10 amazing facts about pitbulls

10 Amazing Facts About Pit Bulls

Pit bulls used to be one of the most beloved breeds out there starting in the army recruitment posters of the First World War. Some even served in the military or featured in films as man’s best friend.

In the past 80 years or so, the perspective of these dogs changed completely and now, pit bulls are seen as dangerous and scary. In some cases, having a pit bull is not allowed in apartment buildings and homeowners’ associations.

The reality is, pit bulls are completely misunderstood. Their negative reputation comes from fear or misinformation. To give you the real deal about this breed, here are some amazing facts about them.

Pit Bulls are Nice

People fear this breed because of its size, but in reality, they are one of the nicest dogs to have. This has been proven in a behavioral test that was performed by the American Temperament Test Society. Only a Labrador Retriever is considered friendlier and even better rated than the miniature schnauzer.

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facts about pitbulls

Largest in the World

The biggest pit bull in the world weighs 174 pounds and is called Hulk. It was raised to serve as a protection dog, but it became a gentle bodyguard and playmate to the family’s child. It also has its own kids, father to 8 tiny puppies.

They Used to be a  Mascot for the US Army

During the 2 world wars, pit bulls were incorporated into the recruiting and other propaganda posters from the US Army. This breed was chosen to symbolize bravery, loyalty, and determination. Some dogs also served in the war.

They can Climb Walls

Pit bulls have a lot of great physical attributes, including being great climbers. They are strong and agile enough to climb walls that other dogs would not even attempt to. The highest that a pit bull has ever climbed is 12 feet.

They are Perfect as Therapy Dogs

Contrary to popular opinion, pit bulls are not dangerous or aggressive. They have been serving well as therapy animals because they are loving and affectionate. They are also funny and puppy-like, so that makes them perfect in supporting people in schools, retirement homes and hospitals emotionally.

They are Emotional, too

No other dog breed has the same emotional range as the pit bull. They would seem to be stubborn but in reality, you have a sensitive pooch whose feelings get hurt. They will not act out, though, when you don’t do what they want. Instead, you might receive the silent treatment. However, they forgive and forget very quickly, so you won’t have to feel bad for very long.

amazing facts about pitbulls

They are Useful for Sniffing Jobs

Pit bulls are great as drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs, thanks to their strong sense of smell. They are also highly intelligent dogs and full of energy. In this job, they have saved many people after discovering bombs and drugs. In fact, a pit bull in Texas holds the record at finding more than 3,000 lbs of cocaine.

Pit Bulls are also Working in Search and Rescue

Compared to other dog breeds, pit bulls work harder because they are very determined to please their humans. They are athletic and are energetic partners out there in the field. They love the action and keep their cool under stressful and tough conditions. They would not hesitate to save a life, which is why pit bulls are the perfect definition of a man’s best friend.

They Love Friends

In the beginning of the 20th century, pit bulls were chosen to be “nanny dogs” or even “nursemaids”. This is because their loving nature, stability, and loyalty make them perfect for taking care of children. They only started to be known for violence due to bad owners and bad media reports. This has destroyed the child-friendly reputation of pit bulls.

They are Everywhere

When you are living in the United States, you will find pit bulls in every corner of the city. It is believed that there are 3 million of them in the country, which is about 5 to 10% of the total dog population. However, because of the bad press they have received, they represent 30 to 50% of the dogs in the shelter. Sadly, they are only 3rd in popularity when it comes to being adopted.

Pit bulls are wonderful and loving pets that have unfairly received bad press due to irresponsible dog owners. Despite their reputation, it is important to give these pooches a chance to prove how friendly, loyal, and loving they truly are. Without you knowing it, you might finally find your four-legged best friend. If you do own a pitbull, be sure to read our guide to the best pitbull dog foods.



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