why do dogs go crazy after a bath

Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After a Bath?

We all know that many dogs are not fans of being bathed. After you give your dog a bath, you may notice that they suddenly have a burst of energy and start darting around all over the place. It may seem strange if you don’t know the reasons behind them doing this, and while we can’t know for certain what is going on, we can make some assumptions about what is going on. Knowing more about your dog’s behavioral traits and watching their body language can also help.

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Here are a few possible explanations that will hopefully shed some light on what is going on when your dog goes crazy after a bath.

  • Relief that It is Over

The first dog after bath behavior that you may notice is likely to stem from relief. It could be that they are happy to be no longer confined to a small bathtub or pleased to not be covered in soapy water any longer. All this excitement displays itself at once as your dog zooms around the house! There are plenty of reasons why your dog may not enjoy being in the bath such as a fear of water, the dread of the hairdryer, or the fact that they are simply not comfortable being washed. It could be a time that your pooch feels particularly stressed, and the energy levels that they show are a simple celebration that they are free once again! Or they may be afraid that if they don’t get away quickly, they are at risk of getting bathed again!

  • Desire to Get Rid of the Smell

While you may think the smelly bath products that you scrub all over your pooch are lovely, your canine companion may well not agree! If you have ever wondered why your dog likes to roll around in mud and poo, it is because their noses prefer this. The truth is that what smells good to us isn’t the same as what smells good to your dog.

  • Getting Rid of the Strange Feeling

If it isn’t the desire to get rid of that strange smell on their body, it could well an effort to get their body feeling normal again. The sensation of water soaked onto their bodies is not something dogs enjoy, which is why they like to shake it off, roll around on the ground, or rub their bodies on drier surfaces such as upholstered furniture. This may also explain why your dog runs around to get the air moving across their wet body.

  • Creatures of Habit

Dogs are creatures of habit who tend to follow the same routines. Dogs experience energy bursts at similar times during the day, and if you bathe your dog regularly, this could be another factor which encourages them to run around wildly. If you bathe two dogs around the same time, you may notice that both of them celebrate together in a highly energetic fashion!

How to Calm Your Dog at Bath Time

While your dog running around after bath time may not present that much of a big problem, you need to ensure that they are calm while you are bathing them. Most dogs do not like being bathed, and water in general is not all that popular. Make sure that you are organized before bringing your dog to the bath. Get all the products, such as dog shampoos, puppy shampoos, towels, and more, and run the water. When you manage to get your dog in the bath, performing all the bathing actions in a steady and planned sequence helps your dog to get used to the process.

When you are rinsing off your dog with a shower head, ensure that the water pressure is low and the temperature is warm without being too hot. Throughout the entire procedure, you should use a calming tone of voice to speak to your dog. You can also use treats along the way to encourage your dog to stay, but make sure that you choose items which are not too high in fat as you don’t want your pup to start piling on the pounds. You could try putting on some familiar and comforting background noise such as a bathroom fan as this can be both soothing and relaxing.

If your dog is especially nervous, you should avoid adding any strangers or kids into the mix as this may serve to get them riled up. Being in a bathtub can make your pooch feel trapped, and this could also make them turn to aggressive behavior.

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How to Deal with the Zoomies

There is nothing really to worry about your dog getting a case of the ‘zoomies’ after a bath, but there are a few ways that you can incorporate this burst of energy into your dog’s regular routine. As you know that this is going to happen, you can plan ahead to enjoy a game after the bath is over. Once your pup is worn out from this, it is the perfect opportunity to give them a thorough drying off. And before you let your dog outside again, you should ensure that they are completely dry. You don’t want them rolling around in the mud or worse, undoing all your hard work and meaning that another bath will be needed before you know it.

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Final Thoughts

We can’t be 100 percent certain why dogs get the ‘zoomies’ after a bath, but these are just a few possible explanations. Ultimately, there is no real harm in this behavior unless you allow your dog straight outside to roll around in a puddle of mud. And, after all, it is fun to see your pooch having a good time, so let them run off their excess energy. If your dog has been good enough to remain calm throughout the entire bathing process, it is nice to see them enjoying themselves, and this also presents a great opportunity for the two of you to have fun together.


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