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The American pitbull terrier has been getting a very bad reputation because it is often depicted by media as having a very fearsome temperament. But if you’ve been following Cesar Millan’s The Dog Whisperer, then you know that it simply isn’t true. Cesar’s right hand-dog, Daddy, was a pure-breed American pitbull terrier. Before Daddy passed away in 2010, he was able to take on his apprentice, Junior, to be Cesar’s right-hand.

Today, troubled dog owners seeking Cesar’s advice always have Junior assisting in any way this loveable American pitbull terrier can.

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What is the American Pitbull Terrier Temperament

Daddy was the second-in-command of Cesar’s pack. He knows it. And Junior knows that, too. For the many who have owned these loveable, albeit often maligned dogs, they can attest to the gentle nature of this canine breed. Many can profess to their zest for life, confidence, and strength. And when it comes to protecting the pack, there can be no one else to trust but the American pitbull terrier.

According to the United Kennel Club, the American pitbull terrier is the embodiment of the virtues that make great warriors. It is gentle with its loved ones yet will show indomitable courage when its loved ones are threatened. It has the athleticism and strength of a bulldog and the gameness and playfulness of terriers. These dogs are very eager to please. They brim over with enthusiasm, too.

American pitbull terriers love their family, especially kids. As we said, if you’ve been following the exploits of Cesar and Daddy before the entry of Junior into the picture, then you know that Daddy played a role in the early child development of Cesar’s two kids, Andre and Calvin. Of course one can always say that Daddy was well-behaved because he was properly trained by a famed dog behaviorist. But the fact of the matter is that these dogs are simply adorable around their loved ones. This makes them excellent family dogs.

These canines are ever-confident and they have excellent situational awareness. They know if someone is snooping around or if someone is at the door. They are not attack dogs, contrary to what media wants you to believe. These often-maligned canines have been getting all the negative attention through the years, no thanks to people in the media who instantly attribute vicious and deadly dog attacks to this breed as well as another breed, the Rottweiller. Once report of a dog attack surfaces, it is automatically written as coming from a pitbull-type of dog or even a rottweiller.

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What is the American Pitbull Terrier Temperament

It is often said that pitbull terriers are naturally aggressive towards other dogs as well as other animals. While this has something to do with their protective nature, a look at either Daddy or Junior will tell you that the American pitbull terrier is one of the gentlest, most reassuring dogs on the planet. More aggressive dogs are subdued just by the mere presence of Daddy or Junior. They exude with confidence that other dogs don’t have a choice but to fall in line. This is the true temperament of an American pitbull terrier. It has that confidence that many people mistake for meanness.

Daddy may be long gone, but Junior is definitely showing the world that American pitbull terriers are lovable, often misunderstood dogs. They need the loving attention of their pack and would virtually do anything to please their pack leader and his family. This is who the American pitbull terrier really is. It’s muscular, but underneath that chiseled body is a really gentle and loving character that can put to shame other dog breeds that look so tame outside but are not inside.


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