The Best Dog Proof Litter Box (Review) in 2021

Last Updated March 27, 2020

Is your dog showing too much interest in the cat litter tray? Unfortunately, dogs can become obsessed with litter trays and can enjoy eating the poop and cat litter. This is not good for them and creates a lot of mess for you so it has to stop! The best way to tackle this issue is to invest in a dog-proof litter box.

The idea behind the box is that your cat can get in but your dog cannot. It gives your kitty somewhere private to poop and pee. It also makes your home a lot tidier. These litter boxes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. To help you choose the best one for your cat, check out our useful guide.

The Best Dog Proof Litter Box


A superbly stylish way to give your kitty privacy when they are taking a poop or a pee, this dog proof cat box will look great in any home. It is available in two sizes and a range of colors and because it’s made from BPA-free plastic, it is also totally safe.  As well as keeping your dog out, this litter pan has plenty of design features that make life easier for your cat and for you too!

This is a top entry litter box and the circular opening is big enough to let your cat enter without difficulty whilst the rubber feet stop it from moving around. There is plenty of space inside for them to do what they need to do in comfort. As they leave, they have to walk across a series of grooves which removes litter from their paws and prevents it from being scattered around the room. The rounded edges make the whole unit very easy to clean. It comes with a litter scoop and a hook on which to store it.

Find out more about IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box.

Partially covered to keep a dog out

Grooves to remove cat litter

Made from BPA-free materials

Easy to clean

  • Brand: IRIS USA, Inc.
  • Model: 586962
  • Weight: 4.85 pounds


A functional and stylish dog proof litter box that will give your kitty some privacy whilst they do what they need to do! It is made from durable BPA materials in a warm gray color that will blend in with any home decor. When you need to clean out inside the cat litter box, you simply lift up the large hood for easy access and use water with a mild detergent.

This dog proof cat litter box would be suitable for households that have more than one cat. The swing door at the front is clear so that nervous cats have a clear view and will be encouraged to go inside.  The door opening measures 10.4 inches by 9.6 inches which is easily big enough for an adult cat. There is a carbon filter included to help control unpleasant odors.

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Big enough for more than one cat

Stylish design and warm gray color

Clear swing door

Carbon filter to control odors

  • Brand: Catit
  • Model: 50695
  • Weight: 1.68 pounds


The extra high walls of this cat litter box to keep dogs out will provide protection and privacy for your cat. The cat s litter is surrounded on all four sides to prevent spillages. The top surface surrounding the top entry hole is textured so litter falls off your cat’s paws as  they get out of the box.

The whole unit is dog proof and is made from  recycled plastic so it is also good for the environment. The box is compatible with tray liners and has rounded edges to make emptying easier. You’ll find plenty of room inside this dog proof cat litter box for a larger kitty. There is a hook where you can hang a scoop.

Extra high walls

Box made from recycled plastic

Top grid to trap litter on paws

Surrounded on all four sides

  • Brand: Petmate
  • Model: 22062
  • Weight: 3.45 pounds


If you want to give your kitty some privacy when they pee but don’t want to break bank, this dog proof litter box could be the right choice for you. It especially suits cats that tend to pee over the edge of standard litter trays because it keeps all the liquid contained. The dome shaped cover snaps into place using built in plastic clips. When you want to clean out the litterbox, the lid is easy to take off.

Your cat can enter using the swinging door but this will prevent your dog from being able to get inside. It’s made from polypropylene plastic which is both stain and odor resistant. To clean these litter boxes you just wipe them over with a damp cloth. At the top of the box, there is a carry handle so that it can be moved with ease from room to room. It even has a carbon filter (which can be replaced) to reduce unpleasant pet poop odors.

Maintains privacy and contains liquids

Dog proof but easy for cats to enter

Made from polypropylene plastic

Carbon filter

  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Model: 5122
  • Weight: 2.47 pounds


Looking for a litter tray that is disguised as a lovely piece of furniture? This is what you need! It’s a super stylish way to keep small dog out of litter box but let small kitty in! This elegant bench is available in three different finishes so you can choose one to complement your decor. It has attractive wainscoting detailing and a natural wood grain finish. Your litter box will fit neatly inside – there is even enough room for the large automatic litter boxes to fit.

The cat entrance can be placed on either end of the bench and at the front, the doors open wide for easy access. They close securely with a magnetic catch. Inside, there is a removable partition so you can use some of the space for storage if the litter tray does not take up all of the available area. It needs to be assembled but all the hardware is included.

Hides away a cat s litter tray

Entrance can be on either end

Entrance is small enough to keep a dog out

Easy to put together

  • Brand: Merry Pet
  • Model: MPS010
  • Weight: 57.4 pounds


These durable covered litter boxes have lids in the shape of a dome to keep dogs out and give kitty some privacy to enjoy toilet time. The curved walls are non-stick and very easy to clean.  

All sides of these dog proof litter boxes are enclosed to keep the litter in and the dog out! The entrance is steep and has deep grooves so it cleans the litter off your cat’s paws as they get out of box. The internal dimensions are 21 inches by 21 inches so these boxes are suitable if you have multiple cats or if you have one large one! There is a charcoal filter within the litter box enclosure to help to control unpleasant odors.

Durable covered litter box

Dome shaped and easy to clean

Non-stick walls

Suitable for more than one cat

  • Brand: Petmate
  • Model: 50022s
  • Weight: 22 pounds


The ultimate in automatic litter boxes, this litter tray removes waste for you so that you don’t have to scoop and clean everyday. It uses a special crystal litter that absorbs urine but which is virtually dust-free.  Solid waste is quickly dehydrated by the litter so there are no unpleasant odors.  There are rakes that work automatically 20 minutes after your cat leaves the tray.

This track proof litter will stay in the box and not make a huge mess on your floor. It uses disposable trays which are leak proof and keep your floor clean. All you have to do is remove the litter tray and dispose of it in the refuse.

Find out more about PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box.

Automatic litter box

Special crystal litter

Rakes remove waste

No need to scoop litter

  • Brand: PetSafe
  • Model: PAL00-14242
  • Weight: 16.7 pounds

Best Dog Proof Litter Box Buying Guide

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Proof Litter Boxes

There are several types of dog proof litter boxes available so it is worth thinking about the features that you would like to see. Here are a few that you should bear in mind.

  • Size

Don’t forget that your cat has to fit inside this dog proof litter box! If you have a big moggy, you will need a box large enough to accommodate them in comfort. If more than one cat is going to be using the cat’s litter box at the same time, you need a very big box!

  • Entry point

The whole point is that your cat can get in but your dog cannot. A dog proof litter box will have an entrance at the top or at the side. More agile cats will be able to leap in the top but if you have an older cat, a side entrance may be preferable.

  • Litter control

Cats litter can make a terrible mess around your home. It gets caught in your cat’s paws as they are taking a pee or poop and then gets tracked out of the box. Many boxes have grooves or a grid that your cat has to walk over as they leave the box. This removes the litter and keeps your house tidy.

  • Odor control

Some cat litter boxes that are covered can become very smelly because the odors can’t escape. You may want to purchase one that has some form of carbon filter.

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Cat on a dog proof litter box

Benefits of Dog Proof Cat Litter Box

Dog proof litter boxes are a must for households that have both cats and dogs and where the dogs are showing an unhealthy interest in the litter tray! Some dogs simply ignore the place where the cats go to poop and pee but others are fascinated by them, and this is when the problems begin!

If your dog spends too much time hanging around the litter tray, it can put your cat off using it and they will do their business in another part of the house. Dog proof litter boxes give your kitty some peace and quiet and some privacy.

A dog-proof box also stops your pooch from being able to eat the contents of the litter tray. A dog can pick up a lot of pathogens from eating cat poop and they can become very unwell. The litter itself is also not good for your dog. It could trigger an allergic reaction or it could cause an intestinal blockage.

In addition to the health concerns, a dog in a litter box can be a very messy incident! If you want to avoid the litter being spread all over your house by a naughty pooch, you need one of these!

How to Keep Dog Out of Litter Box

Your dogs’ obsession with the cat litter box can become a real pain for you! As well as purchasing a litter box that will keep a dog out, here are some of the other things that you can do.

  • Place a physical barrier around the litter box

You can physically stop your dog from getting at the litter box using physical barriers. Think about using things such as a baby gate or pet pen. You could also place the litter box in a room that your cat can access but your dog can’t. Latches that only let a door open wide enough to let a cat in are a good idea. You could also install a cat flap on an internal door.

  • Make the litter box less tempting

As disgusting as this may seem, the thing that attracts most dogs to a cat litter box is the poop! So, if you can ensure that you keep the litter box very clean, your dog will not find it as attractive! You can do this by making sure that you move the poop from the box as soon as your cat has finished. Thorough cleaning once a week will also help a lot. An alternative is to invest in an automatic litter box that uses rakes to scrape the poop into a tray. You then remove the tray as necessary.

You can put your dog off the idea of eating cat poop by using a deterrent spray. Apply it to the cat poop and your dog will soon go off the idea!

  • Train your dog to avoid the litter tray

You should be able to control the behavior of your dog and that includes leaving the litter box alone! When your dog approaches the litter box, use the ‘leave’ command and give them a little treat. Repeat this consistently and eventually, the litter box will be safe!

Dog proof cat litter box

Our Top Pick

Our top pick of the best litter box to keep dogs out is available in two sizes and a range of colors. It is made from BPA-free plastic. This top entry litter box has a circular opening and rubber feet to stop it from moving around. There is plenty of space inside and grooves to clean litter from cat paws as they leave. The rounded edges make the whole unit very easy to clean. It comes with a litter scoop and a hook on which to store it.


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