The Best Dog Strollers (Review) in 2021

Published May 6, 2020

If you are looking for the best dog strollers on the market, it can be hard to choose between the many makes, models, and designs that are available on the market. The best dog strollers differ in everything from color and design, to weight, size, capacity, and how suitable they are for different breeds of dog. To help you through the many options our panel of pet lovers and dog experts have put together a list of the 15 best dog strollers.

The Best Dog Stroller


VIVO Four Wheel Dog Stroller
VIVO Four Wheel Dog Stroller

The VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller provides your dog with ample room to sit or lay comfortably as they watch the world go by. The large protective compartment has several access points, which are secured with zippers. A removable screen allows your pet to interact with their surroundings, while the top canopy can be fully opened to let in the sunshine.

The stroller is suitable for pets weighing up to 30lbs and is fully collapsible for easy transportation and storage. The mesh windows provide ventilation while the cup holder and undercarriage storage are ideal for ensuring you have everything you need on those longer walks.

Suitable for pets weighing up to 30 lbs

2 cup holders

Bottom of carriage is padded for comfort

Collapsible for easy transportation and storage

Large undercarriage compartment

Retractable waterproof rain hood

3 zipper access points

Rear wheel locks

  • Brand: VIVO
  • Weight: 13.3 pounds

Smooth, stable, and comfortable ride quality

Spacious compartment for both dog and accessories

Fully collapsible and storable design

Allows for sufficient ventilation and sightseeing

Exceptional weather- and insect- proofing


Not ideal for pets heavier than 30 pounds

The rear section of the pet compartment extends past the level of the rear axle which may cause it to flip backwards

Wheels may wobble


The BestPet Pet Stroller is quick and easy to open and offers a large undercarriage storage basket for treats, toys, or shopping. The carriage itself has front and rear entry to make placing and reaching your pet easy. The large 6” wheels ensure a comfortable ride over any terrain, while the mesh windows at the front and rear ensure perfect ventilation. The stroller is designed to be sturdy as well as comfortable and uses high quality plastic, nylon and fiber in its construction.

Suitable for pets weighing up to 30 lbs

2 cup holders

Removable padding

Easily collapsible for transportation and storage

Includes undercarriage storage area

3 access points

  • Brand: BestPet
  • Weight: 15.4 pounds

Extra-large wheels for all-terrain navigation

3-wheel design allows for better cornering and maneuvering in tight spaces

Collapsible, storable, and lightweight features

Comfortable and spacious pet compartment

Adequate ventilation and panoramic views


Not recommended for pets weighing more than 30 pounds

Three-wheel design may not be as stable and safe as a 4-wheeler

Some issues about the front wheel being poorly constructed


Paws & Pals Elite Jogger Pet Stroller
Paws & Pals Elite Jogger Dog Stroller

The Paws & Pals City Walk N Stride is a high quality, lightweight stroller that is suitable for dogs and cats. It comes complete with a retractable waterproof rain hood and mesh screen windows to let the air in while keeping bugs and prying fingers out. Your furry friend is kept safe and secure with the seat belt leash and rear security brakes.

The addition of two cup holders and plenty of undercarriage storage space mean that you and your pet can stay hydrated and you can carry their toys and snacks, or your shopping without having bags swinging from the handle. The color matching cushion helps keep your pet comfortable, even on the bumpiest of roads.

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2 cup holders

Hooded peak top window and ventilation mesh screen windows

Rear security brakes and seat belts leash

Large undercarriage compartment

Simple folding design for transport and storage

Retractable waterproof rain hood

Front and rear easy entry

  • Brand: Paws & Pals
  • Model: PTST02-RD
  • Weight: 11.24 pounds

Meets industry standards for safety and product reliability

Excellent weatherproofing and insect-proofing

Ease of access to pet compartment

Improved ventilation for pets

Ride safety features such as seat belt leash attachments and wheel brakes

Lightweight and foldable design


Issues with poorly-constructed front wheels

Some confusion with maximum weight capacity


Pet Gear No Zip Stroller for Dogs
Pet Gear No-Zip Pet Stroller

The PetGear Zipperless stroller offers superior technology that makes pets feel safer and more secure when out and about with their owners. Its Air Ride tires are designed for tough terrain conditions such as marshy or rocky grounds and will provide absolute maneuverability.

The Pet Gear pet stroller is an easy locking stroller that helps to offers easy access for your pet anytime. Riding your pet in the stroller means it can avoid all forms of stress associated with ailment or surgery the animal is recovering from. The stroller makes the pet very much relaxed and quickens the recovery process.

The super spacious resting compartment designed into a three-position canopy enables your pet to have an unlimited view of its surroundings while on the go, in order to enjoy the ride fully. It is strong and built to last. The robust, sturdy six Air Ride wheels of this stroller are specially made to handle long walks and rough terrain. It can be used in all weather, from summer to spring and the front wheels can be locked to achieve stability. With no zip, the stroller is opened or closed by just pulling the top and bottom and clip together. It also features shock absorbers situated at the front of the stroller and parent tray for keeping miscellaneous items.

Specially designed three position canopy

No zip easy locking technology

Easy access for pet

Sturdy tires for all-terrain

Tire locking mechanism to ensure stability

Spacious resting compartment

  • Brand: Pet Gear
  • Model: PG8030NZPGA
  • Weight: 11.5 pounds

Pet strollers are important for pets that are too afraid to venture out alone

Ideal for unfavorable weather conditions such as in thick snow.

These strollers take the stress from the animals as they move about

They provide complete relaxation for the pet and let it rejuvenate and recover

It is ideal for extreme temperature outings for the pet


Your dog might need time to acclimatize to it

Very large dogs may find it uncomfortable

Not suitable for two or more animals


If you like to jog and want to be able to take your pet pooch with you, without wearing them out, then the Paws & Pals 3 Wheeler Elite Jogger is for you. The light weight 3-wheel stroller is designed with the comfort of your pet in mind, while enabling you to keep a good pace and not be concerned by bumps in the road. The cup holders allow you to keep fluids close at hand, while the large undercarriage compartment means you can easily carry your dog’s toys and treats without weighing yourself down. The mesh screen windows provide ample ventilation and bug protection, as well as protecting your pooch from the wind.

3-wheel stroller

2 cup holders

Seat belt leash and rear security brakes

Hooded peak top window

Large undercarriage compartment

Front and rear entry

  • Brand: Paws & Pals
  • Model: PTST03-BK
  • Weight: 8.5 pounds

Meets industry requirements for product quality and safety

Good weather- and insect- proofing

Ease of access to pet and storage compartment

Ample ventilation and panoramic views for pets

Ride safety features such as seat belt leash attachments and wheel brakes

Lightweight and foldable design


3-wheel design may not be as stable as a 4-wheeler

Rear section of pet carrier slightly beyond the level of the rear wheels; potential for tipping over

Wheels are a bit on the narrower side, causing a stiffer ride


The lightweight BestPet Posh Pet Stroller is perfect for walking with small pets with limited mobility. The pivoting wheels give you full control over direction and help you to navigate uneven ground. The zippered front provides easy access, while keeping your pet safe and secure. The inner pad is removable for easy cleaning and the bonnet is fully retractable. The carrier lays flat when detached from the frame, making storage and transportation easier.


Foldable for easy storage and transportation

Suitable for pets up to 25lbs

Retractable bonnet – zips closed

Pivoting front wheels

Removable inner pad

  • Brand: BestPet
  • Model: BP-S8012-red
  • Weight: 12 pounds

Very simple, straightforward, unobtrusive design

360-degree pivoting front wheels for ease of maneuvering

Secure and easy-access pet compartment

Lightweight and fully foldable

Wider wheel base and lower center of gravity for greater stability


No separate storage compartment for accessories

Doesn’t really work well on uneven terrain


For a stress-free jogging or walking experience with your pet, this three-wheeler pet stroller from Paws and Pals comes to the rescue. This stroller combines versatility with comfort, energy, and convenience for your furry friend to enable it to feel at ease when driven. The Paws and Pals 3 Wheeler pet stroller enables easy loading of the pet and makes taking the pet out for a ride very convenient and enjoyable, both for the pet and the owner. It is even better suited for small, injured and aging cats and dogs as it offloads your pet of all manner of stress. It is manufactured using very high-quality materials to ensure durability for it to withstand rowdy animals. Loading can be done either through the front zippers or by means of the back zippered door.

For added safety and security, you need to ensure that you use the leash clip as you stroll around. The freely rotating front wheels enable easy turning and complete maneuverability in all-terrain. This three-wheel pet stroller collapses flat simply by pressing the button on the handle. This allows the stroller to occupy minimal space and makes it easy to stow away or transport. The mesh windows give the pet an airy atmosphere and a wide range of view and allow in a great abundance of sunlight, whilst at the same time protecting them from insects and bugs. Additional supplementary items such as toys, snack and beverages can be accommodated by means of the large undercarriage beneath.

Back and front zippered loading points

Leash clip for enhanced safety

Easily collapsible stroller

Convenient for storage and transport

Freely rotating wheels

Specially designed breathable mesh fabric

Additional space underneath

  • Brand: Paws & Pals

Fully collapsible design allows for easier storage

Specially designed mesh to provide easy visibility

Roomy space for your pet to feel comfortable

Provide complete relaxation for the pet and let it rejuvenate and recover

Made from high-quality material, hence strong

Lightweight and foldable design


Needs to be more sturdy

Might not be suitable for very large dogs


HPZ Premium Dog Travel Carriage
HPZ Heavy Duty Dog Stroller

The HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Pet Stroller is designed to give even larger dogs a comfortable ride. The riding compartment can be adjusted to meet the needs of your pet or pets, and the extra-large storage compartment can accommodate all their toy and treat needs. If this isn’t big enough then there are also the three smaller accessory bags and a bottle holder included for your convenience. It includes human-grade suspension and comfort-ride large wheels, as well as a front and rear braking system and 360-degree rotating front wheels. Placing and reaching your pet pooch is easy with the no-zip feature and easy-locking latches.

Human-grade suspension system, including comfort-ride wheels and 360-degree rotating from wheels

Rear wheel braking system

UV-reflective material

Convertible for different size pets

No-zip and easy lock latch features

Additional storage

  • Brand: HPZ
  • Model: DS328
  • Weight: 22 pounds

Commercial-grade, extra-lightweight, durable aluminum construction

Anti-vibration suspension system for better ride quality

Sturdy and dependable overall construction

Stable and comfortable ride with large rear wheels and two dual front wheels

Fully expandable pet compartment with ample storage for accessories

Excellent rear brake system

Holds pets weighing up to 75 lbs


Some materials may not be as durable as pet parents may have anticipated

Few issues with product reliability


If you are looking for a pet stroller that is perfect for larger pets and works well over rougher terrain, then the Pet Gear No-Zip NV is the stroller for you. It has Aire Ride tires that can take on most surfaces and are suitable for strolling or jogging. The stroller has a larger interior than most and combined with the panoramic view and elevated paw rest your pooch will always travel in style and comfort. The inclusion of a rain cover, no zip fastenings and retractable hood, makes the stroller perfect for every type of weather.

One hand folding system for storage and easy transportation

Suitable for pets up to 70lbs

No-Zip, easy locking latch system

Includes bolster pad for comfort

Air Ride tires and front locking wheel

  • Brand: Pet Gear
  • Model: PG8450NVS
  • Weight: 32 pounds

Extra-large wheels make for comfortable all-terrain navigation

3-wheeled design allows for tighter maneuverings

Pneumatic tires afford exceptional riding comfort

Comfortable resting surface with excellent panoramic views

No-fuss safety and security features

Foldable, storable, and highly transportable


Not ideal for pets heavier than 70 pounds

Some issues about the front wheel bearings

Possibility of tipping over because of the narrow 12.5-inch wheelbase


While it is relatively new in the market, the Ibiyaya All-in-One is guaranteed to become a heavy favorite especially among pet parents who are already tired of a single-purpose pet stroller. The Ibiyaya comes with 5 different functions offering exceptional versatility in its use. It can be used like any ordinary stroller, perfect for a leisurely walk in the park with your pet. Traveling with your pet is also made ridiculously simple as the Ibiyaya can be instantly converted into a pet carrier that you can carry over your shoulders or wheeled just like your wheeled traveling luggage.

Don’t like slinging it over your shoulders? Then you can carry your pet on your back, converting the pet stroller into a neat and multifunctional backpack complete with zippered storage pockets. And when it’s time for a drive, your pet will also feel a lot safer in its own car seat. This is one pet stroller that is sure to have the nod of many pet parents.

5-in-1 design: pet stroller, shoulder pet carrier, wheeled pet carrier, car seat, and backpack

Stress Cracking Resistance-certified

Easy-fold mechanism with adjustable telescoping handle

360-degree swiveling front wheels

Roll-up flaps with zippered storage pockets

Machine-washable comfort padding

  • Brand: ibiyaya
  • Weight: 19.4 pounds

Truly versatile, multi-function design takes the place of 5 different pet products into 1

Adheres to environmental and manufacturing management protocols

Folds easily for easier storage requiring only a foot of vertical clearance

Secure, escape-proof locking zippers

Very easy to maneuver thanks to its 360-degree swivel front wheels

Wide wheelbase and lower center of gravity for greater stability


Limited weight capacity of 18 lbs

Interior space may be a bit cramped for ‘fat’ dogs

Relatively ‘small’ opening for ‘fatter’ small dogs

Not really approved for air travel


One of the things you’ll notice about the BestPet Extra Wide Leopard Skin is that, as the name suggests, a wider wheelbase at about 14.5 inches, although still pales in comparison to other brands that can be 18 to 22 inches wide. Nevertheless, it should still be a great alternative especially for pet parents who want a more fashionable stroller for their hounds. The leopard skin motif is a great way to strut one’s ware as you go jogging or strolling with your pet comfy in its stroller. Looking at the BestPet it does look like a baby bassinet on wheels. At any rate, you’ll find comfort the BestPet thought of including a parent tray plus a storage basket for you and your hound.

Dual pet access: front and rear

Insect-proof, well-ventilated mesh windows

5-second setup from folding

Maximum weight capacity: 30 lbs

  • Brand: BestPet
  • Weight: 25 pounds

Wide wheelbase and well-centered pet carriage for greater stability

Excellent protection against bugs while providing for ample ventilation

Spacious compartment for both pet and accessories

Thoughtful design of cup holders


No mesh panels on the sides

Some issues with poor construction of the front wheels


With 7 different colorful styles to choose from, the Flexzion is an exceptional choice for pet parents who want to go on walks with their dogs riding in a fashionable stroller that speaks well of their character. The Flexzion is built to last regardless of where you decide to take a stroll. The large undercarriage basket is remarkable since its capacity is huge. It is lightweight and fully foldable for ease of storage.

Durable, water-resistant nylon fabric

Front, rear, and top mesh panels with front and rear pet access

Protective sun canopy

Integrated cup holders and storage basket

6-inch all-terrain wheels

Maximum weight capacity: 30 lbs

  • Brand: Flexzion
  • Weight: 11.86 pounds

Easy to fold, easy to carry design

Durable, weather-resistant construction

Better storage options for pet accessories and essentials

Choice of 7 color designs and patterns to match your personality

Costs a lot less than similarly-designed pet strollers


Not good for dogs heavier than 30 lbs

No mesh panels on the sides

A few issues on the construction of the front wheels


The Gen7Pets Promenade is a worthy option for those who want a 3-wheeled pet stroller that is also fashionably designed. The Smart Mesh canopy allows for ample ventilation while the parent tray comes with an integrated cup holder. The storage basket underneath the carriage is spacious enough for your valuables while the handle of the Gen7Pets is extended well backwards to prevent hitting the rear-wheel brace. It is sturdy enough to fit a 50-pound hound.

Easy pet access Smart Canopy mesh

Ergonomic Smart Reach handle

Secure and spacious Smart Basket

Maximum weight capacity: 50 lbs

  • Brand: Gen7Pets
  • Model: G2340BO
  • Weight: 15.87 pounds

Smart features allow for easier access to pets and improved ventilation

3-wheel design allows for easier maneuvering in tight spaces

Ergonomic design prevents feet hitting the stroller frame when walking

Wide-enough wheelbase for greater stability

Comfortably-padded pet carrier


3-wheeled design may not be as stable as a 4-wheeled

Issues with front wheel construction


The PetLuv Soothing “Happy Cat” has got to be one of the roomiest pet strollers we’ve seen. The pet compartment itself measures 16 inches x 16 inches x 21 inches complete with very airy mesh windows on 3 sides. The windows come with flaps for added privacy. The wide wheelbase and low center of gravity gives the PetLuv exceptional stability. Its wheels may not be for rugged terrain but it sure can get your pet wherever you want to go. Besides, you can always remove the pet compartment and use it as either a shoulder-carried pet carrier or even a standalone pet crate. Now that is pure versatility.

3-in-1 pet stroller, pet carrier, and pet crate design

Pet privacy flaps with spacious interior

Seatbelt loops, durable mesh panels, and locking zippers

Double-sided, fully padded pet pillow

Secure lockable wheels

Maximum weight capacity: 45 lbs

  • Brand: PetLuv
  • Model: 767-90334-89
  • Weight: 9 pounds

Exceptionally versatile design with 3 fundamental uses

Spacious and comfortable interior for pets

Privacy flaps for added security and safety for pets

Ergonomic handles and shoulder straps

Wide wheelbase with low center of gravity for greater stability

Folds easily for storage and carriage


No separate compartment for pet accessories


This Roadstar pet stroller from TOGFit is simply the ideal stroller for any type of pet anywhere. It comes as the most robust and toughest in its category. Its tearproof build makes it withstand even the rowdiest or agitated dog and the breathable mesh is such positioned as to give your doggie the widest view possible. No other pet stroller design features four different access points for the convenience of the pet and the owner.

The TOGFit Roadstar luxury pet stroller is a tough, super quality pet stroller that can handle all manner of pets up to 70 pounds. Whether you are taking the animal to the vet, on long walks or on holidays with it, this stroller will handle all these. It greatly de-stresses and improves the quality of life of the aged, injured, scared or recovering pet and restores confidence in them. It provides more comfort and convenience for the pet and the owner thanks to the easily removable and washable mattress included and the height-adjustable handle.

The breathable strong and durable tear-free and netting keeps all insects and bugs out and ensures a free flow of air and great visibility. By means of the zippers, the pet can gain access to the roomy interior either through the front or at the back or from both sides. A large undercarriage allows for extra accessories such as toys, groceries and water bottles to be safely stored away. The hood and the carrycot are easily maneuvered. The front wheels are lockable to bring the stroller to a halt and do rotate freely whilst the rear wheels are removable by means of a quick-release system. The strong muscular tubular steel frame supports poise when moving your dog across all terrains.

Strong muscular and tubular steel frame

Height adjustable slider

Easy cleaning and removable mattress

Large roomy undercarriage

Easy access through four separate entrances

Lockable front wheels

  • Brand: TOGfit
  • Model: P63607
  • Weight: 24.7 pounds

Offers an easy loading for your pet

Fully collapsible and lightweight in design

The design allows for easy storage

Excellent weatherproof

Height adjustable handle is great for handling dogs of different sizes

The undercarriage can store extra baggage when out and about


Needs to be more sturdy

Might not be suitable for very heavy dogs

Best Dog Stroller Buying Guide & FAQ

Buying the best dog stroller is a big investment and one that you want to ensure you get right first time. While it’s useful to know what type of dog strollers there are out there, it can also help to know more about what makes up the best dog strollers, the benefits of having a dog stroller, and why you might need one for your pet pooch. Here, we’ll look deeper into these questions to help you make the right decision on what the best dog stroller is for you and your four-legged friend.

Why Dog Strollers Are Important For Your Friend

While considering all the things your dog needs, a dog stroller may not even be remotely close to the top of your list. It may not even be on your list at all — especially since all dogs need exercise, and one of the best forms of exercise is walking. However, there are several very good reasons why a dog stroller should be on your list of essential dog items. These reasons include:

  • Dog Strollers Provide Early Socialization

Before your dog has had all their vaccinations, it isn’t safe for them to be on the ground outside the home. Additionally, you also need to be careful around other dogs that may not be fully immunized for risk of illness and disease. However, it is also important that your young puppy is socialized as soon as possible.

Once you buy a dog stroller for your four-legged friend, you can begin this process before they have even completed their immunizations. In fact, dog strollers keep pets off the ground while the cover provides a barrier between them and other animals. However, they are still able to experience the outside world, have some contact with other animals, and have contact with other people, giving them a great head start in life. Plus, if your dog is a rescue or has been bought as an older pup, dog strollers a great way to acclimatize them to their new home and the local area without increasing their nervousness or anxiety.

  • Dog Strollers Serve as a Lifeline for Little Legs

Whether you like to walk or jog, your pooch may have difficulty keeping up with you over long distances, especially if they are of a smaller breed. Plus, buying a dog stroller for your pet means that when they have reached the end of their walkies, you don’t have to give up and go home.

  • Illness or Injury Recovery

If your pet pooch gets sick or suffers an injury, they might not be their usual energetic selves. A dog stroller can give you the peace of mind so that you can still take them out without the risk of aggravating the injury or condition by overworking your dog.

  • Taking Care of Them in Later Life

Like us humans, dogs can lack energy and even enthusiasm in later life. It can be tempting to dispense with walks when this happens. However, it is better for your dog’s overall health if they remain active and stimulated. Furthermore, dog strollers allow you to do this without tiring out your dog. Even if they are too tired to walk at all, they can still take in their surroundings and enjoy the sounds, sights, and smells.

What Criteria Determines The Best Dog Strollers?

The best dog strollers are the ones that fit your needs and is comfortable for your dog to travel in. In addition, the dog stroller you buy should also be determined by the weight and size of your dog. However, there are certain other criteria that determine what makes for the best dog stroller, including:

  • Stroller handling

How easy is the dog stroller to control while you are out walking or jogging? Can it be pushed with one hand, does it have rotating wheels, can the front wheel or wheels be locked in place? Generally speaking, these all affect how easy the dog stroller is to control while you are out and about. The best dog stroller has at least one of these features.

  • Terrain capabilities

Are you going to use your dog stroller on a flat paved ground or do you intend to go off road onto dirt tracks and forest paths? Similarly, the type of tires, wheel size, and suspension system all affect the ability of the dog stroller to cope with different terrain types while still providing a smooth and safe ride. As a result, the best dog strollers clearly define the terrain they are suitable for.

  • Weight

The weight of the dog stroller is important as it determines how easily it can be transported, and how easy it is to push once the weight of your dog is added. The best dog strollers are lightweight but still sturdy.

  • Folding

The best dog strollers are able to fold flat and are perfect for transporting in your vehicle, giving you a wider choice of places to walk. They also make storage much easier. The best dog strollers also fold and unfold easily, usually only requiring one hand.

  • Safety

The best dog strollers have safety features built in to ensure your dog is secure while in the stroller. This might include leash style seatbelts or dog harness clips. Dog strollers should also have a braking system to stop it rolling away when you stop.

  • Access points

The best way to place your pet in their dog stroller really depends on your dog. This is just one of the reasons why the best dog strollers have multiple access points and easy opening and closing fastenings.

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  • Storage

When you take your dog out, you also need to take everything they need, including dog toys, treats, and water. You may also want space for shopping and water for yourself. This is why the best dog strollers have ample undercarriage storage baskets and trays that include cup holders attached to the handles.

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  • Comfort

Ensuring your dog is comfortable on their journey is, of course, the highest priority. The best dog strollers also make this a priority, providing cushioned interiors to ensure your dog travels in comfort and style.

Benefits of Having a Dog Stroller

One of the main benefits of having a dog stroller is not having to carry your dog. Even small dogs can get heavy after a short time, especially as very few stay still while they are being carried. Other benefits of dog strollers include:

  • Still being able to get out with sick or injured dogs
  • Safer than carrying them
  • Early socialization for young puppies
  • Easy transportation to veterinarian appointments
  • Being able to take your dog to more places
  • Leaving your dog home alone less
  • Exploring new places easily
  • Extending your walks/jogs without tiring your dog
  • Taking out multiple small animals at the same time

There is such a wide range of benefits from having a dog stroller that once you have it you will wonder how you ever got by without it. However, to feel these benefits you need to ensure you buy the best dog stroller that is right for you and your pet. By following our buying guide, you can ensure that you get the best dog stroller for both you and your dog.

How to Measure a Dog for a Dog Stroller

There are two fundamental measurements you need to take to determine the correct size of the dog stroller you need. First, get its height. Let your dog sit on its bottom. Place the tip of a tape measure an inch or two above the level of your dog’s head. Extend the tape measure all the way to the floor and read the measurement. You can add another inch or two for allowance.

Additionally, take your pet’s body length as some pets inadvertently prefer riding dog strollers with them lying down on the comfy surface rather than sitting up. Let your dog lie down on its belly with its front legs in front of its body. Place the tip of the tape measure an inch or so from the base of its tail. Extend the tape measure all the way to the front of its front legs. This should be the length of the pet stroller you want to buy. Of course, if you prefer your dog to be sitting while you’re pushing its stroller, then you may also have to measure its width sitting down.

Another measurement you need to take is your pet’s weight. You can have it sit on a bathroom weighing scale and read the measurement from there. Alternatively, you can carry your pet and step onto the weighing scale. Take note of the measurement. Now, put down your pet and step onto the weighing scale again, this time without your pet. Subtract this weight from the weight with your pet to get an approximation of your pet’s weight.

Using these height, length, and weight measurements, you can now choose the best dog stroller for your pet.

Best Dog Stroller FAQ:

Q: How can I get my pet to use their dog stroller?

A:  Not all dogs will like riding in its stroller the first time. However, there are some things you can do to help them get used to dog strollers.

First, introduce the dog stroller as a normal part of its daily life. Let your hound inspect and explore what this wheeled contraption is. Once your dog has developed enough confidence, you can start placing your dog in their dog stroller. Make sure to lock the wheels to let your dog feel more comfortable. You can use treats to entice them to go inside the dog stroller as well. Placing treats and other items inside the dog stroller will help your dog associate this space with pleasurable things.

By the time your pet is comfortable enough going inside the dog stroller, you can start taking it on relatively short strolls. Many dog strollers even have a leash attachment too, so make sure you secure your dog’s leash so they don’t run away from you. You can start by moving the dog stroller inside or even in your backyard. Whatever you do, it is imperative that you go very slow. You don’t want to spook your pet and see it jumping out of their dog stroller. Just push a few inches at a time and offer rewards for your pet for remaining calm. If it remains calm, push on some more. Always use positive reinforcement techniques to help your pet learn to associate the ride with something pleasant.

Once your pet is confident about riding its dog stroller in your home, you can take it for longer strolls. Start with your neighborhood, gradually increasing the distance and length of rides.

Q: Are there benefits to all-weather dog strollers?

A:  It certainly wouldn’t hurt to look into all-weather dog strollers since no one can really predict the weather. It may be all hot and sunny now, but raining and windy later on. Besides, you’d want your pet to get the best possible protection from the elements whenever it is riding in its dog stroller.

Q: Where are dog strollers allowed?

A:  This is one of the most common questions of would-be owners of dog strollers. Unfortunately, there are no quick and easy answers. As a general rule, however, as long as the establishment or the place allows dogs or any other pet, then you should be able to use your dog stroller. There is this belief that going inside an establishment that has ‘no pets allowed’ policy is okay as long as the pet is inside of a dog stroller. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily accurate.

When establishments say ‘no pets allowed’ they mean no pets should be present inside their establishment. Whether you carry your pet, put it in a dog crate, or even in a dog stroller, you are still bringing your pet inside the premises of an establishment that strictly disallows any pet or animal inside.

The same is true with some parks. There are some parks and other ‘public spaces’ that do not allow pets. As such, make sure you learn of the existing pet policies of the places you intend to bring your dog stroller in to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences.

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Our Top Pick

Our top pick is the VIVO Stroller, your lovely and adorable pet will make an easy travel companion with this spacious and easily accessible pet stroller. It is sure to enjoy every moment of outing as it regains confidence and recovery through great aeration and wonderful sightseeing whenever, wherever. This lovely dog stroller from VIVO affords your pet an enjoyable ride from you across the country, in the neighborhood or in town. The spacious protective compartment has zipper outlets for the pet to exit or enter easily. The padded foam bottom gives additional comfort for your pet and the open windows and mesh material allows air to circulate freely within the compartment for the animal and at the same time gives the animal widened viewing area.

The top mesh allows the owner to keep an open eye on the pet easily at all times. The stroller can be completely collapsed by means of simple release buttons on either side of the stroller. This makes it ready for easy transport so it can be conveniently packed in a car for travel or simply for storage. The strong four-wheels underneath makes the stroller move smoothly and steadily. At the back of the rear wheels are locks designed to steady the stroller whenever desired. A large under-basket is located beneath to provide additional storage area. Other innovative elements include double cup holders and a centre tray for storing pet snacks and more, and the pushing handle is fully padded all round for comfortable handling.

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