The Best Dog Costume (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 20, 2021

As a pet parent, you really don’t need an excuse to dress up your pet pooch. But Halloween does provide the perfect opportunity to try out a new costume and parade around town with your canine companion. Finding the right costume for your dog can be difficult though, especially with so many wonderful costume ideas to choose from. Then, there is the problem of finding the right size, making sure it is comfortable on your dog, and of course ensuring that it matches your costume.

Our panel of pet experts and dog lovers has compiled a list of the best dog Halloween costumes to help point you in the right direction. While all costume ideas on our list are perfect for trick or treating, it is also ideal for dressing up your dog at any time of the year, from family photos to Christmas, or just for having some fun together.

The Best Dog Costumes


TOMSENN Dog Lion Costume
TOMSENN Lion Dog Costume

If you want fluffier, more robust, and more realistic lion mane for your pet, then TOMSENN’s Dog Lion Mane is the one to get. Currently a bestseller in the dog dress category, the TOMSENN enjoys realistic lion fur complete a lion tail attachment that is easily secured with a built-in elastic band. TOMSENN is only available for medium-sized dogs and large breeds, so you’d better get something else if your mutt happens to be a toy dog or even a small breed. The great news is that, while the Lion Mane comes with soft fluffy woolen fur it can still be easily cleaned to last several more Halloweens, making it one of the best ones on our list.

Designed especially for medium and large sizes of dogs, making it the perfect large dog costume 

Meade of durable yet ultra-soft, realistic materials

Easy to clean woolen materials 

  • Brand: TOMSENN
  • Model: T-ML0002
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces


DC Comics Wonder Woman Pet Costume
Rubie’s DC Wonder Woman Dog Costume

Fans of the DC Extended Universe, rejoice! Rubie’s is now bringing you one of its most famous collections of superhero and supervillain dog costumes specifically designed for today’s extraordinary pooches. Whether you’re thinking of imitating Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, The Joker or even Brainiac, you can always depend on the high-quality craftsmanship and careful attention to detail of Rubie’s master costume-makers.

For example, let’s examine the Wonder Woman costume. Not only does it include the iconic dress of our superheroine, it also comes with her signature headpiece. The only thing missing is her magic lasso, but maybe your mutt’s leash can be a great alternative. These superhero and villain character outfits designed for dogs come in 4 sizes, so there’s bound to be one that’s a good fit for tour mutt.

Part of a collection of amazing superhero outfits for dogs

Made of high quality materials

Soft and comfortable to wear 

  • Brand: Rubie’s
  • Model: 887842 M
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces


Sometimes you don’t actually need a whole body outfit to become the center of attraction in any gathering. Quite frankly, you can do something as easy as put on an attractive piece of headgear and you’ll soon have everyone’s eyes on you. That’s exactly what the PET 20104 Triceratops provides.

This is only a headpiece, but it is a really amazing and realistic piece of headgear. The famous face and neck plate of the Triceratops is distinctly styled with scaly patterns to mimic the outer surface of the dinosaur’s crest. It even comes with its own set of 3 horns. Plus, the entire headpiece is secured in place by Velcro straps that can be fastened right under the chin of your pet. And even if you mutt is going to run like a Triceratops, there’s no way the headpiece is ever falling off. Now you only need to watch out for the T-Rex.

Unique realistic design

Lightweight and secure Velcro straps


  • Brand: Animal Planet
  • Model: PET20104L
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces


He is perhaps the most famous, albeit often underrated sidekick ever. Although he is now the undisputed leader of the Teen Titans, Robin can still have the same mischief of a teenager discovering for the first time the different aspects of adolescence. That being said, having your pooch wear the Robin Teen Titans Pet Costume should also turn your mutt into a miniature caped crusader complete with a mask, cape, and a cool superhero uniform. Now, you may want to complete the team with a costume of Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven.

Designed specifically for Warner Bros.’ Teen Titan franchise

Machine washable yet durable and comfy fabric materials

Comes in 4 sizes 

  • Brand: Rubie’s
  • Model: 887836 L
  • Weight: 5 ounces


Fans of Captain Jack Sparrow or even its arch-nemesis-turned-ally Captain Barbosa will surely appreciate what NACOCO has done with this dog costume. You’d be surprised at just how lovable and adorable your pooch will look wearing the getup. It’s got an extension that comes complete with a hook and a sword. The pirate’s hat is also a welcome addition to the getup’s overall appeal.

Looking from the front, you are actually presented with a miniature pirate of the high seas. We do recommend this for dogs that have long coats, as the beard will simply look spectacular to looking the part. In fact, another great thing about this NACOCO product is that it is fully washable in your ordinary washing machine, although we believe washing it by hand should help retain its integrity for many years. 

Pirate-themed attire, perfect for canine buccaneers

Complete with headpiece, hook, and sword

Easy to put on

Easy to clean 

  • Brand: NACOCO
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces


While we already perform a lot of our economic activities on the net, receiving the products that we purchase online will still require the traditional couriers. One of the most trusted logistics providers is UPS and for that, we believe the UPS Pal Pet Halloween Costume clearly honors the role they play in today’s highly commercialized environment.

Imagine your pooch dressed up like a UPS delivery man complete with a UPS parcel in its hands. It also comes with the familiar visor with the UPS logo in front, securely strapped under the chin. It’s the perfect getup for your pooch to follow your kids while trick or treating on Halloween. Plus, you can modify the UPS parcel to serve as a temporary vessel for all the treats that your kids and their pooch will collect as they go house to house. 

Adorable design

Made of polyester fabric complete with fiberfill

Polyurethane foam visor 

  • Brand: California Costumes
  • Weight: 7.8 ounces


Rubie's Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume
Rubie’s Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Dog Costume

The Force is definitely with your pooch the moment it puts on the Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe. This dog costume is simple, yet will definitely appeal to fans of the galactic saga. The only thing that is missing is the lightsaber that all Jedi masters are known to wield. Nonetheless, the Jedi Robe makes for a very interesting costume for pets, especially if the event that you’re going to attend to happens to be a gathering of sci-fi fanatics and acolytes.

The Jedi Robe comes in 4 different sizes so you’ll have a robe for every size of pooch that you may have. For example, their medium sized robe is perfect for pugs, Jack Russell terriers, and even the French bulldogs. Additionally, the Classic Jedi Robe is officially sanctioned by none other than the creator, Lucas Films.

Simple design yet remains faithful to the original robe of Jedi masters

Made of durable yet ultra-lightweight and super-soft fabric

Comes complete with the cloak, belt, and shirt 

  • Brand: Rubie’s
  • Model: 580056 M
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces


Bring out the Tequila and have some truly sumptuous tacos if ever you do decide to get the Rubie’s Pet Mexican Poncho. This signature clothing item from the culturally rich nation of Mexico is a fitting reminder of just how influential Mexican traditions are in the American way of life. You’ll fall in love with the gold laced black sombrero, providing a remarkable contrast to the rainbow-colored poncho that s constructed of soft yet durable fabric materials. Like all Rubie’s products, the Pet Mexican Poncho can easily be washed by hand to help retain its natural beauty. This canine outfit is perfect for photo shoots, parties, play dates, and even parades. Your mutt will simply love the attention.

Constructed of high-quality materials

Easy to wear components

Hand washable items 

  • Brand: Rubie’s
  • Model: 887817 S
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces


They don’t call it a hot dog for nothing. And if your mutt happens to be walking in the neighborhood wearing the Cute Weiner Bun dog Halloween Costume, you can bet it is going to be a hot item. People will love looking at the delicious red hotdog with the yellow wavy line of mustard on top and completely wrapped in a bed of green lettuce sticking out from the sides of the equally yummy looking hotdog bun.

This is best worn by pooches with naturally elongated bodies and short limbs like the Dachshund, the Basset Hound, the Welsh Corgi, and the Westphalian Dachsbracke, among others. Be warned, however, that the Weiner Bun requires some special caring from you. It needs to be hand washed only in cold water and line dried. Additionally, no bleach should be used to help retain its color.

Lovable and delicious looking design

Made of soft yet high-quality materials

Great for short-limbed and long-bodied pooches 

  • Brand: Forum Novelties
  • Model: 75261
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces


If you’re going to the next confab of Jurassic Park enthusiasts, the Stegosaurus dog costume would look simply spectacular for your mutt. Complete with the iconic dorsal plates sticking out its back terminating with two pointy extensions at the tip, this dinosaur outfit is sure to keep shutterbugs busy all night long.

The dino head fits snugly over your mutt’s head without suffocating it or making it even a bit uncomfortable. The body suit comes with foam padding so it won’t create friction on your pooch’s skin while a strap easily wounds around your pet’s belly to secure the outfit. The bodysuit itself is designed with the classic skin pattern of the real dinosaur. It would be like having a pet baby stegosaur that kids will love to play with or have their pictures taken with. 

Made of highly durable fabric materials

Realistic details including spinal plates, dino skin, and spiky tail

Foam padded outfit 

  • Brand: Animal Planet
  • Model: PET20105XS
  • Weight: 8 ounces


Straight from the saloons of the Wild Wild West comes this adorable Cowboy Rider Dog Costume that instantly turns your mutt into a gallant steed with a freewheeling cowboy riding on its back. The design couldn’t be made simpler as the saddle type outfit easily wraps over your pet’s back and then secured right under its belly, making this one of the best costumes this year.

Quite frankly, you don’t even need a party to let your dog wear this. You can easily make it as part of its usual daily walk so people around the neighborhood will know that there’s a cowboy in the area. Additionally, the fabric is made of a blend of polyester and cotton to provide optimum comfort for your pooch regardless of how long it has the cowboy on its back. It’s cute and absolutely adorable. 

Fabricated of breathable and super-soft materials

Easy to put on your dog’s back

Easily adjustable for more secure fit 

  • Brand: NACOCO
  • Weight: 8.2 ounces


If you can’t get enough of our favorite alien creature from Lilo and Stitch, you might want to consider getting Z-YQL’s take on the famous alien with the Stitch Dog Apparel. It’s a body suit that can easily be worn over your mutt’s back and its legs easily slipped through the sleeves. On top of that, the material is made of fleece so you can expect this to be particularly useful during the chilly days and nights of winter. The hood is designed like Stitch’s head complete with that wide-eyed look that made this blue alien creature famous among earthlings. Now, all you’ve got to do is to teach your mutt how to dance the Hula.

Comfortable and warm fleece fabrication

Cute and adorable design

Easily washable 

  • Brand: Z-YQL
  • Weight: 4.5 ounces


We just hope the Catholic Church will not chastise your pooch for blasphemy if it wears the Holy Hound Dog Costume. Designed like the official wardrobe of a high ranking member of the church, the Holy Hound makes for a very interesting, albeit intriguing outfit for dogs. However, if you can only see beyond this limitation, you may actually find this dog costume to be extremely adorable. It comes complete with a cardinal’s white robe, the red cape, and a red with gold lining stole complementing the equally elegant looking miter headpiece. Available in 4 sizes, we’re pretty sure Saint Roch would love to see his devotees venerate the very creatures the saint has been known to protect.

Very formal yet exceptionally intriguing design

Fully detachable elements

Fully detachable elements

  • Brand: California Costumes
  • Model: PET20127L
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces


This canine outfit from Casual Canine is one of the best halloween costume ideas for your mischievous and bad behaving pet. The Prison Pooch Costume is designed like the garment of a prisoner, although this one comes in black and white stripes instead of the more familiar orange and white stripes. It even comes with a prisoner’s cap with the word ‘prisoner’ printed on the elastic band. This pullover style of doggie outfit is easy to put on and comes with an airy belly part to keep your mutt comfy while spending its days in the canine locker.

Unique fashion for dogs

Stay-dry tummy area

Machine washable 

  • Brand: Casual Canine
  • Model: ZW894 12
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces


If you’re a fan of the Minions, then this costume from Rubie’s will surely blow you away. Designed in the signature denim jumpsuit of Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and the rest of the yellow gang, the Despicable Me 2 Minion outfit is the perfect costume to turn your pooch in a Minion itself. Personally, we’d prefer to be Gru although Lucy, Agnes, Edith, or Margo is just fine, too. This dog costume comes with the signature goggles of the Minions, although we haven’t seen a one-eyed model yet, so you’d have to be content with the usual pair. Before we forget, this costume is fully licensed by Universal Studios, the producers of Despicable Me 2.

Exceptional details faithful to the real Minions of the film franchise

Officially licensed outfit for pooches

Fun and adorable design 

  • Brand: Rubie’s
  • Model: 887800 M
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces


Can you remember Heimlich from A Bug’s Life? Well, if you let your dog wear the Butterfly costume from Animal Planet, we can guarantee that it will turn your pooch into one gigantic Heimlich. This dog costume comes with a headpiece that is adorned with a pair of butterfly antennas while the Monarch butterfly wings can be easily secured through your pet’s front legs. It has a very simple design — the wings are made of foam giving it a rigid yet lightweight form. However, other folks will simply adore your pooch as it walks the streets instead of flying over them.

Foam printed Monarch butterfly wings

Snug fitting headpiece with antennas

Easy to clean and put on

  • Brand: Animal Planet
  • Model: PET20101M
  • Weight: 1 pounds


The Casual Canine Glow Bones Dog Skeleton Pet Costume is simply one of the best outfits for your mutt to go trick or treating with your kids on Halloween. The fitted outfit comes with a matching hat and adorned with a glowing canine skeleton on black fabric. This gives your mutt a really ghoulish look come Halloween especially in dimly lit sections of the neighborhood.

The outfit is made of cotton, allowing it to be easily washed in your machine. Plus, it provides exceptional comfort, too. As a result, this is clearly one getup that should easily scare the wits out of unsuspecting victims while never failing to elicit smiles on those who do understand the nature of the costume.

Comfortable cotton fabrication

Snug fitting 2-piece design

Machine washable construction 

  • Brand: Casual Canine
  • Model: ZA230 16
  • Weight: 6.2 ounces


When it comes to fighting ghosts and other paranormal creatures, there’s no one else to call other than the Ghostbusters. And while Ray, Peter, Egon, and Wilson have been replaced by Erin, Abby, Jillian, and Patty, nothing can take the place of the best canine Ghostbuster in town especially if it wears the Ghostbusters Movie Collection outfit from Rubie’s.

Officially licensed by Sony Home Entertainment this canine getup comes complete with its fully inflatable proton backpack that can be easily slung over the back of your pooch. It also includes a yellow Ghostbusters uniform with the iconic logo of the group. No ghoulish creatures that roam the night will ever be safe from the sniffing and ghostbusting prowess of your pooch.

Durable fabrication

Inflatable proton backpack

Officially licensed 

  • Brand: Rubie’s
  • Model: 887865 XL
  • Weight: 3.52 ounces


Zack & Zoey Fuzzy Tarantula Costume
Fuzzy Tarantula Costume by Zack & Zoey

You may not be afraid of tarantulas, but if they were as big as your dog you’d think you’re in the set of an Eight Legged Freaks sequel. Zack & Zoey has done it again, creating a really creepy crawler that can be easily put onto your pooch and turn any arachnophobic individual into one crazy mess.

The plush fabric construction gives the Fuzzy Tarantula a lifelike appearance that, if you didn’t know any better, you’d be praying really hard it doesn’t sense your vibrations. The legs of the Fuzzy Tarantula are all bendable, giving you the chance to make it as frightening as possible, making it one of the best costumes for dogs on our list

Hairy realistic features including colored body and furry, bendable legs

Lightweight and very thoughtful construction

  • Brand: Zack & Zoey
  • Model: UM4195 16
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces


Fans of Tim Burton’s 1988 film Beetlejuice will love the pet costume designed specifically for pooches. It even comes with the now-famous wig of Betelgeuse himself and complete with the striped jacket. The wig looks absolutely crazy, resembling more like the hairdo of Albert Einstein. Great news though, the wig is fully removable so you can always choose not to have your dog wear it if you think that it will simply make it look absolutely ridiculous. But that’s exactly the point of this dog costume.

If you want something that will attract the attention of everyone at the party, then the wig is simply a must-have. Do take note, however, that the wig should always be washed by hand, although you can easily throw the rest of the costume in your washing machine.

Faithful to the character of the Beetlejuice film

Easy to clean

Durable design 

  • Brand: Rubie’s
  • Model: 580051 XL
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces
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