8 Ways To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

8 Ways To Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

Going on adventures with your four-legged friend can be one of the greatest joys in life. They are a huge part of the family and many dogs love nothing more than enjoying the thrill of the open road. With their head hanging out the window, they often enjoy watching life go by, and transporting them by car is a fantastic way to show them the wonders of the world. Whether they are joining you on a family holiday, enjoying a trip to the beach, or simply joining you as you run some errands, car ride can be a great time to bond with your furry-friend. Nonetheless, furry is the operative word and dog hair can be a bit of a pain when it comes to car seats. Nonetheless, your pet shouldn’t be deprived of these important adventures because of a bit of hair and thus we have compiled a list of some of the best ways of getting dog hair out of cars. Removing excess hair is a good idea in terms of keeping your car clean and is also important if you or your family deal with any allergies. However, pet hair can be a little annoying and hard to clean. These tips might help you out.

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How to Get Dog Hair Out of Car: The Ultimate Guide

Remove Dog Hair With a Vacuum

One of the easiest ways of getting dog hair out of car is to use a vacuum cleaner. A handheld smaller model is a good idea or a larger vacuum that has some smaller attachment pieces. These pieces can get into even the smallest of spaces and give your car a great clean. Some models even have a specialized ‘pet attachment’ and these are perfectly suited to ridding your car of dog hair. Ultimately you want to utilize static electricity to pick up the finer or smaller hairs that don’t always get picked up. If your vacuum isn’t working you might need to use a heavy-duty model or opt for some other tips and tricks to fully rid your car of dog hair and remove any remaining strands. Check out our list of best vacuums for dog hair if you’re on the hunt for the best model for pet hair.

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Use Rubber Gloves to Get Rid of Pet Hair

Rubber gloves can offer a great solution for removing dog hair from car. This is a quick and easy way to clean your car and if you have been wondering how to get dog hair off car seats this might be worth a shot. Simply put on those kitchen rubber gloves and run them under some water. Then begin wiping your car seat in one direction and the hair should start forming a ball. You can easily remove these from your car or even suck them up with your vacuum. You can also use rubber gloves in a different way. Using a spray bottle, gently spray some water on your car seats. Then use your gloved hands to wipe down the seat. You should pick up the finer strands of hair that your vacuum missed.

Try Some Duct Tape to Remove Hair

Duct tape offers another great solution when it comes to pet hair. The sticky side can easily pick up excess hair and this offers a cheap and quick way to pick up any fur. Wrap the duct tape around your hand, ensuring that the sticky side is facing outward. Use your hand to press against the car seat and you’ll be able to pick up the dog hair.

Try Some Fabric Softener to Remove Pet Hair

Fabric softener doesn’t only need to be used to soften your favorite linen, you can also use it to remove pet hair. Some of the ingredients in these softeners are able to help hair come loose. Simply mix some fabric softener with some water and spray it over your car seats. Use a cloth or paper towel to wipe the hair away and your car will smell sweet and you’ll be able to remove excess dog hair.

Try Some Velcro (Hair Curlers Work a Treat)

Velcro is another trick when it comes to pet hair removal in your car and hair curlers can work really well for the job. Just roll them up and down the car seats much like a lint brush and the pet hair will be collected. But be sure to use old ones as you won’t want to put them back in your hair if they are filled with dog hair and car fluff!

Use a Balloon to Remove Pet Hair

Now you might be wondering how a balloon could possibly be used to remove pet hair. Well, balloons have a lot of static electricity in them and can be a great way to pick up excess hair. Blow up a balloon and rub it against the car seat. The hair will cling to the balloon and your seats will be rid of pet hair.

Cover Your Seats in a Washable Cover or Crate Your Pup

Sometimes prevention is better than a cure and when it comes to dog hair this might be an option. Once you’ve cleaned your car, you might not want to deal with future instances of dog hair. If so, it might be a great idea to get a special pet blanket that you use when your pups are in the car. Place it over the back seat of your car and you can easily wash it when needed. This will protect our car from pet hair and keep things clean. You can even buy specialized car seat covers that fit your car model exactly. You might also want to crate your pet when you drive. Put all their blankets and favorite toys in the crate and get them used to it slowly before you put them in it on a drive.

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Opt For a Professional Valet Service

If all else fails and you cannot get rid of the dog hair from your car, it might be worth taking it in for a professional clean. Valet services will have heavy-duty equipment and material that can get rid of excess hair. If you’ve tried your at-home methods and your car isn’t sparkling and looking brand new, try this option. While you might need to splurge a bit, there is nothing as sparkly as a professional clean.

How to Remove Dog Hair from Car Carpet

You can try all these tricks on the carpet of your car, however, a vacuum might be your best bet when it comes to cleaning your car’s carpet. Again, if you’re really struggling then it might be time to opt for a professional cleaner to get rid of pet hair. When it comes to pet hair removal, sometimes the professionals are pro and they have industry-level carpet cleaners that will ensure a job well done.

Thus, there are a number of tricks you can try when it comes to removing hair from your vehicle and many of these options use items that are easily found at home. A conventional vacuum, however, is one of the best ways to clean your car and will ensure it’s always ready for passengers. If your pup sheds a lot, it’s also important to brush them regularly and take them to the groomer every now and then for a professional cut and clean. Grooming excess hair can help to stop extra shedding and this might also keep your car clean.

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