The Best Lint Rollers For Pet Hair (Review) in 2021

Last Updated June 23, 2021

As the wind loses its winter chill and the days grow longer, pet owners prepared themselves for the season of incessant shedding. And although it may seem like no matter how many times you use FURminators and dryers, you still seem to find pet hair all over your work attire.

Are you fed up of asking a trusted colleague to examine your work clothing for pet hair before presenting a pitch to your boss? Lint rollers exist as a viable solution for professionals everywhere, allowing them to ensure they’re looking their absolute best in the workplace. Browse through our selection and we’re confident you’ll find the lint roller to suit your needs.

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The Best Lint Rollers For Pet Hair


Now, there’s really nothing better than one lint roller – until you have five! Scotch-Brite’s lint roller value pack are the perfect pet hair remover solution. For the respectable price, of around $30, you can purchase yourself five large rollers with 475 sheets in total. And you better believe that they tear cleanly down until the last sheet!

Given the large surface area Scotch-Brite’s lint rollers cover, pet owners only have to move it back and forth for a few seconds on surfaces until pet hair on it is eradicated. This process will also be ever so comfortable thanks to these Scotch-Brite lint rollers’ ergonomic handle that is moulded to suit any hand.

Ergonomically-designed handle fits comfortably in owners hands

Lint roller excels at picking up hair and debris quickly

Guarantees clean tearing down to the last sheet

  • Brand: Scotch-Brite
  • Model: 16161
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds


iLifeTech’s reusable lint roller is as sticky as glue, yet unlike glue, leaves no mess behind! Within this set of two, happy customers will receive one medium size and one small roller to effectively eradicate pet hair from both small and large surfaces. What’s more, the small lint roller can be used as a backup for carrying around with you, whereas the larger roller can be kept safe at home. Whatever fabric you need to remove pet hair from, iLifeTech’s lint rollers will successfully be able to with no damage to said material.

Made out of 30% thermo plastid rubber and 70% ABS, the multi-purpose roller is as durable as they come.Given its efficiency, pet owners will also be grateful to know that iLifeTech’s pet hair lint roller is reusable. In fact, all it takes to clean this plastic lint roller is running it under light soap and water after use One thing is for certain; purchasing iLifeTech’s pet hair roller is a win for you and a win for the environment.

Roller is reusable and washable to promote environmental sustainability

One package contains one medium and one small roller for different tasks

Made of 70% ABS and 30% thermo plastic rubber to achieve optimal results

  • Brand: iLife Tech
  • Model: I-STICKY
  • Weight: 8 ounces


Are you perfectly aware that owning a lint roller is in your best interests but don’t want to cart an ugly product around in your bag? Meet Flint’s retractable lint roller – the compact lint roller that’s so fashionable you’ll be willing to bring it out anywhere you go. An impressive twenty different colors are available for your choosing, each one m0re gorgeous than the last. From cool metallics to artic patterns, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Measuring 5.5 inches closed and 9 inches extended, pet owners are delighted by Flint’s dog roller’s compactness, making all the difference in heavy handbags and rucksacks. Each roller contains thirty sheets to remove lint, dust, pet hair, you name it – and every last sheet is recyclable to help our planet. And for a price of just under $7, what are you waiting for? Snap up yours today.

A wide selection of classic colors are available for your choosing

Each refills contains thirty easily tearable sticky sheets

Flint ensure their paper is 100% recyclable

  • Brand: Flint
  • Model: 856299005536
  • Weight: 2.82 ounces


For owners who own small dogs like Chihuahuas, a small and compact lint roller will suffice for removing pet hair. On the other hand, pet parents with dogs like huskies need a heavy-duty solution for pet hair removal – and fast. Ideal Home Innovations’ lint roller exists as the pawfect product, boasting one-hundred sheets per roll for a competitive price.

Another major plus owners allude to is the exceptional standard of Ideal Home Innovations’ customer service. Each lint roller comes with a money-back guarantee offered to dissatisfied customers and the company will ship another pack from the USA immediately with no questions asked. However, given the efficiency to which these four-hundred pre-cut sheets tear off evenly and remove pet hair, we bet you won’t ever have to think about warranty.

400 sticky sheets plus a bonus mini travel roller available at bulk value

Suitable to use on clothing

High grade adhesive tears off nearly and evenly

  • Brand: Ideal Home Innovations
  • Model: LB-100-04
  • Weight: 6.08 ounces


Using environmentally friendly adhesive to achieve effective hair removal from clothes and furniture, I GO’s pet hair lint roller are as sticky as can be. First off, let’s discuss their handles that are designed ergonomically so pet owners can use them comfortably and quickly. In fact, the design of the handle has just been updated, proving that I GO as a company are always brainstorming and listening to their customers regarding how to improve their product.

The quickness of this process is expedited by the special diagonal cuts that peel off cleanly and efficiently. Although you won’t have to peel off the lint rollers after rolling just once over a surface – there is enough stick on each sheet to roll back and forth numerous times!

Ergonomic plastic handle is both sturdy and durable

Adhesive is environmentally friendly

Pack of six rollers equipped with sixty sheets each

  • Brand: I GO
  • Weight: 1.57 pounds


PetLovers Lint Rollers for Pet Hair

Highly adhesive and safe enough to use on dogs, directly, this option is a great choice in lint roller. Whether you need to clean up your uniform before work or want to clear up fluff from your computer keyboard, this option does it all and does it safely.

Even better, with full 360-degree rotation, you’ll be able to pick up dust, dirt and debris with ease. Offering excellent value for money, you’ll get three rollers and three refills with each purchase. Finally, the rollers are extremely easy to strip and refresh – thanks to easy-tear strips.

3 rollers with 3 refills included

360-degree rotation with minimal effort

Easy tearing sheet removal

Can be used on all fabrics and hard surfaces

  • Brand: PetLovers
  • Weight: 1.39 pounds


Ideal for picking up pet hair from large surfaces, Spotty’s pet hair remover constitutes a versatile solution to messy surfaces. Whether you’re eager to wipe down your clothes or your carpet, its super sticky sheets will pick up pet hair easily. The team over at Spotty have even estimated that the sixty sheets per roll equates to thirty feet of hair remover!

Although refills are sold separately, they couldn’t be easier to slot into the roller when it’s time to replenish the sticky sheets inside. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, pet parents can be confident that Spotty’s lint roller sheets won’t leave any sticky adhesive on their surfaces.

Supersize roller ideal for removing dog hair from large surfaces

Refills are easy to slot into the roller

Extra sticky roller is fitted with paper that’s effortless to peel off

  • Brand: Spotty
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces


Operating as an irresistible buy largely due to its patented zip-strip peeling method, Evercare’s sixty layer lint roller is a powerful solution for owning pet-hair free clothes. Complete with six sheets, this roller will be able to put up pet hair from every nook and cranny of your animal-friendly home – no matter the surface.

The distinctive forest green handle isn’t only delightful looking, its ergonomic feel means pet parents can continue to eradicate pet hair for long periods of time without their hand cramping. For a great price per sheet, why resist the temptation to buy?

Pet lint roller stands out due to its forest green, ergonomically designed handle

Patented zip-stip peeling method works a charm

Evercare promise 50% more pickup per sheet than other brands

  • Brand: Evercare
  • Model: 709001
  • Weight: 4.37 ounces


Boasting a baby-blue exterior, WLLIFE’s sticky lint roller is as fantastic as it is pretty. For a reasonable price, you’ll be gifted with one large lint roller as well as two refills. And given that WLLIFE’s lint roller is reusable, think about how much money you’ll save in the long run instead of constantly having to remember to buy a new lint roller each time one runs out! The company have put much thought into ensuring the reusable design is convenient, including making the roller separated from the handle.

Both the large 9 inch lint roller and the smaller 7.5 inch lint roller are made of high-quality ABS and TPS-environmentally friendly material. The curved, ergonomic handle doesn’t lapse in quality and is even plastered with a lifetime warranty. Truly, this is a product worth its weight in gold.

Reusable lint roller is easily washable as the roller can be separated from the handle

Works like a charm for removing pet hair from multiple surfaces

Roller handle is protected under a lifetime warranty

  • Brand: WLLIFE
  • Weight: 11.99 ounces


So we can go out with a bang, we saved Degbit’s lint rollers for last. This must-have cleaning tool couldn’t be better for long sessions of picking up pet hair thanks to the two reusable, ergonomic grip handles designed to fit in any hand.Each Degbit dog hair roller is capable of picking up masses of pet hair from a variety of surfaces from living room curtains to floorboards.

Comprising three-hundred sheets in total, their adhesive material is environmentally friendly and assuredly works just as well as unsustainable alternatives. Plus, when you need to remove the tape, the team over at Degbit have ensured that it rips cleanly off. Thanks to Degbit’s lint rollers, owners won’t have to get changed out of their work clothes before snuggling down on the sofa with their needy pet.

Five refills and three-hundred high-quality sheets available to purchase

Multi-functional product works on cat seats, beds, and carpets

Comes equipped with two ergonomic grip handles

  • Brand: DB DEGBIT
  • Weight: 12 ounces

Best Lint Rollers For Pet Hair Buying Guide

Lint Rollers For Pet Hair

Our Top Pick

Our product selection has certainly showcased a diverse selection of lint rollers capable of picking up the most stubborn of pet hair. In fact, each separate product is of such high caliber that we bet many of you are finding it difficult to choose. So, in order to give all second-guessers a push in the right direction, we thought we’d reveal the lint roller we’d trust the most to frantically pick up pet hair from the carpet before guests arrive: Scotch-Brite Lint Roller Value Pack. Boasting four-hundred and seventy-five sheets spread out between five rollers – that’s ninety-five each – the reliable scotch brand adhesive will successfully pick up any pet hair that’s been swept into hard to reach corners around your home. This product also works on formal wear fabrics and will leave them in perfect condition. Although they’re admittedly not the most attractive lint rollers on the market, Scotch-Brite’s rollers’ ease at picking up pet hair cannot be faulted.


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