Group Dog Walks: Tips For Preparing Your Pup For a Pack Walk

Group Dog Walks: Tips For Preparing Your Pup For a Pack Walk

Are you getting tired of being tangled up in leashes in a desperate attempt to walk your canine friends? Or maybe you are a dog walker by profession and you are losing control (and your cool) as you try to put yourself in charge of a pack of little furry maniacs? Well, get excited, because it is possible to walk multiple dogs without the hassle. This article will give you all the information you need about group dog walks with tips for preparing your pup for a pack walk. You will now know how to walk multiple dogs and still keep your sanity at the end of the day.

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Dog Pack Walks: What Is It?

Generally, there are two types of dog pack walks. The first part has to do with joining a group of other dog walkers for a walk together in a pre-structured environment. Such dog pack walks come with guidelines that govern the events which you have to follow. You can inquire if there are any organized group dog walks in your neighborhood, or you can also start one yourself and invite other dog owners to join.

The second type has to do with multiple dog walking by on your own. These may be your dogs as well as other dogs in your neighborhood. You can arrange these walks at a scheduled time on a daily basis – you may see this as an extra source of income.

How to Prepare Your Pup for a Pack Walk

Preparing your canine friend for a pack walk can easily be compared with preparing a young child for school. There is always something about being in a pack with other dogs that will stimulate your dog’s mind – the sounds, sights, and scents amongst the presence of other dogs all go a long way to stimulate your dog mentally and physically. Here are some tips you can try before embarking on a group dog walk.

  • Be the boss: Dogs tend to have their own mind when they are in a pack. The only way your dog or dogs will pay attention to is when you establish yourself as the leader of the pack. Here is what you can do. Before you leave home, ensure that you have trained your dog(s) to master the obedience of basic simple commands like “stop” and “sit.” This will come in handy when you need to put some control on your dog in public.
  • Let your dogs wait for you: This can determine whether you are going to have a good walk or a nightmare one. If you set off wrongly, chances are you will have no control over your dogs for the rest of the walk. Before you set off, let your dog know you are about to go out for a walk. But control its excitement by making it sit calmly before you put on the leash. Once the leash is on, make your dog wait for your command. Try this for 10 to 15 minutes every day until our dogs learn to be patient and wait for you. The idea is to make sure that your dog does not drag you out of the house. Doing this will make your dog understand that it does not move until you do.
  • Choose a pack leader: If you are going to walk multiple dogs by yourself, you have to determine who the leading dog will be. Consider the dog’s size and training when making your choice. If you are able to train your leading dog to follow your lead, then the rest of the pack will naturally follow. The beauty of dogs walking in a pack is that they allow nothing to distract them – whether it is the presence of other dogs, a bird, or other humans.
  • Use the right dog leash: Granted, some dogs will still be difficult to control when outside. Recognize which dog will give you the most trouble and use an anti-pull leash on that dog. This will help prevent that dog from jerking off. Using the right leash will also help to prevent tangling. It is best to opt for a double dog leash that comes with one handle but splits into two double-clipped leads. Using such a leash is sure to solve the tangling problem.
  • Dog backpack: Ensure that you carry a backpack along. This will carry all the dog accessories you need, such as water, dog treats, and poop bags. A dog backpack can also be used to carry a tired dog in the pack.
  • Number of dogs: It is a very bad idea to attempt to walk more dogs than you can control. Always stick with a safe number of dogs.

Benefits of Dog Pack Walks

There are many benefits of dog pack walks. They include the following:

  • Dog pack walks are a great way of stimulating a dog’s mind. The new sights and sounds help to sharpen their minds.
  • Dog pack walks are more fun than walking a single dog alone. You will be able to tell that your dog(s) is/are having a time of their lives. A happy dog is always a loyal and well-behaved dog.
  • Pack walks also help your dog to socialize better when in the presence of other dogs or other people.
  • It is also an excellent way to give your dog all the exercise it needs. After a good pack walk, a dog’s mind, heart, and body are well-trained and ready to get some needed rest. It is also a great way to help overweight dogs shed some extra pounds.
  • A dog walk is also a great way to bond with your dogs and spend quality time with them.

Woman wlaking dogs in the forest

To Summarize

Hopefully, your next dog pack walk experience will be a less stressful one after reading this article. Always make it a point to put yourself and your dog’s safety into consideration before stepping out. Also, be sure that you have practiced with your dog at home before going for a dog pack walk. Training your dog will take time. So you need to exercise the same amount of patience you expect from your canine friend.


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