The Best Brushes For German Shepherds (Review) in 2021

Last Updated September 14, 2021

If you are looking for an animal friend, you will not regret getting a dog as a pet. They are great companions and come with social, physical and even mental health benefits. Having a dog takes away loneliness and depression and they come in handy when you want to exercise. German Shepherds, in particular, are loyal, hardworking and intelligent.

German Shepherds were first bred by Max von Stephanitz who became attracted to the dogs that the Germans used for Shepherding. He then set out to create a standard breed of Shepherd dogs. In 1889, he bought a dog that met his specifications and started a society to uphold that standard.

German Shepherds are characterized by long bodies and a double coat consisting of a thick undercoat and dense outer coat. They also have wolf life features. Due to the thick coat German Shepherd grooming is necessary for making sure that the animal is clean and healthy. An example of a German Shepherd grooming tool is a German Shepherd brush. You want to make sure that you choose the best hairbrush for your German Shepherd. These come in many different types – below are a list of some brushes and their features.

At a Glance: The 10 Best Brushes for German Shepherds

Editor's PickProduct NamePriceRating
Best De-Shedding FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding ToolCheck Price on Chewy4.7
Best SlickerHertzko Self Cleaning Dog Slicker BrushCheck Price on Amazon4.5
Best De-MattingSafari Dematting Hair BrushCheck Price on Chewy4.7
Best MultipurposeKONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use BrushCheck Price on Chewy4.7
Best Bristle Safari Bamboo Pin & Bristle Combo Dog BrushCheck Price on Chewy4.6
Premium ChoiceGoPets Dematting Comb for DogsCheck Price on Amazon4.4
Best Grooming GloveDelomo Pet Grooming GloveCheck Price on Amazon4.2
Best SoftHertzko Soft Brush for Dogs and CatsCheck Price on Amazon4.3
Best Pin BrushChris Christensen Oval Pin BrushCheck Price on Amazon4.7
Best Double SidedHartz Groomer's Best Combo Dog BrushCheck Price on Chewy4.5
*Ratings are from Amazon, Chewy, and PetSmart at the time of publication and can change


FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool
FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool front
FURminator Long Hair Dog Deshedding Tool bottom

The FURminator is a great tool that makes it easy for grooming to be done in the comfort of your home. The Undercoat Deshedding tool helps remove loose hair from the bottom coat of your dog. This brush that can be used for German Shepherd grooming is able to move through your dog’s topcoat into the undercoat without cutting or tearing its skin. It is usually used on large dogs and can be used at any time of the day. For the best results, comb through your dog’s hair to detangle it before using the tool. It is a reusable tool that works for different hair types. It weighs approximately 9.6 ounces and is 6.8×5.5×2.5 inches.

A button that allows you to release the gathered hair

A curved edge which makes it easy to comb through the German Shepherd

Ergonomic handle

Ability to comb through topcoat to undercoat

Metal Blade

  • Brand: Furminator
  • Model: P-92981
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces

Easy to handle due to curved edge handle design

Is not harmful to the dog

Easy to clean


Cannot detangle hair

There is a lot of counterfeit on the market


Hertzko Self Cleaning Brush for German Shepherd
Hertzko Self Cleaning Dog Brush

Another option in choosing the best dog brush for German Shepherds is the Hertzko Self-cleaning Slicker Brush. This brush is tailor-made with the dog and the owner in mind. The product is made by animal-loving people who want to create quality products for their animals. Their aim is to make grooming an exciting experience. The tool is characterized by its ability to get rid of dirt and tangles in dog’s fur. It is also made of durable and environment-friendly materials. The product weighs about 3.2 ounces and is 5.8x3x10 inches.

Ergonomic handle

Retracting bristles for easy cleaning

Bristles have detangling properties

Bristles are made of metal

  • Brand: Hertzko
  • Model: FBA_881314705702
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Ability to detangle hair

Retracting bristles cause hair to be exposed making cleaning easy

The handle provides a comfortable grip and prevents slipping


Might not be able to reach the bottom coat because the bristles are not long enough

Might work better on short-haired German Shepherds


Safari Dematting Brush for German Shepherd
Safari Dematting Hair Brush

The Safari Dematting Comb is a grooming tool made with the coarse and long-haired furry animal in mind. Coastal Pet Products, the producers of the tool, is an organization that is dedicated to safety, quality and Innovation. They pride themselves in making products that reflect their love for animals. It is that love that birthed this tool which is good for a variety of coat types especially coarse and long ones. This tool is 8.5x4x10 inches and weighs 0.8 ounces.

Ergonomic handle

Stainless steel blades

Widely spaced blades

  • Brand: Safari Pet Products
  • Model: W6116
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces

Wide spaces in blades make grooming less painful

Handle provides a comfortable grip

Ability to detangle


Might not work on short-haired German Shepherds effectively


This tool is definitely one of the best dog brushes for German Shepherd hair available and for the right reason. It attached loose hair to itself like a magnet, making deshedding really easy. The Zoom Groom Rubber Wet or Dry Brush provides an extra luxury by massaging your German Shepherd while cleaning it. It can be used on any type of dog while it is either wet or dry.  

Made completely of rubber

The shape allows for fingers to grasp and hold on

Blunt edges

  • Brand: BestdealForever Pet Series
  • Weight: 4 ounces

Rubber bristles do not cut or tear skin

Massages as well, increasing blood circulation in the skin

Easy to clean


It can easily slip out of your hands especially if it is wet because it does not have a distinct handle

Cannot reach into the undercoat

Does not get a lot of hair out

Is quite time-consuming to use


This product is a safe, comfortable, easy to use tool. It is a double-ended brush making it multipurpose. One side is gentle and meant for the undercoat while the other side is more firm for going deeper into the coat. The brush works great for the outer coat of the German Shepherd, leaving a shiny and tidy coat. If you want a brush that is going to make your German Shepherd tidy and clean, the HaloVa Pet Comb is a great choice. As an extra addition, the materials used for this grooming tool are environment-friendly.

Bamboo handle

Two-sided – one side with bristles made of pig mane for a soft gentle touch and the other side has bristles made with plastic for sturdier use

  • Brand: HaloVa
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Easy to handle

Does not irritate the skin

Flexible bristles are able to reach obscure parts of the dog


Not durable – bristles may easily come off since they are made with relatively weak material

Cannot detangle your German Shepherd


The GoPets Dematting Comb is a special grooming tool for the German Shepherd owner who wants that extra silkiness to their pet. GoPets was founded by pet owners that were passionate about using only quality, animal-friendly grooming tools for their pets. This multipurpose tool allows for a wide range of uses – dematting, detangling, deshedding and undercoat raking. German Shepherds with long hair are often faced with the problem of having tangles coming together to form mats. This tool completely takes care of that problem. It is very safe to use and works on all sizes of animals and all types of hair types. The multipurpose nature of the tool allows you to save cost as well. The tool weighs 3.52 ounces and is 8.9×2.5×1.4 inches.

Two sides – Low-density side for dematting mats and tangles, High-density side for detangling, deshedding and undercoat raking.

Dull rounded edges

Metal blade

  • Brand: GoPets
  • Model: FBA_TP111R
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces

Is able to control shedding

Handle allows for a firm grip

Dull rounded edges make the product safe to use due to low risk of cuts

Cost-effective because it is multipurpose


It might be complicated and messy to use because hair can get caught in the side that is not being used


For Delomo, producers of the Delomo Pet Grooming Glove, brushing the mess created by pet hair is a priority. The tool is great as a German Shepherd brush. Their products are created to make your German Shepherd feel at home with you – making a complete family. The rubber tool can be used in all types of dogs with any type of hair. Mainly for deshedding, the grooming tool provides a great way to clean your pet while massaging them. What great comfort indeed!

Read here our detailed review.

Made of silicon material giving it a rubbery feel.

Has an adjustable strap to secure your wrist

Soft tips

Stickiness to hair, making it easy to collect hair

Machine washable

  • Brand: DELOMO
  • Model: delomo002
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces

Easy to put on

It is flexible, making it easy to reach every part of the dog

Comfortable for the dog since it massages as well

Breathable materials


Not suitable for detangling undercoat

Takes longer to use

Gloves may come off if the hair is too coarse or thick


Hertzko appears one more time with another product designed to not only make your German Shepherd look good but feel good as well. The Hertzko Soft Pet Brush

 is a grooming tool made for deshedding and detangling. It is suitable for long and short-haired dogs, both small and large. The structure is such that it is safe and easy to use.

Plastic handle

Plastic bristles

Rounded edges

Ergonomic handle with thumb rest

  • Brand: Hertzko
  • Model: HPP-47
  • Weight: 4 ounces

Bristles are gentle and safe to use

Suitable for everyday use

Thumb rest provides a comfortable and firm grip


Bristles can easily come off due to the soft nature

Can be very hard to clean as hair can get tangled in the bristles


The last but by no means the least brush on the list for best dog hair brushes for German Shepherds is the Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush. Made by a team who see perfection as the only option, this brush is one like no other – it is simple but functional. It provides comfort while being practical. Its oval shape allows it to be able to reach obscure parts of your dog. The brush is 8.5x4x2.2 inches and weighs 3.2 ounces.

Wooden body with a sturdy grip

Metal pins embedded in the cushion

Body length of 8 inches

Bristles length of 27mm (1.06 inches)

  • Brand: Chris Christensen
  • Model: 13083
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

The handle is not such that it strains the wrist

The wooden body is durable

Stainless steel bristles are firm for combing through hair


Bristles are very thin and may hurt the dog by penetrating the skin if not used properly

Pins may fall out of the cushion

The brush may not be able to work for longer haired German Shepherds effectively


The Chirpy Pet Brush cannot be overlooked if you want to keep your German Shepherd looking clean and healthy. The tool is designed taking into consideration how pet owners struggle with their pets shedding all over the place. The easy to use tool provides you with a convenient yet luxurious way of grooming your German Shepherd. Its features are designed to be safe and long-lasting. It is 5.5x4x2 inches and weighs 0.32 ounces.

Ergonomic handle

4-inch wide head that holds the bristles

Stainless steel bristles

Bristles have blunt edges

Protective covering for when it is not in use

  • Brand: Chirpy Pets
  • Model: Pet Brush
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces

Handle provides for anti-slip grip

Is able to reduce shedding

Blunt edges make it safe to use

Protective cover makes the tool last long


Might not be able to reach the undercoat

Stainless steel bristles may be too stiff and will make it hard to reach certain parts of the German Shepherd


This is a brush designed mainly for removing dead hair from the coat of your German Shepherd. Dakpets Deshedding Brush is designed by experts passionate about animal care. The tool is made of high-quality material and eliminates the trouble of getting hair all over the place. The materials used to make this product are animal-friendly, in that they do not cause irritation to your German Shepherd. It is perfect for small to big dogs with any length of hair. Using the tool leaves your German Shepherd with a shiny topcoat while promoting healthy skin for them as well.

Rubber handle

100m – 4-inch blade

Detachable feature comb

  • Brand: DakPets
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces

Easy to hold

Ability to massage and improve circulation to your German Shepherd’s skin

Detachable feature allows for use in hard to reach areas


Does not detangle

Can be time-consuming depending on the hair type


Looking for a brush that is going to double as a massaging tool?  The Glendan Dog Brush is a great choice. This easy to use tool comes with bristles that are gentle on your German Shepherd’s skin while thoroughly getting the work done. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from depending on your personal style and suitable for short and long-haired dogs. The tool is 7.9×4.7×1.6 and weighs 3.2 ounces.

Metal bristles

Plastic handle

Ergonomic handle

  • Brand: Glendan
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Comfortable handling due to the structure of the handle. Does not cause wrist strain.

Removes dead hair from the coat

Leaves a shiny coat on the German Shepherd


Metal bristles are stiff and may not be able to reach parts of the dog

Does not detangle


The Pet Neat Grooming Brush is another great German Shepherd grooming tool. It is able to de-shed 95% of your dog’s hair. The tool is great for detangling and also keeps your dog’s hair healthy. With this tool, you will not need to worry about your dog’s hair flying all over the place. It makes your German Shepherd’s grooming more efficient and effortless. It wastes no time at all, rather it is very convenient. Also, this tool works on all types of hair leaving your dog with a clean and tidy coat. Your German Shepherd will feel like royalty! The weight of the tool is 4.8 ounces and has a 4-inch blade which can reach into undercoat.

It has the detachable feature that allows for the blade to be separated from the handle.

The blade is made of stainless steel

Handle for control

  • Brand: Pet Neat
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces

Ergonomic handle for easy and practical use with no hand cramps

Sturdy blade

Product is durable

Does not waste time when using it

Ability to detangle hair


The blade is stiff to use

Might require more cleaning since stainless steel is not smudge-proof


Poodle is a franchise known for its unique pet grooming tools. The Poodle Detangling Pet Comb is not an exception. The tool is designed to make pet grooming a more relaxing experience and a convenient one at that. This unique tool is made with comfort and safety in mind. Works for dogs of all sizes with various hair types and works great as a dog brush for German Shepherd. Weighing 3 ounces it is very easy to handle and works exceptionally on coarse hair.

Plastic handle

Long and short bristles on the same side

Ergonomic handle 

Stainless steel bristles

  • Brand: Poodle Pet
  • Weight: 3 ounces

The tool is dual purpose; grooming topcoat and undercoat at the same time.

Able to detangle, demat and deshedding

Ergonomic provides for great functionality


Bristles are too thin and might penetrate the skin if not used carefully


The Pet Portal Self Cleaning Slicker German Shepherd Brush
The Pet Portal Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

For brushes, the Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker brush is also included when looking for the best. This tool is able to get rid of loose hair effortlessly. It also does some amount of detangling. It is available in different colors and works on small and large dogs. The grooming tool is designed to make your German Shepherds grooming a relaxing experience. Your buddy will love you for it! It is gentle on coat and skin.

Stainless steel bristles

Has a cleaning button for retracting the bristles

Ergonomic handle

5” wide head

  • Brand: The Pet Portal
  • Weight: 8 ounces

Retracting bristles bring hair out of the brush making it easy to clean

Ergonomic handle prevents the tool from slipping and does not strain the wrist

Gets rid of loose hair and leaves the coat shiny


Bristles are too thin and may hurt the German Shepherd if not used with carefully

Bristles are not long enough to reach the undercoat

Does not detangle well and may not work well for long-haired dogs

Best Brush for German Shepherds Buying Guide & FAQ

What To Consider When Buying A Brush For Your German Shepherd

  • Type of hair

German Shepherds come with different types of hair – long, short, thin and coarse or thick. All the different tools have the specific type of hair they are good for. Therefore, you should be aware of which brush might work for your German Shepherd and vice versa. You will end up wasting money or worse, hurting your dog if you purchase just any brush.

Check out our guides on the Best Dog Shedding Brush, Best Dematting Tools for Dogs, and Best Brushes for Short Hair Dogs.

  • Durability

In order to not keep spending more money on a brush, you have to look out for one that lasts long. For this, you would have to take into consideration the materials that were used in manufacturing the product. Make sure that you are only using tools that can withstand diverse conditions and still be useful to be able to give your German Shepherd a great grooming experience.

  • Safety

This is very important to keep your German Shepherd safe and protected while grooming. Are the tools you are buying scratching your dog to the point where it is uncomfortable and leaving sores? Avoid this at all costs. Grooming tools are meant to keep your dog clean, healthy and happy. Take this into consideration before getting any tools. Pay close attention to how your pet reacts to your tools. Maybe it is time to discard some of them.

  • Convenience & Comfort

Apart from finding tools that work for the German Shepherd, it is important that these tools are easy to handle for the owner. After all, it is the owner that will be handling it most of the time. Many of these brushes are handheld so you would have to get brushes that do not strain your wrist after using it for a while. The brushes should also be easy to clean to prevent the transfer of dirt back into the cleaned coat. Uncomfortable and inconvenient tools translate to German Shepherds not being well-groomed which is really not ideal.

Young woman is combing her dog with a brush

Why Should You Brush Your German Shepherd Regularly?

German Shepherds are jokingly referred to as “German shedders” because they shed excessively. This hair can then tangle and eventually form knots called mats in their coat. The main aim of brushing is to get rid of all that loose hair that can cause problems for the dog. Once the loose hair is out, new hair is able to grow healthily.

Another reason to brush your German Shepherd regularly is to remove dirt from the coat and prevent the build-up of dirt as well. A build-up of dirt can harbor all kinds of organisms that can bring diseases to your pet.

Brushing your dog sometimes doubles as a massage for your German Shepherd. What this does is it increases blood circulation to the skin, which in turn promotes healthy hair growth. This type of massage helps the skin to breathe properly since it clears up space in the coat. Everybody loves a good massage. Do your German Shepherd a favor and treat your dog to its very own personalized spa day!

Last but not the least reason to brush your pet is for the bonding benefits. Brushing is a form of intimacy for you and your dog. It informs your German Shepherd, which is a very loyal breed of dogs that you care about him or her. Your German Shepherd will be a happier dog which will translate into loyalty and good behavior.

Different Types Of German Shepherd Brushes

Generally, there are two main types of German Shepherd brushes. The slicker brush and the undercoat rake/de-shedding brush. Like the name suggests, the slicker brush works great for the topcoat of the German Shepherd. It is used to “slick” the hairs down in an attempt to tame and keep it looking neat and shiny. This kind of brush usually has shorter and more gentle bristles. It is able to get rid of loose hairs but not as much as the undercoat rake. The undercoat rake/de-shedder is a brush that is able to go deep into the coat of the German Shepherd to loosen up tangles or mats and pull out dead and loose hair. Indeed it works like a rake bringing out hair that the German Shepherd no longer needs. These brushes usually have longer, widely spaced bristles that support that function.

Tips For Brushing Your German Shepherd

  • First and foremost, it is important to brush in the direction of hair growth. This is because loose hairs are more likely to be positioned in that direction so they will be easier to pull out. It also leaves your German Shepherd with a tidier look. Brushing in the opposite direction has a higher tendency to pull out healthy hair in addition to dead hair. Only brush in the opposite direction if you are going for a fluffier look.
  • Use gentle strokes while brushing. You do not want your German Shepherd to be covered in bruises after one brush session. Brushing requires repetitive actions and so being too harsh can do more harm than good. Pay attention to your pet’s movements while brushing to know what they are comfortable with.
  • Dogs can be a little restless when it’s time to groom. It is worse when there is a lot going on in their surroundings. It is, therefore, an advantage that the environment is calm to provide a relaxing atmosphere for your German Shepherd. It will make the whole grooming session easier on you the groomer. In addition to creating a calm and soothing environment for grooming, you can also use relaxing gestures with your German Shepherd to calm him or her down. You can talk to the dog and pet it where it feels good too.
  • Finally, do not allow your German Shepherd to play with the grooming tools. The dog might ruin them or contaminate them. Make sure the tools are kept in a safe place away from the dog’s reach. This will make the dog recognize the tools as grooming time and not playtime, making it easier on both of you.

Best Brush for German Shepherd FAQ:

Q: Are German Shepherds double-coated?

A: Yes, the purebred German Shepherds are double-coated. They have a dense outer coat that lies against their body and an inner coat that acts as an insulator.

Q: How can I minimize shedding?

A: Shedding can be minimized by brushing with any of the brushes mentioned above. Feeding your German Shepherd a healthy diet improves healthy hair growth. Supplements can be included in the diet. Bathing your German Shepherd can also help. Fleas are tiny creatures which can do great damage to your dog’s hair. You might want to check that as well.

Take a look at our articles on Supplements for Dog Shedding, Flea Treatments for Dogs, and Dog Flea Combs.

woman combs a German shepherd dog

Q: How often should I brush my German Shepherd?

A: German Shepherds should be brushed at least 3 times every week to maintain healthy coats.

Our Top Pick

There are indeed a lot of brushes that work well for German Shepherds. However, none compare to the FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool. This is in our opinion is the best brush for German Shepherds. This tool is able to reach every part of the German Shepherd to remove hair that is not supposed to be there. It is also made of quality material making it long-lasting. The grooming brush is functional as well with great features like the ergonomic handle and metal blades. The wide nature of the tool aids in covering a lot of area in a short while. It is a popular tool that has been approved by many dog owners and lovers. It is a great investment into your German Shepherd’s coat health and hygiene.

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