Some dogs require regular grooming to help them feel cool and to minimize the effects of heat stress on their bodies and emotional well-being, if there is ever such a case. The point is that, like use, our canine friends need to be groomed for health reasons and not just for aesthetic justifications. We can always bring them to our favorite pet shop that provides clipping and grooming services but, if we are not really in the business of entering our dogs in some serious competitions, then we might as well groom them ourselves. You will need one of our 6 best dog grooming clippers in 2017, though.

6 Best Dog Grooming Clippers


1Wahl Deluxe U-Clip Professional Animal Pet Grooming Kit by Wahl

If you have breeds of dogs that are either small or of medium size and which have fine to medium coats, you need a trimming kit that is just perfect for such dog breeds. Dubbed as one of the best dog grooming equipment available in the market, the Wahl Deluxe U-Clip boasts of an ultra-quiet yet super powerful motor that allows it to perform more than 7,200 strokes per minute. This effectively trims and cuts hair strands in the fastest possible time, significantly shortening the exposure of your canine friend to the vibratory effects of such gadgets which can bring them undue stress. In addition to its powerful trimming mechanism made even more efficient by the use of high performance professional grade steel blades, the Wahl Deluxe U-Clip’s superbly silent operation doesn’t startle or will not frighten your pet. It is designed specifically to clip and trim fine to medium coats which should be perfect for Labrador retrievers, Maltese, Spaniels, Cavalier King Charles, and even Shih Tzus, just to name a few. The Deluxe U-Clip already comes with 7 pieces of guide comb attachments plus a pair of stainless steel scissor with pet styling comb. It even comes with a unique DVD that teaches dog owners how to properly groom and style their pets. 

What We Like about It – The Wahl Deluxe U-Clip is clearly one of the best dog grooming equipment available in the market as attested to by more than 1,400 out of 2,200 Amazon reviewers who gave it a perfect 5, posting a net average rating of 4.3 stars. With its ultra-quiet and super-efficient operation, the Deluxe U-Clip is an excellent tool even for novice pet groomers and stylists.

2Maxshop Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Pet Dogs and Cats Electric Clippers Grooming Trimming Kit Set by Maxshop

Looking for really inexpensive dog trimmers that are as effective as the more expensive ones? Well, the Maxshop Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Pet Dogs and Cats Electric Clippers Grooming Trimming Kit Set promises to be one super quiet trimmer that will not bring any form of stress to your pet. The noise level of the Maxshop is rated at around 50 decibels which is softer than normal conversation. To give you an idea of its super quiet operation, a whisper is rated at 15 decibels and anything between 40 and 46 decibels is already considered quiet. The motor itself only lets out very soft vibrations further adding to lesser incidence of stress on your pet. The spindle of the Maxshop is made of fine copper which is designed never to hurt or clamp your pet’s fur. The blades of the Maxshop are made of stainless steel that can also be easily removed for cleaning and replacement. Many pet owners also find the Maxshop’s cordless feature to be particularly useful as they don’t necessarily have to fret over a lengthy cord that can easily get in the way to effective and efficient trimming. The built-in charging mechanism completes within 5 hours and provides enough power to last for 70 minutes of continuous operation. The Maxshop is intended for use on any breed of dog. However, it is recommended that for breeds that have thicker coats, these should be trimmed first using the accompanying scissors before being styled with the Maxshop. 

What We Like about It – The Maxshop has the right combination of power, quiet operation, ease of maintenance, and portability that dog owners need in a trimming and styling kit. 

3Wahl Pro Ion Series Dog/Pet Home Grooming Rechargeable Clipper Kit by Wahl

Admittedly, the Wahl Deluxe U-Clip is a fabulous piece of dog grooming equipment. Unfortunately, there are dog owners who are let down by the presence of a rather lengthy cord. Now, Wahl provides you with the same technological advancements as in the Deluxe U-Clip with its Pro Ion Series Dog/Pet Home Grooming Rechargeable Clipper Kit. The Wahl Pro Ion Series has the same features as the U-Clip but with the added advantage of having to use it cordless. It has a long-lasting 2-hour operation after a full charge. This simply means that you get more time to trim and clip the coat of your beloved dog by as much as 50 minutes longer than the Maxshop. The charging time is also made super-fast as it will only take 15 minutes to charge. The real power of the Pro Ion Series is in its snag-free cutting that also features high performance, high precision blades that are designed to be self-sharpening. You don’t need to remove them and sharpen them yourself as the system already does this for you. Another super feature of the Pro Ion Series is that it can be used on all canine breeds with varying thickness of coat. Unlike the Wahl Deluxe U-Clip that can only be used on small and medium sized breeds with fine to medium coat, the Pro Ion Series is what you will need to help you set up a shop for dog grooming. And like the U-Clip, the Pro Ion Series already comes with all the accessories and tools you will ever need to be successful at grooming your pet. 

What We Like about It – The Wahl Pro Ion Series combines the functionality of the U-Clip but with a more powerful motor to clip all breeds of dogs. The quick-charging and long runtime features are also remarkable. 

4Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal Pet Grooming Clipper Kit by Andis

Looking for dog clippers for sale? Try getting the Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal Pet Grooming Clipper Kit today and you’ll be able to save as much as 33 percent from its regular purchase price bringing it down to under $30. The Andis EasyClip boasts of fully detachable blades that are made of ceramic, ensuring cooler and sharper cutting surfaces all the time. This also minimizes nicks and cuts on your pet’s skin so that they won’t get irritated. Additionally, the powerful rotary motor of the Andis EasyClip helps ensure superior trimming and styling regardless of the size of your pet or the thickness of its coat. Nothing can get past the superbly built blades of the Andis EasyClip. The blades can be easily detached for easy cleaning. You can also replace the blades with any of Andis’ signature line of clipper blades including the Ceramic Edge and the Ultra Edge blades. The entire assembly is conveniently housed in a durable and heavy-duty, break-resistant casing which helps ensure you get to enjoy the full functionality of the EasyClip for a significantly longer period of time. Like other kits, the EasyClip already comes with 4 attachment combs, blade oil, and a hard storage case to keep all of these things in one handy package. 

What We Like about It – The Andis EasyClip’s use of ceramic materials for its blades is exceptional as this helps prevent overheating which is one of the major issues in stainless steel blades. This helps provide for a more comfortable trimming and styling session for your pet. 

5Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Pet Grooming Clipper by Oster 

Most dog clippers do not have built-in mechanisms that help control the speed of and power of its motor. So, once you turn the dog grooming device on, it stays in the same power throughout the entire duration of the session. If this is a major concern for you, then you’d be glad to know that Oster has come up with a unique solution featuring professional grade 2-speed system – the Oster A5 Turbo Professional Pet Grooming Clipper. This clipper can be set at its lowest setting of 3,000 strokes per minute which should be ideal for more precise grooming. It should also be very helpful in grooming dogs that are quite sensitive to loud noises as the low-frequency movements of the Lo-Speed mode will never startle or bring stress to your dog. If you encounter mats or heavy coat on your pet, then you can flip up the switch and watch the motor rev up to 4,000 strokes per minute, making it very ideal for full body clipping. Each blade that is incorporated into the cutting mechanism assembly of the Oster A5 Turbo has been cryogenically treated to help enhance the process of material hardening, giving the A5 Turbo superb durability as well as unparalleled long-lasting performance. Unfortunately, the A5 Turbo does not come with guide combs so you’ll have to purchase these separately. 

What We Like about It – The Oster A5 Turbo is a feature-packed dog clipper that is designed to provide you with absolute control over the speed settings of your device, enabling you to make the appropriate changes to the way you groom and style your dogs. 

6Bojafa Cordless Dog Grooming Kit by Bojafa

If you’re going to look at the Bojafa Cordless Dog Grooming Kit, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it is the Maxshop. Technically, it really is like the Maxshop in more ways than one. The only difference is that, instead of having stainless steel for its blades, the Bojafa features high-grade titanium steel. It is also slightly noisier than the Maxshop. Bojafa has a noise signature equivalent to normal conversations at 60 decibels. The Maxshop, on the other hand, comes in at 50 decibels. Nevertheless, this should still provide your dog with ambient noise experience that will never startle, stress, or frighten it. The Bojafa features the same fully detachable blade mechanism to allow you to clean it with ease. The same feature also allows for instant replacement in case you need a much bigger or even finer blade for a closer trim. Bojafa also threw in an extra battery to help extend the lifespan of your device for each session. Now, here’s one added advantage of the Bojafa. You can use it either as a cordless trimmer or as a standard dog grooming device fully plugged into its charging socket. This simply means you can use the Bojafa even if it’s still charging. The Bojafa kit already includes guide comb attachments, scissors, and blade brush to start you on your dog grooming endeavors. 

What We Like about It – The Bojafa is a more practical alternative to more expensive dog trimmers and grooming kits. It may not have some fancy tech stuff but it sure can provide you with the kid of trim, cut, and style that you may want for your mutt.

How We Chose the Best Clippers for Dogs in Our List

Three essential parameters formed the core of our selection of the best dog grooming clippers: functionality, noise levels, and portability. The first parameter was very important as this formed the fundamental basis for using such devices on our pets. If the gadget cannot provide a smooth cut or clip of the fur or coat of our pets, then we are essentially subjecting our pets to unnecessary trauma. We do not want this to happen. As much as possible, we want that the hair- or fur- clipping experience of our pets is as uneventful as possible. This way, we are not going to needlessly frighten them.

Closely related to our first parameter is the noise level. Dogs have a very acute sense of hearing. For us, the hum of the equipment may be tolerable, but for our pets, it can already be deafening. There have been reports of a dog going into a heart attack because of the noise levels of the clipper. So, it was imperative that we include only those that provide not only excellent clipping of coat or fur, but also super quiet operation. This way, our pets will also not be so stressed.

Lastly, the portability of the gadget is a must. If it is too heavy, there is a tendency that we might not be able to control it effectively and the clipping surfaces can get too close to the skin of our pets. Furthermore, we will tire easily which can defeat the purpose of grooming our pets ourselves. While we advocate lightweight, these should also provide a certain feel of sturdiness so we’ll feel more comfortable using it on our dogs. Speaking of comfort feel, we made sure the gadget provided an excellent grip.

Rounding up our selection process was the product’s current satisfaction rating on a variety of online commerce platforms. The ratings provided a confirmatory value to our three core screening parameters.

Tips to Effective Dog Hair Clipping

Just as there are some individuals who are quite morbidly afraid to go to the barber to have a haircut, especially when one is subjected to the noise of a clipper, dogs too are morbidly frightened by the sound of these gadgets that many get so traumatized. That is why many vets recommend learning how to use dog hair clippers so that dog owners themselves will be more empowered to care for their pets. Now, there are no straightforward rules to dog hair clipping. However, we’re offering you some tips you can use to make your hair clipping chores more successful.

  • Always choose the right hair clipper for your dog. This actually depends on the breed of your dog and the type of coat that it has. You will then have to make sure that the clipper is designed specifically for your type of dog. 
  • Always choose a hair clipper that makes the less noise. Remember that dogs have very acute sense of hearing. Loud noises and vibrations from the clipper can startle and stress them out. They’d be morbidly afraid even before you start clipping them. 
  • Take your dog out for a walk before you groom it. The idea is to spend its energy so that it won’t have any left to fight you when it’s time for grooming and styling. If this is not possible, make sure to keep your dog relaxed ad calm first before initiating the grooming. 
  • Make sure to brush or comb your pet’s coat thoroughly before clipping. This is to remove mats and tangles that may undermine the effectiveness of the clipping process. 
  • Always leave at least an inch of coat on your pet’s body when clipping. This helps provide them the protection they need against the elements. 
  • Always clip your pet’s coat in the direction of the hair growth. This is to help prevent harsh lines.

The Bottom Line

Pet grooming is an essential part of caring for our beloved pets. With the 6 best dog grooming clippers in 2017, we can guarantee you that you will feel much more confident about taking good care of your pet dog.



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