Dachshund Mixes - 10 Amazing Wacky Weiners!

Dachshund Mixes – 10 Amazing Wacky Weiners!

The Dachshund has lovingly earned the title of super cute Weiner dogs from its comically long body, short legs and tiny puppy-like face. But while the usual Dachshund is considered adorable in its own right, there are many Dachshund mix breeds that are just as precious, or potentially even more so than the original!

Dachshund mixes can vary anywhere from a Corgi to a Labrador, from muscular to fluffy, and here we are going to explore 10 gorgeous wacky Wieners and their individual quirks that make them so loveable!

The Dachshound – Dachshund x Basset Hound

Basset Hound

This is arguably the least noticeable as a mixed breed, due to the fact that Basset Hounds have rather long bodies and are quite low to the ground in their own right. So, when mixing the two hounds together you are left with what looks like an ordinary Basset, but perhaps a little bit longer and shorter than usual thanks to their Wiener parent. However, with their long floppy ears and droopy faces, a Dachshund has its own endearing quality that brings out a smile in anyone who sees it.

Dorgi – Dachshund x Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi at a Dog Agility Trial

A key difference between The Corgi and Dachshund is that a Dachshund is quite a bit smaller than a Corgi (and obviously not quite so fluffy!) and, similar to the Basset Hound, a Corgi is already quite short-legged. However, when you combine the two, there is a noticeable difference in the face of a Corgi, as they adopt the more puppy-like eyes and rounded snout of a Dachshund. You would also find with this breed that combined personalities of the two make for a loving and intelligent companion.

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Goldenshund – Golden Retriever x Dachshund

Golden retriever dog sitting on green lawn in park

You can’t go far wrong when you combine the exuberant personalities, easy to train intelligence and sheer beauty of a Golden Retriever with any breed! So, when you combine these gorgeous pups with the adorable, timid, sleek little Dachshund, you are given a scruffy fluffy Dachshund mix that could melt any heart, with a personality to match.

Doxiepoo – Poodle x Dachshund

Poodle portrait

The best-known quality of a poodle is that they have hypoallergenic, shed-free coats, as well as being extremely easy to train. If you’re the kind of person that finds shedding to be problematic, the poodle element of a Doxiepoo would prove an appealing feature. On top of that, a known problem with a Dachshund is that they can be difficult to house train, and so by mixing them with a poodle, you will likely find this stage of training much easier.

Doxbull – Dachshund x Pit Bull

Pitbull near house

By crossing a Dachshund with a Pitbull, you bring together the strong personality and physique of the Bull and the adorably tiny body and shy nature of the Doxie. When these features are combined, you’ve got a bull-headed, floppy-eared, short-legged companion that would prove to be a loyal and loving friend. Though be sure to keep them socialized from an early age because their strong personalities can sometimes be cause for disagreement amongst other dogs.

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Labshund – Labrador Retriever x Dachshund

Yellow labrador retriever

Probably one of the funnier looking cross breeds is the Labrador Retriever and Dachshund mix! While maintaining most of the typical features of a Labrador, the Labshund holds very similar features to a Labrador, with the slight alteration of having their legs stopping at the knees. The rather comical appearance of this breed aside, however, it has all the positives of both breeds squished into one!

Loving, friendly, affectionate, laid back, easy to train and just an all-round wonderful pup to own. The one and only thing to remember when deciding whether this is the dog for you is to consider the energetic nature of a Labrador. This particular crossbreed also means that they will be significantly larger than other cross breeds of the Dachshund. Thus, they will require more exercise than you may think, so be sure to remember this if you choose to take this lovely breed on.

Terrishund – Terrier x Dachshund

Yorkshire Terrier Dog Sticking Its Tongue Out

An energetic, spunky personality resides within a Terrishund. Terriers are known for their Napoleon complex, making them think they are far bigger than they really are! So, if you’re looking for a breed which pulls the shy Dachshund out of its shell, this would be the one to take on.

They are mostly playful and loving, though can edge towards needy, so keep in mind that they may want to be with you at all times. The good news, however, is that this can easily be remedied with some early socialization. With their adorable puppy faces, how could you not want them with you everywhere you go.

Dachmatian – Dachshund x Dalmatian

Beautiful Dalmatian dog

The only other way to go with a Dachshund mix breed! The introduction of a spotted coat only adds to the sheer adorableness that the Dachshund exudes. The only thing to keep in mind when taking on this type of cross breed is that both Dalmatians and Dachshunds are notorious for being timid around strangers, and so combining the two breeds doesn’t really change that fact. Again, you may find that early socialization could help them to cope better with an unfamiliar face, and allow you some breathing space as they grow up.

Frenshund – French Bulldog x Dachshund

French bulldog in a classical setting in the studio

This is actually a breed that, like the Labshund, predominantly takes after the non-Dachshund parent, in this case a French Bulldog. The defining difference being that the body is slightly longer than your average Frenchie. The best part of combining these 2 breeds is that the two personalities often create a happy medium, in which it calms the hyperactive energy of a Frenchie and lessens the timid nature of a Doxie.

Daimaraner – Dachshund x Weimaraner

Dog and dry tree

With a gorgeous sleek grey coat and piercing blue eyes to match, the Daimaraner definitely comes under one of the more soulfully beautiful mixed Dachshund breeds out there. Easy to train and easy-going, the laid-back personality of a Doxie helps to moderate the rather clingy nature of a Daimaraner.

And there you have it! Our look at 10 wonderful Dachshund mixed breeds that grace the pet world. And who knows? Maybe you found your perfect pooch along the way. With so many great breeds to choose from, how could you not?

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