The Best Cat GPS Tracker (Review) in 2019

If you’ve ever used an app like Find my Friends, you’ll be familiar with the peace of mind that GPS updates can bring. With advances in GPS technology, you can now keep track of your feline friend in the same way: enter the cat GPS tracker.  According to a survey by the American Kennel Club, around 15% of pet owners have lost track of their furry friend in the past five years. With this statistic in mind, knowing your pet’s location becomes incredibly important.

 If your outdoor cat likes to roam far and wide, a compact GPS tracker could be the perfect solution. These handy devices are usually attached to your cat’s collar, and allow owners to keep an eye on their pet’s location via a smartphone or other device. To help you find the best cat GPS for you and your feline friend, we’ve compiled this handy buying guide. Below, we run through the top 10 options on the market right now, before addressing some common questions and concerns about these useful safety devices.

Best Cat GPS Tracker
Whistle 3 GPS Cat Tracker

Whistle 3 GPS Cat Tracker

Gibi Cat Location GPS

Gibi Cat Location GPS

TrackR bravo Cat GPS Tracker

TrackR bravo Cat GPS Tracker

Best Cat GPS Tracker Buying Guide & FAQ

These 10 trackers are the best on the market right now, and we’re confident you’ll find the perfect option for your feline friend somewhere among the selection. To help you make an informed decision, and get the most out of your new tracker, we’ve put together this handy guide.

Cat Isolated

Features to Look for in a Cat GPS Tracker

When it’s time to choose a GPS tracker for your cat, there are a few key factors to bear in mind:

  • Range

Not all trackers have the same range – some can track your cat to 300 feet, others can find them almost anywhere in the world. If your cat doesn’t roam far, you probably don’t need a world-wide range. On the other hand, if your cat is very adventurous, a limitless tracker could be the best option.

  • Tracking Method

Cat trackers locate your kitty using a few different methods:

  • GPS – just like your car’s satnav, many cat trackers depend on GPS to work out a cat’s location. This type of technology works by satellite communication.
  • RF – this acronym stands for radio frequency. This type of tracker works by detecting a highly specific radio signal emitted by a module worn by your cat at al times.
  • Cellular networks – the most wide-reaching trackers depend on large cellular networks to find your cat. This is the same type of signal used by your cell phone.
  • Bluetooth – this type of tracker can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. They don’t tend to have a very large range, but will usually send you an alert when your cat exits this Bluetooth enabled zone.

RF trackers tend to be more effective in smaller spaces, while making use of cellular networks is best for large areas.

  • Interface

Cat trackers rely on two main types of interface:

  • Smartphone app – many modern trackers communicate your cat’s location via an app you can download on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Hand held – other cat trackers include a handset that uses audio visual cues to help you locate your cat gradually – much like a game of ‘hot or cold’.
  • Durability

When selecting your cat’s tracker, it’s a good idea to look out for an option that is as durable as possible. Check that the tracker is waterproof and made from a durable material.

Why You Should Use a Cat GPS Tracker

Keeping an eye on your cat with a GPS tracker comes with a number of benefits:

  • Cat trackers significantly reduce the risk of your cat becoming lost
  • Trackers allow you to find an errant cat much more quickly
  • Using a cat tracker can give you peace of mind
  • Cat trackers allow your pet to indulge in some roaming, without causing you worry
  • Many trackers include an easy to read userface, allowing you to track your cat accurately
  • Using a tracker allows you to track down missing pets more quickly and easily

Cute tabby kitten

Difference Between Dog and Cat GPS Trackers

Many GPS trackers are suitable for both cats and dogs, but when a tracker is specialised for one species, you can expect a few key differences:

  • Cat trackers are likely to be smaller and lighter than their canine counterparts
  • When lost, dogs tend to stray further than cats, so their trackers are more likely to depend upon cellular signal to provide a greater range
  • Cat trackers are more likely to depend on RF rather than GPS or cellular signal

Best Cat GPS Tracker FAQ:

Q: What is a cat tracker?

A: Cat trackers make it easier for owners to find their pets

Some trackers allow you to view your cat’s live location on your smartphone, while others help you track them down via a handset that provides audio visual feedback, ‘hot or cold’ style.

Q: How do cat tracking devices work?

A: As mentioned earlier, cat tracking devices work in a few different ways. However, all of these methods work through a similar principle:

  • The tag or chip worn by your cat emits a unique electromagnetic signal
  • A separate device receive this signal, and uses it to determine the tracker’s location
  • This data is converted into a display you can understand; such as an app interface

Q: How long do cat tracker batteries last?

A: How long the battery in a tracker lasts can vary greatly. Some batteries last for a week, others for a month, and some for a whole year. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer.

Cat trackers utilise both rechargeable and replaceable batteries.

Our Top Pick

For us, the best cat GPS tracker on the market right now has to be this lightweight and versatile option by Whistle. The handy device can be attached to virtually any collar or harness, and allows you to see your pet’s location with pinpoint accuracy through a specially designed app.

You’ll also be able to see where your pet has roamed in the last 24 hours, and receive an alert whenever they enter or leave a pre-programed safe space. Because the tracker depends upon cellular technology, you’ll need to pay a small subscription to use it – just as you would with a cellphone.  With a waterproof design and impressive battery life, you can rest assured this rugged tracker is built to last. Owners say the tracker is one of the most accurate options on the market right now, and love the unique extra features it offers.


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