The Best Pet Scales (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 24, 2021

For owners who are looking to get serious about the health of their pets, or are seeking to start up a commercial aspect of pet ownership such as breeding puppies, having a pet scale can become an absolute necessity. Since having an accurate scale can keep you updated on your pet’s health and wellbeing, we know how important it is to get the best pet scales available.

Below are some of the best pet scales on the market, with a view to giving you all the information you need to move forward with your pets. Whether that’s for professional purposes or simply to keep an eye on your fur baby’s overall health, we’ve found the most accurate animal weighing scales for your needs- as well as giving you all the information you could possibly need about choosing the right scales for your pet.

The Best Pet Scales


W.C. Redmon Pet Scale
W.C. Redmon Pet Scale

If you’ve been doing a lot of research on the best pet scales, you’ve probably come across this pet scale from W. C. Redmon before. Aside from being available at an amazing price, it’s incredibly accurate and gives the feeling of a high-end commercial animal scale.

Large enough to handle pretty much any size pet you might have, and with a total capacity of up to 225 pounds, this is the best animal scale for households with multiple pets. That said, if you don’t think you’ll be using this very frequently, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s slimline design and light weight make it just as easy to store away between weighing your pets.

Various units available (Kg/Oz/Lbs)

Can remember previous weight

Slimline design is easy to store

  • Brand: W.C. Redmon
  • Model: ZT7400 18
  • Weight: 17.8 pounds


ZIEIS Digital Animal Scale
ZIEIS Digital Animal Scale

The ideal small animal scale, this digital scale from ZIEIS is compact but comes with some really handy features, such as the hold button. This makes it easier to keep the average weight on-screen while your pet wanders off after they’ve been weighed. For smaller pets such as cats of excitable puppies, this can save a lot of trouble when trying to get an accurate measurement.

You also have the choice of using the mains adapter or batteries, which makes this item portable and therefore a great choice for mobile vets, groomers or similar professions. Better still, it comes with the ZIEIS manufacturer’s warranty, which covers you from any faults or damage for up to 10 years.

Ideal for smaller animals

Accurate to 0.1oz

10-year manufacturer’s warranty included

  • Brand: ZIEIS
  • Weight: 6.1 pounds


HOMEIMAGE Digital Pet Scale with Hold Function
HOMEIMAGE Digital Pet Scale with Hold Function

The best pet scale from small animals such as chameleons, green anole or similar pets, this simple but effective pet scale from HOMEIMAGE gives a round number that is easy to jot down from the large LCD screen (in increments of 0.5oz). While not as precise as others on our list, this is still a good choice for those looking for a basic pet scale at a decent price.

Lightweight and durable, this scale is easy to store and carry, while still holding its own against particularly boisterous pets. It also has some nice additional features, including an auto shut-off to avoid wasting battery life and a hold function, for wriggly critters.

Auto shut-off feature

Large LCD screen

Includes hold function

  • Brand: HOMEIMAGE
  • Model: COMINHKPR49196
  • Weight: 4 pounds


Easily the best pet scale for larger animals, this large dog scale is designed for heavy-duty work. Made from stainless-steel and with the largest surface area on our list, this scale comes with a rubber mat to ensure there are no slips or accidents during use.

Best for professional use, the large LCD screen can be fixed to a wall with ease to become a permanent fixture or be carried if your work requires you to be mobile. There’s also the option of using the mains plug or batteries. The only major downfall is that this item is considerably heavier, thanks to the material used- although, if you’re looking for a large animal scale that you’ll use regularly in one spot, this could be the ideal scale for you.

Heavy-duty, stainless-steel plate

Large, backlit LCD screen can be mounted for easy reading

Option to use batteries or mains

  • Brand: IBE SUPPLY
  • Weight: 45 pounds


ZIEIS Digital Animal Scale (Large)
ZIEIS Digital Animal Scale (Large)

Another option from ZIEIS that works brilliantly with smaller animals, this particular series has been created with a removable platform- making it super easy to clean. The platform also has raised edges to discourage any scarpering from your pet- ideal for the smallest of critters that like to practice their escape artist routines.

As with all ZIEIS products, this scale comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and a very high user rating. In particular, customers love how well this scale holds up as a sturdy product and therefore reduces the level of anxiety pets can often feel during their exams.

Great for small pets

10-year manufacturer’s warranty included

Easy to use additional functions

  • Brand: ZIEIS
  • Model: COMINHKPR65689
  • Weight: 5.4 pounds


Beurer BY90 Baby Scale

Initially designed as a baby scale but perfect for measuring your pups, this electronic scale is ideal for a wide range of pet-weighing needs. There’s a TARE function, if you need to use a collar and lead to get your dog to stay, for example, but want a very accurate measurement of what they’d be without these.

There’s also the Hold function, which takes the measurement from the moment the scale is able to detect any stillness, so you can get an accurate measurement. All of these are shown on the LCD screen, which is easy to read and works brilliantly as a display.

Bluetooth compatible

Hold function

44 pounds capacity

  • Brand: Beurer
  • Model: BY90
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces


BYKAZATY Pet Scale with Tape Measure

Coming in three parts, it’s very easy to pop this pet scale together before use – and the results of this scale are highly precise. A great choice for those with dogs from toy breeds through to medium and larger dogs, the maximum capacity of this pet scale is 220 pounds, which is more than most dogs will need.

Again, there’s the TARE and Holy functions, for easier measurement recording. But this is made more accurate by the high precision sensors, which gives very stable and accurate readings. Wide enough to allow most pets to comfortably sit on this scale, it also comes with the added benefit of a tape measure – for those looking to get as accurate a reading as possible, across the board.

TARE/Hold function

Very precise measurements

220 pounds capacity

  • Brand: BYKAZATY
  • Model: Not Given
  • Weight: 4.99 Pounds


As with all the products from W. C. Redmon, this pet scale comes in a very aesthetically pleasing look that is lightweight and easy to store, thanks to the slim design. Unlike our first choice, this particular pet scale is better suited to smaller animals only, as the capacity only reaches up to 55 pounds.

You can easily change the units required with a touch of a button, while the TARE and hold functions make getting a measurement much easier than many others, when it comes to jumpy or stressed pets.

Choice of standard weight reading or TARE function

Slim and lightweight for easy storage

Easy-to-read display makes measurements a snap

  • Brand: W.C Redmon
  • Model: ZT7400 14
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds


Marketed mostly as a baby weighing scale, this item from ****** is actually very effective as a small pet scale thanks to its range of features, high weighing range and accuracy. This scale comes apart easily for cleaning and storage and is locked into place using a simple swivel mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about the plate falling off, mid-way through your exam.

The large LCD screen is easy to read, and the functions are easy to adjust, as you can hold the screen or switch between kg, oz and lbs. with just the touch of a button.

High range between 0.1lbs and 220lbs

Large, easy to read display

Easy to store when not in use

  • Brand: MOMMED
  • Weight: 4.55 pounds

Best Pet Scales Buying Guide

What to Consider When Buying a Pet Scale

  • Species of Pet

What pet you have will help you determine what kind of scale you should go for, as it will affect the total capacity that your scale can handle, as well as the overall size and shape that will work best with your pet.

  • Weighing Scale Type

– Compact precision scale

Designed to be smaller and fit on tabletops, these scales are best suited for smaller animals such as lizards or rodents. They are generally created to be much more precise and give exact weights- up to 0.5 grams, which is much more useful for lightweight or smaller animals.

The largest pet species that would fit on a compact precision scale would most likely be a standard, domestic cat although you can sometimes find these scale types for larger animals.

– Platform pet scale

Platform scales usually sit on the floor and have a much larger surface area for your pets to stand on. They are designed for bigger animals, such as larger cats, dogs or animals who aren’t all that keen on being picked up, when you only need a general idea of their weight. These types of scales are usually more comfortable for your pet, as you’ll notice that animals are more likely to settle down on the floor than they would a table, which they can often associate with vets and being poked/prodded.

  • Budget

This is naturally going to affect your choice, but you’ll be pleased to know that, unless you are looking to administer or prescribe medicine to animals, you don’t need the most expensive option out there. Look for an animal weight scale that provides you the best for your budget and don’t pay extra for any features you’re not interested in using.

  • Readability

It can be tough enough trying to get your pet to stay on the scale long enough to get an accurate measurement, without struggling to read the screen or dial that gives you your answer. Look for a pet scale that has a clear, easy-access display that can give you a quick answer.

Some dog scales will hold the digits for you on an LCD screen for a while, so you can let the dog go and still get your answer, once a steady number has been reached. Others will have a screen that you can install up to your own eye level, which means you don’t have to lean around your pet to get the weight.

  • Size

The size of the pet scales is important in that your pet should be able to comfortably fit his or her entire body onto the plate of the scale, without becoming so uncomfortable that they decide to walk off. If any of their appendages aren’t able to stay put on the pet weighing scale, the result will be inaccurate which can lead to complications and concerns.

  • Capacity

Naturally, your scale should be able to handle the weight of your pet. Large dog scales can head anywhere up to 600lbs and above, but small animal scales will have a maximum capacity that can easily be reached.

Always give yourself a good amount of wiggle room around their current weight, ideally up to 30%. This should be able to give you plenty of room for growth, without you needing to buy another pet scale.

  • Comfort

While we don’t expect your pets to be snoozing on their animal weight scales anytime soon, it’s generally not too arduous a task to find a pet scale that provides basic comfort during their weighing. The biggest factor in providing this comfort is the material.

Many platform scales for pets have a rubber matting. This is great in preventing a panicked, nervous or excitable dog from slipping on the pet scales and injuring themselves. Meanwhile, precision scales are more likely to be made out of plastics or metals, with no padding between them. If you’re looking for puppy weighing scales, be aware that the cold can make them very uncomfortable, so look for an option with an extra layer, or use your own blanket over the plate of the scale (being sure that the scales are set to zero before placing your pet on top of this).

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Dog at veterinarian check up gets a bone

Difference Between a Pet Weighing Scale and a Standard Digital Scale

Anyone who has tried to weigh their pets at home can tell you how difficult it can be to keep their pet still for long enough to get an accurate measurement. When it comes to weighing pets, we’re more likely to do this for health reasons, as opposed to cosmetic ones that us humans are prone to. This is why it’s so important to get the right measurement, every time.

Due to their continuous movement, a standard digital scale will often find themselves changing the weight constantly. Luckily, a pet scale is designed to handle the movement and provide an average weight, based on the downward force produced by your pet, over a longer period of time. It can take a little longer to get the result, but the result will always be much more accurate than a standard scale.

When Are Pet Scales Useful

  • For prescriptions and medicine

Vets will often prescribe medication based on the weight of the dog, as opposed to giving out the standard measurements that we are used to from our doctors. For smaller animals, even a few grams can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of the prescription- or worse, can cause your pet to accidentally overdose.

  • During pregnancy

If you are a breeder, or if your pet has become pregnant, consistently checking the weight of your pet can give you a good idea of how well the pregnancy is progressing. Since many gestation periods for animals are much shorter than our own, it can also be a great way of checking for any early indications that something is not right with your pregnant pet.

  • Changes in diet

If you’ve recently found out that your pet is over or underweight, having some pet scales to hand can help owners to keep an eye on their progress with a new diet. While there are always some clear, physical changes that are apparent with weight change, having a pet scale can ensure that the weight loss or gain is healthy.

  • Growth

For those with young animals, growth is a key indicator in just how well the new puppy or kitten, etc. is adapting to life. In short, having an animal weighing scale to hand can help indicate whether or not the new life is thriving- and can give you an obvious warning sign, so that you can call your vet, if not.

  • Competitions

Pet owners that enjoy taking part in competitions often need to give accurate measurements of their pet up to and including the big day. Keeping a pet scale to hand can ensure that your pet meets the requirements, or is placed into the right category, depending on the competition type that the owner and pet take part in.

  • Avoiding the Vet

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of having a pet scale at home, besides being able to regularly weigh your pet whenever is convenient for you, is being able to avoid the vet. Some pets aren’t too keen on visiting their local veterinarians- even though they only want the best for your pet. Keeping a weighing scale for animals at home is the best way to avoid a stressful visit, and you can still keep your vet updated over the phone, once your pet has been successfully weighed.

Vet putting cat on scale to measure her weights

How to Get Your Pet on a Scale

For smaller animals, it can be fairly easy to pop your lizard or kitten on the plate and let the pet scale do the rest of the work from there. However, for excitable, nervous or stressed animals, getting your pet to stay still for long enough to be accurately weighed can be a nightmare.

  • Dogs

Luckily, dogs are very food-oriented, which can play a huge part in getting your pup to stand on a pet scale. If your dog is particularly nervous, use dog treats to encourage him or her to come over the scales but don’t force them onto the plate just yet. Let them have a sniff around and get accustomed to the new object.

Once they’re happy with the scale, you can try to get your pup to stand on the scale for a short moment. Even if it’s just the front paws, at first, you should use plenty of positive reinforcement to let them know they’re doing really well- and don’t forget to give them lots of treats and praise when they first step on to the scale.

Once they’re used to the idea of standing on a scale, you can try to pop them onto the plate directly and distract them with food, for long enough that the scale can get an accurate reading.

  • Cats

Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures, so use this to your advantage by placing a few of their favorite objects near the scales or allow them to have a good sniff around. Ideally, they would mark the scales with their scent by rubbing their chins across the plate, which will make your next step a lot easier.

If your cat isn’t interested in staying on or near the scales, you can place their favorite throw over the plate- or use something you know they enjoy sleeping in, such as a box to create a little “cat trap” that encourages them to stand on the scales completely. Just remember to make sure the scale has been set to zero before popping your cat onto the scale.

  • Other Pets

While some lizards and similar creatures are likely to stand still once placed on a new surface, until they’re sure of their situation (in which case you can quickly grab a reading as they accustom themselves to their surroundings), others might need a little more encouragement.

In the case of smaller animals, it can be worth wrapping them up in a blanket before placing them on the scale. Just be sure to get a measurement of your blanket first, so you can minus the weight of the blanket off the total weight measured.

Our Top Pick

Loved by both commercial and domestic users alike, the W.C. Redmon Pet Scale is one of the most popular options available online and is given rave reviews by countless pet specialists and everyday buyers.

Big enough to handle most common household pets, yet small enough to not get in the way of your day-to-day activities. Better still, it’s available at a great price and comes highly rated by the majority of buyers, who praise how easy this dog weight scale is to use.


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