benefits of buying dog food in bulk

Benefits of Buying Dog Food in Bulk

The average amount that Americans spend on pet food in 2016 was over 23 billion. That’s a lot of moolah. And with over 36% of households being dog-owners, you can be sure that dog food companies are raking it in when it comes to the average dog-owner trying to buy the best dog food for their dog. Yet, despite its many advantages, hardly any pet owners really look into buying healthy dog food in bulk. Below, we discuss some of the advantages a dog-owner can benefit from buying dog food en masse.

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What Do We Mean By “Bulk Dog Food”?

While we’re well used to the idea of buying dog food in 25kg bags or under, many dog owners never contemplate the benefits of dog food by the ton. You may be thinking “by the ton?! Why would I need that much?!”. Well, my friend, read on and you’ll find the answers that you seek.

  • Discounts

It’s no surprise that customers who buy large amounts of dog food, such as dog food by the pallet or dog food by the ton, will receive considerably hefty discounts when it comes to buying their pet’s favorite meals. In the same way that you receive more food percent (or per pence) when buying larger packets of dog food of the shelf, you’ll receive a better price in terms of “cost vs yield”. This, after all, is one of the key points of all business- finding the best price for the best quality, summarised in the value of what you can get per kilo.

  • No middle-men

Since production companies usually sell to a business, which then goes on to sell to you, you’ll be cutting out the middle-man when buying dog food in bulk. Effectively, this means you will save on the cost of having the food transported to a different area than yours, as well as the profit margin that is needed to create a sustainable pet food business for the shop itself.

Just think, when you buy from a store, you’re paying a higher rate because your charge covers employees, rent, electricity, and amenities and the profit itself. Shopping directly from the wholesaler means cutting down on these costs, so on top of your usual saving, you’ll receive a much lower price of dog food.

  • Healthy dog food

Getting your food directly from the source means that the seller is naturally going to be much more knowledgeable about what is going into their dog food. Contacting a wholesale seller of dog food and requesting their dog food by the pallet means that they can answer any and all the questions you may have. This can result in your receiving a much higher quality of dog food than if you were to buy smaller amounts from a shop. Again, this is especially true since shop owners need to have less in-depth knowledge about a broader range of products, whereas food production companies only need to know their own products.

Where Can I Store Pallets Of Dog Food?

As long as the storage area is cool, dry, away from direct sunlight, and not open to the elements (and all the creatures that love to have a nibble on your pet food), you can store your dog food where you like. The most common places would be your garage, a shed, or even a basement. What’s more, if you speak with the production company, it is very likely that they would be happy to help you not only choose where to store the food but also provide more secure packaging, to help avoid any little critters having a gnaw before you get around to feeding your pup.

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How Long Does Dog Food Last- Doesn’t Bulk Dog Food Have A Short “Use-By” Date?

Not at all! Most dog food has a shelf-life of 1 year (on average), at which point you will have used your dog food- especially if you have 2 or more furry friends, or a dog that has a particularly large stomach. All dog food shows their sell-by date clearly on their label, and by receiving the food directly from the manufacturer, you can actually have a longer “use-by” date. This is because the pallet of food won’t have sat in a warehouse for a while, before being sent to each shop.

Owners Of Multiple Pets Can Benefit The Most

If you have more than one dog, you’ll know just how expensive it can be to keep those bellies full! By buying dog food by the ton you can be sure that your food is always ready for them. Less trips to the shops, plus a heavily discounted price, can mean a huge saving for your pocket over a longer period of time. Not to mention that having food constantly available will certainly keep your dogs happy!

In particular, dog owners who have puppies to take care of can benefit by buying the first years supply of puppy food at a great rate. Keeping your pups well fed and on a consistent diet can mean that you are less likely to run into any tummy troubles while they’re developing, leading to a happier, healthier dog in the long-term. Also, as mentioned above, you can even chat directly with the dog food manufacturer to ensure that everything you feed these tiny tums is of the highest quality.

Less Travel

Naturally, given the amount of dog food that has been bought, you’ll be much less likely to have to travel to the shops regularly, to buy your pet’s food. Not only is this much more convenient for you, especially if you struggle to get to the shops around your working hours, it’s also much better for the environment. With no car fumes to worry about, you can be sure that your dog ownership doesn’t mean you can’t be green.

Business Owners Shouldn’t Miss Out On Bulk Dog Food

The pet food industry is hitting new highs and business owners who work in the pet industry should absolutely jump onto this great opportunity to invest in dog food by the ton. In Britain alone, dog owners spend, on average, £782 a year on their dog’s food. Pet food is big business, and with pet owners becoming more health-conscious on behalf of their furry friends, it’s natural that you should want to source great food from the best suppliers. And the best way to get the best supplier’s interest is to order your dog food from them in bulk.

If you run a business or are looking to set up a business, it’s naturally a great idea to get your dog food direct from the wholesaler. Having the production operatives on the other end of the phone means that you can have a higher level of customer service since you can ask any and all questions that your customers may want or need the answers to.

For those who own a business that requires buying lots of dog food for the dogs that you own or breed, it can be a huge benefit to be able to have your own supply of pet food straight from the dog-food production company. This is especially true for breeders and those who own working dogs. Getting your high-quality, healthy dog food by the pallet is sure to make your business life a little easier. Maintaining this over a longer period of time means that, once you’ve found the ideal dog food for your pups, there is guaranteed to be fewer dog food-related issues in your business. Healthier dogs mean that you can focus on making business deals, and spend less time focusing on where to source your next bag of pet food.

Dog boarders and pet-sitters are also among those most likely to need dog food by the ton since having all of those dogs at once can mean for many hungry mouths to feed! When you source the healthiest dog food, direct from the suppliers, you can be confident in offering up your services to customers. This, in turn, helps your target market to identify you as an expert in your field- since you offer nothing but the best for the pets in your care.

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Your Own Brand Of Dog Food

Should your business become much larger or is already one of the top contenders for supplying dog foods, you can even request custom mixes from food manufacturers with your own, personalized packaging. Talk about making a mark on the market! Not only this, but you can ensure that every ingredient that goes into your bulk dog food is of the highest quality and is the healthiest dog food available.

Even better, having a production company at your beck-and-call can mean that they may also know the best branding experts out there, all of whom have their own contacts. This is a great way to find more connections- helping you network and get your own dog food out there by the ton.

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No More “Out-Of-Stock” Issues

Since one of the big drawbacks of the pet food industry is the ever-changing ingredients and dog brands, it can be a pain to find the right dog food for you and your pup. Yet, when buying large amounts of food for your dogs, you will find that you’re much less likely to suffer from end-of-line and out-of-stock issues that can crop up from time-to-time.

On top of this, you’ll be able to hear in advance from your supplier when they are likely to stop shipping out a particular brand or recipe for dog food. Which allows you plenty of time to slowly introduce a new dog food type to your pups, without suffering from upset tummies- a common issue with new food types for our canine companions. Phasing out this food and being able to pick a new brand or recipe of dog, with plenty of time to spare, means that you can spend less time worrying about checking the ingredients on the back of every food bag. You should also be able to have a chat with the supplier, who can help you find the most similar food type or brand, making the phasing out of one type for another much easier.

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Club Together With Friends

Don’t own a business but still want to take advantage of some of the benefits of getting your dog food by the ton? Why not club together with friends from training schools, agility classes or simply folk who also own a dog and want the best quality for the best price! Don’t worry about whether of your not you’ll be taken seriously by the manufacturer, this is actually quite a common practice, and suppliers are there to help you feel at ease with your purchase. Next time you meet up with your fellow pet-owners, why not ask them if they’d be interested in teaming up with you to buy your dog food in bulk, and simply share the pallet between yourselves?

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Final Thoughts

If you have the space to store your pallets of dog food and know that you can use the available amount within a reasonable period of time, buying pet food in bulk can be a huge help. Not only can it help you save a lot of money, but you can also be sure that you’re receiving the best quality and healthiest dog food available on the market. So, do yourself (and your customers and/or friends!) a favor – shop around, ask the right questions, and buy your dog food in bulk. You’ll see the benefits, sooner than you think!

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