The Best Cat Strollers (Review) in 2021

Last Updated July 22, 2020

Whether your feline is an outdoor cat or a laid-back indoor kitty, there’s a way you and your pet can spend quality time together. While a cat leash is one way to share a walk with your kit, it’s not for every cat, so for safety and enjoyment, a specially designed pet stroller for cats is the way to go.

A pet stroller is similar in design to a small child’s push chair but built for your cat’s size as well as comfort and security. You simply pop your cat inside the stroller, secure them via leash, harness or zip cover, and you are both ready for a walk in the fresh air.  Cat strollers are also a good way of getting your cat to those important vet appointments, especially if you don’t have a car to get you from A to B. So, with pet safety and comfort in mind, we walk you through seven of the best kitty strollers on the market.

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The Best Cat Stroller


The Elite Jogger stands out as our Best Choice thanks to its spacious design and durable build quality at an affordable price. Ideally sized for both cats and small to medium dogs, this four-wheeled pet stroller has a lightweight and foldable frame, sturdy carrier and super-handy under-carriage tray for extra storage. With the zippered mesh front design, as well as a lower window, it allows for a choice of entries and lets in plenty of fresh air and light. You also get a removable cushioned ‘mattress’ and the stroller is equipped with a seat belt leash. The large wheels are easy to maneuver too, even when jogging, thanks to the 360-degree rotation of the front wheels. The rear-wheel parking brakes feel really secure and when you and your cat are done, simply release the frame for a flat stroller to store away.

Four-wheeled, lightweight cat stroller

Zipped mesh entry and foldable frame

360° front wheels and rear brake lock

Storage tray and cup holder

  • Brand: Paws & Pals
  • Model: PTST02-BK
  • Weight: 11.24 pounds


For the price, here’s a cat stroller that’s versatile enough for trips around and out of town. Thanks to the large six-inch wheels, the stroller is smooth, giving what the manufacturer describes as an ‘air ride’. And the lightweight frame is easily foldable with a generous handle height. So, what does your cat get for the money? Well, a decent amount of space in the carrier, with a large mesh window for plenty of viewing and ventilation.  Pet Gear also use a No-Zip approach, creating a quick lock/release latch to cut back on any unnecessary fumbling. With back wheel lock brakes for stability, this is a great value pet stroller that gives both your kit and their human confidence and comfort.

Large mesh windows for ventilation

No-Zip technology for secure, easy access

Lightweight and easy to fold frame

Six-inch large wheels, with rear brakes

  • Brand: Pet Gear
  • Model: TL8150PK
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds


Easy to use and maneuver, this stylish cat stroller is a fab way to spend outdoor time with your favorite feline. While not the lightest in our review, this jogger from BestPet ticks a lot of boxes. It’s sturdy and durable, made with a collapsible aluminum frame, and a waterproof fabric exterior to stand up to a change in the weather. Inside, the carrier is a decent size, with a super-soft mattress as well as two zipped mesh windows to keep your kit cool and able to see where they are going. The front double wheel can be rotated 360° and the storage tray and cup holder are nice little extras. It may not feel as strong as other strollers, but it’s stable and a good choice for trips to the vets or a venture into the park.

Three-wheeler with a sturdy, foldable frame

Made from waterproof Oxford cloth

360° rotating double front wheels

Extra storage for a water bottle, treats, etc

  • Brand: BestPet
  • Weight: 12.98 pounds


If you have an extra-large cat or a multiple cat household, check out the Vivo Pet Stroller. Designed to take pets weighing up to 30 pounds, you can safely pop in a couple of felines and take them both for a pleasurable walk. And the ride is a comfortable one too, thanks to the four-wheel design, with double wheels at the front for easier maneuverability and inner padding. Available in a choice of colors, the overall look is smart and surprisingly compact, with plenty of storage thanks to the under basket. It provides a front mesh panel that’s zipped for access and security, plus a lower window so your kit can be nosy when she chooses to. And should you want greater interaction with your pets, simply pull back the top of the carrier, to create a larger opening.

Collapsible four wheels pet carrier

Capacity for pets up to 30 pounds

Padded interior and mesh windows

Dual cup holders and storage tray

  • Brand: VIVO
  • Weight: 13.3 pounds


Available in a choice of eye-catching colors and large enough to hold 4-5 medium-sized cats, you’ll certainly make an impact with the Dkeli four-wheeler. But while this is one of the largest cat strollers in our review, it’s reasonably lightweight, making it feel durable when pushing. The four-wheel design has  360° front double wheels for maneuverability, and rear brakes for a secure feel when stationary. Easy to set up and fold away, the carrier has a large view front mesh zipped window plus low window, while inside you get a removable and washable pad. You do need to assemble this pet stroller, but with a little patience it comes together pretty easily. And with multiple pets, the stroller amply caters for essential storage, including a cup and tray holder, plus a roomy storage compartment underneath.

Large 35-pound capacity

Aluminum foldable frame

Inner removable pad and large mesh window

360° front wheels and rear brakes

  • Brand: Dkeli
  • Weight: 15 pounds


If your pet needs to be reassured with plenty of space, the BestPet’s Waterproof Stroller is might be a good choice. With a flat carrier design, you get a large area for your kitty to lie down, with an added top dome for when he needs to be more animated. The whole front sections are made from mesh, ensuring plenty of fresh air and light are available to your cat. The mesh and Oxford cloth body of the carrier are also waterproof, so a good all-year-round pet stroller for everyday use. Add in 360° wheels at the front for easy gliding and we think this is an excellent way to take your cat or multiple cats on your travels and even camping trips.

Waterproof Oxford cloth and mesh

Lightweight, collapsible frame

Large front mesh window

Holds pets up to 30 pounds

  • Brand: BestPet
  • Weight: 11 pounds


Gen7 have come up with a premium pet stroller with the Regal Plus that has the style of a small child’s stroller. Made from durable canvas with a large front window and additional mesh panels, this rather posh pet stroller has a slick construction that oozes quality. The three-wheeler is also comfortable and gives you some pace when you need it, thanks to the front 360° double wheels. Zipped for security, the canopy can also fold back for when your cat likes to feel the wind in their fur. With a large under tray for all your essentials and a quick fold design when you need to pack everything away, the Gen7 is a durable, quality pet stroller to give you and your kitty plenty of enjoyable hours outdoors. 

Foldable canopy and ‘smart-reach’ handle

360° convertible front wheel

Large under storage basket

For pets up to 25 pounds

  • Brand: Gen7Pets
  • Model: G2320GS
  • Weight: 12 pounds

Best Cat Stroller Buying Guide & FAQ

Why You Should Buy a Cat Stroller

With their free-spirit nature, not all cats work well with a leash. And, if your kitty is a die-hard indoor cat, going outside can be a stressful experience. But there are times when you may want to – or even have to – take your cat out and a stroller specifically designed for pets is a good way to do it. Here are the top reasons why you may need a pet stroller:

  • You want to take your cat on a walk – getting outside do you the world of good, and with a cat stroller, you can experience it with your pet. The stroller creates a safe space for your kit to relax, while the harness or covers will prevent them from trying to escape.
  • Essential transportation – if you don’t have a car or find cat box carriers too cumbersome, then a pet stroller is the way if you need to get your kit from A to B. A cat stroller can be a stress-free way to get your feline to the vet or to other essential appointments or visits.
  • A safe carrier for an older cat – there’s a time in your cat’s life when they can’t get out and about as independently as they used to, or their health means they can’t move too far. Or you may have a sick or disabled younger cat that needs help with their mobility. A pet stroller is the perfect solution as you can meet their needs for comfort and security while giving them the chance to get about and enjoy some fresh air.

Maine Coon cat sleeping on a pillow

Things to Consider When Buying a Stroller for Your Cat

You want your new cat stroller to be one of your kitty’s favorite places, so check out the following before you buy:

  • Ease of use – your new cat stroller should be easy to push and maneuver across a range of different terrains, from flat pavements to rougher ground, and should also be easy to turn around. Four-wheel strollers are great for every day around town use, while three-wheelers are faster and can do tighter turns. For rougher terrains, larger wheels with shock absorbers are recommended.
  • Comfort – essential in any pet stroller, not only for your cat but also for you as you push. Make sure your cat has plenty of room inside so they can sit, stand, lie down and stretch comfortably; cushioning and padding is ideal. And make sure the cat carry compartment has plenty of ventilation to keep them cool. The whole stroller should also be comfortable to push, so check the handle is adjustable and is the right height for you.
  • Safety – with your cat on the move, their safety is paramount when it comes to choosing a stroller. The frame must be solid and stable, and the carrier have enough padding to protect them from knocks and spills. Your cat will also need to be secured inside the stroller to prevent an escape, so look for harnesses, safety attachments or zipped covers to keep them safely in place.
  • Durability – designed to carry a cat safely, your stroller should be durable and built to last. A metal frame is best, and ideally solid tires rather than air-filled. The material of the carrier should be also tough and waterproof, so opt for technical fabrics, mesh or oxford cloth.
  • Portability – while you want your new cat stroller to be sturdy, you don’t want it to weigh you down, so a lightweight build is the better option. You also need to consider how you plan to transport and store your new cat buggy so it needs to be foldable so you can place it into the trunk of your car or store it at home.
  • Easy to clean – check that all the inner components such as cushions or pads can be easily removed and washed and that the outer fabric of the stroller can be wiped clean.
  • Extra features –  a few essentials are worth looking out for. These include a removable carrier or a stroller that can be converted into a car seat or backpack. Add in accessories such as cup holders, a storage tray, rain covers or removable mesh window and you have everything you need to keep you and your cat happy and ready for a fun ride.

Best Pet Stroller for Cats FAQ:

Q: Do cats enjoy riding in strollers?

A: With the right introduction, most cats will learn to feel safe and comfortable in a stroller, and many will actually enjoy the ride. And the raised height of the stroller is a much more secure place for them to be, which all adds to their feelings of safety. However, never force a cat to sit in or go for a ride in a stroller as this will only heighten any feelings of fear and they will learn to associate the stroller with these unpleasant feelings. If, after spending time introducing your cat to their new stroller they are still vocally or physically resistant to getting inside, you may need to accept that this is not your cat’s thing.

Q: How do I get my cat to stay in a pet stroller?

A: Your cat stroller should come with security, such as a zipper, harness or other fasteners, to keep your cat safe inside their stroller and prevent them from escaping. However, to get your cat comfortable enough to want to be put inside the stroller, you also need to give them the time to get used to their new feline chariot. This means building up the time they spend inside the stroller to investigate before you venture out on your first stroll outside. This way your cat can get used to the smaller space and associate it with feeling safe and not fearful.

Q: Is it a good idea to take two cats in the same stroller?

A: As long as there’s sufficient room inside a stroller, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t carry two cats, as long as they can comfortably sit, stand and lie down next to each other.  However, some strollers for cats are only designed for one cat so their size as well as design means it’s unsafe to carry any more.

Cat in stroller

Our Top Pick

With its lightweight, durable design, easy to maneuver wheels and under carriage storage basket, Elite Cat Jogger by P&P rides away with our top pick. With plenty of carriage space for a larger cat, it feels solid and secure, and with zipped mesh entry and two windows, there’s also plenty of ventilation. Add in a removable mattress, cup holder, comfort handle and a frame that folds flat in a flash and you get a quality everyday kitty stroller for your money.

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