Beagle Mixes - 7 Adorable Beagle Mixed Breeds

Beagle Mixes – 7 Adorable Beagle Mixed Breeds

Beagles have evolved a lot since they originated in England many centuries ago. The initial dog breed was smaller than the modern Beagle you see today; interestingly, they could fit into the bags of hunters, including their pockets but with time, the breed has increased in size. This breed of small hounds was bred for the purpose of hunting hare back in the days, as well as detecting banned goods and it does this with its great sense of smell and tracking instincts.

The modern Beagle was developed during the 1830s using breeds like the Talbot Hound, Northern Beagle, Southern Hound, and Harrier. Beagles are generally intelligent and good-tempered with little or no inherited health problems. With outstanding features like a sturdy erect tail and a relatively athletic frame, this amazing breed has birthed others and these beagle mix-breeds are nothing short of stunning like their ancestor. The Bulldog, Terriers, Pomeranian, Spaniel and a myriad of others have been crossbred with the Beagle to develop beagle mix puppies that have become popular among dog lovers. Below are some members of the Beagle mutt family.

Raggle (Parents – Beagle and Rat Terrier)


This Rat Terrier and Beagle mix is quite a handful – the Beagle Terrier mix might be small in nature but don’t underestimate the strength that exudes from this little hybrid dog. The breed is gifted with lots of energy and when you add their loyalty in the mix, which it got from the Terrier part of the family, the Raggle is simply a portable bundle of dynamite. Howbeit, they are loyal when trained appropriately, beginning from an early stage.

A well trained and socialized Raggle will make a great addition to your family as a watchdog and companion, they are also good around children. Notwithstanding, Raggles don’t socialize well with most other dogs. If you plan to have one, don’t make plans to add other dogs to your household to avoid the inherent aggressiveness Raggles show their fellow canines.

The Puggle (Parents – Chinese Pug and Beagle)


Beagle mix-breeds are as cute as they come and The Puggle is not left out. This beagle mix dog is fun to be with and they socialize well with most other dogs in the household. Their adoring personality and cute face make them the perfect lap dog but in as much as they portray an affectionate nature, these breed of dogs love barking a lot. They can also get stubborn while trying to train them but with patience, you can raise a perfect Puggle that elicits admiration from neighbors.

The Beaski or Busky (Parents – Siberian Husky and Beagle)


If there’s one thing the Beaski inherited from the Siberian Husky, it’s the captivating gaze that emanates from its beautiful eyes. The floppy ears and distinctive facial markings are no doubt from its Beagle side of the family. However, most members of this breed tend to vary in looks, depending on which side of the family (Beagle or Husky) dominates their genes.

Bred from two high energy dogs, a Beaski can be very active but has a loving personality that allows it to relate well with people. While these Buskies are loyal to their family members, they don’t do well around cats, a Beaski just has no tolerance for a feline.

Bagle Hound (Parents – Beagle and Basset Hound)

Bagle Hound

Both parents of the Bagle Hound have the best noses among other dogs, thus, the sense of smell this breed inherited from its folks is unrivaled. The long-eared, square-headed, droopy-eyed, beagle hound mix breed borrowed equal features from both sides of the family to create their own unique look.

What’s more, The affectionate nature of the Beagle Hound extends to fellow dogs, as well as cats and kids. Although they are mostly calm, they are also a very intelligent breed with an average build that makes it an excellent watchdog.

Bocker (Parents – Beagle and Cocker Spaniel)


A very active dog is difficult to handle, especially if you have challenges like space, old age, health issues or any other thing that might restrict you from handling their energy. If you have no love for the energetic canines, consider adding a Bocker to your household as it’s developed by combing two sweet souls – Beagle and Cocker Spaniel. A Bocker is mostly happy just cuddling up close to you all day without trying to show off excess energy. They also make good hunting companions who will not leave your side because they are loyal to the core.

The Cheagle (Parents – Beagle and Chihuahua)


A mix of two adorable small dog breeds, the Cheagle is all shades of cuteness as it borrowed different traits form both parents. Cheagles are known to be smaller than their Beagle side of the family, thanks to the Chihuahua parent. They also got the nose of a Beagle with a great sense of smell but they are not used for hunting due to their small size.

If you are looking for an affectionate lap dog, a Cheagle won’t be a bad choice to make. The breed can be playful and also builds a close bond with the owner with time. Despite the loving nature of the Cheagle, it can be difficult to train due to its high energy level. If left untrained, they can develop negative habits like jumping and barking at everything.

Beaglemation (Parents – Beagle and Dalmatian)


A home with children who love to play a lot with pets will be suitable for a Beaglemation. The cute breed with a spotted coat comes in medium or large sizes and just wants to play to expel excess energy. Beaglemations are very athletic and full of energy, thus, the need to get them engaged in activities like playing catch and taking long walks. The breed is also highly sensitive and doesn’t appreciate being reprimanded or staying around a frantic human.

If properly trained, This Beagle mutt can socialize with humans and animals but the high prey-drive inherent in them is likely to manifest around smaller animals like cats.

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