The Best Cat Toilet Training Kit (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 28, 2021

If you’ve ever found yourself watching videos online of cats going to the toilet, without making a mess, you may have wondered how they were trained to the use the bathroom in the first place. What isn’t shown online, however, is the toilet training systems being used to create a happily toilet trained cat, through the use of a dedicated kitty toilet trainer.

Below, we take you through the basics of the best cat toilet training kit options available online, today. We’ll also give you a great run-down of what to expect during your transfer from the litter box to the seat and how to make your cats training all the easier.

The Best Cat Toilet Training Kit


Looking to move your kitty on to a new, tidier and more hygienic way of going to the toilet? This could be the perfect solution for you. Renowned amongst previous users of this product for its color-coded training system, which makes it far easier to track your kitty’s progress. With the promise of having your cat using the toilet like a pro in 8 weeks or less, it seems too good to be true.

This complete cat toilet training kit uses multiple stages to open the toilet space to them gradually, so you can be sure that that they will feel perfectly comfortable using the toilet at each stage – until they’re ready to go without. This multi-stage removable litter seat means that you can gradually introduce your cat to a litter-free world!

Multiple stages

Color-coded to help keep track of progress

Made to fit most toilets

  • Brand: Litter Kwitter
  • Model: LK1
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds


Eco-friendly and worth every second! The CitiKitty cat toilet training system features a 5-stage design, which allows for you cat to have a nice and easy introduction to their new regime. We all know cats aren’t known for their trusting nature, and so getting them to accept something as new and foreign to them as a toilet can take some work.

That’s where CitiKitty came up with the brilliant idea of including a free pouch of catnip, perfect for encouraging your cat to hop on up and take a look. The sleek and simple design of this kit has also been made to fit most toilets, elongated or not. And if you ever need a bit of extra help, you’ll have exclusive access to a free online training forum so you can receive any assistance you may need along the way.

Catnip included to help the cat adjust

Gradual 5 stage training system

Universal shape

  • Brand: CitiKitty
  • Model: 1
  • Weight: 1 pounds


FuzzyMilky Cat Toilet Training System

This particular FuzzyMilky cat toilet training is the second generation design, after listening to the concerns of their customer base, they have improved upon the original design to bring the best training system possible to you. The best part about this design is that they have created a cat toilet training that doesn’t require scissors, and is perfectly reusable. So if you find yourself getting another kittie later down the line, you won’t need to repurchase your training equipment. It comes in three easy parts: a training toilet seat, a litter pan, and a training ring.

There is no need to stick this training equipment to your toilet, simply sit it on the top with the pan dipping into the toilet. Because this design does not utilize cut-away rings, but rather a clear plastic bowl, you don’t have to buy specialist flushable litter. Any litter will do because this training method focuses on slowly remove the amount of litter until your cat is able to see through the clear plastic pan. But if you’re worried at all about this training method, FuzzyMilky has specialists on hang to provide aftersales support throughout the training process.

Can be cleaned and reused – no cutting.

3-piece set includes training seat and pan.

Designed to be easy to switch over.

Specialist aftersales support available.

No need for flushable litter.

  • Brand: FuzzyMilky
  • Model: FM-CTS-A01DS
  • Weight: 1.45 Pounds


Yagamii Cat Training Kit System for Toilet

Yagamii has developed a simple 5-step system in which you will have to cut away each of the four rings. By doing this you are training your cat in clear increments that should encourage them to adapt quickly, as cats do so well. Though it is important to remember that each cat learns at its own pace, so if your kitty is finding it difficult, don’t worry. Should you remove a ring too soon and see that your car is having a hard time adjusting, you can purchase a replacement tray and take the process back a couple of steps.

The glossy blue plastic using for the training rings is strong, flexible, and eco-friendly. The bold blue coloring makes for a clear marker for your cat to know where to perch, with the glossy element helping them to learn and adapt to the surface texture of the actual toilet seat. This training system should fit most toilet standard toilet seats, and if you are ever worried about your cat’s progress, there is 24-hour customer support available to guide you.

Four clear stages of training.

Non-toxic and eco-friendly material.

Glossy surface to help cat adjust to the toilet.

Comes with clear instructions.

Fits most standard toilet seats.

  • Brand: Yagamii
  • Model: B08P71H8Y8
  • Weight: 2.35 Pounds


Essential Pet Products Fresh Air Cat Toilet

The Essential Pet cat toilet training system is specifically designed for a much more gradual learning process. This is ideal for adolescent or young adult cats that are having to learn a new trick, be it for hygiene, accessibility, or financial reasons. It has been designed with seven inner rings that can be cut away one by one as your cat becomes more comfortable with the toilet-using routine.

The rings start out very thin, meaning the takeaway is minimal initially, as sudden changes are known to be jarring and anxiety-inducing in some cats. This training system is made with high-quality, eco-friendly plastic, and will fit a wide variety of toilets from standard to elongated. Being a well-established, reliable business of 29 years, you can be sure that Essential Pets have taken every precaution in this design to make it the best possible training experience for both you and your kitty.

Made up of multiple rings for gradual training.

Seat made using high-quality, eco-friendly plastic.

Will fit both standard and elongated toilet bowls.

Training helps save on litter and cleaning.

  • Brand: Essential Pet Products
  • Model: CTS
  • Weight: 1 Pound

Best Cat Toilet Training Kit Buying Guide

Can Cats Be Toilet Trained?

Absolutely. Many people believe that cats are unable to be trained in the same way as dogs – but the opposite is actually true. Indeed, it can actually be very easy to change up the routine of your cats, so that they can go from using a litter box to the toilet seat in hardly anytime at all.

Cat on toilet

Things to Consider When Buying a Cat Toilet Training Kit

  • Size

Naturally, the size of your toilet, as well as the size of the training kit itself, will have a huge impact on whether or not this is the right kit for you. The best options will be able to fit between different types of toilet seats – especially with the rise of sharper-edged and square options we see in the bathroom, today.

As well as the size of the toilet, the training kit needs to be large enough – at least to begin with – to make it easier for the cat to get comfortable with using it. If it’s too small, you’ll find it harder to work on your training, as the cats won’t register that the kit is their new litter tray. Too large, however, and it likely won’t fit the bowl of your toilet, making it uneven or wobbly, and therefore unappealing to your cat.

  • Type

As you’ll likely notice, there are a few different types of cat toilet training system options out there. Firstly, there’s the cat toilet training seat which hosts a sieve, in order to help immediately remove waste from the start of your toilet training. These fit directly onto the toilet training seat and will often come as a one-size-fits-all approach, and are designed more for trained cats, rather than for training your cat to use a toilet seat.

Secondly, there are adjustable types, which are arguable the best cat toilet training kit options to use, as they come with multiple seat options to better train your cat. These are better for you as the cat owner, as you’ll be able to work with your cat’s natural instincts to help better transition over to the toilet training kits.

  • Added benefits

The best cat training kit options will come with a host of added benefits and features that make the toilet seat more appealing to your cat. The best options to use here are those with added security features, such as a locking system to ensure your cat is completely safe during the use of the toilet seat.

Other great benefits the best toilet seat training options will have included the addition of catnip, to encourage your cat to jump over the training system from their litter box, through to the bright color-coded variations, to help you decipher which option to use and when.

Is Training Your Cat to Use the Toilet Worth the Hassle?

Unfortunately, the answer to this comes down to what kind of household you run. If you have the time and energy available to toilet train your cats now, then you might be able to save a lot of time in the long run. It also means that you’re less likely to have to deal with germs caused by cleaning the kitty litter on a regular basis, as the leavings will be deposited directly into the toilet.

However, you should be advised that toilet training your cats can be hard work – especially if you have a busy household, where the toilet is likely to have heavy foot traffic. In these cases, it’s always recommended that you utilize both cat toilet training and keep the use of a litter box available, outside of this busy room.

Best Cat Toilet Training Kit FAQ:

Q: Is it hard to teach a cat to use the toilet?

A: As long as you have the right training in place, and you’re prepared for a bit of a slog in the beginning, there’s no reason why using toilet training systems needs to be difficult. All you require is the best kit for your cats and a dedication to seeing the training through so that your cats are confident in their ability to use the toilet seat.

Bear in mind that most litter boxes will usually be placed on the floor, so your first port of call is to help train your cat to become used to the height difference between the floor and the toilet seat. In order to do this, you’ll need to slowly raise the litter off the floor, before you start to use the cat toilet training system.

It’s generally recommended that the best way to do this is by raising the litter by roughly 3 inches, every few days. During this time, you’ll need to make sure that the toileting area is sturdy and safe enough for your cat to use. Once the height has been raised to roughly the same level as the toilet seat, you can then begin to use the kit.

When you use the toilet training kit, be sure to use the best practice advice given with your kit. Read through the manual and guidelines carefully, so that you can give yourself the best chance and quickest rate of success for both you and your cats.

If you follow this advice, then training your cats to use the toilet can absolutely be worth the hassle. Don’t worry about small missteps and keep going with the training – unless your cat shows that they are unhappy with their situation – and you’ll soon find your cat will be using the toilet seat in no time.

Q: What age can I toilet train a cat?

A: For confident, happy cats who are already trained with basic litter boxes, you can start toilet training your cat from as young as 3 months old. However, if your cat isn’t litter trained or they are a very nervous creature, it can be worth waiting for them to build up their confidence before you start playing around with their normal routine.

Q: How to know if training kit works?

A: Before buying your toilet training systems, it can be worth checking out the review of those who have previously bought the cat toilet training kit. Think of these as the “tried and tested” aspects of your purchase, as you’ll able to see the pros and cons of the different types of toilet training kits, before you buy.

If you already have a cat toilet training system, but you’ve noticed that your cats prefer to use the litter box, it is worth trying to start your toilet training from the beginning, using the advice given above. If your cat isn’t using a litter box yet, then start with the basic steps of training your cat to use their litter tray, before you move on to a toilet training system.

Cat sitting on a toilet bowl

Our Top Pick

The Litter Kwitter is undoubtedly the best toilet training kit on the market, today. With a complete range of sizes, alongside the easy to indicate color-coding system used by the cat owner, it’s never been simpler to transfer to a cat toilet training seat. This particular toilet training kit boasts of being able to train your cats to use the toilet seat within as little as 8 weeks.

Able to fit a wide range of seats, without bending or damaging your current system, this award-winning system is comfortable for your cats, while remaining simple to implement. Even better, this option even includes a DVD to help you work on your cat toilet training, so you can feel confident in showing your cat how to transfer from litter to toilet.

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