your pet.

Battery life: Those bright LED lights will need power so check out the battery set up for the harness before you buy. Top considerations are the length of power on a single charge, if it’s using a rechargeable battery pack, while some models opt to use replaceable standard batteries.

Additional safety features: A good choice is a LED harness that features reflective strips to add another boost to the visibility of your dog. Many harnesses also have flashing LEDs, which you can adjust and change. And look for quality stainless-steel D-ring leash attachment, so your dog stays secure.

A large mixed breed dog and a pomeranian with a pink harness on

Best LED Dog Harness FAQ:

Q: What is an LED dog harness and how does it work?

A: Light up dog harnesses use multiple LED lights so your dog can be clearly seen when light is limited, for example, dusk, after dark or early mornings. They are also able to illuminate your pet in low visibility weather conditions. With the lights typically positioned across the back, shoulders, neck and chest, these jacket style harnesses illuminate up to three times more of your dog than a LED collar.

Q: How do I know which LED harness size will fit my dog?

A: A correct fit is essential for the safe use of a LED harness as it needs to stay comfortably yet securely in place. To get the right fit, it is a good idea to measure your pet as most harnesses are sized based on girth measurement. To get your dog’s girth measurement, use a soft cloth measuring tape to measure the circumference of his body, just behind the front legs.

Q: Are LED dog harnesses water-resistant?

A: While LED dog harnesses should have some level of water-resistance, not all are completely waterproof so do read the label for more information as water can damage the battery connectors if not sufficiently protected. Wherever possible opt for a water-resistant harness to give you peace of mind should you be walking your dog in wet weather or they decide to jump into some water.

Q: Does a LED harness get hot?

A: LED harnesses for dogs are designed not to get hot. While the LED lights will give off some heat, it will not be to a temperature which will feel hot or even warm to your dog. And, as long as the battery pack is hidden and insulated away from your dog’s skin, there is no risk of any harm to your dog.

Q: How do I wash my LED dog harness?

A: For minor grime, spot cleaning lighted dog harnesses should work well, but there could be occasions where you will need to do a more thorough machine washable clean. Check before buying whether your LED harness for dogs is hand or machine washable, and if so, ensure you remove the batteries or battery pack first and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Our Top Pick

Vibrant, super-bright and with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, the noxgear LightHound Illuminated Harness shines out as our Best Choice. With a choice of eight colors and two modes and boasting a visibility range of up to 1/2 a mile, this is a serious piece of canine safety kit. And, thanks to the cordura webbing, it’s also lightweight, water-resistant and breathable, ensuring you have an illuminated and happy dog.

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