The Best Dog Tear Stain Removers (Review) in 2021

Last Updated April 17, 2020

Tear stains are not just unsightly on light coated dogs, they can also harbor infection causing bacteria and cause skin irritation. Removing the buildup caused by excess tear production is essential in stopping this, but regular face washing with water is not always enough. Tear stain removers are a great alternative, but with so many available on the market, which do you choose for your pet pooch? Our panel of experts and dog lovers have put together this list of the best dog tear stain removers to help you make the right choice for your dog.

The Best Dog Tear Stain Remover


TropiClean Tear Stain Remover is a soap free facial scrub that removes tear and beard stains from your dog’s coat without lightening the hair. It contains all-natural ingredients and is designed to be gentle but effective on all skin and coat types. The entire SPA range include botanical extracts and aromatherapy to create a calming and enjoyable wash or bath time for your pet pooch.

Free from harsh chemicals

Offers a refreshing blend of ingredients that soothes and balances the skin

Safe to use on dogs and cats of all ages and skin types

Soap and paraben-free

  • Brand: TropiClean
  • Model: SPTSSH8Z
  • Weight: 8 ounces


This tear stain remover from Bodhi Dog works to lighten areas that are already stained and to prevent future staining through regular use. By using the eye stain remover in this way, you are able to stop the buildup of reside that can form over time and reduce the risk of infection from the bacteria contained within this buildup. The solution can be used on sensitive skin without irritation and contains only natural ingredients. The formula contains no harsh chemicals, bleach, alcohol, or parabens, and is completely SLS, MEA and DEA free.

Lightens stains and prevents discoloration

Professional grade quality

100% natural ingredients

Suitable for puppies and kittens

  • Brand: Bodhi Dog
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces


These Petpost Tear Stain Remover Wipes are ideal for regular use. The proven formula contains no antibiotics, bleach, or other harsh chemicals. They can remove even the most stubborn stains and help prevent future staining, even on white fur. The wipes are made from soft cotton and remove the need for measuring caps and the potential for spillages. They also make it much easier to wipe the faces of young puppies who are not very good at staying still. While disposable, the wipes are made in an environmentally conscious manner and use recyclable packaging.

Recycled packaging

100% money-back guarantee

100% natural ingredients

Able to remove both tear and stain at a go

  • Brand: Petpost
  • Weight: 4 ounces


The Arava pet stain remover is a carefully formulated preparation to ensure your pet’s fur, skin and body remains clean, tidy, dry and healthy all the times. Special ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile ensure that it has what it takes to solve all teary problems. In preparing all Arava Pet products, the well being of your pet is top priority. Arava pet eye wipe removes all types of ugly dirt, crust and discharge from cats, dogs and kittens. It is made from natural products and is carefully formulated to prevent tear stain infections and irritations. This formulation gives the quickest and easiest way to treat sleepy eyes, sooth itchy eyes and prevent allergies.

 At the end of the day, it leaves the pet’s eye area healthy, clean and dry. It is fortified with vitamins D, E, B5 as well as other organic extracts such as Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Lion’s tooth and Eyebright. It is rich in sulphur, sodium, magnesium and calcium. Prepared for the sensitive eye, it is soft and gentle on the eye and is virtually chemical free and absolutely non-hazardous and so is suitable for kittens and puppies. The constituent ingredients reduce inflammation in the eye caused by blepharitis and protect the eye from insect bites and parasites.

Anti-allergic properties

Fortified with essential vitamins and oils

Soothes itchy eyes

Virtually chemical-free and non-toxic

  • Brand: Arava – Dead Sea Pet Spa
  • Weight: 8.2 ounces


Burt’s Bees for Dogs Tear Stain Remover is made with natural ingredients that work together to remove the particles that cause tear staining on the fur around your dog’s face. Made with the highest quality chamomile, the tear stain remover is gentle and safe, as well as being pH balanced for dogs. The product is also cruelty free, so you can do what’s best for your dog secure in the knowledge that other animals were not harmed in the production of the product.

Free from fragrances, colorants and harsh chemicals

Suitable for puppies

100% natural ingredients

Vet recommended formula

  • Brand: Burt’s Bees
  • Model: FF4935
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


The presoaked stain wipes from Angel’s Eyes contain Juniper Berry oil to help remove tear stains naturally and gentle. The wipes are safe to use on puppies from 12 weeks of age and can be used daily to keep the area around the eye clean. The wipes can be used without the need for rinsing and regular use can reduce the risk of itching and eye irritation. If any residue from the stain wipes is left around the eye area after use, it can be simply wiped away with cotton wool or a dry towel to ensure that nothing is wiped into your dog’s eyes.

Requires no rinsing

Free from bleach and harsh chemicals

100% natural ingredients

Can be used daily

  • Brand: Angel’s Eyes
  • Model: AEGTSW100
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


The Eye Envy Pet Eye Stain Remover offers the preferred solution to all forms of stains arising from eye tear, mouth saliva and urine discharges. It is very mild on the skin but very tough on stubborn eye and tear stains. It is very ideal for small animals such as kittens and puppies. By the time it is done, your pet’s appearance is transformed into a glowing pleasant and hearty outlook.  It follows a two-step application procedure of liquid and powder, and prepared for external use only and not to be ingested.

The ingredients used in its preparation are 100% natural and environmentally friendly and are free of hydrogen peroxide, steroids, antibiotics, bleach and all forms of harsh chemicals. It is, therefore, great for small pets such as kittens, puppies and ferrets. It is ideal for poodle, Samoyed, Bichon, Maltese and other light coloured animals. Other preparations remove the teary mucus but leaving the stain behind, but not so with Eye Envy, as it completely wipes all stains clean. It is safe and effective when stored under room temperature. It comes in a 237 ml bottle.

Two-step application for effective results

Especially works perfectly on light-colored animals

100% natural ingredients

Able to remove both tear and stain at a go

  • Brand: Eye Envy
  • Model: EE00202
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces


Always Bright Eyes have created a complete tear stain removing kit for light coated breeds. The kit consists of tear stain remover liquid, tear stain remover powder, and application brushes. The two-step system aims to remove existing stains and prevent future staining. It works by coating the hair and lightening the stains. The formula does not use harsh chemicals to achieve this, rather it is herbal and works by eliminating yeast and bacteria, which are often the source of the staining. The product also has an antifungal, antibacterial, and antibiotic properties. It is safe to use on dogs from 8 weeks of age.

Free from harsh chemicals

Antifungal and antibiotic

100% natural herbal formula

Able to remove both tear and stain at a go

  • Brand: Always Bright Eyes


The Squishface aims straight at all fungi and bacteria that threaten your pet’s health and at the same time, resolves all itchy and wrinkling skin. It works excellent on delicate pet skin and removes and cleans wrinkles, tear stains and tail pocket on the body of dogs leaving behind its characteristic fragrant scent. Made from full complement zinc oxide and natural coconut oil, it enables the quick healing of red chapped skin and will restore any oozing patches of skin and keeps all bacteria and fungi at bay.

It resolves all itching problems soothes irritated and infected skin and is very suitable for the most delicate pet skin, producing results within 24 hours. It also works great on dogs especially those with typical widespread wrinkle on the body. For best results, simply clean the affected area and apply fresh Wrinkle Paste once a day and results will start showing within 24-48 hours. Continue application for another 5-6 days. The ingredients are largely derived from plants and so this makes the paste most appropriate for delicate skin.

Start to produce rapid results within a day or two

Restores wrinkled skin

Provides a soothing effect for itchy skins

Adapts very well to sensitive skin

  • Brand: Squishface
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces


For best results in removing and cleaning all manner of secretions from the eye, body or urine area, the MOKAI offers the most effective method of solving the problem. Every stubborn stain succumbs to MOKAI’s highly effective active ingredients to achieve a lasting solution. The MOKAI eye and tear stain wipes are a revolutionary product made with high quality ingredients extraction of which will not cause any harm to the environment. The guiding philosophy is to improve the quality of life for the pets in an environmentally friendly manner. Having a water based formula, its soft tissues removes and cleans the tear stains found in the eye area of cats, dogs and other pets.

Any unsightly and stubborn tear stains are easily eradicated and lightened by this formulation if it is used consistently. It also removes eye discharge and cleans saliva. It contains aloe vera and other gentle proteins, mild enough to be suitable for kittens and puppies. The MOKAI pet tear stain remover will moisturize your pet’s skin and restore it to its natural settings.  It contains neither bleach nor antibiotics and possesses a gentle fragrance. It comes in a tub, similar to what pertain in baby wipes and can be removed one at a time. It is the preferred choice for pet groomers and veterinarians.

Suitable for sensitive skin

Confronts all stubborn stains

Moisturizing ability

Comes in a convenient tub for easy wipe removal

  • Brand: MOKAI

Best Dog Tear Stain Remover Buying Guide

As well as knowing which products are the best, it can help to know more about the reasons why you may need to consider such a purchase. Tear stains are common in many breeds but what causes them, how can you prevent them, and why are some breeds more susceptible to staining than others? In this buying guide we look at these and other questions and provide answers that help you to make better informed choices for your canine companion.

clean dog tear stains

What Are Dog Tear Stains?

Dog tear stains are the red brownish stains that appear mainly on light coated dogs. They are most common around the eyes but can also appear around the muzzle and between your dog’s toes. The staining is a result of excess tearing. As well as being unsightly the tear stains can also encourage the buildup of bacteria, cause irritation and even result in infection.

What Causes Excessive Tearing?

Tears are, as with humans, part of the eyes natural defense system. When the eye is irritated or has something lodged in it, it produces tears to try and remove the particles or irritations. Occasionally, the irritation is not easy to remove, and more tears are produced. This can lead to excessive tearing and further complications. As well as dirt, dust, and other debris becoming lodged in the eye, there are numerous reasons why your dog may develop excess tearing, including:

  • The shape of the eye
  • Puppy teething
  • Blocked tear ducts
  • Ear infections
  • Allergies

Excessive tearing may also be a sign of an underlying health condition that is not directly related to the eyes. If your dog develops excessive tears for the first time, you should consult your veterinarian to rule out underlying health issues before beginning treatment with a tear stain remover.

How to Prevent Dog Tear Stains

Once underlying health conditions are either ruled out or are under treatment, you can begin to look at ways of removing existing staining and preventing future staining. Regular grooming, using your chosen tear stain remover is an essential part of this, but it is not the only course of action you should take.

  • General health checks

If the excessive tearing was caused by an underlying health condition, then ensuring that you maintain your dog’s general health, have regular checkups, and treat problems quickly helps to prevent future occurrences of excessive tearing.

  • Check food quality

Food quality can affect many aspects of your dog’s health, from their internal health, to their teeth, coat and skin. If the food is of poor quality it could be full of fillers and low in the nutrients, proteins, and vitamins your dog needs. This affects the ability to fight infection. Dog’s can also form allergic reactions to some of the ingredients used as fillers, including wheat, corn, and animal by-products. Allergic reactions are one of the main causes of excessive tearing.

  • Check water quality

Ensuring your dog always has a source of fresh, clean drinking water is also important. If they are relying on less than clean sources, such as puddles or drains, this could be causing a buildup of bacteria, which in turn is causing the excessive tearing. If you are providing fresh water and are still noticing problems, check their water bowl and look for and where possible remove other water sources they may be accessing your garden.

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  • Regular facial checks and grooming

Daily visual checks of your dog’s coat and particularly their facial area can help prevent a buildup of staining. Clean the eye area regularly, ensuring to flush out eyes if your dog has been in contact with potential allergens. For example, if you have been on a walk through a wooded area, in long grass, or through the mud. These are home to many potential allergens and bacteria.

  • Keeping facial areas dry

All bacteria love damp, warm areas to grow in and the areas around your dog’s eyes and muzzle are perfect breeding grounds for the bacteria that encourages staining and further tear production. You can help to prevent this by keeping your dog’s face dry.

tear stains in dogs

Which Breeds Are More Prone to Tear Stains?

While all dogs can be affected by tear stains, they are much more obvious on light coated dogs. They are also present more often in small breed dogs. Tear stains are most common in those breeds where the shape of the eye socket prevents proper drainage of tears and other fluids down the throat. The breeds most affected by tear staining are:

While you cannot complete irradiate tearing, by combining good hygiene, regular grooming, and looking at potential causes, with a quality tear stain remover, you can reduce the effects of tears on your dog’s coat. By choosing one of the tear stain removers discussed here, you can be assured that you are choosing one that is gentle and caring towards your dog’s coat and overall health.

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Our Top Pick

Our top pick is the TropiClean Spa Tear Stain Remover. This efficient product offers the most popular and preferred solution to all forms of stains arising from eye tears, mouth saliva, and urine discharges. Its 100% natural ingredients have been carefully formulated with both adult and younger pets in mind. Rest assured your puppies and kittens can safely utilize this product without adverse effects. The refreshing blend of coconut, vanilla, and blueberry work in sync to remove both dirt and tear stains. Your pet’s appearance is transformed into a glowing pleasant and hearty outlook.


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