The Best Dog Tents (Review) in 2021

Last Updated June 10, 2021

Who doesn’t love a camping trip or an outing to the park or the lakes? Obviously, you want your four-legged friend to come with. This is a lot easier if you have a dog tent that you can take with you. The dog tent will provide shelter and security for your pooch and can even stop your dog from getting insect bites. They are very easy to set up and take down and are highly portable so you can carry them wherever you are.

A dog camping tent gives your pooch their own space so that they do not have to share your tent. Most dog tents are weather-proof and can be used inside and outside. They provide UV protection and adequate ventilation to keep your dog comfortable. It will not take you long to train your dog to use the pup tent and they will soon fall in love with it!  To help you make the right choice, check out our guide to the best dog tent for you.

The Best Dog Tent


This compact and very stylish dog tent is available in three sizes so it would suit any breed. It is just what you need for keeping your pooch contained and comfortable on the beach or in the park. It is also perfect for camping trips or simply for using in your own back yard. Some people even use them when they take their dog to work.

It folds down into a very compact size that is easy to carry around in its own messenger style bag. When you want to use it, it uses a clever umbrella mechanism to pop up into a charming tent shape. It is fully ventilated for your dog’s safety and comfort and has access doors with strong zippers.

Available in three sizes

Folds down and fits into a bag

Pops up using an umbrella mechanism

Well-ventilated with zippered doors

  • Brand: Petego
  • Model: 8019808-092379
  • Weight: 5.12 pounds


Mile High Life Portable Cat Dog Crate

Not the most conventional looking dog tent, but the clever design of this foldable case tent makes it easy to erect, collapse and carry. And that means it is a great choice for impromptu trips to the beach as well as camping trips. Made from lightweight, water-resistant and breathable material, there’s sufficient space for a smaller dog, or opt for the larger model if your pooch is on the bigger side – although there are no stakes to secure it into the ground. Available in a choice of nine summer bright colors, you can also choose to leave the top lid on or off, so your pet can have a little sunshine.

Made from durable Oxford cloth

Pop-up tent style that folds away

Removable top lid

Eight mesh panels for extra ventilation

  • Brand: Mile High Life
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds


Wherever you go, you can take this folding pet house with you. It is provided with a large side opening so your dog can easily get in and out of the tent. There is also a zipper door made from a mesh material so it keeps your dog in the tent but allows you to see what they are doing.

The tent itself is made from a non-woven fabric which keeps out the sun and there are mesh vents at the top of the tent which let in light and air. You can use this in the garden or at the beach as it pops up in seconds and comes with its own carry bag. It is very lightweight (dura-light steel) yet is strong and weather-resistant. It can also be used to create a barrier and contain your dog in the back seat of your car. You do this by using the strings to attach it to your headrest.

Very lightweight yet durable

Pops up in seconds

Comes with a carry bag

Reliable and efficient

Mesh vents and zipper doors

  • Brand: MyDeal
  • Weight: 15.8 ounces


Your dog can perch above the ground in comfort when they use this canopy dog cot. It will keep them happy and cool because the mesh bottom gives great ventilation and the canopy protects from the sun. It is also useful on cold days to keep your pooch off a cold floor. It can be used inside or outside and is very easy and quick to assemble.

It is manufactured using a 1680D Oxford fabric fitted to a steel frame and it collapses easily to fit into a carrying bag.

Cot lifts your dog off the ground

Mesh bottom gives great ventilation

Canopy protects from sun

Made from strong fabric and a steel frame

  • Brand: Floppy Dawg
  • Weight: 6.61 pounds


A tent just for your dog – now your pooch can come camping with you in style. This dog tent comes with zippered doors so you can quickly secure your dog in or let them out. There are also mesh windows on both sides to make sure that your dog gets plenty of ventilation but which will keep out most flying insects including mosquitoes.

The tent is made from 210D water-resistant polyester draped over fiberglass rods and with a water -resistant tarpaulin ground sheet. It comes with metal stakes to secure it to the ground. You’ll be able to put it up and take it down quickly and it packs away into its own carry bag.

Zippered, secure doors

Mesh sides for ventilation

Provides protection from insects

Water-resistant and durable

  • Brand: Pettom
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds


This dog tent is available in three sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your dog. This pop up tent will keep your pooch comfortable whilst you are out and about. To take it down again, you just twist it and put it in its carry bag. It includes an inner tension frame that expands instantly to take the shape of a tent so no assembly is needed. The door at the front of the tent is large and there are mesh windows that have roll down guards. These offer great ventilation but stop bugs from getting in.

With this tent, you get a foam pad that comes with a removable cover for the ultimate in comfortable camping for your dog. This tent is big enough to fit a steel crate if you want added security. To make sure that the tent does not get blown away, you can stake it down with the provided guy ropes.

Pop up tent – very quick to set up

Large front door with zipper

Side panels for ventilation

Foam pad with removable cover for comfort

  • Brand: GigaTent
  • Model: PT03
  • Weight: 3.5 pounds


Some excellent workmanship has gone into making this very comfortable and cute dog tent. It is made from breathable fabric and your pooch will make themselves very comfortable in it. It can be used inside and outside.

The strong fabric has been smoothly sewn together and is bite- and scratch-resistant as well as being durable and resistant to water. Your pet will have a private space where they can relax.

Impressive workmanship

Breathable fabric

Bite and scratch resistant

Will resist water

  • Brand: RuiXiang
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds


Amazon Basics Elevated Portable Pet House

With sturdy stilts to keep the tent – and your pooch – off the ground, this practical dog tent is a good option to have in the trunk of your car.  Use at the beach, in the garden or on an overnight camping trip and your pet will love his tent home from home. The body of the tent is surprisingly spacious and also has a generous door opening for easy access. The roof comes with a mesh top panel which can then be covered when the sun goes down. Made from oxford fabric, the whole tent is breathable and easy to wipe clean and while it does require assembly, it is pretty intuitive to put together. Ideal for smaller breeds, the Amazon Basics Elevated Portable Pet House can also be used in as well as outdoors.

Stilt design to elevate the tent off the ground

Durable, water-resistant Oxford cloth

Mesh ventilation panel in the roof

Easy to wipe clean; ideal for smaller dogs

  • Brand: Amazons Basics
  • Model: YF99121BK-S
  • Weight: 10.14 pounds


K9 Sport Sack Indoor & Outdoor Pop-up Travel Dog Tent

The K9 Sports Sack has a deceptive design to create a spacious tent pod that folds down into its own small carry pack when it’s time to leave camp. Made from thick, rip-stop nylon with plenty of mesh ventilation, this pop-up tent is really versatile, and can be used for day shade or an overnight snooze. Ideal for smaller dogs, it feels stable when fully erected and the zip front will keep your pup secure and safely in one place. And the lightweight metal frame is a breeze to put up, secured with stakes for extra stability. For the price, this is an excellent tent for small dogs that is durable enough for an overnight camping trip and is lightweight to carry when you and your pet are ready to hit the trail. 

Convenient pop-up design

Lightweight metal frame and carry bag

UV protection; made from rip-stop nylon

Mesh windows for extra ventilation

  • Brand: K9
  • Weight: 11.68 ounces


OLizee Breathable Washable Pet Puppy Kennel Dog Tent

Made from durable and water-resistant Oxford cloth, this neat pet tent from OLizee will soon become your pooch’s outdoor home-from-home. With its sturdy metal frame, the OLizee is easy to put up and quickly collapses for storage when your camping weekend is done. As a dog-hideout, it also ticks the boxes, with two side mesh windows and a large front doorway for ventilation and easy access.

Pop in a cushion or blanket and your doggo will enjoy whiling away the hours, chilling and enjoying the great outdoors. And with its easy clean fabric, you can be sure it will stand up to all your pup’s camping antics.

Made from breathable Oxford fabric

Sturdy metal frame and corner ties

Wide door opening for access

Easily collapses for quick storage

  • Brand: OLizee
  • Weight: 9.6 ounce

Best Dog Tent Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Look for in a Dog Tent

Tents are an investment so before you rush out and buy one, it is important that you are getting the one that will do the job you need it to do. Here are the main things that you should look out for.

  • Size

Tents for dogs don’t have to be huge but they must be big enough for your pooch to be comfortable. Check that your dog can turn around and lie down in it. Some tents come in several sizes to suit different breeds.

  • Material

It is important that the framework is strong enough to withstand a boisterous dog. Also, the fabric must be strong and durable and the stitching must be secure. There will need to be panels that are made of mesh to provide adequate ventilation to keep your pooch comfortable.

  • Protection

The tent must afford at least some protection from the elements. Very few are completely waterproof but you should expect it to be water-resistant. It is also important that the fabric is thick enough to be dust and UV resistant. If you are traveling somewhere that is very windy, it needs to be strong enough to withstand gusts and you may want to choose a model that has stakes that are driven into the ground to secure it. In some locations, biting insects such as mosquitoes will be a problem so the tent must be able to keep these out!

  • Assembly

You will not want to spend hours erecting a dog tent only to take it down again in a couple of hours! Choose a model that you can put up in seconds and take down just as quickly and that requires no tools.

  • Portability

They are designed to be carried around the place when hiking, camping with your dog or at the beach for the day. This means that they must be portable. Check that the tent will fold away into a small space, is lightweight and that it comes with a carry bag – preferably with a handle.

In a hike with the dog

Benefits of Dog Tents

Dogs soon fall in love with their tents! However, these handy little products are a lot more than merely a device to keep your pooch amused. Here are the main benefits of a dog tent.

  • Containment. A dog tent is an effective way to contain a dog when you are at a camp trip or at the beach. That does not mean that they are strong enough to stop a dog that is determined to get out! You would need a crate for that. You can train your dog to stay in a tent when you need them to.
  • Comfort. Dog tents are a very comfortable place for your pooch to spend some time. They can have privacy if they need to get away from it all. Dog tents provide a comfortable and safe environment for a nervous dog.
  • Protection. Most tents will provide at least some protection from the weather. Many are water-resistant so the odd light rain shower will not be a problem. There is some useful protection from the wind – many dog tents come with guy ropes and stakes that you drive into the ground. The tents also protect from biting insects such as mosquitoes. Many tents offer some UV protection but it can get very hot inside a tent so you must not leave a dog in them for long on a hot day.
  •  Useful inside. There is no reason why you cannot use your dog tent inside your own home or in your own back yard to give your pooch a nice area to relax.
  • Taking your dog to work. Do you work in an office where dogs are welcome? A dog tent is the perfect portable solution to give your dog somewhere comfortable to relax in your workplace.
  • Portability. The main benefit of a dog tent is that they are so portable. They are designed to be put up and taken down in just seconds. They fold up into a very small package and they often come with their own carry bag. They are made of lightweight materials so they are easy to carry around.

How to Train Your Dog to Use a Dog Tent

Teaching your dog to stay in their dog tent is just like teaching them to lie in their bed in your home. It is quite straightforward but will require time and patience and some yummy treats. Work on this before you head off to the campsite or the beach! Have plenty of practice sessions with the tent in your garden or yard or even in your apartment. Here are the basic steps.

  1. Lure your pooch into the tent and tell them to lie down (they should already know how to do this). Reward your pooch with a treat between their paws in the tent. If they stay in the tent in a down position, carry on giving them a few more treats. Then release them using an  “OK” command.
  2. Repeat this step at least four times until your pooch stays in the tent.
  3. Now, stand next to the tent and see if your dog voluntarily goes in to get a tasty reward! If they do, without prompting, give them two treats and lots of praise. If 30 seconds have elapsed and they don’t go in the tent, go back to luring them in for a few days and then try again.
  4. Introduce a verbal command to go with the tent. You can call it what you like but ‘tent’ would be the obvious option! Stand near the tent and as your dog goes in and lies down, say the word clearly. Then reward your dog.
  5. Work on duration. If your dog stays in the tent for 10 seconds, try 15 seconds and then keep adding 10 seconds. If your dog gets up, go back to the tent, use the ‘tent’ command and start again.
  6. Work on distance. Stand further and further away from the tent. Your aim is to command your dog into their tent from any location. You must work on distance and duration one at a time.

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Best Pet Tent FAQ:

Q: What is a dog tent?

A: A dog camping tent is a shelter that is designed to be portable and that is just the right size for your dog. They usually comprise of a strong frame that may be steel or fiberglass and a strong fabric outer layer. Dog tents are very quick and easy to put up and take down and are used to provide shelter and privacy for your pooch when you are camping, hiking or at the beach.

Most are designed to be used inside and outside and are weather-resistant but this is not the same thing as being completely water-proof so they are unlikely to keep your dog dry in a downpour. It is important that your dog is supervised in a tent, especially when the weather is really hot. The safest place for a dog on a very hot day is in a cool building with plenty of ventilation.

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Dog lying on the grass near the tents

Q: How do I fold a dog tent?

A: Dog tents are designed to be put up and taken down very quickly. Some are pop-up products so you simply twist them back into a small shape and pop them into the carry bag. Others have an umbrella design and you put them down just like you would put down an umbrella. Others require you to remove the fabric cover first and then take down the framework. It should take just a few minutes and no tools are required.

Q: How do I clean a dog tent?

A: It is inevitable that dog tents will get a bit messy! Everything that comes into contact with dogs has this issue. The manufacturer will give full instructions on how to clean the tent. Always give it a good brush out inside with a soft brush before you pack it away. This will remove most of the dirt and shed hair.

Every now and again, the dog beach tent will need a wash. Some tents can only be wiped down with a damp cloth. Others can be handwashed in cool water. Some dog tents are so robust that you can put the fabric section in a washing machine on a very gentle cycle. Always check the instructions.

It is vital that the tent is completely dry before you pack it away. If you pack away a damp tent of any kind, mold spots will develop and these will cause staining and damage to the fabric of the tent.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick is both compact and stylish. You can get it in three sizes. It is perfect for camping trips or simply for using in your own back yard.

It folds down into a very compact size that is easy to carry around in its own messenger style bag. When you want to use it, it uses a clever umbrella mechanism to pop up into a charming tent shape. It is fully ventilated for your dog’s safety and comfort and has access doors with strong zippers.


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