If you’ve ever used an app like Find my Friends, you’ll be familiar with the peace of mind that GPS updates can bring. With advances in GPS technology, you can now keep track of your feline friend in the same way: enter the cat GPS tracker.  According to a survey by the American Kennel Club, around 15% of pet owners have lost track of their furry friends in the past five years. With this statistic in mind, knowing your pet’s location becomes incredibly important.

If your outdoor cat likes to roam far and wide, a compact GPS tracker could be the perfect solution. These handy devices are usually attached to your cat’s collar and allow owners to keep an eye on their pet’s location via a smartphone or other device. To help you find the best cat GPS for you and your feline friend, we’ve compiled this handy buying guide. Below, we run through the top 10 options on the market right now, before addressing some common questions and concerns about these useful safety devices.

1 Whistle Go Explore

Whistle Go Explore
Key features:
  • A monthly subscription is required, with 1-year and 2-year plans available.
  • Available in three colors.
  • Real-time location tracking with unlimited range using Google maps.
  • Designated safety zones can be made with an alert if your cat leaves it.
  • Activity and health tracking service included in Whistle app.
  • Battery life of 20 days.
  • Three safety night light settings to choose from.
  • Access to on-demand expert veterinarian chat services.

We have previously featured the earlier modern of the Whistle Go tracker, and are now happy to bring you the new and improved version! Whistle has listened to the feedback of their customers and redesigned their tracker with improvement to finetune the look, effectiveness, and reliability, starting with the fact that the new version of this device comes in three colors!

Whistle have also improved on the battery life, going from 7 days to a whopping 20 days, saving you from having to worry if the battery needs to be replaced, and saving you money on battery replacements. Perhaps one of the money noticeable improvements, however, is the addition of a safety night light that lights up your pet’s collar in dark conditions, making them easier to find. Though it does need a monthly subscription, it does come with lots of extremely helpful features, including the ability to create safety zones, an activity monitor, and the use of both the AT&T nationwide network and Google maps to provide you with the most accurate location possible.

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2 Cat Tailer by Ambystoma Labs

Cat Tailer by Ambystoma Labs
Key features:
  • Up to 328 feet of range within line of sight.
  • Cat Tailer Support provides one-on-one advice.
  • Free one-year warranty as part of the satisfaction guarantee.
  • App provides approximate distance in feet and battery tracker.
  • Notifications are available for when the kitty is nearby.
  • Capable of live tracking multiple pets at once.

The Cat Tailer Bluetooth Tracker is among the better options when compared to other GPS trackers in the Bluetooth range. Especially because this particular design is capable of tracking multiple pets at once. You are able to see which cat is nearest at a glance by sorting your main screen to show the nearest cat at the top of your pet list.

Seeing as it is a Bluetooth design, this cat tracker has a range of 328 feet, which is great to help you keep an eye on an indoor cat’s location, especially if you’re worried they may have gotten out, which is a constant concern with many indoor cat owners. However, you may find it difficult to keep an eye on your outdoor cat with such a limited range. Cat Tailer provides a free one-year warranty to show their confidence in this product as part of the customer satisfaction guarantee.

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3 Tile Mate (2020) Bluetooth Tracker

Tile Mate (2020) Bluetooth Tracker
Key features:
  • Meant for keys for works as a great cat tracker.
  • Ring the tracker via the app if your cat is within 200ft and doesn’t respond.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Xfinity, and Siri.
  • Tile Mate app provides the last known location if a kitty goes out of range.
  • $2.99 monthly fees unlock additional features.
  • Additional features include a notification when your cat goes out of range.
  • 1-year battery life with replaceable batteries.

Tile Mate is not your typical GPS tracker for cats, especially seeing as it is technically designed for inanimate objects such as bags and wallets. However, it has made out list because the streamlined, lightweight, tag-like design of this pet tracker is the ideal fit for cats of all shapes and sizes. The best cat trackers need to be streamlined and easy for your kitty to carry, and this fits the bill perfectly.

It is a Bluetooth tracker which has the capability to connect to a range of smart devices, such as the Amazon Alex, Google Assistant, Siri, and Xfinity. The Tile Mate will also give you the last known location of your cat before they went out of range of your phone, so you can know where you begin your search for them. It is worth noting that this device has an optional $2.99 monthly fee which unlocks the notification to let you know when your cat is out of range.

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4 Tracki 2021 Mini Real Time GPS Tracker

Tracki 2021 Mini Real Time GPS Tracker
Key features:
  • 2021 new and improved design with SIM included.
  • Real-time tracking with unlimited range.
  • Full coverage of all countries including the U.S.
  • A monthly fee of $19.95 or cheaper pre-paid long-term plans is available.
  • Especially small and lightweight design.
  • 2-3 day rechargeable battery life.
  • Package includes a strong magnet, Belt clip, Key-chain, and lanyard.
  • Ability to designate geo-fence zones, with smart alerts when your cat leaves the area.

The 2021 model of Tracki’s mini GPS tracker is a new and improved design following the feedback from their customers. This GPS tracker has one of the more expensive monthly fees, at $19.95 a month as standard, with cheaper options if bought with a long-term plan. However, this is one of the best cat GPS tracker options available, with a wide range of functions to cover all bases, and an unlimited GPS signal.

The money you pay monthly covers the data cost for included SIM, as well as the cost of any additional functions available on the app. Tracki’s mini cat GPS tracker provides real-time tracking, with access to your pet’s past movements. Happy cat owner reviews have shown significant favoring of this device over other trackers. Owing to the fact that it is quick to respond, accurate, and has several options in regards to location check-ins that can help to lengthen the module’s battery life.

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5 Tractive Dog & Cat GPS Tracker

Tractive Dog & Cat GPS Tracker
Key features:
  • Location history and live tracking are available.
  • Create a virtual fence to mark out a safety area.
  • Activity monitor helps you to monitor your cat’s fitness levels.
  • Made to work in over 150 countries.
  • Tractive app available for Andoid and iOS.
  • Subscription-based service $4.99 a month with a 5-year plan.
  • SIM card provided with the tracking device.

The Tractive GPS and activity tracker has been designed to work in over 150 countries, meaning you can take it away on vacation with you without the worry of losing connection. Not only does this device monitor your cat’s whereabouts and provide you with a history of its location throughout the day, but it also monitors its fitness. By keeping an eye on your cat’s activity levels, calories burnt, and rest moments, you can know whether or not your little feline friend is getting the exercise they need to stay healthy.

In order to gain full access to the many details and extremely helpful functions built into the Tractive cat tracker, you will need to subscribe to a monthly fee, which is only $4.99 when purchased with a 5-year plan. This monthly subscription fee covers the cost of your data used by the included SIM card. The Tractive app is available for both Android and iOS and is intuitive and simple. The app provides clear instructions on how best to get the most of your Tractive GPS cat tracker, as well as showing you how to set up a safety boundary to alert you if your cat starts to wander too far from home.

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6 Jiobit Location Monitor

Jiobit Location Monitor
Key features:
  • A data plan is required for tracking.
  • Exceeds US government standards for encryption and security.
  • Slimline, discreet, lightweight design.
  • Arrival notifications for to-and-from the house.
  • Various attachments to fit any type of collar or harness.
  • Durable built which is waterproof & shock-proof.

Jiobit is easily one of the most streamlined GPS pet tracker designs out there. The shame could be likened to that of a skipping stone, though you most definitely don’t want to be throwing this across the water. In order to begin using the tracking feature, you will need to purchase a SIM and simple data plan that will allow the device access to the satellite feed. Once you are all set up using the Jiobit app which is available for both iOS and Android, you will receive unlimited tracking capabilities.

There is a multitude of fantastic features with the Jiobit that make it an extremely effective and helpful tool. There is the option to create “safe spaces”. This not only means setting a boundary around your house but being able to set other areas and safe spaces as well. This is particularly helpful if you are aware that your cat likes to visit the neighbors, but you don’t want to create a gigantic safe area in order to cover them, you can simply create several small safe zones that cover them instead. This shock-proof, waterproof tracking system exceeds government standards in terms of both security and encryption, meaning you can be sure that the location feed you receive is for your cat alone.

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7 Girafus Cat Tracker

Girafus Cat Tracker
Key features:
  • Includes module for cats and handset.
  • A lightweight and durable tracking module can be connected to your cat’s collar.
  • Girafus Cat Tracker runs on AAA Batteries.
  • Batteries need only be replaced every 30 days.
  • Wide 1,600 feet of range.
  • More accurate than GPS.
  • Handset provides audio-visual clues about how far away your cat is and in which direction.

Girafus have also impressed us, with their handy cat tracker. Rather than GPS, the device depends upon RF (radio frequency) technology to track down your beloved furball. It’s the perfect option for cats who tend to range close to home. The tracker can locate your cat at a range of up to 1,600 feet, and locate them with impressive accuracy.

In fact, this type of tracking is even more accurate than GPS – it can help you to pinpoint your feline friend even in hard-to-reach spots, such as garages, neighbors’ homes, or in a bush. The device consists of a compact tag, which can be easily attached to your pet’s collar, and a handset. By activating the handset, you’ll be able to receive audio-visual cues about how far away your pet is, and in which direction. This simple feedback method makes it easy to zero in on your kitty in no time. The tracking module is powered by easy-to-find AAA batteries, which last for 30 days at a time.

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8 FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

FitBark GPS Dog Tracker
Key features:
  • Health tracking; sleep, calories, anxiety, distance traveled, skin condition, etc.
  • Fitness goals can be tailored to a cat’s breed, age, and weight.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cats.
  • Unlimited range with waterproof casing.
  • Can be linked to Fitbit, Apple HealthKit, Apple Watch, Google Fit, and smartphone.
  • Create safe spaces and be alerted if your cat leaves them.
  • Typical battery life of 10 days.

We know, it’s shaped like a bone, and called “FitBark”, but when it comes to finding the right tracking device, whether or not it is designed specifically for a cat is irrelevant. To find the best GPS pet tracker you need to look at the location accuracy and durability of the module. It is most important to know that you can trust your tracker to tell you where your feline friend is at all times. FitBark, believe it or not, makes one of the best cat GPS trackers, thanks to the fact that has an unlimited range and is a waterproof module.

Many cat trackers have extremely limited battery lives, however, the FitBark GPS tracker lasts for 10 days, which means you will only really need to charge it once a week. Unlimited location range means you can find your cat far quicker than you would with a Bluetooth of RF tracker, as there is no chance of the signal dropping unless they go underground. The FitBark tracker also has fitness tracking capabilities to help you to familiarise yourself with your cat’s routine and even plan fitness goals for them, tailored to their age, breed, and weight.

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9 PetFon Pet GPS Tracker

PetFon Pet GPS Tracker
Key features:
  • No monthly subscription fee or SIM requirement.
  • Combines GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and long-distance wireless for accuracy.
  • Free Petfon smartphone app provides clear instructions for use.
  • Tracking ranges between 0.65 -3.5 miles depending on environment.
  • Lights can be remotely activated on the module for low light conditions.
  • Battery 8-16 hours with a compact charging station.
  • Tracking module is sturdy, water-resistant, and dirt-resistant.

PetFon has created a light, easy-to-use GPS cat tracker that doesn’t rely on the use of SIM cards, data plans, or subscription fees. Just a simple transmitter and receiver duo that is perfect for cats that like to stay local. Because this particular tracker doesn’t use full GPS (with a SIM card), it does mean the range is somewhat limited at between 0.65 -3.5 miles depending on the environment. However, if you have a house cat or one that doesn’t care to venture much beyond a couple of streets away, this could be ideal.

The PetFon tracker combined the use of WiFi, Bluetooth, phone signal, and GPS in order to obtain an accurate location for your cat. It can be easily attached to your pet’s collar or a cat harness thanks to the flexible strap connected to the module. It also has a battery life of between 8 and 16 hours, so if your cat likes to spend all day outside exploring, now they can! And if you’re having trouble spotting them in the evenings when it’s time to come inside, the tracker has an in-built smart LED light that can be switched on via the app, to make them easier to spot.

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10 BARTUN LTE GPS Cat Tracker

Key features:
  • View your cat’s location history and real-time whereabouts.
  • Available in two colors with adjustable collar.
  • Smart LED light and ringtones to help find lost pets faster.
  • Position updates once every ten minutes.
  • Small, lightweight, ergonomic module design.
  • Health, fitness, and activity monitor.
  • Form a safety boundary via the app and be notified if your cat roams beyond it.

BARTUN’s GPS device is perfect for keeping a close eye on runaway kitties. It does require a SIM card and data plan, however, the use of a cellular network provides limitless range to the tracking system. So if your kitty is the kind to take a long stroll to far and distant land, you can track your cat to within meters of their exact location no matter how far they go. And for added security, you can even produce a digital boundary using the app, which means if your cat wanders a little too far, you will be notified when they leave the safe zone.

This is up there was one of the best cat GPS trackers thanks to its ergonomic, lightweight module design, smart LED light to help you to find your cat in dark areas, and reliability. Not only can this tracker provide you with real-time monitoring of your cat’s whereabouts, but it also puts together a history of the kitty’s movement for you to track your cat’s daily routine. You can even watch their fitness levels in order to plan their meals and daily exercises around what they need and what they don’t.

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Best Cat Trackers: Buyer’s Guide

Before looking at the GPS cat tracker we have selected for you, it’s worth knowing why having a cat tracker is a good idea, along with knowing what to look for and the options available to you.

Why You Should Use a GPS Cat Tracker

First of all, we will stress that microchipping should always be microchipped and supervised. It is important to be aware that a tracking device does not operate as a substitute for these things, but rather a backup.

Using a cat tracking device, especially if your feline friend likes to explore, can help you to find your cat much easier if you don’t return home one night. Often lost cats find themselves stuck in the undergrowth and just need some help to get out. If you have a tracking device that monitors your pet’s activity throughout the day, you can see whether or not they have been in one area for a lot longer than usual, giving you the chance to check on them if you’re worried.

A tracker will not by any means stop your cat from being their natural selves and exploring the world around them. It will however give them added security and provide you with some comfort being able to track your cat and make sure they haven’t got themselves into any trouble.

What to Look for in a Cat Tracker

Finding the best cat tracker for your cat can be a little tricky, so it is worth knowing what to look for.

Battery Life

The ideal cat tracking device will have decent battery life. Better batteries mean less having to worry about the signal cutting out whilst your fur baby is on the prowl.

Strong Signal

A strong signal could be the difference between finding your lost pet and losing them completely. Good location tracking relies on a solid signal to achieve success.

Intuitive Receivers or Apps

Being able to monitor your pet’s movements relies on your ability to check said movements and location through the app or receiver connected to your tracker. The best cat trackers will have an app or handset that is easy to use, with intuitive functions so that if you find yourself looking for your lost cat you don’t have the added stress of trying to figure out the tracker as well.

Lightweight Design

Many of the GPS pet tracking devices have been designed for dogs as opposed to cats, and so there is a real possibility that a tracker could be too heavy or clunky for a cat to have attached to its collar. Always look for the more lightweight designs if you are worried about your cat’s ability to carry the tracker on its collar.

The Ability to Track More Than One Pet

This is not a function you can expect to see on every tracking device, but it is most certainly a bonus if you find it. You can now find a GPS tracker for cats that can help you to monitor the location of multiple cats at one time. Perfect for multi-cat households or kitty foster homes.

Different Types of Tracking Technologies

GPS Cat Collar

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the better of the three tracking technologies out there when it comes to accuracy, reliability, and signal strength. GPS works by navigating the planet through the use of satellites that beam location data to GPS receivers around the world.

The usefulness of GPS trackers is that they can provide a strong visual of your pet’s whereabouts, with the ability to map out their movement throughout the day. And because GPS uses satellite, it also has unlimited range, so long as your cat doesn’t go underground where the satellite signal will not be able to penetrate.

GPS cat trackers send your cat’s location data to you usually via a smartphone app on your phone. With these tracking apps there is a variety of things you can do:

  • Monitor your cat’s movements and location history throughout the day to get an idea of their routine.
  • Cat owners can create safe zones to be alerted if the cat wanders too far from home.
  • Some apps allow you to monitor their fitness through their activity levels and calories burned.

Though GPS trackers are generally better than other tracking devices, the main downsides to GPS trackers are that they tend to be bulkier than Bluetooth and radio devices, making them difficult for weak or very small cats to wear. They are also the more expensive option, with many requiring a data plan that can average around $10 a month.

Radio Frequency (RF)

RF pet trackers use a radio transmitter that connects to a receiver that you keep with you. The transmitter is attached to your cat’s collar and will transmit a signal to your receiver device which will light up and beep in order to let you know the cat is within range.

They operate very much like a game of “hot or cold” in that they use those beeps and lights to tell you your proximity to your cat by changes in the signal. If you move away from them the signal will fade, if you move closer it will get stronger.

The benefits of using a radio frequency device are that they are usually lightweight and streamlines, as well as being easy to attach to a cat collar. Radio Frequency trackers are also unaffected by dense undergrowth, walls, or floorboards.

In comparison to a GPS tracker, an RF tracker can seem almost rudimentary. This is because they do not have the ability to give you live tracking of your furry friend, and have a limited range which usually ends around the 1,600-foot mark. If your cat is long, they will take longer to find with a radio frequency tracker as you will not be able to see exactly where they are.

Bluetooth Cat Tracker Collar

Bluetooth trackers have one particular quality that is miles above RF and GPS and that’s battery life. A Bluetooth cat tracker typically has a battery life of weeks or even months. They are definitely the most lightweight, and cheapest option compared to other tracking devices.

However, Bluetooth trackers are probably best meant for indoor cats owing to their limited range of around 300 feet. If you are unable to find your furry friend because they’ve gotten stuck under the bed again, a Bluetooth tracker is ideal. However, if they escape the house, a Bluetooth tracker would not be much help, and you would be better off looking the old-fashioned way.


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