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Top 10 Long Haired Dog Breeds

Long-haired dog breeds are just perfect! They come in a beautiful range of sizes that make them ideal for every home. Long-haired breeds are excellent for those who have ample time to spend on their pet dog, brushing the hair, tying it up, and taking them for all the beauty rituals that involve looking after their fur.

The long-haired breeds are absolutely worth all that effort, after all, they are inherently sweet and gentle and will return your affection wholeheartedly.

Here are the top ten long-haired dog breeds in the world that we’ve listed. They are all worth a glance:

The Komondor


With their unique look, they are just way apart from all other breeds on our list. They are an excellent companion for families or those who are still looking for companionship. The best part, if you are a little lazy to take your dog out for walking, Komondors are just for you. They need minimal exercise and walking as their favorite activity is to stick to their owners, watch television, and have a cuddle. However, they do need a little bit of exercise, too, from time to time.

Looking back at their history, they were initially a herding dog from Hungary. Give them a few sheep, and they will round them up all for you. Not only that, they are fantastic guard dogs because of their overprotective nature. Their fur provides them with camouflage against sheep for which they could easily ward off wolves and other predators from the farms they were put on.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance long-haired breed, the Komondor will not disappoint you. They are exceptionally easy-going and guess what? Although they are long-haired, their coats still don’t need to be brushed on a regular basis. An occasional bath would suffice to relieve him from the dirt and smell that he had been living with for a while. Surprisingly, their coat can weigh up to 15 pounds so any extra dirt can make them feel very uncomfortable. Nonetheless, this pooch is just as caring and affectionate as any other canine.

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The Afghan Hound

afghan hound

The moment you see an Afghan Hound, you’ll be impressed by how their regal looks and long silky hairs can be engaging so much of your attention. They are intelligent, independent, excellent, and protective dogs. You can be out for work all day, and your Afghan Hound will enjoy their time alone; separation anxiety is not their thing.

Their coats usually range from shades of black, cream, or rust colors. Do take note that if you are planning on petting them, you need to be prepared to make them for regular walks and exercise sessions. They are incredibly active in nature and very fast when it comes to running. Behold when they are running around at full pelt, their hair might get into their mouth.

Their coat is not it; let’s not forget to praise their gentle nature and humor! Again, when it comes to having a family pet, the Afghan Hound enjoys being around a family. Speaking to an Afghan Hound parent, they are content that they were able to find such a pet for their home.

Yorkshire Terrier

yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is not too unknown to us. They are notably one of the most beautiful straight and long coat cute little balls of fluff. Yorkies might look small, they are courageous in nature. In fact, they are outstanding watchdogs, full of energy, and have a demeanor of more considerable stature.

Their fur usually is blonde and brown, but some may also have black and white fur. It’s best to keep them indoors with some of their favorite dog toys that would keep them out of trouble.

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Their long silky hair looks great on their whole body. And don’t you think they look so unique from other breeds of dogs? Yes, they do! The good part about Yorkies is that they need a very little exercise. All you need to do is brush and groom their fur regularly to make their coat shine. As a parent, you never really have to worry about whether your Yorkie enjoys your company or not because they might not express it but they LOVE being with you.

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The Havanese


A Havanese is an excellent addition to your family. They make any environment around them cheerful with their playful and friendly personality. These little balls of energy love being walked around the neighborhood by their owners, making friends of their own.

Historically, they were pets to Cuban families in the 19th century and remain to be popular choices as pets. Their cute face with brown eyes gives them a wealth of character from their appearance. Havanese needs a lot of care and love for their long coat. They crave their parent’s love and affection due to which they might suffer from terrible separation anxiety if you leave them alone for too long.

And we wouldn’t say that you won’t suffer from separation anxiety too. Can you live too long away from your furry Havanese? Indeed, the answer would be a no! Their maintenance is nothing compared to the love and cares they will give you throughout your parenthood.

The Pomeranian


There’s no question about how beautiful a long-haired Pomeranian can be. Their fluffy coat makes them eye candy for whoever sees them. Ideal for those who want to pet a dog in a small area because they are so tiny. But the good part is, they are happy to spend time on their own. You won’t need to worry about leaving them behind at any time of the day.

Of course, they are incredible companions. When going for an adventure, take your Pommy along with you, and they will love exploring every bit with you. Plus, they will keep you entertained throughout your experience; oh, what lovely memories to create!

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The reason why Pommies are extra fluffy is that they are double-coated. This means that they need to be groomed on a regular basis to keep their fur from getting tangles. Many Pommy owners see this grooming time as a bonding time with their canines.

The Maltese


This cute little puppy will charm literally anybody who comes their way with their friendly and loving nature. A Maltese will never get bored of their parent’s company. In fact, they will follow their parents all throughout their house, watching and trailing each and every step. Therefore, a Maltese would be an ideal companion for those who are battling loneliness.

The long white hairs do need a lot of care and grooming, but did we mention that it does not take too long just to brush their hairs. That’s because they are the smallest long-haired breeds you’ll ever come across. And trust us when we say that they love brushing their hair – for them, it would mean spending time with their favorite human.

They make bizarrely great watchdogs, despite being so small. Training them won’t be an issue as they learn the commands very quickly. They are very protective of their parents and are known to be fearless when it comes to getting their owners out of any trouble. Once a person owns a Maltese, they will never look at another breed ever again!

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The Bernese Mountain Dog

bernese mountain dog

If you have ever seen a black and white shaggy-coated canine with a little hint of brown markings on their face, know that they are called the Bernese Mountain Dog. These pooches are enormous, and their parents need ample space to accommodate their giant frames.

They are kind of high-maintenance canines. They need to be brushed at least two times a day to avoid having any tangles on their coat. Unfortunately, they might get caught with skin infections if their fur is not taken care of properly. We can’t express how lucky you are if you are an owner of this gentle breed. With their kind nature, the grooming time becomes a perfect bonding time between them and their parent.

Just like any other canine, they love staying active and will never run out of activities. Unlike other breeds, the Bernese will not pester their owners for workouts or attention. Although their upkeep costs might be a little too high, given that their thick coat, but are excellent companions and charming to be around.

The Bearded Collie

bearded collie

The Bearded Collies, having bred in Scotland as a herding dog, is extremely bright and attentive to what their parents have to say. That’s why they are believed to be a family favorite for those who have already had them. For families in search of long-haired dogs, the Bearded Collies could be an excellent option for you.

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Their fur brings so much charm as they are a little bushy in contrast to the sleek-looking long-haired dogs. Their thick hairs make it a bit difficult for them to groom, which by the way, is a regular thing for them. A daily brush works wonderfully for the Bearded Collies.

A little sensitive in nature, these canines love being a part of prominent families with a lot of family members as they tend to suffer from separation anxiety. Coupling their high energy with separation anxiety could lead to destructive behavior. All they want is to roll around your lawn most of their time and take out for walks every now and then.

They need to be trained from an early age otherwise, they might turn out to be stubborn. Not to forget that they are one of the most intelligent breeds out there. Their ability to abide by their parents’ commands make them excellent companion.

The Shih Tzu

shih tzu

These little bundles of joy originated from China and thus derived this exotic name. If we translate the word Shih Tzu, it means Little Lion; and it surely reflects their personality. They are very well-natured, mainly when around their pack leader or parent, but can sometimes be a little stubborn.

With a Shih Tzu being around, you will never feel lonely. They are devoted to their parents. This brings back to their breeding history, whereby, they were principally bred to be companions to humans and had no other intention in mind.

Shih Tzu’s parents usually take them for monthly grooming to pet salons as their maintenance is more than just a regular brush. However, some prefer to care for their pet dog by themselves, in order to spend some extra time with them. Well, that’s not a bad idea, but let us tell you that grooming a Shih Tzu by yourself isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

We don’t think anyone can ever resist the way a Shih Tzu charms in their own loving way. Even those who are fond of large breeds will be triumphed by this little fluff.

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The Lhasa Apso

lhasa apso

The Lhasa Apso and its quirky look is not everyone’s taste. Their long fur is the next silkiest and the softest thing after cotton. To your surprise, they were initially bred in Tibet, where they were watchdogs at the Buddhist monasteries. They were excellent candidates as watchdogs because of their sense of smell and is incredibly intelligent. Independence comes as an addition to their personality.

And needless to say, their coats definitely need a lot of attention. Their coats are the thickest among all the dog breeds in the world that requires constant brushing. The biggest disadvantage of their long fur is that it gets stuck up with smell very quickly and might need frequent bathing. Of course, there is no compromise to brushing down their fur.

Although we have mentioned that they are quirky in nature, they can also be stubborn and mischievous too. In order to ensure that they are not mischievous for long, their training needs to start from puppyhood.

Bottom Line

If you are a fan of long-haired dog breeds, then you must have enjoyed reading this blog post. And we understand your obsession! Long-haired dogs are so handsome that you just can’t take your eyes off them. If you’re planning on getting one, go ahead! We promise you won’t regret the decision. Let us know, which breed you loved the most from our list in the comments below!


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