The Best Dog Whitening Shampoo (Review) in 2021

Last Updated October 6, 2020

White furred dogs look stunning, but they are perhaps not the most practical pooch when it comes to keeping them clean as that snowy fur can get grimy quickly as well as stained and dingy over time. With white fur, regular shampoo won’t always cut the mustard which is where a specially formulated dog whitening shampoo comes into its own. Using ingredients that not only remove those unsightly stains but return white fur back to its original brilliance, whitening shampoos are worth getting into a lather over. But you need to be careful which type of dog whitening shampoo you choose for your precious pooch’s particular fur and skin.

To help get your canine’s faded fur back to its snow-white glory, we take a look at some of the best dog whitening shampoos you can buy.

The Best Dog Whitening Shampoo


Our Best Choice is this delicious-smelling concoction from Perfect Coat, formulated with natural whiteners to bring a vibrant clean to your dog’s white or light-colored coat. While not a tough, stain-stripping product, this dog whitening shampoo is an effective coat cleaner that not only tackles that white fade but also works to nourish your dog’s skin and coat. The natural pearlescent whiteners return a brilliance to their fur, while gentle ingredients such as aloe vera and awaphui extract detangle and moisturize. It’s easy to use too as there’s no need to leave on their coat – simply lather up and rinse thoroughly for a snow-white, healthy shine.

Natural formula cleans and boosts whiteness

Leaves a long-lasting coconut scent

Natural pearlescents for a brilliant shine

Easy to lather and rinse

  • Brand: Perfect Coat
  • Model: 26851006428
  • Weight: 16 ounces


With no harsh chemicals or stain strippers, Wahl’s White Pear Brightening Shampoo can be used on all coat colors and works to brighten their fur for a super-clean result. And it’s with white furred dogs that it really steps up to the mark, thanks to the white pear which brings a lovely brilliance out in their coat. It is also an effective cleanser, so can be used on the grimiest pooches and with its PH-balanced, concentrated formula, you only need a little of the shampoo to produce a rich lather that’s also easy to rinse off. Look at the ingredient list and you’ll see no chemical nasties either, and it is alcohol and paraben free. We think this dog whitening shampoo is a good choice for more sensitive pets whose coat needs a brilliance boost. 

PH-balanced, alcohol and paraben free

White pear to clean and enhance white fur

Rich formula that’s easy to rinse

Can be used on all colors and types of coat

  • Brand: Wahl
  • Model: 820001
  • Weight: 24 ounces


Our premium best pick is this quality whitening dog shampoo that works as an optic intensifying treatment to bring out a wonderful brilliance. And, with no harsh chemicals or bleaches, it can also be used on other coat colors for a lustrous shine. A popular choice on the dog showing circuit for its ability to remove stains, it’s easy to use, and allows you to leave the product on your dog’s coat for up to 10 minutes depending on the end result you are looking for. And thanks to the optical whiteners you are going to be impressed by the brilliance this premium whitening shampoo can create.

Can be used on all colors of coat

Optic intensifying treatment

Bleach and softening agents free

Easy to use and leaves no residue

  • Brand: Chris Christensen
  • Model: 03167
  • Weight: 16 ounces


With a host of natural ingredients, TropiClean makes light work of both white fur and tricolored coats, brightening and cleaning in one go. Containing coconut oil along with moisturizing awapuhi, it will also keep your pooch sweet smelling for some time. PH-balanced, soap and paraben free, this is a good best whitening shampoo choice for all dogs and is gentle enough for more sensitive skin, as long as your pet is 12 weeks or older. Working together, the rich, natural formula deep cleans mucky pups and is an effective natural whitener and stain remover, leaving their coat nourished and glowing clean.

Fresh-smelling, long-lasting formula

Coconut, awapuhi and blueberry

PH-balanced, soap and paraben free

For dogs from the age of 12 weeks

  • Brand: TropiClean
  • Model: TRAWSH20Z
  • Weight: 20 ounces


Bio-Groom can really add a sparkle to a white coat and fortified with protein, will leave your pooch’s fur clean and in tip-top health. Formulated for white and light-colored fur, this is a rich dog white shampoo formula and so it does need diluting, but that means a little goes a long way. And the ingredient list, which includes coconut oil, soy protein and vegetable glycerine, means there is nothing to strip out the precious oils in your dog’s coat. There is no need to leave the product on your dog’s fur, but the makers do recommend two rounds of this dog shampoo and rinsing for the very best results. Add in a pleasant floral fragrance and there’s a lot about Bio-Groom to like.

Formulated for white and light coats

No bleaching agents

Coconut oil and soy protein base

Mild formula that won’t dry out skin

  • Brand: Bio-groom
  • Model: BG211 12
  • Weight: 12 ounces


Bringing together coconut oil, oat and wheat proteins into a gorgeous-smelling formula, this dog whitening shampoo from Petpost is one of the best whiteners without harsh chemicals you can currently buy. Ideal for white and light-colored breeds, it’s also kind on their skin, working to reduce and remove stains without drying out their fur or skin. The coconut works well with the added aloe vera to add a lovely brilliance to whiter coats and watermelon extract also leaves your pooch smelling fresh without any overpowering odor. You do need to leave the shampoo on your pet’s wet coat for up to five minutes, but it rinses well and is safe to be used on dogs of all ages, including puppies.

Powerful, natural whitening formula

Coconut, aloe vera and oat proteins

Watermelon extract for fragrance

Ideal for white and light-colored breeds

  • Brand: Petpost
  • Weight: 8 ounces


Based on the formula for its human shampoo, BioSilk has come up with a lux feel whitening shampoo for your dog’s coat when it needs a bit of a refresh. Formulated with deeply nourishing silk proteins and enriched with vitamins to restore the gleam in their fur, BioSilk purple shampoo for dogs is a class act. While it doesn’t strip or bleach out stains, it works to deep clean, while helping to restore your pet’s light fur to its natural brightness. With no sulfates or parabens and PH-balanced, this whitening shampoo for dogs is gentle enough for use on pups and can be safely used alongside your pooch’s regular flea and tick treatment. 

Silk proteins to nourish and clean

Deep cleans and restores brightness

PH-balanced, with no sulfates or parabens

Can be used alongside flea treatments

  • Brand: BioSilk
  • Model: FF7112
  • Weight: 12 ounces


If not only whitening but deodorizing is on your white dog shampoo wish-list, then check out this best value shampoo from Nature’s Miracle. With natural cocoa and awapuhi whiteners plus odor control ingredients, this is a smart shampoo that not only adds a whitening gleam to a grubby coat, but also make it smell delicious too. For your money, you get a whitener as well as an odor neutralizer and long-lasting deodorizer plus cleanser and conditioner. Soap-free, it’s also safe for sensitive pets and can be used alongside flea or tick treatments. And, as there is no need to leave the shampoo on your dog’s coat as you bath him, it’s not only effective as a general brightener, but is convenient too. 

Neutralizes odor and brightens coat

Easy to lather and rinse 

PH-balanced; free of dyes and parabens

Enhances softness of the fur

  • Brand: Nature’s Miracle
  • Model: NM-6098
  • Weight: 16 ounces


Formulated for sensitive skin and tear free, we love the smell of this brightening and whitening shampoo which can actually be used on all colors of coat. But it is on white or light-colored fur do you get the full best whitening shampoo benefits.  With coconut and aloe vera at the heart of the formula, it’s gentle yet effective enough to reduce even stubborn stains while conditioning their fur to make it pop with health and vitality. This whitening shampoo can also help with static and fly-away coats. Add to a wet coat, lather then leave for up to five minutes, it also rinses really well, leaving a lovely gloss on your dog’s coat you won’t want to stop stroking!

Brightens and conditions all coat colors

Reduces staining and coat static

Coconut and aloe vera formula

PH-balanced, gluten, paraben and sulfate free

  • Brand: Lillian Ruff
  • Weight: 16 ounces

Best Dog Whitening Shampoo Buying Guide & FAQ

How Do Dog Whitening Shampoos Work?

When ordinary dog shampoo is simply not cutting through stains and dirt on your white furred pet, then a special whitening shampoo is the product for the job. Whitening shampoos formulated for dogs contain specific ingredients to reduce or remove the staining white furred pets are prone to get, from drool and urine stains to a build-up of dirt and grime.

Each type of whitening shampoo works in a different way – some brighten the white fur by using optical brighteners that reflect light to create a cleaner look while some contain more serious ingredients that strip out the dirty stains and even bleach the fur. The type of whitening shampoo you chose must be appropriate to your dog’s fur, the specific staining issues you are trying to tackle and any sensitivities your pet may have.

But it’s important to note that whitening shampoos will not remove tear stains on your dog’s face and in fact, should never be used near to their eyes due to the damage that may be caused by the harsh ingredients the shampoos contain.

Golden retriever puppy in shower

What To Look For In a Whitening Shampoo For Dogs

With fur whitening products no ordinary dog shampoo, there are some key things you need to take into account:

Pet-safe ingredients: As whitening shampoo can contain harsh ingredients, you need to be sure it is safe to use on your pet. That means no harmful or toxic chemicals – so ensure the product is certified 100% safe to use on your dog.

Safe for sensitive skins: Some dogs are on the sensitive side or prone to skin allergies or reactions so ensure the product you are choosing is safe to use on your dog’s skin. And, if a test patch is recommended before full use, always follow those instructions to the letter.

PH-balanced: As most dog whitening shampoos can be on the harsher side to do the job at hand, this means they could the PH balance of your dog’s skin. Look for a product that will help to protect the delicate balance and moisture in your pet’s coat and skin.

Natural formula as possible: Ideally choose the most natural formula you can, ideally without parabens, chemicals and heavy fragrances that can dry out your dog’s skin. As well as a PH-balanced formula, look for added natural ingredients such as aloe vera and plant-based moisturizers that will gently support and nourish your dog’s coat.

Types of Whitening Shampoos

There are several types of whitening shampoos, designed to tackle different grubby white fur issues in your dog, so knowing what your specific fur problem is, will help you pick the right formula:

  • Blueing shampoo: These shampoos add optical enhancers to your dog’s coat to make it look brighter by absorbing and reflecting light. The blue elements also help to hide yellow stains as well as neutralize any brassy tones and work in a similar way to human brightening shampoos for blonds.
  • Clarifying shampoo: As well as adding brightness to a white coat, these shampoos also remove stains, oils and build-up from their fur. However, clarifying shampoos can be strong and so shouldn’t be over-used, otherwise they can eventually strip and damage your pooch’s coat. They should only be used on serious stains and grime and never on sensitive dogs. And always follow with a dog-formulated conditioner to combat the drying effect.
  • Enzymatic shampoo: With special enzymes which dissolve dirt and discoloration-causing particles, enzymatic shampoos are especially good for removing stains caused by urine or saliva. However, enzymatic shampoos are pretty heavy duty and can irritate more sensitive skin as well as their mucous membranes in their nose. Perhaps best used for spot-cleaning, they should never be used around the eyes.
  • Bleaching shampoo: As the name suggests, these shampoos effectively bleach out any dirt, stains and discolorations to create a brilliant white effect. But they at the harshest end of the spectrum and should be used with caution and as a last resort as the strong ingredients can damage your pet’s fur and skin.
  • Dye-based shampoo: Instead of stripping out stains and discolorations, these shampoos color over fur to create the desired result. But these shampoos can also contain artificial ingredients which may not be good for your dog, especially if they have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies.

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How to Use Dog Whitening Shampoos

First up, always read the specific user instructions on your new dog whitening shampoo to ensure you are using it correctly, as some products will vary from one another. However, most fur whitening shampoos need to be diluted with water so ensure this is the right thing to do with your new product and that you are adding enough water before use.

For most whitening shampoos, you then brush your dog before thoroughly wet your pet’s coat and apply the specified quantity to their fur and then leave for the specified time – normally between five and 10 minutes. Then the shampoo needs to be thoroughly rinsed with clean, warm water to remove all the residue. Then leave your pooch to air dry and watch his coat hopefully come up a brilliant white!

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Best Whitening Shampoo for Dogs FAQ:

Q: Are whitening shampoos only for white dogs?

A: With the lightening and bleaching agents contained in most whitening shampoos, they are formulated for white fur and so shouldn’t be used on darker furred dogs as it will strip the color out of their coat, leaving them with an orange tinge. However, certain whitening shampoos are formulated for different lighter shades of dog, so always read the packaging to ensure it is suitable for your pooch.

Q: How long does the whitening of dog shampoo last?

A: The whitening effect of most dog whitening shampoos should last around four weeks but that will vary from product to product. However, there are things you can do to help extend the longevity of that gleaming white fur. Taking care not to let your pooch get too grubby and brushing daily to remove any surface grime can really help, as can bathing them with normal shampoo between whitening sessions. Also, try to prevent your dog from licking themselves, as this can contribute to those unwanted stains returning.

Q: Are whitening shampoos harmful to my pup’s eyes?

A: Whitening shampoos are generally harsher than ordinary dog shampoos so care should be taken to avoid your pet’s face and eyes when using a fur whitening product. Always read the instructions before you use your new whitening shampoo and always do a patch test first, to ensure your pet doesn’t have an allergic reaction. Should the product get into your dog’s eyes, the bleach or other whitening agents can cause serious irritation, so a good idea is to also use a pet-safe eye salve to give that extra layer of protection. And prevent your dog rubbing or shaking their head until you are confident that all of the whitening shampoo has been thoroughly rinsed off.

Our Top Pick

The best whitening shampoo for general cleaning, our top pick is the delicious-smelling White Pearl Shampoo from Perfect Coat. Using natural pearlescents to bring out the brilliance in your dog’s white coat, you also get Aloe Vera and awapuhi to nourish and moisturize. What we also love about this shampoo for white dogs is how easy it is to use, simply lather then rinse for a residue free glow without harsh chemicals.


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