The Best Collapsible Dog Bowls (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 19, 2020

If you love to travel with your pooch, or simply like to spend time hiking with your dog by your side, then you need to ensure they are sufficiently fed and hydrated. But lugging their usual food bowl with you will be both heavy and cumbersome and can be a messy way to feed and water them on the go. The perfect solution for travels with your dog is the portable dog bowl, which conveniently collapses down when not in use. Typically made from plastic, silicone or fabric, the clever design of these ingenious travel bowls mean they can be safely stowed in your backpack or hooked onto a belt loop when not in use. We put some of the best collapsible dog bowls through their paces so you can decide which one is the best for your next outdoor adventure with your pet.

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The Best Collapsible Dog Bowl


Made from BPA-free silicone, this large collapsible dog bowl from Bonza is a versatile companion when you and your dog take some time away from home. The design is excellent; it folds flat when not in use and gives you a choice of two depths as you expand it. Super-lightweight, this bowl is ideal for road trips or days out hiking as it clips to your belt or rucksack when not being used. You get a stainless steel carabiner as well as a bone-shaped tag to attach a water bottle for instant supplies. The whole bowl extends neatly and keeps its shape as your pooch enjoys their food. Plus, as it’s available in two large sizes, the bowl’s diameter is enough to accommodate even larger muzzles and the bottom is non-slip, so should hold its ground as your pet chows down. This is a durable and effective collapsible bowl at a great price, and deservedly scoops our Best Choice.

BPA-free silicone collapsible bowl

Two adjustable side heights 

Folds flat and stows on a carabiner

Ideal for medium-large dogs; dishwasher safe

  • Brand: Bonza
  • Model: BP-002D
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces


Our Best value pick is this durable and expandable dish, perfect for hooking onto your bag or belt for day trips or walks. While it’s not the largest bowl in our review, it is well made and can hold around 12 fluid ounces or 1 ½ cups of dog food. Made from BPA-free silicone, unfolded it looks like a flat disc which can then expand to two levels (half and full) depending on how much you need to give to your canine. The bowl is also non-slip and stays securely in place to give your pooch good muzzle access as they eat or drink. Complete with a color-match carabiner, the bowl is also easy to stow when not in use. For its price-tag, this is a well-made dog bowl that’s surprisingly tough as well as easy to clean, giving you lots of use for your money. 

Pet safe and durable silicone

Holds up to 12oz water/1.5 cups of food

Folds flat to 0.5 inches

Attached to belt or rucksack via carabiner

  • Brand: COMSUN
  • Model: pet Bowl
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


Why have one when you can have two with this double foldable dog bowl from Winsee. The design of this travel bowl works a treat and means you can feed two pups at once or give your dog access to food and water at the same time. Made from food-grade silicone that is BPA free, the design has two bowls joined by a no-slip silicone mat for total convenience. But the trump card with the Winsee double bowl is that when stowed flat, they fold onto each other to create a durable toy frisbee your pooch can play with! The double bowl set is 19.5 inches wide when folded out and each bowl can be set at three different heights, holding 35 oz or 4.5 cups of food or water at full size. And when your dog is done, and you’re both back on your travels, simply collapse the bowl set and clip on to your backpack or beltloop with the supplied carabiner. 

Flexible, BPA-free silicone

Two bowl design with no-slip mat

Expands to three different sizes

Doubles up as a frisbee when folded

  • Brand: Winsee
  • Weight: 1 pound


If durability and stability is a concern, then the Prima Pets collapsible dog bowl has the answer, thanks to the hard outer BPA-free plastic ring that keeps everything where it should be. Folded down, this portable pet bowl measures 5 inches wide and is neat enough to clip onto your belt loop or pet lead. Made from non-porous silicone, the body of the bowl expands to make a lightweight food bowl holding up to 1 ½ cups of kibble or water – enough for a snack or drink on the go. A larger size version is also available. The bowl base is sturdy, providing extra no-tip security if your pup is a bit of a food wolfer. With its quick release stainless steel carabiner and available in a choice of four cute colors, this is a practical everyday portable dog bowl, that can be popped into the dishwasher too. 

BPA-free outer ring for stability

Collapsible body made from non-porous silicone

Holds up to 1.5 cups of food or water

Includes a stainless steel carabiner

  • Brand: Prima Pets
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces


If you and your pooch love the outdoor and camping life, then check out this rugged fabric dog bowl from Awakelion. Ideal for larger dogs, you get a 5-liter capacity food bag (around 25 cups) with a dry bag style closure to keep the kibble fresh as well as two well-sized collapsible feeding bowls.

Made from dog-safe 900 denier oxford cloth with a waterproof lining, the whole set is both lightweight and durable, making it easy to pack with the rest of your camping kit. When it comes to your pooch’s feeding time, simply open out the fabric bowls and set on the ground. The opening of each collapsible bowl is nice and wide; big enough to fit the muzzle of a medium to larger sized mutt. And, the waterproof lining means the bowl can also double up as a drinking container. Once finished, simply rinse out the bowls and allow to dry before folding down flat and stowing away.

Food bag plus 2 bowls – ideal for camping

Tough 900D fabric with waterproof lining

Food bag carries up to 25 cups of kibble

Collapsible bowls fold flat for easy storage

  • Brand: Awakelion
  • Model: AW0524
  • Weight: 4 ounces


Cover two needs in one with this smart dual water bottle and collapsible bowl set, that will neatly hook onto your bag or backpack, ready to be used. The water bottle has two inner chambers holding 10 ounces of water and 7 ounces of food so enough for a quick meal for your dog. And the lid is leak proof and sealed with silicone to keep everything safe. Attached to the water bottle via sturdy carabiners are two collapsible 12-ounce capacity dog bowls, made from pet-safe silicone that is both lightweight and durable. The capacity of this bowl and water bottle combo is on the smaller side so perhaps not suitable for larger dogs but for small to medium pets, this is a good way to feed and hydrate them when out in the car or on a longer walk. 

Dual chambered bottle for water and food

Two 12-ounce collapsible dog bowls

Made from BPA-free silicone

Leak proof lid and carabiner attachments

  • Brand: Upsky
  • Model: 007
  • Weight: 11 ounces


The BarkBowl is one tough cookie, making it the ideal collapsible bowl for walking, hiking and camping adventures with your dog. Made from pet-safe ‘platinum-cured’ silicone which is tear resistant as well as freezer and microwave safe, this food and water bowl can also withstand temperatures ranging from 450F to -80F. And it keeps its shape, whether closed or fully expanded, holding up to 27 ounces. The BarkBowl comes with four expandable size options, from flat, for wet dog food, narrow for a small meal, wide for water or a larger meal. And then there is the full tall size which can hold a full camping meal for a human, should you be caught short without a food bowl of your own! When stowed, the BarkBowl is nice and flat with a manageable diameter that can be securely stowed on your belt loop or rucksack with the supplied aircraft-grade aluminum carabiner. 

Made from platinum-cured, food grade silicone

Can withstand extremes of heat and cold

Four expandable sizes, holding up to 27 ounces

Carabiner clip; dishwasher safe

  • Brand: Ruff Products
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces


This two-bowl set form Sunny Beginnings is perfect for having in the back of the car or in your backpack for when your pooch needs a hydrating drink or snack. They are not the largest in our review – holding around four cups of water – but are certainly big enough to satisfy a medium sized dog.  Made from durable and waterproof nylon and double-layered for stability and strength, they have been folded and stitched to stand securely on the ground when filled with water or dog food. There is also a handy clip for a secure attachment as you walk or travel, although it is made from plastic rather than metal but that shouldn’t really be a deal-breaker. What we really like about these collapsible fabric dog bowls is how they fold in on themselves to form a flat pouch that sits neatly as you carry it along. For the price these are top portable dog bowls to have with you in case needed, without adding any bulk or weight to your walk with your pooch. 

Two-collapsible bowl set 

Made from waterproof, double-layered nylon

6.5-inch diameter; holds around 4 cups of water

Folds flat and includes a plastic clip

  • Brand: Sunny Beginning
  • Weight: 0.8 ounces


Bright and colorful, you’ll never lose these collapsible dog bowls from Mr. Peanuts amongst your belongings or packing! As a fuss-free way to feed your dog when out and about, you can’t really go wrong with these silicone beauties and as they come in a four-bowl pack, they will always be to hand. The silicone is a good quality and is both lightweight and dishwasher safe although the bowls do get a little thinner in the folds.  

Ideal for small to medium dogs, each bowl is 5 inches in diameter at the top and can be half or fully expanded, depending on the amount of food or water you need to give. At full expansion, these Mr. Peanut’s bowls have a capacity of 1 ½ cups so are ideal for attaching to your bag or belt when taking a longer walk or enjoying a camping trip with your pooch. And, with the accompanying metal carabiner in a matching bright color, you will certainly be seen!

Food grade silicone, BPA-free

Colorful four bowl pack

5-inch top diameter

Maximum capacity – 1 ½ cups

  • Brand: Mr Peanuts
  • Model: 2H-7CTS-4REY
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces


Our final review product are these straightforward fabric collapsible bowls from Forever Friends, which come in a good value two-bowl pack.  These are quite sizeable bowls which can easily accommodate the muzzle of a medium to larger dog and are not too deep, so the required stability is there when they eat or drink. The fabric is tough nylon that has a waterproof liner and a double-edged seam around the top for added rigidity when fully open. The liner holds up ok, although leave water in it too long and it will start to seep, so it’s best to use these as a drinking bowls on the go. But the fabric is tough and can take some chewing and rough play if your pooch gets excited about their mealtime. And when done, each easy to clean bowl folds down to a small size, which can be looped onto your dog’s lead, thanks to the supplied small plastic hook. 

Lightweight bowl for small to medium dogs

Made from tough nylon with waterproof liner

Small bowl – 24 ounces; large bowl – 48 ounces

Folds away and clips onto your dog’s lead

  • Brand: Friends Forever
  • Model: PET66-0010
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces

Best Collapsible Dog Bowl Buying Guide & FAQ

What is a Collapsible Dog Bowl?

A collapsible dog bowl is a convenient way to provide food or water to your dog while on the move – whether that’s travel, a vacation, a camping trip or a day out walking in the hills or on the trail. Typically lightweight so easy to carry, they fold or collapse down to a convenient and packable size when not in use, popping into shape when it is feeding time. Many also come with a carabiner-style clip so they can be attached to your belt, dog leash or backpack.

Features to Consider When Buying a Travel Dog Bowl

There are some important features to consider when buying a collapsible bowl for your pet:

Size: You need to look for a bowl that is big enough to hold the amount of food or water your dog needs but when collapsed, that is small enough for it to fit in your luggage or hook onto your backpack. Most collapsible bowls are available in a choice of sizes to work with different breeds and dog sizes.

Weight: The whole point of a collapsible dog bowl is their convenience and portability so weight, especially if you are hiking or on a backpacking trip with your pooch is an important consideration. You want the bowl to be durable yet lightweight as you will be carrying it all day. However, it shouldn’t be so lightweight or flimsy that it spills easily or cannot hold enough water or food your dog needs.

Pet-safe material: Anything you give to your dog – either as a toy or for him to eat from – should be safe and non-toxic. Look for collapsible bowls made from non-toxic, BPA-free, and food grade materials.

Easy to carry: Especially if you are hiking or on a backpacking/camping trip, the bowl needs to be easy to stow and carry when not in use. Some bowls will collapse down to a flat disc which can be popped easily into a pocket or backpack, while others also come with a clip or carabiner so you can attach it to your backpack or belt loop. Whichever way it stows, always check that any fixing or clip is durable so that you don’t lose it as you travel.

Easy to clean: It goes without saying that as well as being a convenient way to feed your dog while traveling, the collapsible bowl also needs to be easy to keep hygienic and clean. Check that it can be popped into a dishwasher or if a fabric bowl, it can be hand-washed with a mild detergent. Also look for extra features that help to prevent messy spills, such as a non-skid bottom.

Benefits of Using Portable Dog Bowls

Your dog’s needs have to be met, even when traveling and so portable, collapsible bowl is a super-convenient way to keep him fed and hydrated when away from home. Lightweight, durable, and stowable/easy to carry, a collapsible travel dog bowl also means your dog doesn’t have to risk drinking from dirty water or eating food off the floor. Their own portable bowl also means you won’t need to use your own bowls come dog feeding time.

Best Collapsible Dog Bowl FAQ:

Q: What’s the best material for a collapsible dog bowl?

A: Your collapsible dog bowl needs to be lightweight, durable, and safe for your pupper to eat and drink from and there are some excellent materials to look for. Your final choice depends on your dog and his habits as well as your travel plans:

  • Silicone or hard plastic are good options, but always ensure they are BPA and lead free. However, plastic is not the most chew-proof and will scratch over time. Silicone is more durable and is pretty scratch as well as heat resistant so great for both food and water.
  • Fabric is another good material for a travel dog bowl as it is super-lightweight – high density nylon with a polyester liner is the most popular. Fabric is extremely pet safe and is odor free, but it does take longer to dry after use and not as stable as plastic when your pooch is hungrily feeding.
  • Stainless steel is also another material that is sometimes used for a portable dog bowl and is the most durable and easiest to keep scratch-free and clean. However, they are heavier and can be more cumbersome when traveling so are perhaps best for a road trip or RV camping vacation.

Q: Are pet travel bowls dishwasher-safe?

A: It does depend on the material it is made from, but most collapsible travel dog bowls are safe to pop into the dishwasher for an extra thorough clean. If in any doubt, always check the manufacturer’s guidance to ensure it is dishwasher safe.  Most manufacturers also recommend washing the bowl on the dishwasher’s top rack only.

Q: How much food can a collapsible dish fit?

A: Due to their portable and collapsible design, the one drawback to these dog bowls is a reduced capacity when it comes to how much food it can hold. At worst, this may mean you need to refill the bowl to ensure your pooch gets the amount of food or water he needs for his breed and size. However, choosing the right size of collapsible portable dog bowl for your individual pet can make on-the-road life easier for your both when it comes to his chowtime.

Pretty young woman and her dog sitting outdoors and having snacks

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is a versatile bowl that enables you to adjust the side height depending on the amount of water or food your pet needs. Ideal for medium to large sized dogs, there is plenty of room in the Bonza Collapsible Dog Bowl to accommodate their muzzle and the durable silicone is BPA-free and totally pet safe. It also folds flat when you need to stow and comes complete with a sturdy metal carabiner and water bottle attachment. A great buy for outdoor lovers and their pooches.

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