how to get dog hair out of blanket

How To Get Dog Hair Out of Blankets

There are so many wonderful reasons to share our lives with a dog – they are fun, loving companions and we wouldn’t be without them! However, one thing we could do without is lots of dog hairs around the home. Dog hair seems to stick to everything – carpet, blankets, bedding and lots more. Dog hair is a nuisance, but for some people who may be allergic to pet hair or the dust that it can harbor, it can be a serious problem. In this article, we share lots of tips to remove dog hair from dog blankets and other items around the home.

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If we choose to share our home with a dog, it is inevitable that some hair will shed and cling to our furniture. However, there are some steps we can take to minimize the amount of hair in our home.

  • You can prevent dog hair clinging to your best furniture by covering your furniture with a dog blanket. The dog blanket can then be removed and washed or replaced whenever you wish. Alternatively, you may check out some of the best couch covers for pets, and use those.
  • Dog hair sticks differently to different materials so it is best to invest in materials that require less effort to remove the hair. Avoid materials such as velvet, velour and corduroy. Hair slips easily off leather, satin and other shiny materials. Of course, it is important that your dog’s blanket is warm and comfortable as well!
  • Ensure your pet is healthy. Some pets shed more hair when they are unwell or if they are fed an unhealthy diet. Ensuring your pet is healthy and fed a nutritious diet will minimize the amount of hair they shed.
  • You can also minimize the amount of hair your dog sheds with regular grooming. If you groom your dog in an outside area and collect as much of the hair as you can, you can dispose of the hair before it reaches your home.
  • Some breeds shed less hair than others. If dog hair poses a real problem for you or a family member, it may be worth considering one of the breeds less prone to shedding fur. However, these dogs often require more regular grooming to keep their coat in good condition.
  • Spraying your furniture and dog blankets with a mix of water and fabric conditioner can stop hairs clinging to your furniture.

Tips to Remove Dog Hair from Blankets

  • Adhesive Rollers

Rollers with disposable adhesive backing are excellent for removing dog hair. Often known as lint rollers because they are designed to remove lint and dust from clothing, these are an excellent tool for removing hair from dog blankets and other materials. For more options, check out our detailed review of the best lint rollers for pet hair.

First, shake the blanket to remove any loose hair. Then, place the blanket on a hard surface like a table, and simply roll the roller over the blanket. The hairs will stick to the adhesive strip. Once the adhesive strip is covered in hair, remove it and dispose of it. This will automatically expose a fresh section of adhesive ready for the next section of blanket. Keep rolling, and exposing fresh adhesive until the blanket is free of hairs.

  • Sticky Tape

You can make your own version of an adhesive roller using normal household sticky tape. Simply wrap some tape around your hand and rub it against the dog blanket and watch the hair stick to the tape!

  • Inflated Balloon

Hair is naturally attracted to static electricity – as anyone who has rubbed an inflated balloon against their hair knows! Scrubbing a balloon against a blanket is a great way to remove unwanted hair.

  • Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are a great tool for removing hair from fleecy materials, cloth and upholstered surfaces, including dog blankets. The combination of the textured surface of the palm of the glove and the static it creates works really well to remove hair. Simply place the dog blanket on a hard surface like a table and wipe the glove across the blanket. The hair will naturally stick to the glove. For stubborn spots, dip the glove in to water. As you work through the blanket, regularly wipe the hair from the glove and place in a bag or rubbish bin to prevent it from escaping into the air. Even better than plain rubber gloves are gloves with nubs which offer extra resistance. A squeegee, kitchen sponge or microfiber cloth works in a similar way to rubber gloves.

  • Rubber Soles

A slightly more unusual option for removing hair from dog blankets is rubber soles of shoes or trainers! First, make sure the shoe you are using is thoroughly clean and free of any dirt or debris. Then, either rub the sole of the shoe against the dog blanket or you can even wear the shoes and drag your feet across the blanket! This will bunch all the dog hair up together for easy removal.

  • Rubber Broom

A rubber broom works in a similar way to a rubber glove, using the texture and static electricity to attract the hair, which will stick to the bristles of the brush. Some people may find a broom easier to use than gloves.

  • Washing Machine

To get the best results from your washing machine, ensure that you remove as much hair from the blanket as possible using other methods first. Then, run the dog blanket through the dryer for a few minutes on cool first. The toppling action of the dryer will loosen any hair, making it easier to remove when washing. When washing, avoid overcrowding the washer so that the items you are washing have enough space to move freely, and the hair can escape and run down the drain. Ensure that you clean the lint trap after each wash cycle to prevent a fire hazard. Also, check for pet hairs inside the drum after you have finished washing your dog blankets and if necessary run an extra rinse cycle to ensure that no hair remains and sticks to your next laundry load!

  • Vacuum Cleaner

There are many ingenious ways to remove hair from dog blankets, but don’t forget the simple vacuum cleaner. There are many different models available and some are specifically marketed for use on stubborn pet hair.

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Disposing of Dog Hair

One final tip – dog hair makes great nesting material for wild birds so when you have removed it from your dog’s blankets, hang clumps of it from the trees in your garden and watch the wild birds take it away to line their nests!

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