Dog walking apps offer pet owners more convenience than ever before. Instead of putting out an ad on social media for a dog walker and being messaged by all kinds of people suggested by your friends, you can search for dog walkers and post dog walking jobs on these amazing mobile applications.

Our guide to the best dog walking apps will highlight the various features of our favorite apps used by dog walkers and dog owners so that you can narrow down your search from the hundreds of people that are probably willing to walk your dog for you. Remember, it's all about your dog's safety. Convenience comes second.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Always check the reviews of any sitter or dog walker.
  2. Look for a liability insurance package when choosing a service.
  3. Some apps charge their sitters high commission fees.
  4. The best dog walking service is one that gives you updates.
  5. Check cancellation policies.

At a Glance: 10 Best Dog Walking Services

Bottom Line
Rover Dog Walking App
No cash handling Verified reviews
Inactive dog sitters
An app for safety-conscious dog owners who are worried about leaving their pup with a stranger.
Wag! App
Dog trainers available Compare pet insurance
No dog walker screening process
As long as you're vigilant and only book with reviewed dog sitters, pet parents will enjoy this easy-to-use app.
Barkly Pets
Background checks for walkers Simple dog walking app
Not as popular as other apps
Despite not being one of the popular dog-walking apps, Barkly offers simple dog walking services in your local area.
Lots of pet services Criminal background checks
High commission fee
An app that ensures your dog is protected while they are with a pet sitter or a dog walker.
Offers grooming services Your pet is insured
Pet sitters lose 25% of their fee
The fee may be high for sitters but it ensures that your pet is fully covered if something happens.
NYC Pooch
GPS tracking Friendly website and app
Limited to New York City
If you prefer a no-nonsense way of booking a dog walker, NYC Pooch sets their own pricing and vet their team in advance.
Out U Go
Easy to set up recurring walks Cat care available
No mobile application
With no mobile app, pet parents will need to rely on the simple website design to book a dog walker.
No commission fees Reviews for sitters
Must subscribe to book
Paying to subscribe to the service may seem annoying, but it gives you lots of great benefits when booking.
Fetch! Pet Care
Vetted dog sitters Care for a range of animals
No pet insurance
Book with trusted and reviewed pet sitters to give yourself a little more free time during the week.
Compare sitters Last-minute bookings
No mobile app
Part of a larger company that offers all kinds of care, put your pup in the hands of a trusted pet sitter.

1 Rover Dog Walking App

Rover Dog Walking App
Key features:
  • Book and pay through the app
  • Locate local dog sitters
  • Worldwide sitters and dog walkers
  • Book everything from dog walking to overnight stays

Rover has an app and a useable website, which is a huge plus because so many apps either don’t have websites or just have very basic ones. On the Rover app, you can look for a range of dog walking and dog sitting services, specify dates, and even tell potential dog walkers how large your dog is. The same features are available on the Rover website, though you would lose the convenience of having everything formatted for a smartphone so you can book a dog sitter on the go.

The Rover Dog Walking App also allows photos and videos to be sent from the dog sitter to the dog owners, so you can ask for regular check-ins throughout the day while your hired sitter is looking after your pup.

What others say about it:

This app is normally great. I’ve been using it for 3 years now as a sitter. Recently, as in this past week, I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall EVERY TIME I have a Rover card in use. It won’t let me open it. Very frustrating. My clients are unable to see where I walked their dogs because the information is deleted every time. Please take this more seriously. I saw your response to another review that is having the same problem and it was utterly unhelpful. Thanks 🙃

Read more user reviews on Google Play.

  • Verified reviews from other users
  • App and website function the same way
  • All communication happens on the app
  • App bugs
  • Inactive sitters are still on the app
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2 Wag! App

Wag! App
Key features:
  • Compare pet insurance
  • Choose from 3 time periods for dog walking
  • Drop-in services for dogs who like to meet new people
  • Experienced pet trainers available on the app

Sometimes referred to as the “uber for dogs”, the Wag! app gives you the option to book local, trusted care for your pup. When it comes to dog walking apps like Wag and Rover, it’s difficult to tell which is the best dog walking application for your pup to be cared for. Wag offers many of the same services as Rover, such as a functioning website and app, overnight care, and simple bookings for a dog walker.

One obvious difference in the Wag vs Rover argument is that Wag allows you to compare pet insurance and connect with licensed veterinarians for advice, while Rover does not offer these services. For well-rounded pet sitting, Wag! is certainly one of the best dog walking apps around.

What others say about it:

I’ve been using Wag for a few months now and am very happy with the service. I’ve been fortunate enough to get the same walker each time who is fantastic!

Read the full review on App Store.

  • Short and long dog walking service
  • Pet care services
  • Website and app both function
  • No screening process, so anyone can sign up
  • Customer service issues
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3 Barkly Pets

Barkly Pets
Key features:
  • Find local dog walkers in your neighborhood
  • Dog walkers have background checks
  • Only registers highly trained pet professionals
  • Dog walkers are paid weekly

Find reliable, local dog walkers with the Barkly Pets app. This app ensures that dog parents can get on with their day’s appointments without worrying about someone being home to care for their dog. Instead of running around when you’re already busy, you can use this dog walking business app to find a local professional who enjoys walking dogs.

The downside of this app is that it’s just a popular dog walking app. You won’t find a pet sitter or a pet care provider, just someone to walk your pup while you take care of the other things in your life. However, if you’re just looking for an easy-to-use dog walking app, Barkly Pets could be the best dog walking app for you.

What others say about it:

I have been using Barkly for two years. I have a walker from Barkly who has been walking my dog almost every day for those two years and she is awesome! The Barkly team has created a high-quality app with the right amount of support to customers. Their walkers and pet care professionals are dedicated and highly trained. I have tried other dog walking apps and companies over the years, but Barkly has given me the best experience.

Read more user reviews on App Store.

  • Simple app with no bells or whistles
  • Dog walking’s best safety record since 2015
  • Manage all bookings through the app
  • The website isn’t as detailed as the app
  • No recent app reviews
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4 Pawshake

Key features:
  • Half-hour home check-in service
  • Schedule walks with pro dog walkers
  • Vetted pet sitters
  • Free veterinary cover with every booking

Are you a dog owner looking around the pet care industry for some doggy daycare? Pawshake offers everything from day-time care services to dog walking, hoping to make your life just a bit simpler. Some dogs need more attention and care than others, which is why the pet sitting business is full of potential carers for your pup.

Find a dog lover on the Pawshake who is available in your area. It’s a simple process, and there are plenty of care services to choose from. You can even have a pet sitter come to your home and check in on your dog during the day. Otherwise, just use the app to find dog walkers near you because working pet parents don’t always have time for a scheduled walk, but Pawshake pet lovers do.

What others say about it:

Good app for finding local pet sitters. However, I do think the cut they take from the sitter’s payment is much too high – 19 percent! And, what’s offered in return is a rather rudimentary designed app, and a Pawshake guarantee to cover veterinary expenses, but only up to a certain amount, should an accident occur. Which, I believe, is hardly ever needed. Not much incentive to keep using it, when close to 20% is taken out, after taxes not much left :/ Perhaps sitters that are booked more should receive a lower rate.

Read more user reviews on Google Play.

  • Free vet cover for peace of mind
  • All pet sitters have a background check
  • Dog boarding available
  • The high commission is taken from pet sitter pay
  • No account recovery
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5 PetBacker

Key features:
  • Pet Sitter and boarding services
  • Pet Groomers available on the app
  • Sitters paid after 7 days
  • Sitters are rated and reviewed

To make PetBacker stand out from the other pet walking apps that we’ve discussed in this guide, our readers should be aware of the cool grooming feature that PetBacker has. Although there are many walkers willing to take your dog out on other apps, PetBacker is the first in this list of the best dog walking apps that includes the option to hire a dog groomer.

Get photo updates, ask for a walk request on-demand, or hire a local professional groomer instead of paying your veterinary practice’s own groomers. With PetBacker’s ios and android apps, you can have a huge range of personalized pet services at your fingertips. Worried about safety? Don’t be. PetBacker makes it safe and secure for parents and sitters to communicate with each other without revealing any phone information until the sitter is hired.

What others say about it:

I found an AMAZING sitter for my cat, at the last minute. Exceeded my expectations. Love what the app has to offer though it is a bit difficult to navigate. Switching between Chinese and English was difficult and also the chat didn’t always work correctly. I think if the app itself was updated and fixed from bugs and added features, it would be more user-friendly.

Read more user reviews on App Store.

  • Also offers cat sitting
  • Viewable ratings from pet parents
  • App is user-friendly
  • The app functions better than the website
  • High fees for pet sitters
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6 NYC Pooch

NYC Pooch
Key features:
  • No-fuss booking
  • Quickly find prices for each service
  • Discounts for bulk weekly bookings
  • GPS tracking

If you’re a dog owner who wants a service provider without the hassle of looking through reviews, NYC Pooch is the service for you. IT’s only available for dogs and their owners in New York City, but they do have sister sites for Charlotte in North Carolina and for Denver. There’s also a second NYC service called Puptopia.

The cool aspect of NYC Pooch is that pet parents can track their dog via the app’s GPS, even on a quick walk. Your dog walker will be able to update you on how the walk went, and you’ll be able to see exactly which route they took. The downside to this, which is a bit concerning, is that some walks are highlighted on the website and show these routes for the public to see.

What others say about it:

We have been using NYC Pooch as our dog walking service for the past three years. We can not recommend them enough. They are very easy to deal with and have a lot of flexibility. Our dog Thor gets walked by Alesya, who we absolutely LOVE – she genuinely cares for Thor and his well being (which give us such piece of mind whilst we are at work). We receive the most hilarious photos from their walk each day along with a detailed update – which really brightens your inbox. Thor has great new doggy friends, who he regularly bumps into around the local park. We have always felt safe & secure with NYC Pooch entering our home each day and haven’t experienced any issues ever with them. They are a really lovely team, and are such a pleasure to work with.

Read more user reviews on Yelp.

  • Informative website
  • User-friendly layout
  • Easy to set up a meet and greet with a sitter
  • Limited locations
  • Safety concerns
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7 Out U Go

Out U Go
Key features:
  • Overnight stays
  • Pet care included with walks
  • Kitty care available
  • Book recurring visits

Out U Go! is certainly the most basic application we’ve reviewed here. They, unfortunately, don’t have a true mobile app. When you look up their “app instructions”, it’s actually just a step-by-step guide to saving the mobile version of their website as a bookmark. The website uses a lot of cute terms rather than outright stating what services Out U Go offers, which makes it difficult to find anything.

But, that doesn’t make it bad service. Out U Go is an excellent service to use if you want to set up constant dog walking visits, such as daily or weekly scheduled walks. They’re a small team of dog walkers that provide flexible scheduling on short notice. Prices for walks are available once you start the booking process, and include pet care as well as exercise.

What others say about it:

Each time I’ve used OUG I’ve felt very comfortable leaving my cat in their care. They visit my apartment and give my cat love, feed him, and empty his litter box each day. That way o don’t have to board him. They are reliable, pay attention to detail, and communicate often. They are professional and accommodating and make traveling and leaving my pet behind much easier. I will continue to use their service!

Read more user reviews on Yelp.

  • Book in advance or on short notice
  • Accessible prices
  • No app to take up storage space
  • Confusing website
  • Hard to find information
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8 Holidog

Key features:
  • Find the perfect pet sitter near you
  • Dog and cat boarding
  • 117,000 registered pet sitters
  • Up to $500 vet care cover

Holidog is an excellent website that is easy to use and allows you to browse without signing up or making any commitments. There’s nothing to download, so you can just use the application through either your mobile or desktop browser. Holidog is more than an original dog walking app, it’s a service that puts thousands of potential dog sitters right in front of you, and makes recommendations best on their reviews and their distance to your home.

They offer pet sitting for dogs and cats, and even have sitters who have experience with aggressive dogs and shy dogs. Your sitter will happily follow the usual route for your dog’s walk or take them to some new places while they care for your pet’s every need. You can see everything from reviews to a sitter’s availability and map location, helping you make the best choice of doggy professional.

What others say about it:

I am a pet sitter and have been using Holidog since 2015, it’s been a great experience. I find some owners have found it difficult to navigate through the website and at times surprised about Holidog’s subscription terms, but any good and experienced sitter will assist where possible. After subscribing, owners can explore sitters’ profiles, book and cancel any time without charge. I find it a relaxed service and based on feedback, cheaper than kennels.

Read more user reviews on Trustpilot.

  • Search without signing up
  • View pet sitter availability
  • Get recommendations based on location
  • Pay to subscribe and to book
  • No mobile application
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9 Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch! Pet Care
Key features:
  • Last-minute bookings
  • Sitter journals
  • Meet and greet
  • Pet taxis for non-drivers

Fetch! Pet Care has both a website and a downloadable mobile app, which is great for its extensive list of services. All pet sitters and dog walkers who register with Fetch! Pet Care must pass a mandatory background check, go through an in-depth interview, and provide all necessary personal information asked of them before they can start their own pet sitting business through the app.

They are the nation’s leading in-home pet care provider, offering everything from dog walks to pet medical help for those pups that hate taking their pills. You can meet your sitter before you take anything further, and if you like them, you can have the same sitter to look after your dog every time you need one. There’s even an on-demand feature for dog lovers who need a last-minute pet sitter.

What others say about it:

Love love love the local ownership!
Locally owned and operated. Fully insured. Easy to use! Absolutely love Fetch! I won’t trust my fur babies with anyone else.

Read more buyer reviews on App Store.

  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Detailed updates with photos and videos
  • Insured and vetted dog sitters
  • App bugs
  • No insurance for your dog
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10 PetSitter

Key features:
  • Find trusted local pet walkers and sitters
  • Book for dogs or cats
  • Pet grooming services
  • Dog training services

A simple application for your desktop or mobile browser, PetSitter gives you the option to compare the profiles of available pet sitters in your local area. As a pet parent, you can either look at the profiles of the sitters or post your job opening and let sitters come to you. Either way, you can then look at the recommendations on their profiles and decide which trusted sitter is right for you.

PetSitter also has dog groomers, trainers, and sitters who will look after your cats. There are even sitters who have experience with farm animals! You can filter by experience and services, which makes your search that much easier.

  • Book with a dog trainer
  • Last-minute bookings available
  • Compare the prices and availability of sitters
  • No vetting process
  • Anyone can sign up to be a sitter
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Best Dog Walking Apps: Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

When it comes to pet care services, we all want the best for our dogs and any other animals that we may have in our homes. This is especially important after adopting shelter dogs because they tend to be very nervous and need extra attention. You must endeavor to choose the best dog sitting and care apps that offer the services which will best fit your canine companion.

What is a Dog Walking App?

Professional dog walker walking a pack of dogs on leash at city street.

A dog walking app is typically an application or program that you can download on your mobile phone. It allows you to connect with local dog walkers who may also offer pet sitting as part of their services.

The features of these apps will vary. Some are more basic, while others will offer you a dog sitter with veterinary care insurance and other amenities. One thing is for sure, the dog walking business is booming, which makes it difficult to choose an app or a website from the many that are available in your area.

How Does a Dog Walking App Work?

Without going too much into the technology behind it, the majority of dog walking apps work on a sign-up system where they allow both pet sitters and dog owners to sign up to the same application. The pet sitters will be asked a series of questions and may even have criminal background checks completed before they are verified on the app. A dog owner, however, doesn’t need to do this.

Once a pet parent signs in, they can then browse the listings of designated professionals who may offer anything from standard dog walking of various lengths of time to overnight stays in their own home. This is called boarding, and it’s a great solution to expensive boarding companies that are never anywhere nearby.

After a job is complete, the dog owner can review the services of the professional. These reviews are how other dog owners know who they should and shouldn’t hire. That means that it’s crucial that you’re as truthful as possible when leaving reviews because other dog lovers are relying on the reviews to find the perfect pet sitter.

Things to Consider Before Using Dog Walking Apps

A Man Walking Multiple Dogs with Their Leashes and Collars In the Park On a Beautiful Sunday Summer Morning

Before you download a dog walking app or start using a website that is dedicated to dog walking and pet sitting, consider these questions:

What is your budget?

The last thing you want to do is overspend on pet walking services and then not be able to afford necessities. If you aren’t in a place of financial stability, it may be best to forego using these kinds of services for now.

Is there a close family member or friend who could look after your pet, instead?

This second question goes hand-in-hand with the first. If you can’t afford dog walking services or pet care from a professional, would a friend who has experience with dogs be willing to take your pup on a walk for a little cash? It never hurts to ask, especially if you have a friendly neighbor that you trust.

Do your friends have any local recommendations?

Friends with pets are fountains of knowledge. If you’re a new dog owner, try asking your pet parent friends who they use for their pet care needs before looking elsewhere.

Is the app or website trustworthy?

Check reviews on the app store page, look at search engine results, and pay special attention to any mentions of lawsuits.

Are you willing to let strangers care for your pet and possibly enter your home?

This is a tricky one. If you feel weird about letting a stranger care for your pet, you might want to look elsewhere. Never say never, though! In an emergency, pet care or dog walking app may be the only place that you can get a last-minute sitter. Just be vigilant and check that sitter’s reviews.

Does your dog require any medical care, and is that an option on the apps you’re looking at?

Some sitters are great with dogs that need to take medication, and one particular app in our guide even offers medication help as a service. If your dog will need to take pills while with their sitter, make sure the sitter is comfortable with giving medication to a dog. It’s tricky for anyone to do!

Would you like GPS tracking when your dog is with a professional?

GPS tracking is a great feature, particularly for first-time dog walking app users. Instead of fretting about where your dog is and what the sitter is doing, you can log on to the app and follow them on their walking route.

Are the sitters and walkers vetted or can anyone sign up?

Apps, where anyone can sign up without being vetted, can be very concerning. Would you trust a childminder who wasn’t registered? Unlikely. If you do go with an app that has a simple sign-up process, be extra careful when searching for a dog carer.

Benefits of Dog Walking Apps

Though it’s important to be prepared for anything that may happen when someone else is looking after your dog, it’s also important to remind yourself of the benefits that these kinds of services offer:

Benefits for you

  • Dog walkers set their own prices, so you can find one in your budget.
  • Your dog sitter can come to you or take your dog to their home.
  • You can take time off from your dog to focus on other things.
  • You get more personalized service.
  • A pet walking app allows you to manage everything from your phone.
  • You can request the same sitter and build trust with them over time.
  • Some apps allow on-demand or last-minute bookings.

Benefits for your dog

  • Your dog won’t be put with other dogs they don’t know.
  • Your dog gets to meet new people, which can help with socialization.
  • Some apps offer training and grooming services.
  • It’s possible to book multiple walks on the same day.
  • Your dog may be insured for veterinary care if something goes wrong.

What is the Alternative?

French bulldog is laying down on a door mat with a leash in front of him.

The alternative to an app like the Wag or Barkley dog walking app is asking for dog walking services on social media or checking on marketplaces for people advertising their skills. It’s significantly less safe than a company that vets all of its professionals and shows the review history of those who have completed jobs.

You could also search for boarding houses nearby, but these tend to be pricey and aren’t as easily accessible to dog owners who don’t drive. A boarding house will have fewer services, too. You wouldn’t be able to just have them take your dog on a quick half-hour walk. They would have to stay overnight to get full care.

Pet Walking App FAQs:

If you find yourself in need of someone to care for your dog while you’re at work or have an appointment, then yes. A dog walker is a great way to ensure that your pup is being cared for while you’re busy, and you’ll feel significantly less guilty about leaving them alone.

In the event that you find yourself frequently hiring the same dog walker, your pup is going to start recognizing them as a non-threatening part of their life – or, eventually, a friend. That means that your fluffy pal will get about as attached to their walker as any human friend that you see throughout the week.

They can be if you’re smart about how you use them. Dog walking apps aren’t owned by any tech giant companies, they’re often smaller companies that haven’t been around very long. Use apps that allow you to check the reviews left by other dog owners and don’t book with anyone who doesn’t have a history on the website or app.

This varies. Many walkers set their own rates, but some apps or websites may also have a membership or subscription cost. It’s common to see prices set between $20 and $30 for a walk that lasts around 30 minutes. Overnight stays can actually be fairly affordable, and check-ins can cost about the same as a walk.


The bare minimum is once a day. The preference is that you walk your dog twice a day so that they can get in a good amount of exercise and use the bathroom. Busier dog owners will let their dogs out in the morning for the toilet and take them on a walk after work. That means they’re home all day by themselves. Will a professional dog walker, your pup could enjoy multiple walks.

Before you even download an app for pet owners and dog walkers, read the reviews of the app, itself. These first reviews will tell you what the app is like to use and whether or not other users are satisfied with its offerings. Remember that it’s your dog you need to think about here. You want to use a well-known and well-loved app that’s full of professionals, rather than booking with a company that makes information hard to find and prices inaccessible.

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