Chorkie (Chihuahua Yorkie Mix): Breed Information, Characteristics, and Facts

Chorkie (Chihuahua Yorkie Mix): Breed Information, Characteristics, and Facts

Getting a dog comes with its pros and cons, and you should know all of them before getting into it. The advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a dog will depend on how much the breed fits into your lifestyle. Different breeds have different needs, and it will be unfortunate to pick the wrong one for you. The Chorkie dog is an interesting little breed and this article will dive into some useful information about their characteristics. This includes their health, grooming, and feeding needs, as well as their history to understand their behavior. At a glance, the Yorkshire Terrier Chihuahua mix, also known as Chorkie, is cute, but there is a personality behind the physical appearance. Also, do not let their size make you think they are weak as the breed will establish their dominance wherever they go. So if you’re ready, then let’s begin.

Chorkie puppies

Who Are The Parents

The Chorkie is a mix of the Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier. Both parents of the breed come with their own traits and personality, and the Chorkie has pieces of both inside it. One way to fully understand the Chorkie then will be to know about its parents. Generally, Chihuahuas are loyal and can be overprotective of their owners. They exhibit ‘clannish’ behavior where they prefer the company of other chihuahuas or chihuahua mixes, which makes them unsuitable for impatient people, including children. Yorkshire Terriers on the other hand are active, love attention, and also protective of their owners. They sometimes suffer from separation anxiety and so must not be left alone. They are usually loud dogs, which makes them excellent watchdogs but also easy to train to make them less yappy.

History of the Chorkie

We will now take a look at the history of these breeds to better understand the Chorkie dogs roots and background. The first Chorkie was bred in the US in the early 1990’s at a time when mixed breeds were rare. We will now dig deeper to understand the history of the parents.

The Chihuahua was named after a Mexican state and is the smallest dog breed there is. The common theory is that it is a descendant of the Techichibut there are no records before the 9th century. In 1520, there was a letter that indicated that the breed was sold as food. The breed was also used as living heating pads during an illness at one point in their lives. This is because there was a belief that pain could be transferred to animals to bring relief. It was not only until the 20th Century that Chihuahuas were no longer rare, and American Kennel Clu registered them in 1904. Chihuahuas are fragile and vulnerable because of their small size, and their genetic temperament depends on that of their parents.

However, The Yorkshire Terrier is another small dog breed that was developed in Yorkshire around the 19th Century. They were usually kept as companion dogs and also a part of developing other breeds. It was developed from three dogs consisting of a male and two females. The breed type was defined by a show dog called Huddersfield Ben in the late 1860s. This breed is characterized by their long coat, with a usually feisty personality.

Quick Facts About The Chorkie

  • They cannot stand the cold: The Yorkshire Terriers, a parent of the Chorkie, are not good at regulating their body temperature. Any temperature below 47 degrees Fahrenheit is too low for them, and they might need a little help keeping warm. Chorkies inherit this problem, and so do not handle cold temperatures well. You can tell your dog is cold by their reaction when outdoors, which will give you an idea of what steps to take.
  • They have a delicate digestive system: Chorkie dogs are known to have sensitive digestive systems, which make them picky eaters. They carefully select food so that they do not experience any discomfort when they consume it. Teeth and gum problems can also contribute to eating problems, and the best thing to do for them is a vet visit. This means that you’ll need to pay extra attention to what you feed them and monitor their reactions. You should have the vet on speed dial for when your dog has adverse reactions to any food.

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  • They retain their puppy teeth: There are occurrences where baby teeth exist even when the adult teeth are growing. Chorkie dogs are prone to this dental defect, and you will notice it at about five months old. Age this age, you must check their teeth and visit the vet if you notice baby teeth. Retained teeth can be problematic in the future and even lead to tooth decay. Adult teeth can also develop unevenly because of the baby teeth getting in the way.
  • They think they are big dogs: Nobody likes to be bullied, and despite their size, Chorkies like to defend themselves. If they are allowed, they will pick a fight with other dogs to protect their territory or just for fun. They do not want to seem weak among other dogs, and so will try to look as strong and aggressive as possible. One way to keep them from this behavior is through socialization at an early age. Obedience classes can also help to keep them under control.

Chihuahua dog

Things You Should Know


The parents of this breed are known to be intelligent, and so they are fast learners. Both parents of this breed are also known to be stubborn and headstrong, which can be problematic during training. They like to be in control and have passed this trait over to the Chorkie. This means the training should be centered on obedience and the trainer must be firm and assertive to establish dominance. Aside from this, you will still have to be gentle so that you do not upset them and avoid harsh punishment. Hitting or scolding the dog can either cause them to become withdrawn or disinterested and it will take longer to get rid of bad behaviors. Instead, you can use positive reinforcement in the form of treats or praise to get and keep their attention. Socialization is also essential when it comes to training Chorkies to help them adapt to their environment. Socialization also helps them become well-behaved dogs when they are around other people. The best way to train a Chorkie is to start early with Chorkie puppies and also slowly so that the information is not overwhelming. Going slow also allows the dog to learn at their own pace, and the information is not jumbled up. The environment you train a Chorkie in also matters, and it is more helpful if it is peaceful, happy, and positive. Training also helps to keep them mentally stimulated so that they do not get bored with the sessions.


Just like other dogs, whatever you feed a Chorkie should be high-quality and chosen to fit their dietary needs. Dry food is the best diet for them, and kibble contains all the nutrition they need. When choosing the right meal for a Chorkie, you should consider things like their age, weight, activity level, and nutritional requirements. Because of their small body, they do not need much food to be full, but they have quite a big appetite. If you allow them, they are likely to overeat which can lead to them being overweight. They gain weight rather quickly which their body cannot always handle and can cause severe problems. If their tummies grow too big, they can experience a lot of problems. One cup of kibble is enough for a full grown Chorkie and it can be split into two or three meals a day. Obesity can put a strain on their internal organs, including their heart and this can cause severe problems for them. Exercise helps to keep them in shape and it must be daily. Because they are small, all walks should be mild to moderate, and any intense activity should be short.


Chorkies are low shedding dogs and so maintenance is not so tedious. However, they quickly get dirty and so would need regular brushing and bathing when the need arises. Each dog is different with its own type of coat, which can be long or short. Brushing helps to keep their hair smooth while bathing keeps it clean, tidy and proper. Always use the right tools like brushes and appropriate shampoo when grooming their coat. For dogs with long hair, you will have to check their ears regularly to prevent infections. Avoid putting foreign objects inside the ear to clean it out and use only dog-safe materials. Nail clipping is another vital part of grooming a Chorkie and you must invest in nail clippers designed for dogs for this. Brushing their teeth involves using an appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste to get rid of tartar and plaque and promote oral hygiene. If grooming them is too much for you, you can consult a professional to help with the process. Gon to the vet regularly also helps to make it easier for you.

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The Chorkie lifespan is about 10 to 15 years and can encounter one or two health issues during their lifetime. Their quality of life also depends on the genes inherited from their parents which might put them at risk of developing certain illnesses. Some of the diseases the breed is prone to include Patella luxation, Hydrocephalus, Epilepsy, Eye infections and injuries to the eye, hypoglycemia and ear problems. Chorkies can be vaccinated at 10 to 12 weeks old to prevent them from falling ill. When it comes to allergies, some things like certain foods, dust mites, pollen, flea or ticks can be triggers. It is beneficial for Chorkie dogs to be tested for hereditary issues so that you know what you are getting yourself into. While allergies and skin issues are some of the more severe health problems face, ear and eye problems are on the minor side. Things like their diet, exercise and grooming can contribute to how healthy they become and so you should pay attention to those things.


Because of their mixed origin, the Chorkie is a mix of different personalities. Each dog I different but there are some characteristics that run across most of them. It can be challenging to predict how each dog will be but that is what makes it more fun. Both parents of the Chorkie are confident and the mixed breed inherited this trait to some extent. Their parents are also playful, energetic and love to play. Chorkies also tend to enjoy being active and will put you in that mood. They can be headstrong and stubborn if you allow them and don’t provide any boundaries. They do not let their size get in their way and can be nightmares if not lead properly. They can be very loud and therefore make good guard dogs since they will alert you about an intruder. Their barking can be annoying especially because they will bark at anybody and this is where training comes in. They are intelligent creatures but they do not enjoy being alone. They are loyal and will make a great companion if you need one. The health issues that Chorkie’s face are usually inherited from their parents and veterinarian visits will help keep them healthy.

Yorkshire terrier puppy running

To Summarize

Because of their peculiar name, one common question is, what is a Chorkie? A Chorkie is a mix of the English Yorkshire Terrier and Mexican Chihuahua, which inherits traits from both sides to form a single personality. It is a small dog with different hair types, both long and short, which you can choose from depending on your preference. They are considered low shedders and hence hypoallergenic, so if you are sensitive, then this breed will be right for you. If you want a loyal, friendly and playful dog, then you will fall in love with the Chorkie. Because of their small body, they are not suitable for a home with small children who are impatient and less gentle. This is because children have a higher chance of hurting them and causing them pain.

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