Even though some pet owners may beg to differ, grooming for short-haired dogs is absolutely necessary if you want them to look and feel good all the time. They may not struggle with tangled hair like dogs with dense long fur, but short hair dogs experience shedding and frequent grooming is good to keep the hair from falling all over your house. More than just the aesthetics that grooming gives your pet, the process of brushing the coat also serves as a massage session which generally makes pets happy. In view of this, if your dog is showing signs of discomfort while grooming or just doesn't like getting brushed, chances are, you are using the wrong brush. The best grooming brush for short hair dogs is what you need to get the best result but with a slew of them in the market, making that choice becomes difficult. Check out the best options in this review.

The Best Brush for Short Hair Dogs

1 Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush
Key features:
  • Self-cleaning
  • Anti-slip comfortable handle
  • Smooth bristles
  • Multipurpose brush for a variety of pets

If you develop aches around the hand after grooming your dog, the Hertzko slicker brush is arguably the best choice you can ever make when buying a brush for your short hair dog. Its comfortable grip and anti-slip handle is what you need to prevent aching around your wrist and hand after brushing your pet for a long time. Those stubborn mats on your dog’s hair and all the dirt in the world won’t have a place on your dog’s coat when you constantly use this slicker brush.

What’s more, the brush finely serves as a wonderful deshedding brush for short hair dogs, getting rid of loose hair, and in turn, saving you the trouble of using the vacuum cleaner to remove dog hair around the house. Even more interesting is the fact that it does all the foregoing without hurting your dog; in fact, pets always love being brushed with Hertzko slicker brush, which doesn’t come as a surprise as it also massages their body, enhancing blood circulation while making them all shiny.

Get ready for the best part. This brush is equally self-cleaning. After each use, all you need to do is press a button and the bristles will retract into the brush, bringing the hair to the fore. You can then slide the hair off the surface and keep the brush for the next use. Again, this slicker brush is not just a hairbrush for short hair dog but can also be used for other pets, including cats and dogs with long or medium length hair.

What others say about it:

This one doesn’t scrape our dog like some of the other ones, and it’s probably the easiest to take hair out with the press of the button of any dog brushes we have ever owned. Our dog has thick hair so I tried using this while bathing him which was successful but very difficult to pull through his hair so I waited till he was somewhat dry and it went through like a breeze!
Great product, love the functionality (By far the best hair release mechanism I’ve used), the dog enjoys it as opposed to some of the other brush/combs I have used in the past.

I couldn’t get a picture of him while I was using it, but I posted one so at least you can visualize the thickness of his hair!

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2 DakPets FURblaster Deshedding Dog Brush

DakPets FURblaster Deshedding Dog Brush
Key features:
  • Replaceable stainless steel pet comb
  • Durable rubber handle
  • Hair remover
  • Easy to clean

This piece is rated the best short hair dog shedding brush across many quarters for obvious reasons. If you have multiple pets or even one dog that sheds a lot of hair, this premium brush will guarantee reduced shedding by at least 95% if constantly used to groom your pets. The DakPets Deshedding Tool is suitable for both small and big animals, as well as animals with single and double coats. Its 100mm-4 inch heavy duty replaceable stainless steel pet comb protects your pet’s coat from irritation and is also user-friendly. What’s more, a durable rubber handle is attached for a firm grip while grooming your pet.

Overall, the DakPets Deshedding Tool is one pet brush for short hair dogs you need in your home if you have a furry companion. The rave reviews on Amazon speak volumes of the efficiency this furminator brush for short hair dogs has been serving to consumers for years. Apparently, the fact that it was designed by experts in animal care makes the difference.

What others say about it:

I didn’t think it was a gimmick product or anything like that, but I am still amazed at 2 things: The first is how much hair actually comes out and how it does it. The second is how much my dog liked it. In the picture of me brushing him, you can see his eyes half closed in pleasure looking at me as I’m brushing his rump.
What I really liked was how the brush actually works like a brush, but really rips that old undercoat out of there. The blades fill with undercoat very quickly until you’ve really stripped the area. I never noticed until I really got into his hair how matted and tangled it really gets when he’s blowing his coat. The pile of fur next to him is as substantial as any wig in feeling and weight. I bet he feels much better missing all that mess under there. I’ll definitely keep brushing to get the spots I missed, but I really think his blown coat is mostly out at this point. Very very happy with the product.

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3 Bodhi Dog Bath Brush

Bodhi Dog Bath Brush
Key features:
  • Waterproof pet brush
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Soft rubber bristles
  • Durable

If you have a pet with sensitive skin, this plastic pet brush will make your furry friend look forward to grooming sessions. It goes beyond just brushing the coat of your pet to increase the effectiveness of shampoo lathering during a bath, as well as going deep to clean the coat without pulling on the hair. And with the rubber bristles that equally massages while grooming, pets generally love the feel of the new Bodhi Dog Grooming Pet Shampoo Brush; a privilege you shouldn’t deny your furry friend.

Made from natural, unrefined, matte-finish rubber, this waterproof brush comfortably fits in the palm of your hand while a loop handle holds it in place. More than being rated as best grooming brush for short hair dogs by many, this brush is also suitable for other animals with short hair, including horses, cats, rabbits and lots more. Suitable for both dry and wet hair, this hairpiece also serves as a deshedding tool for your pet. With the help of the split ends of the rubber bristles, the brush doesn’t allow hair to fly around, instead, the removed hair gathers in the brush and can be easily pulled out after each use.

What others say about it:

Omg! I didn’t have many expectations for this. I wasn’t even looking for something like this. I just stumbled across it and decided to order it. I usually have to use a ton of shampoo on my 19 lb pup because of her coat and bath time takes forever! I decided to try this out last night. I started with my usual amount of shampoo expecting to add more later. Wow! I didn’t need to add more, and what I did use ended up being too much because this lathered up instantly and got deep into the coat right away! It cut her bath time in half and was the best wash she has ever had! She has never been so clean in all of her life. I rinse her well and with a typical bath she usually still has a little bit of “dog smell” and will still be scratching after. Not with this. No dog smell and she hasn’t scratched or licked or anything since I washed her. She even really enjoyed her bath too! usually she is over it half way though and tries to escape. Wow! Thanks for having this product chewy!

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4 Furminator Brush for Short Hair Dogs

Furminator Brush for Short Hair Dogs
Key features:
  • Antimicrobial plastic
  • Moulded rubber teeth
  • Ergonomic handle
  • furminator brush for short hair dogs

As a furminator brush for short hair dogs, this curry comb has raised the bar a notch higher with the best features specially designed to get rid of loose hair. The antimicrobial plastic which this furminator curry comb is made of equally wades off germs. The Furminator curry comb works its way deep into your pet’s coat to remove dust while also getting rid of loose hair.

Even dogs need to maintain a healthy body and this brush aids in the production of natural oils through its moulded rubber teeth and both medium and short coat dogs get the best out of this furminator brush. For pet owners who develop aches after using certain brushes, the ergonomic handle on this one will meet your every need. It is secure and has a comfortable grip that ensures the best grooming experience with satisfying results

What others say about it:

We adopted a Boston terrier/basenji mix a few months ago. Since our other basenji mix doesn’t shed much, we thought we knew what we were doing. Within a few weeks, and ten thousand hairs on our couch, we realized we were wrong.
I bought multiple brushes to solve this problem. We have a zoom groom, and we tried a chi brush, and a rubber brush with shorter bristles, and also a boar hair brush… to no avail.
This arrived today and it is already my new favorite thing. As soon as we began using it, more hair came off than I realized she had (see photo above; she is small and that’s a lot of hair!). I don’t leave reviews but if you, too, find yourself investing in the stock of lint rollers, vacuuming, and covered in a not-so-fine layer of short white hair, THIS IS YOUR ANSWER. stop waiting. Stop reading about ten other brushes. Buy this brush. Live happy again. You’re welcome.

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5 Bamboo Groom Palm-Held Brush for Pets

Bamboo Groom Palm-Held Brush for Pets
Key features:
  • Handcrafted bamboo construction
  • Boar Bristles
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Comes with elastic band

Grooming tools are meant to produce pleasant results for both the pet and the owner – while the owner gets the best value for their money, the pets walk away with a shiny dust-free coat. Designed to benefit pets and their owners as such, this Bamboo Groom Palm Brush offers the best grooming experience and it’s made from boar bristles. It is handcrafted and polished with natural oil, little wonder your pet, irrespective of the size, come out shiny after each grooming session with the bamboo brush.

What’s more, the shape of the brush fits right into your palm, secured by an elastic band and it’s big enough for pets of different sizes. It also suits different kinds of coats and grooming professionals would often recommend bristle brushes for your short hair dog.           

What others say about it:

My dog’s hair was a knotted mess, because he refuses to let me brush his hair. It hurts too much catching in all those snags. I got this brush and he not only let me brush him, he rolled over so I could brush his belly and chest. He even let us brush his head, which is unheard of! Thanks to this brush he is a totally different looking dog. His hair is shiny, soft, and tangle free. I highly recommend this product for just about any pet owner… except very large animals would need a bigger one.

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6 BV Dog Brush

BV Dog Brush
Key features:
  • Multipurpose brush
  • Anti-slip handle
  • 2 In 1 Bristle and Pin
  • Ventilation hole at the base of pins

We have seen a variety of them so far and when we thought we have seen it all; this amazing BV Dog Brush sweeps us off the ground. For the most part, a good brush for short hair dogs is used for pets with short hair only and may not be efficient on long hair dogs, but this multipurpose brush checks both boxes with its two sides – bristle (for short hair) and pin (for long hair). This goes to say that the BV brush is suitable for all breeds, regardless of their furry nature or how sensitive their coat is.

The pins have round tips to protect your pet’s coat; so it will massage and distribute natural oils, leaving your pet happy and shiny. You don’t have to worry about the brush slipping off while in use as it has an ergonomic handle that guarantees comfort for the pet owner.

What others say about it:

Worked well on both my dogs, the somewhat small one and the very small one, even though it actually was bigger than the previous, similar brush I had used on a big dog for years. This one replaced that last one that finally wore out. Both dogs seemed to enjoy the brushing. I use the pin side to untangle the long hair on my Morchie (Yorkshire terrier and Maltese hybrid). She actually has hair as opposed to fur. So that it doesn’t hurt, I hold the hair near her body as I work through her tangles. I then brush out her untangled hair.

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7 Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush

Le Salon Essentials Rubber Grooming Brush
Key features:
  • Loop handle
  • Shedding hairbrush
  • Rubber brush
  • Easy to clean

Le Salon Essential Rubber Brush may not be best for mats or tangled hair but it works just fine as a deshedding brush for short hair dogs. This short hair dog shedding brush has an ergonomic loop handle and in addition to removing loose, shedding hair, it is also recommended for bath time. Lathering shampoo on your pet’s coat gets easier with Le Salon Essential Rubber Brush.

All things considered, frequent grooming is recommended for all pets to keep them healthy and beautiful. Le Salon Essential also has other grooming products to keep your dog healthy, happy and clean. We highly recommend this piece if you are searching for a brush that takes care of bath time and general grooming.

What others say about it:

I bought the Rubber Grooming Brush for my pit bull, Mia. She’s a rescue dog who’d spent the first three years of her life tied up with a chain in a lot. Her hair was dull and she had several bald spots. I started daily brushing using a circular motion. The dead hair and skin came lose and her coat soon begun to look healthier and shine. Mia really enjoys these daily massages, so much that I tried the brush on my cats and other dog. It’s great for reducing the amount of lose hair in the house and all the animals enjoy it, making it very easy to use on a regular basis. Another huge benefit is how easy it is to clean. This is the only brush/comb I use on my pets.

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Best Brushes for Short Hair Dogs Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying Brush for Short Hair Dogs

There are many brushes in the market with captivating reviews but while shopping for a pet brush for short hair dogs, keep in mind that there are different strokes for different folks. That said; check out a few things to consider before making that choice for your dog.

  • Size & breed of the dog

If you have a large dog, a brush with an ergonomic handle becomes the best grooming brush for short hair dogs. Naturally, brushing a small dog with short hair shouldn’t take long and you are done but for the big guys, even with the same nature of coats, you really need to put in a lot of effort. Thus, to avoid being left with aching hands by the time you are done, buy a brush that has a very comfortable handle if your dog is big. On the other hand, a smaller dog may not need such consideration.

Furthermore, your dog’s breed should be put into consideration as well. The type of brush that works well on Greyhounds and Bull Terriers may not be so fantastic on Rottweilers and Labrador Retrievers. These dogs simply have different coats with unique needs.

  • Style of the brush

Pin-style brushes are good as a de-shedding tool for short hair dogs, as well as other pets with medium hair. However, before you invest your money in a brush, you want to be sure the pins have rounded tips. Apparently, pin brushes without rounded tips are not healthy for your dog’s skin as they might lead to bruises. Protect your dog’s skin by using a brush with rounded tips to brush the coat.

  • Boar-bristle brushes vs synthetic bristles

The stiffness of synthetic bristles may be necessary for dogs with dense hair but for short hair dogs, you might want to consider getting boar-bristle brushes. They are much gentler on your dog’s skin and even better on your short hair dog because they don’t have enough hair density to protect their skin from the harshness of synthetic brushes.

  • Your dog’s needs

Altogether, using a good brush for short hair dogs ensures they get the best grooming experience each time. Depending on the breed and other factors like if they’re shedding at the time, the grooming needs of your dog may vary. Basically, for short-haired dogs, the slicker brush, bristle brush, and de-shedding tool are the most commonly used brush types and they have different needs they attend to.

For a short hair dog with shedding problems, a de-shedding tool should be considered when shopping for a brush. If used consistently, the de-shedding tool helps in reducing the shedding tendency. On the other hand, dogs with tough coats will be better off with bristle brushes. Also, if your dog has a lot of dirt stuck on the coat, the bristle brush can lift them easily while adding an extra shine on the coat afterwards. Slicker brushes work fine for most coat types. They detangle through their thin pins, although dogs with short hair may not need any detangling.

Finally, you will know you are using the right brush if your pet enjoys being groomed. On the contrary, if your pet is showing signs of pain or discomfort, check the brush type, it might be the wrong pick.

Do I Need to Brush My Short-Haired Dog?

Yes, you do need to brush your short-haired dog. While it’s tempting to assume they just need a bath and the coat will take care of itself, short hair dogs also need grooming to look good. Notably, even though they have short hair, they also experience shedding once in a while. This makes it important to take care of the coat to avoid having those tiny hairs on the furniture and all over the house.

Beyond reducing shedding, frequent grooming keeps your pet’s coat looking vibrant and shiny by lubricating his skin through natural oils that activate during grooming. It also serves as an avenue to massage the pet and most dogs like this.

You may also like our guides on the Best Dog Shedding Brush and Best Brush for German Shepherds.

Dog brushing

Best Brushes for Short Hair Dog FAQs:

Q: How often should I brush my short-haired dog?

A: If done the right way and with the right tools, frequent brushing for your short-haired dog is not a problem. In fact, it is recommended that short-haired dogs should be brushed at least once daily.

Q: How do I brush a short-haired dog?

A: Brush your short-haired dog daily and before each bath. Brushing before a bath helps remove more loose hair. After bathing, use a rubber brush to brush again to further get rid of dirt and loose hair. When the coat is dry, a soft-bristle brush will now be used to brush the coat, first in the opposite direction to remove dead skin or dirt, then to smoothen and shine the coat.


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