How Much do Pitbulls Shed

How Much do Pitbulls Shed?

Pitbulls don’t exactly have the best reputation despite being one of the friendliest and most loveable dog breeds to exist. However, over the past few years, they’ve hacked at the dangerous dog stereotype and are now one of the most popular breeds around. Although, one of the only things Pit bull owners have to pick at is the dogs’ excess shedding.

If you’re considering buying or adopting one of these beautiful dogs then it’s important to know that they have a tendency to shed. In fact, despite having a relatively short coat, Pit bulls shed a surprising amount if not given the proper care or attention. Read on to find out more.

Do Pitbulls Shed a Lot?

Generally, a dog breed with short hair tends to shed very little in comparison to dogs with longer fur. The Pitbull is known to shed more during the late spring to make way for a lighter summer coat and get a thicker winter coat in the colder months. However, they don’t have a designated shedding season, unlike double-coated dogs, where the coat is due to blow out in a burst.

As with other breeds, this is completely normal although there are a number of things to take into account that might cause your Pitbull to shed a little more than usual.

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Pitbull Coat Types

A Pitbull is not a standalone dog breed and is actually a term used for a few different breeds all of which have a similar muscular body, height, and coat type. These breeds come in a variety of coat colors, although all of them will have firm, short coats.

Common Pitbull Breeds:

Excessive Shedding

Pitbulls are single-coated dogs which may be another reason behind why some say that they are low shedding. The lack of an undercoat implies that there is significantly less fur to shed all year round and their existing short fur will be unnoticeable on clothing and furniture.

If you’re noticing more Pitbull hair than normal around your home, or are simply curious about what may cause a Pitbull to shed an unusual amount, then you may need to consider the following information.

Stress & Anxiety

Excessive shedding can be an indication of stress or anxiety. This may occur if there has been a major change in the home including the addition of a new pet or baby in the household. Stress can also come about if the home suffers the loss of a person or other pet. Dogs can be emotional animals and can be heavily impacted by what goes on around them. If you’ve taken steps at home to make your Pit bull more comfortable it may be worth taking a trip to the vet for additional support.

You may also need to consider other factors that could make a dog anxious. If your Pit bull has to take regular visits to the vets for medical reasons they could be immensely uncomfortable on each visit. They may also find the presence of other dogs during walks particularly nerve-racking.

Like other dog breeds, separation anxiety can also impact Pit bulls. The severity of which can cause excessive shedding. If you’d like to know more about this type of anxiety read our guide available here.

Diet & Nutrition

Dogs will always benefit most from a high-quality dog food diet and Pit bulls are no exception. Your dog’s food goes a long way in improving and maintaining their physical and emotional well-being so a poor diet will do little to support them.

High-quality food will not only support their muscles, eyes, and heart health (amongst other things) but will also provide valuable vitamins and minerals that will nourish and maintain healthy skin and coats.

Change In Diet

A dog’s dietary needs change depending on its age, weight, etc. If you’ve noticed an increase or decrease in their build, or if they’re approaching adulthood or even their senior years, talk to your vet about the best possible diet to support them.

Furthermore, it’s important to know that an abrupt change in food can impact dogs negatively and put stress on their body. When swapping foods you must always introduce the new one slowly so their system can adjust appropriately.


Unfortunately, dogs can develop allergies and as a result, they may excessively scratch or lick the skin in an attempt to soothe themselves. In doing so, they can cause hair loss, irritated skin, and even some minor abrasions across their bodies.

As Pit bulls have just a single coat they don’t have many layers to protect them from external irritants. They are also known to be particularly prone to allergies and have sensitive skin compared to other single-coated dog breeds.

The allergy can be a response to a number of things including specific food ingredients, product ingredients, household cleaning products, and even bites from bugs or fleas.

Medical Conditions/Hormones

The American Pit bull Terrier can be prone to thyroid problems (hypothyroidism) which can often cause excess hair loss due to the imbalance in hormones.

In addition to this, dogs who are pregnant or nursing may also frequently shed due to the change in hormones. A hormone change can also occur after being recently been spayed, neutered, or on the approach to sexual maturity resulting in your Pit bull shedding.

Fleas, Mites, Or Other Parasites

Pests wreak havoc with your dog’s skin and a Pit bull’s single coat won’t offer much protection against irritating, invading bugs. When fleas, mites, and other parasites set up camp in your Pit bull’s coat it can cause significant skin irritation and as a result, your Pit bull will scratch mercilessly.

Pit bulls can also develop skin allergies against flea bites which can cause them to scratch and gnaw obsessively. Not only can this cause hair loss but it can also leave the skin across the dog’s entire body red, itchy, and damaged.

Veterinarian Advice

If it is possible that your Pitbull has been affected by one of the above always seek advice from your vet as they will be able to provide advice and support for your pooch. When you discuss Pitbull terriers’ symptoms with your vet, make sure you are as detailed as possible for them to be able to accurately narrow down a cause and treatment. From this, not only are they likely to stop shedding as much, but your Pit bull will be happy and healthier for the help.

How To Care For A Pitbull’s Coat

If you’ve gotten to the bottom of why your Pitbull is shedding so much and have ruled out a medical condition, it’s important to understand how to take care of your dog’s coat. A Pit bull’s coat may be short however regular grooming can help to remove old or damaged hairs as well as provide extra nourishment. Bathing and diet are also two vital things to incorporate into their grooming routine to ensure that their skin and coat are clean and cared for throughout the year.


Most dogs will require a bath at some point and Pit bulls are no exception. However, frequent bathing isn’t necessary as this can strip away the natural oils that pit bull dogs produce. It is recommended that you bathe a Pitbull once a month and after particularly muddy walks.

A thorough bath will also help release dead and loose hair from their coats and will reduce the amount of pet hair you find around the house. Regular baths may also be required if your Pitbull struggles with a skin condition to help soothe irritation and provide extra care for their dry skin and fur.


When bathing your pooch it’s vital that your pay special attention to the shampoo you use. Pit bulls, as mentioned previously, can have delicate and sensitive skin so it’s recommended that dog owners use a mild and natural dog shampoo. By using a gentle alternative you can be sure that the ingredients won’t cause further harm or exacerbate any existing skin conditions.

If you’re looking for help finding a dog shampoo specifically for your Pitbull, take a look at our guide available here.


Brushing your pup is perhaps one of the best methods to remove loose fur from your dog’s coat. Generally, Pit bulls are low maintenance dogs however you may need to brush them more if they are shedding more than usual.

Brushing can often get overlooked or forgotten about but grabbing a soft bristle brush to remove loose dog fur can do the world of good for your pup and your home. A good brush will also help distribute your dog’s natural oils throughout their short hair to help moisturize it and keep it looking great.

Pet owners can purchase a pitbull shedding brush that can easily and safely penetrate their short, single coat. The best pitbull shedding brush will loosen and remove dead dog hair that would otherwise be left to linger and fall out when scratching or self-grooming.

A Healthy Diet

If you’ve found that your dog sheds excessively due to a food allergy the first thing to do here is visit your vet to get advice on hypoallergenic or limited ingredient food diets. However, if you’re certain that this isn’t the case, take a look at your dog’s existing food and evaluate whether it provides the right sustenance your Pitbull needs to thrive and be healthy.

As mentioned previously, Pitbulls are strong and muscular dogs that require a high-quality diet to be able to develop properly. A suitable diet catered to the Pitbull will offer more than enough vitamins and nutrients and can even help to prevent your Pitbull shedding excessively.

Check out our latest article to find out – are Pitbulls hypoallergenic dogs.

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Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy

Being a dog owner can be hard work, especially if your dog’s shedding more than the average amount. Fortunately, there are additional things you can do to protect your home from excess hair and shedding seasons.


Cover your pup’s favorite napping spots with a comfortable and soft blanket or throw. As loose fur falls from your pooch’s coat when they scratch or groom the blanket will protect furniture.


If your dog is prone to anxiety, a crate can offer a safe space for them to retreat to. This extra space is designated for your dog alone to relax in and will also catch the excess fur that falls from their coats.

Handy Tools

Lint rollers are a useful and easy tool used to remove fur and dog dander from clothing and furniture. These aren’t as effective as a vacuum however they are a simple tool to quickly remove random hairs.

Robot vacuums are also a great tool to help rid your home of pet hair. These clever vacuums come in a variety of models and can be programmed to clean specific areas of your home on a schedule.

Grooming Spot

When helping your Pit bulls shed dead and loose hair with a brush, choose an area that’s easy to clean. In the warmer months, it may be worth grooming them outdoors.


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Although Pitbulls are single-coated dogs with short fur, they are not considered hypoallergenic dogs. This is due to the amount of dander that is produced and left behind when they shed.

Dogs shed throughout the year and sometimes more during particular seasons depending on their coat type. However, if you've noticed your Pitbull shedding more than normal, it could be due to allergies, a poor diet, a medical condition, or even a parasite bite.

Pitbulls will commonly shed excessively due to the reasons listed above. Although it is normal for them to shed a little more when the warmer months are due.

Unfortunately, you cannot stop a Pitbull from shedding however you can find products to help manage their coats. Regular grooming will also help owners manage the amount of shedding.

Pitbulls have fur. Breeds such as Poodles, Bichons, and Westies have hair. Generally, dogs that may require specific trims and grooming will have hair as opposed to fur.

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