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7 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Living in an apartment need not be the reason why you cannot bring a dog into your life. You’ll find the unquestionable loyalty and dedication to the companionship that these furry creatures provide to be just what you need to bring extra warmth in your apartment especially if you’re living alone. You will only have to find the best dog breed to live with you in your apartment. Here are 7 of the best dog breeds perfectly suited for apartments.


Get the teacup size and you’ll understand why apartment dwellers love the Chihuahua. It may be the smallest dog breed but it is certainly one of the biggest when it comes to devotion and craving for attention. In fact, Chihuahuas love nothing more than to be pampered, dressed up in fancy clothes, taught a few tricks, and sit endless hours on their master’s lap. They won’t mind slipping inside their fashionable pet carrier bag as their pet parents take them along for a ride or in their travels. They won’t require plenty of exercise either since their diminutive size makes jumping and running all over your apartment already a form of exercise for them. Just be sure to pamper them as they need attention and you should have the best apartment dog in your life.

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Chinese Crested

It may be hairless dog, but the Chinese Crested is full of life. Happy, alert, playful, and lively, the Chinese Crested loves being on the lap of its master. It is affectionate and sweet-tempered and is the perfect companion for folks that have lower energy than most people. Even bedridden folks will find the Chinese Crested to be the warmth they’re looking for. It can lay in its dog bed for hours without nudging you to take it out for an exercise. Since it is hairless it’s also low-maintenance, simply perfect for apartment living. And with its small size you won’t have problems with space either.

chinese crested

Coton de Tulear

Cotons are very affectionate and playful small dog breed that are perfect for apartment living. While they are playful and very lively, Coton de Tulears are very intelligent and this is what makes them highly trainable, one of the characteristics of an excellent apartment dog. You’ll never have behavioral issues with it as long as you’re able to train it properly which should come fairly easy since it’s built primarily to please its master. The Coton may be very vocal. However, as it is trainable, you can actually teach it to temper its bark so your apartment neighbors won’t be complaining. It doesn’t shed heavily, too despite having a fluffy coat. At least you won’t have to worry about constantly cleaning your carpet and upholstery. While they may need regular walks and exercise, the Coton de Tulear won’t mind staying inside your apartment the whole day, too.

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coton de tulear

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English Bulldog

He may look terrifying with that characteristic angry look on its face and a stance that is ready to pounce, but the English Bulldog, or simply Bulldog, is anything but aggressive. In fact, kennel organizations around the world consistently rate the Bulldog as one of the most docile and friendliest pooches that anyone can ever have. It is highly gregarious and willful, too. Despite its muscular build it doesn’t require plenty of exercise and would really love lounging in its couch the whole day. And if kids are around roughing the Bulldog up, it won’t really mind. Just make sure to spend quality time with it, schedule a really vigorous playdate once in a while, and take it out for a regular walk and you’d be gifted with the best pooch to grace your apartment.

english bulldog

French Bulldog

Affectionate, easygoing, and sociable, the Frenchie is one of the best dog breeds to have in an apartment. Its small size should be perfect even in tight spaces. They make excellent guard dogs, too, since the only time that they will be barking is when they can sense something is off or if someone they are not familiar with is around the corner. The good news is that they are very playful and would love to interact with your kids as well as visitors to your unit. While they may be playful, the Frenchie will not require that much exercise compared to other breeds. If there’s one thing you have to watch out for though, French Bulldogs tend to overheat easily. So if you’re expecting the weather to be exceptionally hot, make sure to leave the air conditioner on for their sake, especially in the summer.

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french bulldog

Great Dane

It might come as a surprise for you, but how could Scooby-Doo be one of the most ideal pets to have in an apartment? Well hidden in their gigantic size is an amazingly docile nature – very patient, very calm, well-mannered, reserved, and happy with people around them. Despite their size, Great Danes are very gentle, loving, and very friendly, too. They may have that hulking size but they will be most content lying on your floor or even your couch or its own gigantic dog bed all day long. As long as it is given space to stretch, you’re good to go. While the Great Dane doesn’t really require much exercise, it would still be wise to take it out for a walk at least every afternoon after coming home from work. They’re the perfect companion for watching your favorite Netflix films as you’ll have a warm and comfy furry pal to snuggle up to.

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great dane

Yorkshire Terrier

Bold, confident, and courageous, the Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog with a big heart. They’ve been the favorite companions of the nobility since the Victorian era. They may be rambunctious but this can be easily quelled with regular daily walks. Best of all, they don’t shed that much making them perfect in small and tight spaces such as apartments, especially if you have a family member who’s also asthmatic. They don’t require much maintenance either. They only require daily snuggling and petting which are, technically, what all dogs love. If you love Yorkshire Terriers, be sure to check out our review of the best dog food for Yorkies.

Have you picked the dog for your apartment yet? With these 7 best dog breeds for apartments, you can enjoy the full benefits of apartment living while also enjoying the companionship of these very loyal and affectionate canine apartment dwellers.

yorkshire terrier

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