Fromm Dog Food Review

Last Updated October 25, 2019

The Fromm brand of dog food may not be as popular as other brands of canine nutrition, but it has actually been around for more than a century. It is best known for its gourmet and artisan canine recipes that will put to shame many of the so-called specialty dog diets. Fromm dog food utilizes only the freshest possible ingredients, blended into a unique mix of premium-quality animal proteins and wholesome fruits and vegetables, and concocted into a kind of diet that is nothing less than deserving a Michelin Star if ever there is for dog food. This Fromm dog food review will help you get to know more about the brand, why you may want to give it to your pet, and a review of its ingredients.


It’s no Peking duck that makes you salivate just by the mere thought of it, but your adult hound will be treated to a feast of delectable duck that’s made even more appetizing and definitely more nutritious by the inclusion of chicken, Wisconsin cheese, lamb, whole egg, and salmon oil when you give it this Gold Nutritionals variant. This Fromm grain free dog food utilizes brown rice, oatmeal, and pearled barley to replace allergenic grains such as wheat, soy, and corn.

Chicken cartilage has been included into the mixture to provide the much-needed chondroitin that active adult dogs need. And even if your hound is not really that active it would still benefit from the 5:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a well-balanced meal that helps maintain normal physiologic processes while ensuring optimum health for your adult dog.


Calorie content per serving: 408 per cup

Minimum crude protein content: 24%

Minimum crude fat content: 16%

Maximum moisture content: 10%

Maximum fiber content: 3.5%

Top 5 ingredients: duck, chicken and chicken meal, pearled barley, and oatmeal

With menhaden fish meal, chicken fat, brown rice, potatoes, lamb, whole egg, cheese, salmon oil, flaxseed, carrots, celery, lettuce, chicken cartilage

Chondroitin, EPA, DHA, ALA, linoleic acid

Prebiotics and probiotics

2.5% omega-6 FAs and 0.5% omega-3 FAs

  • Brand: Fromm
  • Model: 727520
  • Weight: 33.4 pounds


Treat your dog to a doggie version of the famous Italian dish that is usually thought of as the Mediterranean equivalent of the Spanish tortilla, the crustless quiche, or even the quintessential breakfast treat – the omelet. While this frittata version is not actually cooked in a cast iron pan and finished in the oven, the Beef Frittata Veg is, nevertheless, prepared in the same loving way as moms cook their breakfast delights for the whole family.

This Fromm pet food is one of the brand’s best-selling gourmet canine delicacies that contains moderately-high levels of proteins, thanks to the use of high-quality beef as its principal ingredient. Whole eggs, potatoes, and an amazing array of healthy vegetables like cauliflower, green beans, broccoli, and carrots all combine to give your pet the best-tasting frittatas they will ever have. The inclusion of salmon oil an flaxseed provide the formulation with the right levels of essential fatty acids for optimum immune, nervous, and cardiovascular functioning.

Calorie content per serving: 408 per cup

Minimum crude protein content: 30%

Minimum crude fat content: 18%

Maximum moisture content: 10%

Maximum fiber content: 3.5%

Top 5 ingredients: beef, whole egg, peas, pea protein, and potatoes

With pork meat meal, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, beef liver, cheese, apples, pork cartilage, salmon oil, broccoli, flaxseed, green beans, cauliflower, blueberries, cranberries, carrots

DHA, ALA, EPA, chondroitin

Probiotics and prebiotics

2.5% omega-6 FAs and 0.5% omega-3 FAs

  • Brand: Fromm
  • Model: FRM11414
  • Weight: 4.1 pounds


Comparing the adult version of this Gold Nutritionals Fromm puppy food, the only real difference is in the number of calories, proteins, and fats that these two formulations have. The Fromm puppy food version has a slightly higher calorie, protein, and fat content than the adult version. Puppies generally require more calories, proteins, and fats in their diet because puppyhood is a time when they are growing. Each organ in their bodies is still growing and trying to reach maturity in a matter of months.

They are naturally more active, more playful, too. As such they need all the proteins and calories they can ever get. The good news is that this puppy formulation is exceptionally friendly to the sensitive tummies of puppies as it comes with duck as its top ingredient.  There is no gluten or allergic grains included in the formulation so you don’t get to sensitize your pup’s tummy needlessly.  The probiotics, antioxidants, and other useful micronutrients that the Fromm puppy food has clearly indicated the understanding of the brand about optimum nutrition for young dogs.


Calorie content per serving: 417 per cup

Minimum crude protein content: 27

Minimum crude fat content: 18

Maximum moisture content: 10

Maximum fiber content: 3.5

Top 5 ingredients: duck, chicken and chicken meal, pearled barley, and oatmeal

With menhaden fish meal, chicken fat, salmon oil, brown rice, chicken cartilage, carrots, celery, potatoes, lamb, whole egg, cheese, flaxseed, lettuce

EPA, DHA, ALA, linoleic acid, chondroitin

Prebiotics and probiotics

2.6% omega-6 FAs and 0.6% omega-3 FAs

  • Brand: Fromm
  • Model: 727553
  • Weight: 15.3 pounds


Sharing the same recipe as the adult and puppy versions of the Gold Nutritionals product line of Fromm pet food, this formulation for adult small breeds technically differs only in the calorie, protein, and fat content. If one were to position the three products – adult, puppy, and adult small breed – in a line, the adult small breed Fromm dog food will sit right in the middle when you only look at its calorie-, fat- and protein- content. That being said, you can still expect the same delicious and nutritious goodness that Fromm grain free dog food products provide.

Duck remains the principal protein, making it highly recommended for those dogs that may show some degree of hypersensitivity to chicken. While it is true that chicken still forms the top 5 ingredients of the Gold Nutritionals, at the very least it’s not the first. Plus, there’s menhaden fish meal, salmon oil, whole egg, and cheese to provide added nutrients for your dog’s meal.

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Calorie content per serving: 416 per cup

Minimum crude protein content: 26%

Minimum crude fat content: 17%

Maximum moisture content: 10%

Maximum fiber content: 3.5%

Top 5 ingredients: duck, chicken and chicken meal, pearled barley, and oatmeal

With menhaden fish meal, celery, lettuce, chicken cartilage, chicken fat, whole egg, cheese, brown rice, potatoes, lamb, salmon oil, flaxseed, carrots

Chondroitin, glucosamine, EPA, DHA, ALA, linoleic acid

Prebiotics and probiotics

2.6% omega-6 FAs and 0.5% omega-3 FAs

  • Brand: Fromm
  • Model: FRM10566
  • Weight: 5 pounds


With salmon forming the core of this fish-inspired Fromm dog food, giving the Salmon Tunalini to your pet is like giving them a taste of the bounties of the ocean. In addition to salmon, there’s tuna, anchovy, and sardine, too. It should make for a great seafood platter – your doggie version, of course.

There’s eggplant, cheese, spinach, and olive oil as well so you can expect all the nutrients delivered by these ingredients work seamlessly together to enhance your dog’s overall health while giving it a taste that your hound will surely love. Its protein and calorie content is just right for maintaining the metabolic needs of moderately active dogs. The probiotics, as well as essential fatty acids, work to improve canine digestion and immune system functioning, respectively. It’s the kind of Fromm dog food that utilizes the bounties of the sea in a well-balanced formulation.

Calorie content per serving: 408 per cup

Minimum crude protein content: 28%

Minimum crude fat content: 16%

Maximum moisture content: 10%

Maximum fiber content: 3.5%

Top 5 ingredients: salmon and salmon meal, potatoes, peas, and pea flour

With tuna, whole egg, tomatoes, anchovy and sardine meals, salmon oil, chicken liver and fat, cheese, flaxseed, olive oil, celery, parsley, carrots, zucchini, eggplant, chicken cartilage, spinach

ALA, EPA, DHA, LA, chondroitin, glucosamine

Prebiotics and probiotics

2.7% omega-6 FAs and 0.6% omega-3 FAs

  • Brand: Fromm
  • Model: 20110248
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Company Information

Fromm Family Pet Food had its modest beginnings in 1904 after the 4 young Fromm brothers, aged 10 to 16, decided to form “The Company” dedicated to producing only the most beautiful and finest silver foxes in the planet. It’s a family-operated business that is now manned by the 4th generation of the Fromm family. Tom Nieman not only owns and presides over the affairs of this Wisconsin-based pet food company, he is also the inventor of many of the brand’s pet food products in its Gold Nutritionals, Four Star Nutritionals, Classic, and Pate product line.

The Four-Star is the brand’s take on a gourmet feast, featuring artisan style diets that can rival the best in the industry. Gold variants are perfect for life stage development while the Classic is basically for maintenance purposes. Their Pate line is the brand’s version of wet dog food. Unfortunately, it did suffer one product recall in 2016.

The positive thing about the brand’s March 2016 product recall of 3 of its canned dog food variants is that it was done voluntarily. This was after scientists of the company found out higher levels of Vitamin D in their chicken pate, chicken and duck pate, and salmon and chicken pate variants that were distributed from December 2015 to February 2016.

The company has manufacturing facilities for dry pet food and treats in both Columbus and Mequon in Wisconsin. Their wet pet food manufacturing facility is in Eden, Wisconsin, clearly underscoring the need to separately process wet and dry food.

Hungry beagle dog eating

Why Choose this Brand?

If you’re tired of the same usual stuff you’re giving to your pet dog, you might want to consider shifting to the Fromm brand of pet food. The company concocts a delectable feast for pets that are specially formulated for their needs. You’ve got a selection of 3 dry dog formulas that range from the simple to the gourmet, each one maintaining the unique blend of premium quality ingredients for optimum health benefits for your dog.

For pet parents who are wary about the presence of allergenic grains, you’ll feel more comfortable with the brand since the formulation only includes wholesome carbohydrate ingredients like potatoes, oatmeal, barley, and brown rice. These are not only nutrient-rich, they are easily digested by dogs, too. Unfortunately, there is still chicken and sometimes beef in the formulation which are two allergenic proteins. The good news is that it uses duck in many of its formulations where chicken is also included. This means you have a higher proportion of novel animal protein at its core.

Speaking of proteins, the brand utilizes only animal proteins as its top ingredient. In some instances, it uses novel proteins like salmon, whitefish, lamb, and even game fowl. If you want bison, buffalo, or venison, the brand may not be able to grant your wish at this time. They do have pork, though.

Another good thing about Fromm pet foods is that they always manage to clearly name their ingredients. You won’t see any ingredient that says ‘poultry meal’ or ‘fish meal’. Instead, you will read chicken meal or duck meal or salmon meal. Since the animal source is accurately identified, you’ll feel more secure about what you’re giving to your dog. Additionally, there are no byproduct meals in the formulations of Fromm. They only use high-quality meat parts and none of the bones, innards, and other animal parts that many pet parents don’t like in their dog’s food.

Top view of beagle dog eating pet food

Ingredient Analysis

As a whole, the dog food product line of Fromm pet food is considered to be near-average in terms of calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Here’s a closer look at how these stack up.

  • Moderate protein

On the average, Fromm dog food contains about 24% protein based on its guaranteed analysis. Computing for the actual dry matter composition places the protein content to about 27%, accounting for 23% of the dog food’s calorie content. This gives the impression that Fromm pet food plays it safe by going for the average. What is admirable, however, is that it always uses animal proteins as its main source of the macronutrient. Additionally, it uses novel proteins like duck, salmon, whitefish, lamb, and game bird in some of its formulations, especially the gourmet artisan style. These diets can help provide for a reduced incidence of allergies in sensitive dogs.

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  • Moderate fats

Fromm grain free dog food contains, on the average, 16% fat. Without its moisture, the fat content gets bumped up to 18%, accounting for 37% of the calorie content. The good news with the fat composition of the brand is that it doesn’t include trans-fats and saturated fats in each formulation. The brand always attempts to include only healthier and more beneficial versions of fats in the formulation. Essential fatty acids and unsaturated fats are included to provide dogs with the right kinds of fat they need for brain development, cellular integrity, and hormone production.

  • Moderate calories

Only 41% of the calorie content of Fromm dog food is attributed to carbohydrates, with the remaining 59% accounted for proteins and fats. Unlike other formulations where their carbohydrate content is more than 50% of the calories, Fromm grain free dog food tries to minimize the inclusion of unnecessary carbs in the formulation. What it does include are healthier versions of fruits and vegetables that become the source of certain vitamins and minerals that dogs need. Plus, the overall calorie content of the brand’s dog food formulas is ideal for moderately active dogs.

  • Micronutrients

Vitamins and minerals are beefed up with probiotics, chondroitin, prebiotics, and essential fatty acids for the better nutrient profile. In some cases, taurine, tryptophan, methionine, and other essential amino acids are included to augment the content in natural food ingredients.

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  • A well-balanced formulation that is ideal for all life stages as well as life-stage specific diets
  • Uses high-quality animal proteins as its top ingredient
  • Uses novel proteins in some formulations like the game bird, duck, lamb, salmon, and whitefish
  • Doesn’t include allergenic grains such as soy, corn, or wheat gluten
  • Includes nutrient-dense whole egg and cheese in each formulation
  • Easily identifiable, fully-named ingredients
  • No by-product meals
  • Includes prebiotics and probiotics in all formulations
  • Uses natural ingredients as preservatives
  • Ensures close-to-ideal ratios of essential fatty acids
  • Includes named-animal cartilage as the source of chondroitin
  • Priced just right for their gourmet, artisan versions
  • Moderate amounts of protein, averaging about 27%
  • Novel proteins used in certain formulations not as extensive as other brands
  • One history of the voluntary product recall in March 2016 for higher vitamin D levels in the company’s 3 canned dog food products

Fromm dog food provides moderate amounts of proteins, calories, fats, and carbohydrates to meet the various needs of modern-day dogs. It is available in 4 product formulations that emphasize well-balanced nutrition for different life stage development of our canine friends. The best part is that they always use high-quality animal proteins as the top ingredient and never includes wheat, soy, and corn in their formulation.

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