Pets are more than just domesticated animals. They have become important companions especially during those times when even our social relationships are failing. As such, we would everything to take care of them and to bring them with us wherever our feet may take us. Unfortunately, we cannot carry our cats in certain places as we should also be sensitive about the needs of others. It is for this reason that we are sharing with you the 10 best cat carriers to look forward to in 2017.

10 Best Cat Carriers

1Soft Sided Airline Approved Pet Travel Portable Bag Home by Pet Magasin

Traveling is very stressful. Even seasoned travelers get frazzled sometimes. Now, imagine your cat traveling. That would really be stressful for it. That’s where the Pet Magasin pet carrier airline approved bag can come in. Unlike other feline transporter systems we’ve seen, this one comes with super padding on both the floor and its wall is to give your cat the kind of travel comfort it really needs. It will be like traveling in its own home – cozy and more comfortable. The construction eliminates pet sliding and bumping around inside the Pet Magasin Portable Home to help reduce the levels of animal stress associated with traveling. This cat crate is also super lightweight at only 2 pounds. The suitcase style of its handle as well as the removable fully padded shoulder strap makes it super easy to carry around whether holding it or slung over your shoulders. And since it is lightweight, your kid can actually carry it fuss free. While the Pet Magasin Portable Home is lightweight, you can bet that it is ultra-durable with super strong floor board under the pads. All of the materials used in its construction are also fully waterproof making cleaning an easy task.

What We Like about It – The unique combination of styling, comfort, and convenience make the Pet Magasin Portable Home truly one of the best pet carriers for cats. Thousands of customers seem to happily agree.

2Soft Sided Pet Travel Carrier by AmazonBasics

The last thing you’d expect is to get an animal care product from Amazon. But, they do. And most of the products that they have rolled out so far have never failed to amaze even the harshest critics. The AmazonBasics Pet Travel Carrier is one simple looking feline or canine transporters that provides excellent ventilation. Designed like a boxy gym bag, the AmazonBasics feline transporter has excellent mesh netting that wraps the side walls of its body. This should give your cat an excellent view of the outside environment and keep it entertained while you’re on the go. More importantly, the mesh netting allows for superior ventilation keeping your cat feeling fresh and comfortable during the ride. The bed is made of fleece to allow for comfortable sleeping or resting. The dimensions of the AmazonBasics cat cage is designed to be pet carrier airline compatible to you won’t have to worry about leaving your beloved furry friend at home anymore. One thing is certain, this is one feline transporter you should never miss.

What We Like about It – This cat cage may look flimsy but its construction is nevertheless, sturdy. Plus, we doubt if Amazon will roll out a mediocre product and risk ruining its reputation. And it clearly shows in the number of positive reviews about the product.

3Large Soft Sided Airline Approved Pet Carrier by Pawfect Pet

If you like the AmazonBasic’s simple design but wish more privacy for your pet, then we’d suggest getting Pawfect Pet’s Pet Carrier Airline Approved transporter. It is essentially a miniaturized gym bag designed specifically for our furry pals. With adjustable straps and padded handles, you’ll never ever complain that it’s heavy. If anything, you’ll be complaining about how super-lightweight it is in that it is like carrying your furry friend without the bag. This large cat carrier comes with a sturdy frame that helps make sure its shape is maintained and to keep your furry pal happy and content inside. We are pretty sure, some pets may feel claustrophobic as well. The good news is that if ever your cat will turn fussy, you can always reach for it through the zippered opening on top, saving you the inconvenience of turning your Pawfect Pet around just to open the side door. It also has mesh netting but just enough to provide adequate ventilation while at the same time providing relative privacy to your kitty. At least, the Pawfect Pet will give your kitty an area where it can really snuggle close to keep it shielded from outside distractions. It’s also made of soft and fully washable materials so your kitty can really have a great time inside and you won’t be scratching your head on how to clean it.

What We Like about It – Pawfect Pet has an excellent combination of style and convenience for you. For your pet, it will be optimum comfort and privacy while traveling.

4Compass Kennel by Petmate

For a really durable and highly sturdy cat crate, you’ll definitely want the Compass Kennel. Yeah, we know it’s basically designed for dogs but it should be an excellent large cat carrier as well. Made of strong plastic body with a fully secure safeguard door, you cat will not really be going anywhere. Know that this is basically designed for long travels. The hard floor surface will help protect your pet from a bumpy ride. To make it more comfortable and more bearable for it, you can place its favorite cushion or pet bed inside this nifty crate. And when you’re no longer using it, you can always disassemble it and store it in a safe place. Assembly is as easy and quick as sliding the two compartments together to create a fabulous piece of feline transport mechanism. The walls of the Compass Kennel has holes to help provide sufficient ventilation during those warm travels. Now, your furry pal will not be so stressed out during those unusually long trips.

What We Like about It – There’s a reason why Petmate is generally regarded by pet owners around the world as one of the best. The Compass Kennel is a testament to this.

5Deluxe Pet Carrier by Sherpa

Designed to be your pet cat’s home on the go, be it on an airplane, a train, or even in your car, the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier is one truly superb product with striking similarities to the other gym bag-like pet carriers for cats that we have in our list. The mesh side panels provide excellent comfort for your feline friend, preventing suffocation in cases where it may be too hot outside. At least cool air can circulate inside the Sherpa and provide excellent levels of comfort to your feline friend. The Sherpa comes with a variety of pockets to keep all of your furry pal’s essentials from leashes to collars and even grooming kits. Now you don’t have to squeeze all of these into your own bag because the Sherpa can accommodate all of these without a hitch. Accessing your kitty can be done through a zippered opening on either the top or side of the Sherpa. It simply means, you’ll have more options to get your kitty regardless of the positioning of the Sherpa. Speaking of positioning, it is a pet carrier airline approved as well. Its spring wire frame enables the Sherpa to be pushed downwards up to several inches to help squeeze it into the space underneath your airplane seat. There’s just no place you cannot bring the Sherpa with you. Now, go and enjoy that holiday with your cat.

What We Like about It – Sherpa has a very stylish appeal. It’s not bulky nor heavy, making it the ideal animal transporter for all animal lovers.

6Cat Grooming Bag by Top Performance

We know how difficult it is to groom our pets ourselves. For many of us, it’s a struggle, especially when it’s time for giving them a bath or even trimming their fur or perhaps putting some adornments on. If we try to restrain our cats using whatever kind of device that we know, we might end up injuring our furry friend and alienate it from us. If we don’t restrain them, we run the risk of getting bitten or even scratched. It is very possible that we get disease this way. Now, if we want to groom our feline friends, we need to use the Cat Grooming Bag. We know, our topic is supposed to be pet carriers for cats. Mind you, this can also serve as an excellent carrier, albeit for short distances only because the positioning of our pets will be quite uncomfortable for them. Just imagine your sleeping bag but with a handle. On the rear are three zippers which will accommodate your cat’s tail and 2 hind legs. Up front are 2 zippers for your pet’s 2 front legs. Of course, running down the length of the bag is a zipper to allow for the easier placement of your pet. The Grooming Bag is made of mesh material so bathing your cat is effortless.

What We Like about It – Gone are the days when we have to fight our cats just to have them groomed. With the superb durability of the Grooming Bag, we might as well be able to setup our very own cat grooming salon.

7Portable Pop Open Cat Cage Stress Free Trip by Necoichi

If you’re looking for an elegant cat crate, we recommend the Portable Pop Open Cat Cage. Because of its overall flexible construction, this Necoichi creation can be easily folded flat and stored inside your backpack. That’s how useful the design is. And if you think it will be flimsy because of this, it’s actually very durable as it’s made of only the highest grade materials. It’s got mesh panels with folding flaps or blinds so when it’s naptime, you can just roll it down to provide your pet utmost privacy. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, you can bet your lovely kitten will have the best time of its existence.

What We Like about It – The mere fact that this Necoichi cat cage can be folded is something unique as you won’t have any issues with storage later on. The design and styling is fashionable, too.

8Portable Airline Approved Pet Carrier by Marsboy

If it’s portability you’re after, then the Marsboy Pet Carrier is the one to get. This pet carrier airline approved device is perfect for those travelers who are given only a small space to stow their baggage and other hand-carry items. It comes with all the features you’re looking for in a functional large cat carrier. Designed like a small gym bag, the Marsboy has fully adjustable, fully padded shoulder straps so you won’t be complaining of a sore shoulder if your kitty just happens to be Garfield. There are pockets and other storage spaces for all those pet accessories that you may have. And since it’s got a great mesh design, animal suffocation will not be an issue.

What We Like about It – The Marsboy’s most positive attributes is its compact and portable size. There should be no problem checking this into your hand-carried items at the airport.

9Park Tote Pet Carrier by Sherpa

If it’s elegant styling that you’re after, you’d definitely want the Sherpa Park Tote Pet Carrier. This boxy cat crate is ideal for your kitty that may weigh up to 12 pounds. The beautiful design makes it more like a very luxurious tote bag and people won’t be thinking that there’s a cat inside. Unless, you’re going to roll up the sunroof panel to expose a mesh window and provide superb ventilation for your pet. There are also pockets on the different wall panels of the Sherpa Park making it a temporary storage space for different feline accessories. And with a very soft and cushiony interior, your kitty will be able to travel the world in style.

What We Like about It – The overall design and styling of the Sherpa Park make it one of the most luxury-looking pet carriers for cats we have in our list. If you’re traveling in style, your cat should, too.

10SturdiBag Large Flexible Height Pet Carrier by Sturdi Products 

Made of the highest quality of polyester with a super feather light construction, the SturdiBag pet carrier airline approved product is one that you will surely love sporting around wherever you may go. It’s got plenty of security features from a safety tether to security clips to give you the peace of mind you’ll need while traveling with your pet. The leather handgrip and shoulder strap has been fully padded for comfortable handling. You also don’t need to purchase a pet bed because the SturdiBag already comes with a fleece pad to provide optimum comfort for your furry friend. 

What We Like about It – The ingenious design of the SturdiBag is the thing that captured our interest first. The door which can be rolled down to add as a secure base is also admirable.

How We Chose the Top Cat Cages in Our List

In choosing which among the hundreds of feline transporters we need to include in our list, we came up with a rather crazy idea. We asked our researchers to pretend like cats to determine what they, as cats, would want from a feline cage. The results were quite surprising because these are also the same things that other cat owners are looking for, based on our preliminary readings of customer comments and feedbacks.

First, it must be lightweight otherwise, carrying it will be quite burdensome on our part. So any feature that will reduce the product’s overall weight was carefully evaluated. This is closely tied to the device’s carrying mechanism. It must be easy for us to handle them especially if we are going to bring them on a plane ride. As such, it is imperative that the product is pet carrier airline friendly so we’ll be assured of being able to bring our feline pets to our destinations.

Secondly, we looked for comfort for our pets. Cushions, padding, soft materials, and other elements that can provide comfort while traveling were considered. Features like mesh nets and ventilation mechanisms are essential. If there are access ports to give our pets some food and water while on the move were also considered. Well, it’s like traveling ourselves. We don’t want to travel in a cramped space, hardly able to breathe, and with very hard surfaces that can really make our butts ache.

Third, the quality of the workmanship was evaluated. We knew there are companies that really strive to make their products worthy of any pet by making the craftsmanship as high quality as possible. Since, it was quite impossible to physically assess all of these materials, we based our judgment on the trustworthiness of the cat carrier manufacturer, any reviews that pertain to the product, and the personal experiences of satisfied customers. This also included the product’s ease of maintenance and the overall safety of both the design and the materials used in the product.

Call it our obsession, but we do believe you and your pet cat deserves only the best.

Tips to Helping Your Cat to Love its Carrier

Like any other pet we have at home, it is important for us to teach or train our cats to learn their carriers. This is to help facilitate a more stress-free crating when it’s time to move or to travel. Unfortunately, many are not really familiar about how to properly train cats to like their carriers. Here are some tips to help you make the process easier.

  • Start them as kittens. 

Training an adult kitty to learn to love its crate may be very challenging. That’s why, it’s always best to start training your kitten as soon as it arrives in your household. Senior cats can still be trained, however. But you’d have more chances of success with a kitten.

  • Keep their home accessible. 

Place their crate in an open space inside your home with its doors fully open. It usually takes time before your kitty will associate the crate as nothing more than a nice and comfy place for it to rest. One thing you don’t want your cat to associate the crate with is punishment or as a trap. So, be patient.

  • Keep their crate smelling fresh and clean.

Nobody, and we mean no one, wants to live in a place that’s dirty and smelly. So, to entice your cat to learn to live inside its crate, you’d have to make sure that it’s properly cleaned and smelling fresh. You may also put your kitty’s favorite toys inside so it will associate it as a very nice place to stay in and feel very comfortable.

  • Start feeding your kitty inside its crate.

If you’re kitty is already eating inside the crate, rejoice as you’re halfway there. If not, place its food bowl in front of the open door. Give it time until your kitty has grown accustomed to the location of its food bowl. After a week or so, you can move the food bowl inside the crate and feed your cat inside. If it won’t go inside, that means you moved too fast to put it inside the crate.

  • Go slow. 

What is important is to go through the learning process in stages. First, closing the crate’s door while your kitty is eating then opening it once it’s done eating. Second stage, try picking up the crate with your kitty inside. Don’t move yet. Third stage, walk with the crate or kitty carrier. Make sure that your kitty is calm all the time. Fourth stage, you can now go outside for a brief walk. In each of these stages, patience is needed as different cats respond differently. The key thing to remember is to make sure your cat remains calm all the time. That’s your cue.

The Bottom Line

Traveling with your kitty in tow can be a very fulfilling experience. With our top ten cat carriers, you now have more than enough reason to enjoy your travels with your feline friend.

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