The Best Dog Food for Weight Gain – High Calorie Dog Food (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 6, 2020

There are essentially a lot of reasons why a dog begins to lose weight. It may be from excessive outdoor activities, inadequacy in nutrition, alongside many other situations. It could also be as a result of certain health conditions. Nonetheless, after certifying the cause of the weight loss from a veterinarian, and necessary actions and medications have been put in place, an inevitable next step is to adapt a healthy diet plan to help your dog regain back the weight. This involves a proper guideline on the best dog food for weight gain, which will accurately provide the essential health benefits; and intuitively, this is exactly what this article provides.

The Best Dog Food for Weight Gain – High Calorie Dog Food



Bully Max is a highly rated brand with high performing products in the market. They happen to be a brand with tremendous amounts of positive reviews concerning their products, and this is due to the fact that their products are crafted to perfection. Not only are they crafted well, but multiple hours of research go into each product to ensure maximum working capabilities, that you can trust. A quality product from Bully Max, targeted at providing enough calories for an underweight dog is the Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food.

This Bully Max dog food features an all-natural recipe, created specially to provide dogs with a healthy option for gaining back their weight. While other products are be plant-based, Bully Max High Performance dog food is entirely meat-based. It was specifically created this way to provide dogs with more protein, which their bodies will need to develop. When looking for the best dog food to gain weight and muscle, Bully Max accurately provides more calories than any other product of its nature, making it a best choice. This veterinarian approved, 5-star reviewed product is guaranteed to improve your dog’s wellbeing, health, and physical appearance, within weeks of use; and it was designed to be extremely suitable for dogs of all ages, even for the pregnant or nursing dogs.

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535 kilocalories per cup

30% minimum crude protein

20% minimum crude fat

3.8% maximum crude fiber

  • Brand: Bully Max
  • Model: FBA_30/20
  • Weight: 15 pounds


Crave is a brand that is fully focused on providing dogs an ancestral recipe of essentially healthy food, which wild dogs notably ate in ancient times. Crave offers these products at incredible affordable prices, giving pet owners an opportunity to accurately incorporate healthy foods into their dog’s diet. This brand is keen on nourishing dogs with food products that contain essentially high amounts of protein, with meat as its first ingredient. Amazingly, these recipes are also entirely grain-free. A suitable example of a product from Crave which was crafted solely to provide dogs with an ancestral recipe of high-quality nutritional food, is the Crave Grain Free Dry Dog Food.

This food was formulated for adult dogs, and lives up to its standard of having a meat-first ingredient. The meat-first ingredient incorporated into this food is that of actual lamb. Each bite of this meal is certain to deliver enough protein to set your dog on its weight gaining journey. When faced with what to feed a dog to gain weight, Crave’s Dry dog food is an adequate option. There are no artificial preservatives, or flavoring or coloring to make this product outstanding. Crave’s Dry dog food actively satisfies a dog’s nature, as well its cravings, for an exceptional nutritional diet.

454 kilocalories per cup

34% minimum crude protein

17% minimum crude fat

3.5% maximum crude fiber

  • Brand: Crave
  • Model: 10171455
  • Weight: 22 pounds


Wellness is the topmost independent and family owned brand of natural pet food situated in the United States. The recipes being created by Wellness are crafted in order to adequately provide the nutrition that all pets needs. Wellness actively believes that the right food with quality nutrition is good for a pet’s souls, as it will ultimately make them happy. This brand has been creating quality food for close to 100 years, and are blatantly experts in the trade. A splendid product from Wellness, sure to deliver weight gaining advantages to dogs is the Wellness Natural Pet Food Core Grain Free Dog Food.

This product has been adequately manufactured with the right taste, and right nutrition, as Wellness ascertained it to be. It was created to actively eliminate several types of boring meals, and replace it with an outstanding recipe having many nutritional benefits. This food has been created with actual meat as the major ingredient – which is none other than chicken. The chicken has been mixed with broccoli, and makes up an outstanding 95% of the entire food. This clearly reveals the high protein level of this food for essential benefits.

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10% minimum crude protein

8% minimum crude fat

1% maximum crude fiber

460 kilocalories per can

  • Brand: Wellness Natural Pet Food
  • Model: 7994
  • Weight: 1.92 ounces


Purina is a brand that features all types of balanced and nutritional food for all life stages of dogs. Purina identifiably sections these products under different categories according to their purpose of creation, and their nutritional responsibility. The Purina Pro Plan is actively one of such lines of production listed to specifically serve as a veterinary recommended diet for weight loss. This line was created to ensure pets’ health can be managed and taken care of properly, with adequate nutrition to accompany it. No doubt, the Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Dog Food is uniquely one of such meals in this line with major nutritional benefits.

For starters, this dog food was created to provide a reliable option for dogs with sensitive stomachs. It is great at achieving this purpose because it is extremely gentle on any digestive system, and ensures food  is easy to digest. The Purina Pro Plan Focus is also good for dogs with sensitive skin, due to the benefits it provides. This weight gainer for dogs has been fortified with omega-6 fatty acids which ensures skin and coat nourishment, helping to improve physical appearance and the main ingredient in this meal is salmon, and it guarantees extremely high amount of protein, for weight gain and more, ascertaining this product of being a best value option. Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food is one of the best dog food recipes presented in our Purina Pro Plan Dog Food Review

26% minimum crude protein

16% minimum crude fat

4% maximum crude fiber

1.6% minimum omega-6 fatty acids

  • Brand: Purina Pro Plan
  • Model: 00038100182722
  • Weight: 41 pounds


The major purpose of Nature’s Variety has been to empower many with that they need to care for their pets. This company started in Lincoln, Nebraska and has had a major growth in sales and distribution, due to the quality and effectiveness of the products they produce. Nature’s Variety believes that caring for your pet begins with the type of food you offer, and for optimal results, they focus on delivering a line of natural foods, identifiable with nutritional rawness, and advanced health benefits. An adequate example is the Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Dog Food. This product is undoubtedly a raw diet nutrition, targeted at helping dogs to gain some weight.

This Instinct Raw Boost is made with a chicken meal formula, freeze-dried raw — a diet that has been freeze-dried in order to remove the moisture from it, without having to cooking it. This methodology helps to obtain a high level of animal protein that is entirely pure, as well as natural oils and omega fatty acids. Another major benefit of this freeze-dried raw diet is that it helps the dog to adequately absorb the nutrient in the food, better than all other methods of food preparation. This high calorie dog food also features kibble, which is a high-protein, grain-free ingredient, helping to assure this product as a premium quality pick. 

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38% minimum crude protein

20.5% minimum crude fat

454 kilocalories per cup

4.5% maximum crude fiber

  • Brand: Nature’s Variety
  • Model: 769949609018
  • Weight: 12.3 pounds


Do you know that Blackwood has been a family-owned company for up to three generations, and are experts in pet food production with over 40 years of experience? This manufacturing company  produces quality cooked meals for pets, in order to provide them with what they need for a healthy wellbeing. The meals are prepared in slow batches, cooked in small portions, packaged, and distributed to you, to ensure your pet gets only the optimal best. On the subject of weight gain for dogs, Blackwood has a suitable product for pets to enjoy – the Blackwood Pet Food Adirondack Dog food.

The insightful thing about this dog food is that it has been created for both puppy weight gain and for adult dogs. This food is also a great selection for performance dogs, due to its high protein level. It is a quality meal featuring all-natural ingredients, and helps to ensure high nutritional benefits. It also possesses a lot of omega fatty acids, both omega-6 and omega-3, for a great combination of nutrition for a better wellbeing. Blackwood also considers the possibilities of allergies, and ensures the ingredients used for production are entirely safe to eat. Adirondack Dog Food is made from corn, soy and wheat, for a natural and high protein based outcome.

534..8 kilocalories per cup

20% minimum crude fat

30% minimum crude protein

3.8% maximum crude fiber

  • Brand: Blackwood Pet Food
  • Model: 22465
  • Weight: 30 pounds


Elite K9 Nutrition created a splendid health based brand, Maximum Bully, and for close to 10 years, have been focused on delivering only the best in pet products. They assure customers of superior quality products which help to achieve health care routines with pets. Maximum Bully dog food has been specially formulated for building up the muscles and weight. It features a wide range of effective and healthy ingredients, which all contribute to the building up process for any dog. This recipe intuitively contains chicken and pork meal, as its initial ingredients which are natural based containing all the protein based benefits.

The Maximum Bully also features a powerful yeast which helps to accurately build up the muscles, which is identified as nurpro 2000. The nurpro 2000 is a powerful yeast protein, and its combination with the initial ingredients, help to deliver a healthy recipe, ensure effective working capacities, and deliver weight gain benefits. This recipe also contains several minerals and vitamins for an adequate balanced nutrition for your dog. There are also helpful nutritional benefits that the Maximum Bully provides for the long-run. With the inclusion of probiotics, as well as other ingredients such as oatmeal and cranberry, this dog food generally aids in digestion processes, making eating quite easy for your dog.

32% minimum crude protein

22& minimum crude fat

4% maximum crude fiber

481 kilocalories per cup

  • Brand: Maximum Bully
  • Model: Max Bully
  • Weight: 33 pounds


Nulo is essentially a private-owned company with a heart for pets and their wellbeing. This brand was created in a bid to provide specific species of pets with deliciously tasting and healthy recipes, to maintain a happy lifestyle. This is what spurred the creation of a product, which aids on the topic of helping underweight dogs gain some weight – the Nulo Freestyle Limited Plus Grain Free Dry Food. The Nulo Freestyle dog food was created to serve both puppies and adults and is entirely grain-free, providing all the weight-gaining benefits needed by underweight dogs.

This dry dog food also has a splendid incorporation of healthy ingredients to provide all the building up processes for your dog. What’s more, the Limited identity this dog food possesses comes from the limited diet idea for dog food. It was crafted especially to suit the dogs who prefer to have simple meals. They were able to accomplish this by identifiably incorporating just one single source of main ingredient, serving as the protein, which is none other than salmon. Though this dog food goes by a limited identity, it does not in any way entail less nutritional benefits. This Nulo Freestyle Limited dog food still possesses enough protein, and was formulated to have a probiotic advantage to improve digestive health.

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438 kilocalories per cup

30% minimum crude protein

18% minimum crude fat

5.5% maximum crude fiber

  • Brand: Nulo
  • Model: 51LS22
  • Weight: 22.2 pounds


Solid Gold is America’s first holistic pet food brand, since 1974. This innovative brand was formed by a lover of dogs, who travelled all the way to Germany for the sole purpose of obtaining dogs, and ended up creating a pet food brand afterwards. Ever since, this company has been providing customers with natural and delicious recipes for dogs to help them sustain a healthy lifestyle. A product from Solid Gold targeted at helping dogs to gain weight is the Solid Gold High Protein Dry Food.

This dog food has a unique combination of nutrition and protein based ingredients, to actively ascertain its high protein identity. It comes with an incorporation of beef, eggs, and peas, to deliver a natural, mouth-watering meal for your dogs to duly gain desired weight. This blend of protein is essentially adequate for any active lifestyle of dogs, and helps them to fully recuperate and get some energy for the busy days. The initial ingredient contained in this recipe is dense beef, incorporated for wholesome nutrition. It’s also insightful to note that the Solid Gold dog food is entirely grain free and gluten free to ascertain a health-based advantage.

425 kilocalories per cup

41% crude protein

20% crude fat

4% crude fiber

  • Brand: Solid Gold
  • Model: 16024
  • Weight: 24 pounds


Ziwi Peak was formed by a brand company called Ziwi Pets in a bid to provide an absolute healthy diet plan for several dogs to enjoy. As a pet owner, when faced with questions like, ‘how to make my dog gain weight’, then an easy resort might be Ziwi Peak. This line of product was created out of love, formed with joy and goodness, and founded in a place called New Zealand. The products are adequately air-dried to lock in the nutrients, packaged, and distributed, to provide healthy options for your dogs. A suitable example is the Ziwi Peak Grain Free Canned Dog Food.

This dog food is a balanced recipe targeted at helping dogs gain some weight. It is intuitively suitable for all dog breeds and for all ages of dogs, formulated to provide equal health benefits. This dog food does not feature any grains, and it is made up of 91% of actual meat, alongside bones and mussels. This product has also been created in small batches to ensure its deliciousness, as well as nutritional benefits. This recipe is ascertained of helping digestive systems, as well as soothing allergies. For muscle building, and to promote healthy joints, the Ziwi Peak Grain Free Canned Dog Food serves as a healthy option.

8% minimum crude protein

5.5% minimum crude fat

1% maximum crude fiber

419 kilocalories per cup

  • Brand: Ziwi Peak
  • Model: ZPCDB0390C-US
  • Weight: 15.4 ounces

Best Dog Food for Weight Gain – High Calorie Dog Food Buying guide and FAQ

What to Look for in a Dog Food for Weight Gain

  • Nutritional facts

Nutritional facts are the pointers that tell you the exact nutritional benefits you’ll get from a meal. In order to actively give your dog the best, it is important to actively check and consider the nutritional features of any product you want to purchase, in order to ascertain that your dog is getting what it needs for maximum health care benefits.

  • Major cause of weight loss

After consulting your veterinarian, and getting the actual cause of your dog’s weight loss, it should then be a driving force for the type of diet plan your dog will undertake. Having this in mind will accurately guide you to the best dog food to gain weight fast.

  • Ingredients contained

The ingredients contained in the dog food you intend to purchase is highly essential. This will help you to know if there are ingredients your dog is allergic to, or perhaps ingredients you would not like to include in your dog’s diet plan. Ensuring you check the ingredients included in any dog food will help to make the best choice.

  • Age of dog

When looking for dog food, specifically created for weight gaining purposes, it is important to ensure it is suitable for your dog, depending on its age. This is highly essential especially when you have a puppy, or an elderly dog.

Leash and bowl with dog food

How to Tell If Your Dog Is Underweight

The major way to tell if your dog is underweight is by feeling either its spine or its ribs. If you do this, and you can actively sense extremely less fat around these areas, then this is a clear indication that your dog is indeed underweight, and effective measures need to be put in place.

Tips for Helping an Underweight Dog Gain Weight

  • Serve smaller portions

When trying to help an underweight dog to gain weight, after picking a quality dog food that will help on this journey, feeding your dog large portions in a bid to allow instant weight gain will only drain your dog out. This will cause slower digestion processes, and won’t allow your dog to adequately metabolize the nutrition present. Hence, it is advised to give your dog smaller portions of meals, more times a day, as this will accurately help your dog to properly digest the food, and obtain the necessary nutrition, without hassles. This will equally help your dog on the weight gain journey as well.

  • Exercise is key

Apart from gaining weight, it is also important to adequately build up the muscle to be able to carry the weight to be gained. This calls for the need to have proper exercise, alongside having a quality diet. Doing this will effectively increase metabolic rates, and will help your dog to have increased appetite, ultimately wanting to eat more. This means that exercise is an essential part of helping an underweight dog gain weight.

  • Be in constant touch with your veterinarian

Being in constant communication with your veterinarian will help to avoid unnecessary hiccups. Your veterinarian serves as an adequate guide, providing all the necessary information your dog will essentially need along the way. Talking to your veterinarian will guarantee that mistakes are avoided, and your dog’s health is secure at all times.

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Dog standing in the park

Best Dog Food for Weight Gain – High Calorie Dog Food FAQ:

Q: What Causes Weight Loss in Dogs?

A: There are many factors that can contribute to weight loss in dogs, however, the first point to note is that dogs are prone to losing weight at some point in their life, based on their breed, activities undergone, and several other factors. Loss in weight can also be caused by a deficiency in nutrition, by some health challenges, which could actively deter the weight of a dog. Whatever the case may be, it is important to contact a veterinarian in order to adequately identify the actual cause of the loss in weight.

Q: How Many Calories Should My Dog Eat To Gain Weight?

A: Dogs are recommended to eat an average portion of 30 calories for every pound of their weight. It could be slightly more for smaller weight dogs, and a bit less for bigger dogs, however, it is important to maintain an average point so that the dog is not overfed.

Q: Does Grain Free Dog Food Make Dogs Gain Weight?

A: Some grain free dog foods are slightly more advanced than the others, and offer a splendid blend of higher amounts of protein, and a lesser amount of carbohydrates. These foods actively satisfy dogs for a long period of time, and helps to provide more energy. Due to the level of protein available, grain free dog foods have a major impact on the weight of dogs.


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