10 great ways to keep your cat entertained

10 Great Ways To Keep Your Cat Entertained

True though it is that cats are independent creatures that can look after themselves, ensuring that they remain entertained is a must. Like children, cats are store-houses of energy, and also like children, cats love having something to do to expend all the energy. In such a situation, being aware of various entertainment options would not just keep your feline mentally and physically active but also prevent it from falling victim to cognitive disorders.

Rather than have your cat indulge in undesirable activities in a bid to entertain itself, following are some entertainment options that you can seriously consider.

Set up a Bird Feeder

Have you ever noticed your kitty peering out of the window intently once in a while so much so that even the most frantic calls from you fail to grab her attention? The reason is that it might be watching birds outside because cats by nature are born ornithologists. So, you can take a cue from this behavior and set up a bird feeder where it easily falls within your cat’s line of vision.

As long as you ensure that the feeder is sufficiently full of seeds, there is likely to be a constant flurry of activity, meaning plenty of entertainment for your cat.

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Invest in a Scratch Post

Providing a scratch post to your cat will come in handy in more ways than one. Not only will it keep your cat busy for some part of the day but also protect your couch from getting marauded by its sharp paws. A slightly taller scratch post will also provide the vertical height which your cat would love to clamber on multiple times during the day.

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cat playing with a scratching post

An alternative to this is a scratching bench which is a great option as cat furniture since it would provide your cat with a scratching surface as also its own personal space.

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Cardboard Boxes

Provide a medium-size cardboard box to your cat and you will have unwittingly given her one of the most exciting objects. You must ensure that the box is just high enough for your kitty to jump in and out comfortably or and spacious enough for it to play hide-and-seek without feeling insecure.

Find out Why do cats love boxes so much

cat playing in a cardboard box

Easily available and cost effective, a cardboard box of the right size could actually prove to be a good source of entertainment for your cat.

Fish Tank

Cats love eating fish and it is for this reason that a fish tank could engage your cat for some part of the day. Watching the swimming around not only keeps your kitty occupied but also provides their eyes with the much needed visual stimulation.

cat with fish tank

However, you must ensure that the fish tank is firmly placed so as not to be knocked over by an excited cat. Likewise, it should also be firmly covered so as not to enable your cat to take the plunge.

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Organize a Treasure Hunt

Because cats are inquisitive by nature, a treasure hunt would appeal to their inherent instincts. Organizing an interesting treasure hunt entails stashing toys around the house for your cat to dig them out one by one. You can even rely on everyday objects that your cat is familiar with to serve this purpose, or even place them in the bathtub to prevent them from disappearing under the refrigerator.

Vertical Entertainment

Cats get tired of the floor very easily, which is why you would find your kitten hopping around from a comfortable height as soon as it grows up a bit. As they grow older, cats tend to revel in scaling the highest points in the house, ranging from book-cases to shelves, mantles, and pelmets. Since climbing comes naturally to felines, you might as well buy a cat tree and keep moving it around the house every once in a while.

Having got the cat tree, do not be surprised to find your kitty perched on it and peering down at everyone from her vantage point.

cat playing with a hat box

Two Is Company

Get your cat a companion and you will have found a permanent solution to the problem of keeping it entertained.

two cats playing

That being said, there are certain considerations for this option to work. First and foremost, your kitty should be willing to welcome another feline into the family, and secondly, you as the owner should be prepared to handle the responsibility that comes from having two pets.

Cat Toys

From rollers to battery operated gadgets, there are a variety of toys available in the market for your feline to play with. Currently, it is a Trixie cat toy which is ranked as being the best, but there are several other options like the affordable rollers, food motivator, chewing toys, and so on.

Pet owners who wish to splurge can opt for Sushi cat toys, which may be high-priced but never fail to attract the feline owing to patches of Sushi stuck on a vertical box-face.

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Supervised Outdoor Time

If you have a secure green space outside, you could seriously consider providing some outdoor time to your kitty. While this could prove to be a great vent for your cat’s predatory instincts, there are certain precautions that you must observe to ensure that your kitty is safe:

  • Pick an area which is completely bereft of traffic;
  • Till your cat gets used to its surroundings, make it a point to keep an eye and ensure that it is safe from external factors like other cats and sharp objects;
  • Always ensure that your cat is wearing a collar when it ventures out so that it can be identified by others as being a pet

Cat Television

Difficult though it may be to believe, there are videos made especially with cats in mind for the purpose of keeping the felines entertained. There is bound to be a phase during the day when your cat is not on the go, and this is the time when you can put a show for it to watch.

Final Word

Being aware of ways to keep your cat entertained will lessen your responsibility to a certain degree, as you can rest assured that it would be occupied irrespective of whether or not you are at home. Carefully picked entertainment would also ensure that your feline enjoys high fitness levels, both physically and mentally, and also eats well.

Last but not the least, despite all the entertainment, do make it a point to spend some time playing with your pet, as it would serve to satiate its need for love, affection and attention.

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