More Pet Owners Surrendering Their Pets Due to Financial Issues

More Pet Owners Surrendering Their Pets Due to Financial Issues

Established in 2012, Shelter Animals Count is an organization that collects and shares credible data to positively impact animals and communities. One of their aims is to save the lives of animals in shelters, and they do this by giving shelters all the information they need to streamline their operations and run their facilities with the best practices.

The Data from the Report

Recently, the organization completed a report (their analysis of 2022’s second quarter) showing that the intake rate increased between 2021 and 2022. They may still be lower than in 2019, but the past year has shown more cats and dogs being given to shelters. The rate of dog euthanasia is also increasing.

Based on previous years, Shelter Animals Count estimates that around 10% of all animals entering shelters this year will not have an outcome – meaning that they won’t be adopted or euthanized. They will simply continue living in the shelter.

Over 25% of all intakes of dogs and cats this year have been due to the animals being relinquished by their owners.

How the Housing Crisis Affects Pet Ownership

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Liz McCauley is the first Executive Director of Cape Coral Animal Shelter and has over 30 years of experience. In an interview with Fox 4, she spoke about the struggles that pet owners are currently facing due to the housing crisis and subsequent financial issues.

“You have the bad economy, you have people having to move to places where they aren’t allowed to have pets, or they aren’t allowed to have a certain breed or a certain weight,” said McCauley. “So, they must give up animals they’ve had for a long time. It’s very sad.”

She and her team have been fielding up to 200 calls daily because they offer a low-cost pet clinic. They’re overwhelmed, and McCauley states that shelters and rescues are full. It’s an ongoing problem that has been rampant during the Covid period.

Many rented properties won’t allow pets, and the ones that do ask for additional fees have limitations on the number of pets allowed on the property. When pet owners have no other options, they have to reduce the number of beloved pets to fit their human family members into whatever accommodations are available.


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