Best Dog Walking App (Review)

Last Updated November 25, 2019

Outsourced pet care is often a delicate matter due to how much we love our pets and want to make sure they are safe and well taken care off, even when we are aware. Dog walking apps provide a modern spin to pet care services. Rather than the traditional drop off at a daycare center or recruiting a neighborhood dog walker ,these apps make personalized care available through a short process. Most ‘walk my dog apps’ provide a range of services for all kinds of pets, so if you have more than one animal you need taken care of the below list of the best dog walking apps will certainly be valuable to you.

Best Dog Walking App


The Rover Dog Walking App  is a world wide platform created by dog parents for dog parents and will provide you with great service in three easy steps. Rover sitters are there for you whether you need immediate and quick or long haul services concerning your dog. To use the app as a dog or cat owner, you simply need to insert accurate and valid information about your pet, search for a suitable sitter from the many highly rated sitters provided by the network and finally book them and pay on the app.

Services provided from this platform include long term stays, such as dog boarding with a trusted sitter or house sitting services where a pet will also be taken care of. There are also quick, couple-of-hour services available such as drop-in visits, as well as doggy day care and dog walking services; which can all be arranged for your pet anytime you need it.

Despite all these carefully planned, one to one, pet-friendly services, Rover is nowhere near a small platform; with operations in up to 34,000 cities, 300,00+ sitters on the app and over a decade of life span, you can be sure that you are working with a trusted and reliable platform.

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Provide for Dog Boarding

House sitting services

Dog Walking services

Drop-in visits services


Provides services for cats as well

Customers select their own sitters

Operates in cities world wide


Unvetted sitters

Poor customer service i.e difficult to get refunds

No protection for sitters working on the app


If you’ve used other dog walking apps that have made you question the safety and care of your dog, then the Wag App might be your next best bet; this app takes care of safety by providing vetted caregivers insurance and speedy customer support. Wag operates through out almost all states of the US, and is designed to provide services for pet parents in the most convenient way possible. What’s more, it is super easy to book services of wag sitters whether you need one to quickly drop in to check on your dog or you’re traveling and need a safe and friendly home for your pet to stay in. Additionally, Wag has thought about everything in order to ensure that you have a worry free experience such as GPS trackers for when your pet is on a walk and free lockboxes.

Clearly, the app is made to be straightforward and simple and if you were to ever need speedy customer service, you will be glad to know that 24/7 customer support is provided. The best thing about this platform is that a part of the proceeds you pay for their services goes back to feed a dog in a shelter near you.

Dog Boarding services

Drop-in services

Walk and repeat walk services

Day care services


Vetted caregivers

Backed by insurance

Customers support available


Services provided are only for dogs and no other pets

Booking services may become timely

Untrained walkers


The pet care app Barkly Pets claims to be the highest rated dog walking app out there, and with positive reviews and high recommendations for many users, this app may become your most reliable source of pet care in no time at all. This wholesome app treats both you and the trained walkers well so that in return your pet, is at the receiving end of the positive outcome.

This dog walker application comes with many positive features, the most encouraging being that, walkers provided are trained and undergo a thorough background check. And to further solidify your trust, Barkly Pets also adds features such as GPS tracking, walker checklist, notifications and a daily walking report. Walker selection is also 100% up to you, which means you can scroll through various transparent profiles in order to pick a walker that best fits your needs.

No doubt, customers have had many good things to say about this app; finding it to be more reliable and thorough than many others, especially in terms of customer service. Barkly clearly makes the effort to go the extra mile for you and your pet with the services that they provide.

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Provide for dog walking

24hr available services

Trained walkers

Free meetings with walkers before you book


Emergency services provided

Prompt customer service replies

Proper background check conducted on walkers


Solely a dog walking service, no further services

New to many cities so may be hard to find a selection of walkers

Relatively costly services


With the Pawshake App, pet care services from your phone have never been made easier. In just a  few simple steps, which include finding and selecting a sitter of your choice, meeting them in person and booking and paying online, you could have your pet taken care off while you’re on vacation or just a little late to get home. What might make this pet sitting app stand out to you are the variety of services it provides such as supplying,trusted and vet pet lovers that serve as sitters who you are allowed to meet as well as constant updates and pictures while you are away.

This app has been designed and developed by dog lovers who want to ensure that their pet is in the best hands when they are away; that’s why Pawshakes takes steps to ensure that it checks all of your boxes.

Provides Dog walking services

Provides day care services

Provides for house sitting services

Provides for check in services


Services can be either in sitter’s home or customers home

Chance to physically meet with your sitter first

Responsive customer service


Works mostly in cities in the United Kingdom

Reported problems with mobile app

Payments can only be made through PayPal


The app PetBacker, which operates in over fifty countries, provides professionals that specialize in all kinds of pet services, from grooming, to taxi services and dog walking. With this app, you are connected to caretakers near you; a special feature which ensures that no matter what, your pet remains in familiar surroundings and does not get too homesick.

To use the app, customers are expected to fill in essential details, then send out a request for pet caregivers around the area. What’s more, shortly after, you will receive quotes from several caregivers and once you have selected a person that works for you, paying is just as easy of a process. What makes PetBacker stand out from other apps are its wide variety of available services, as well as its wide range and reachability and competitiveness in pricing.

Pet sitting services

Pet grooming services

Pet Taxi services

Pet boarding services


Operates in over 50 countries including US and UK

Provides for all kinds of pets and not only dogs

Refund for unsatisfied customers provided


Customers can only select caregivers from those that respond

Quality of services differ in each country

Mobile app difficult to navigate and operate for some


What makes NYSC Pooch one of the best dog watching apps is the simple fact that it is only a dog walking app, which can be seen as a benefit as it allows the company to focus and nurture this feature so that services are well provided. With walkers that are professionally trained and experienced, you can be rest assured that you are leaving your dog in the best possible hands.

NYC Pooch has been offering services to dog owners in New York city since 2002 and developed this app in 2015; which is easy to use and navigate, providing for the convenience pet parents so badly need in this day and age. And despite the higher rates, almost all customers that have used these services remain loyal due to the high standards set by this company which makes every experience precious.

Provides dog walking services

Experienced and trained walkers

Individual and personalized care for your dog

Repeat walkers available


Physically meet your walker before assigning the job

Professionally trained walkers and caretakers

Hires full time employees and not contractors


Operates only within New York City

Only dog walking services available

Relatively higher rates


Last on our list comes a helpful app that provides all kinds of care for all kinds of pets including your dog. Although with a more recently developed app out U go is the older company on this list, which means they have had ample time to perfect their craft; so, it is no surprise therefore that this app has a 5-star rating from customers on Yelp.

Along with being trained by the company, the carefully picked out U go staff also have a record for being kind and considerate, going above and beyond in the services provided. Although, services from this pet care app are a little pricier than most, customers claim that it is well worth it; as they can be sure that they are working with professionals that truly enjoy caring for pets.

Pet sitting services

Dog walking services

House sitting services

Puppy care services


Provides for all pets even the smaller stranger ones

Trained caretakers

Extremely reliable


Only available to selected states within in the US

Much higher rates than competitors

Low pay for out U go workers

Best Dog Walking App Buying Guide

What is a Dog Walking App and How does it work?

Dog walking apps are not unlike other apps that you download onto your phone; the difference is, after only a few clicks and touches, you could have a pet caretaker at you day ready to provide for the needs of you pet. These are platforms where traditional dog sitting and day care meet technology and therefore develop into tech that makes your life easier. And although each app is designed in its own and includes different features, they all still have the same aim which is ultimately caring for your dog and other pets.

Additionally, most apps have the same working model with slight differences. Walkers and workers are hired and sometimes vetted through their own system; these walkers are presented to you at your own behest and then once you pay, they will provide the service you need for your pet while you’re away on vacation or when you just won’t be able to make it home in time to go for a walk. Some apps will allow you to meet with caretakers physically before you leave your pet in their hands. And while some apps provide various services from grooming to boarding, others just focus on dog walking.

Ultimately, these apps are destined to cater to pooch parents and what makes them better than the traditional model of pet day care is the fact that they are personalized for your pet.

Things to Consider Before Using a Dog Walking Apps

  • Services provided: This is important for the simple reason that, depending on the services you want, your selected app is important. There are apps specialized for just dog walking but then there are also apps that offer an all-day or all-night care for your dog. Also, if you have more than one pet, it is probably best to go for an app that caters to all kinds of animals so that your cat or goldfish is not ignored.
  • Worker/Walker vetting: We want our pets to always be in the best hands so you can never be too careful with who you leave your pet with. Since a lot of these times you are also allowing complete strangers access to your house, knowing that your belongings are safe offers complete peace of mind. Therefore, look for apps that carefully vet their workers and contractors before giving them access to your pooch and property.
  • Worker/Walker training: Why settle for an app that provides sub par care when there are apps from companies that will specially train walkers? With such a service, you are certain they understand and fulfill all of your dogs needs when out of your site. Worker/Walker training ensures that you are not leaving your pet with just anybody so that your mind is at peace no matter where you are.
  • Refund/Insurance policy: Sometimes, we just do not have the best experiences with apps and services. To be sure that a company is accountable for any unfortunate circumstances, ensure that there are policies that allow for you to be reimbursed when you are not satisfied.

Dog and owner walking

Benefits of Dog Walking Apps

  • Convenience: Nothing sounds better than having someone around to support or help you at the touch of a button. Being away from our pets is inevitable so it is very convenient that we can explore profiles and make selections through dog walking applications from wherever we are.
  • Personalized Pet Care: Rather than dropping your pet off in a daycare with a dozen other pups, or giving it out to a dog walker that is holding several leashes, these apps provide you with caretakers that can focus only on your pet and it’s needs.
  • Caregiver of your choice: Although many individuals can provide pet care, your dog may be more inclined towards certain types of people, and with dog walking apps, you have the option to choose the person that works best for you. The best part is, some apps will allow you to meet up with the proposed caregiver and still decide for or against them. These apps often put all the power in your hands.

Our Top Pick

Rover is the most well known and used dog walking app currently in the market and there are many reasons why for this. Having been developed in 2011 by a quickly growing brand, this app takes into consideration, convenience, ease of use and readily available service. The Rover app not only operates within almost all states of the United States, it also operates in various countries around the world, making it a reliable world wide service. Other benefits of rover include, affordability, as well as a large cache of employees so that you have much more to pick from, poorly a few of the reasons why we have chosen this particular app as out top pick amongst all others.

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