Best Dog Hair Bows (Review & Buying Guide) in 2019

Dog owners are known for thinking, nay, knowing their dogs are the cutest, and they’ll often go to great lengths to prove it. Having a well-groomed dog is just one of the many ways dog owners show not only their love but also their dedication and dog hair accessories are often a good way of showing both.

While they’re mostly associated with small breeds and “purse dogs”, dog hair bows can be worn by races of all sizes and they look fantastic on each and every single dog out there.

In this list, we’ve compiled the best dog hair bows of 2019 to make things easier for you when you’re purchasing a bow for your fur baby.

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Yagopet Pet Rhinestone Pearl Bows

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The Thoughtful Brand Dog Hair Bows

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Chenkou Craft Random Puppy Bows

Best Dog Hair Bows Buying Guide & FAQ

Benefits of Using Dog Hair Bows

While it may appear as a purely aesthetic choice at first, putting a hair bow on your dog can actually benefit it.

Some small dogs, like Yorkies, Shiffons, Maltese and other long haired breeds, the ones known for wearing bows, often get their eyes covered by their fur. While it’s true that a quick trimming will often solve that problem, a bow works the same, with the added benefit of looking super cute.

dogs with a bow

On the purely aesthetic side, long haired dogs don’t mix well with sweaters and clothes. Sure, you can try to dress them, but they often overheat, so the easiest solution is a little bow. This also has the added benefit of not bothering your dog, as once they get used to it they’ll act like it’s not even there.

Finally, a bow kiss an affordable and easy way to make a statement, like a bandana or a collar can be. There are bows with seasonal themes, holiday themes, sports themes, etc.

Bows are just another way to make your dog look more special.

Things to Consider when Buying Dog Hair Bows

While getting dog hair accessories may seem like a no-brainer, there’s actually a series of things you should consider to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety.

  • Materials: Let’s be honest here, if dogs are known for something other than their loyalty it’s their fascination with eating things they shouldn’t be eating in the first place. Dog bow ties and bows are amongst the things your dog will chew / eat if given the chance, so if you want your dog to wear them, you want to make sure they’re made with non-toxic materials.
  • Attachment Methods: There are three main ways dog bows are placed on your dog: Clips, rubber ties and glue. Each of them has their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Clips: These are the easiest to put on your dog but also the ones that will fall more easily. These are also the ones that will actually injure your dog if they manage to eat them, so they’re only recommended for older, well-behaved dogs that aren’t likely to remove / eat them. Even then, these are better for short periods of time, which works just fine as you can remove them without any hassle.
  • Rubber Tie: The safest, do-it-yourself, option. Rubber tie bows are often more affordable and a good choice for active pets. They’re not as dangerous if ingested than the clip-on puppy bows, and they’re a better option for extended periods. That said, they’re harder to remove and they might come off with fur attached if you’re not careful.
  • Glue: Non-toxic glue is a good option that ensures the dog hair bow stays on for as long as possible and minimizes the risk of ripping it off, eating it. However, it’s not the kind of process you can easily do at home and, more often than not, it requires visiting a groomer.
  • Size: You should always be aware of the size of the ribbon before purchasing it. A too heavy bow may fall down or cause discomfort to your dog, while a too small bow may not be noticeable or may be easily swallowed.

Overall, your considerations when buying a dog bow boil down to “this will end up in my dog’s mouth at some point. How can I make sure that isn’t a problem?”

female puppy with a bow

Best Dog Hair Bows FAQ

Q:  Are dog hair bows harmful to my dog?

A:  Putting a bow on your dog isn’t harmful on its own, but you have to be careful when doing it. Being overzealous in your desire to keep the bow in place may cause discomfort to your dog and, in some extreme cases, even cause some hair loss.

Your dog eating the bow can also cause some troubles. The best way to avoid this is slowly letting your dog getting used to wearing a bow, rather than trying to force it to do it. This way, the bow will soon become uninteresting and you won’t have to tie it on so strongly / keep an eye on your dog to make sure it doesn’t eat the bow.

Q:  What happens if my dog gets wet while wearing a bow?

A:  There are two possible outcomes.

In the best case, the bow will fall off. No harm done.

Worst case? The bow will get tangled, which means you’ll either have to spend a while untangling it or you’ll have to cut it out.

Q:  How do I put in my dog bow?

A:  Putting on a bow on your dog can be hard work when you first get stated but it becomes easier as you and your dog get used to it.

Here are the things you should do:

  • Make sure your dog is bathed and clean. Brush away any tangles or snarled hair.
  • Place your dog between your legs and gently comb the area where you’ll put the bow.
  • Part your dog’s hair according to the desire hairstyle.
  • If your dog gets nervous or restless during this period, consider combing / brushing the rest of its body until it relaxes. (If your puppy doesn’t like getting brushed, pet him.)
  • Take the hair and create a small ponytail.
  • Secure the ponytail with a small rubber band and adjust according to the desired “furstyle”
  • Let your dog relax and see how it reacts to the rubber band. If it seems nervous or agitated, distract your dog by playing with her or offering her treats.
  • Once your dog is used too the rubber band, put him or her between your legs again and attach the dog bow, be it with a clip or with another rubber band.

The key to success is being patient and making the whole thing a bonding experience between you and your dog. Don’t force them to wear a bow if they’re not comfortable with it and don’t scold her if you get impatient.

You want your dog to associate the whole grooming process with positive things, so take your time and have fun…and treats readily available.

Q:  Can I leave the bows in until next groom?

A:  It depends entirely on your dog and the type of bow it’s using, but it’s better if you don’t.

While some dogs have no problem wearing their bows for extended periods of time, it’s recommended that you take them off from time to time, both to let their hair relax and to minimize the risk of tangling.

Ask yourself, would you wear a hair tie several days on a row?

puppy with a black bow

Our Top Pick

The best thing about these bows is the sheer variety of colors and styles available in each package. No need to choose between bows you love when you’ll get all of them.

Yagopet bows are made with durability in mind, as the brand acknowledges how active and unpredictable dogs can be. This lead not only to the use of strong, tested materials but also a design that helps the bows stay in place.

Another great thing about Yagopets is that the bows come in different sizes and in pairs, which allows you style your dog’s fur in a variety of styles to match every occasion or, if you’re a groomer, gives you more options to choose from when styling different breeds.

Unlike other packages in this list, Yagopets doesn’t come with any add-ons, but the bows are pretty and numerous enough to make up for it.

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