The Best Socks for Dogs (Review) in 2019

You can buy all sorts of clothes and accessories for dogs these days including vests, coats, hats and sunglasses. Most of them are merely there to make your pooch look cute. However, there are some items that are actually useful too and socks for dogs are one of them! Dog socks that have a non slip coating underneath them and are very useful for providing traction. They stop your dog from slipping and sliding on hard surfaces such as hardwood and tiles. This has many benefits for your dog. They are especially useful for senior and ill dogs or dogs who are recovering from surgery. Older dogs with arthritis can feel more confident about moving around and this makes them more mobile for longer.

You can get dog socks in all sorts of designs so you will have no problem finding one that you like. They will also protect wounds on a dog’s foot and will stop them from obsessively licking. They will keep your dog’s feet warm and cozy and stop their nails from causing damage to hardwood floors. If you cannot decide which would be the best socks for dogs, have a read of our useful guide before you buy some.

best socks for dogs
EXPAWLORER Traction Control Anti-Slip Socks for Dogs

EXPAWLORER Traction Control Socks for Dogs

abcGoodefg Pet Socks for Dogs

abcGoodefg Pet Socks for Dogs

HOMEDECO Puppy Dog Non-Slip Socks

HOMEDECO Puppy Dog Non-Slip Socks

Best Socks for Dogs Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying Socks for Dogs

Once you have decided to get some dog socks for your pooch, there are a few things that you should look out for when you are making your choice.

  • Will they fit? It is very important that the socks fit your dog’s feet correctly. Dog traction socks are usually available in several different sizes. Also, a size chart is usually provided by the manufacturer. You will have to measure the width and the length of your dog’s feet. Alternatively, the manufacturer may provide a printed sheet that you can put your dog’s paw on. This will clearly indicate the size that you should order. If the socks are too big, they will fall off. If they are too small, they will feel uncomfortable for your dog. They do tend to stretch with time so getting a smaller size may work best.
  • Will they stay on? Socks that come off all the time are a real nuisance. Some come with elasticated cuffs or Velcro straps that help them to stay on. This is a useful feature to look out for.
  • Will they prevent slipping? The main purpose of dog traction socks is that they are non slip. They must have some sort of material applied to the soles that will provide traction as your dog walks across a hard floor. Sometimes, this is achieved using a silicone gel material that is applied to the sole of the sock. It is sometimes applied in a paw print pattern which is very cute. Other styles of socks have a complete layer of a rubber material that forms a non slip surface.
  • What are they made of? Dog socks should be cozy, warm and comfortable. They are often made from cotton mixed with synthetic materials. They also need to be durable and hardwearing and the seams need to be strong. Some dogs nibble at them and they need to be able to stand up to this. The non-slip coating is usually made out of rubber or silicone.
  • Are they durable? The socks need to be able to stand up to a fair amount of wear and tear. They will be rubbed up against hard floor surfaces and dogs may nibble at them. They also need to withstand repeated washing. Most can be hand washed and some can be machine washed. It is likely that they will have to be air dried.
  • Do they look good? There is no point in buying a set of dog socks if they don’t look good! Most are available in all sorts of colors and designs. You can also get special pairs for Christmas and for occasions such as Halloween. They can form part of a very smart dog outfit! Some dogs love to be dressed up and feel very proud of their socks.
  • Are they waterproof? If you want to use the dog socks to keep your four-legged friend’s feet warm and dry, you will need to get a waterproof pair. These are a bit more robust and can be worn outside as well as inside. However, to prevent dirt and mud from being tracked back into your house, you may want to have one set of dog socks for inside and one set of dog socks for outside.
  • Can you put them on? A design that is easy to put on and take off a dog is always a bonus and makes your life a lot easier.
  • Compatibility. Sometimes, dogs wear dog socks with dog boots. They make the boots fit tightly and make them more comfortable. However, it is important that the socks are compatible with the boots or they may cause pressure points and make your dog sore. It may be best to purchase the dog socks and dog boots from the same manufacturer.

Cheerful beagle dog with warm clothing

Benefits of Using Socks for Dogs

Putting socks on a dog may seem like a strange concept but they can bring many benefits. It is important to distinguish between dog socks and dog boots. Dog boots are designed to be used outdoors. They protect the delicate pad of the paws when your dog is running over rough terrain. They can also protect sensitive paws from getting burnt when the sidewalk is very hot.

Dog socks, however, are primarily designed to stop your dog from sliding around inside your home. Here are some of the many benefits of dog traction socks.

  • They provide traction

Dogs and hard floors do not make a great combination. Dog’s paws cannot grip onto wood and tiles and this causes problems. Your dog will slip and slide around the place and could even cause themselves an injury if they are travelling at speed.

If a fit, young dog slides and falls over, their injuries are likely to be mild and they will soon recover. However, things are very different for a senior or sick dog. Dogs that are recovering from surgery can damage themselves severely if they slip over so dog grip socks are essential. The same is true for senior dogs, especially if they have arthritis. Arthritic joints are very vulnerable to damage. A senior dog’s legs are much more likely to splay out from underneath them and this can cause fractures and dislocations. Traction socks prevent this from happening. They can make a senior dog feel more confident about moving around and this helps them to maintain their mobility for longer. This makes them happier and makes them less likely to become obese through a lack of exercise.

  • They protect hardwood floors

The best way to protect hardwood floors is to keep your dog’s nails neatly trimmed. However, even this is sometimes not enough. As your dog runs around your house, they can cause serious damage to expensive floor surfaces. A pair of dog socks stop this from happening. They also stop your dog from slipping into a table and knocking off that expensive vase that you love so much! If you are fed up of listening to the tap-tap sound of your dog’s feet on your floor, dog socks for hardwood floors will be a great help.

  • They help wounds to heal

We all know that dogs can get obsessed with wounds. When they continually lick and pick at a wound on their paw, it can delay the healing process. Paws often get injured because they are in contact with the ground. Using a set of dog socks to protect the paws is a great way of allowing the wound to heal.

  • They keep the car clean

If your pup has had a run around in a patch of mud, they can get it all over the car on the journey home. Pop on a pair of socks and the mud is sealed in. They also protect leather seats from getting scratched by your dog’s nails.

  • Added protection

Some, but not all, dog socks have a complete rubber coating at the bottom and these can often be worn outside too. They will keep your dog’s feet warm and dry when they are outside and you can take them off and clean them when you get back home.

  • They look great

Dog socks are a lot of fun and look super cute! They are available in all sorts of styles and you can choose some for every occasion.

  • They can be worn with boots

Some dog socks can be worn with dog boots to make them more comfortable. You have to make sure that the dog socks and the dog boots are compatible.

Importance of Washing Dog Socks

 It is important to keep dog socks clean. If the non-slip surface of the socks becomes soiled with debris from the floor, it will cease to be non-slip and your dog could still slip over. Also, they could pick up bits of dirt which can mark delicate floor surfaces in your home. If you are using dog socks to protect an injury or a surgical wound, it is even more important to keep them clean as there could be a risk of infection. They also tend to get very smelly if your dog licks them or chews them!

Most dog socks will come with some washing instructions. You can often hand wash them or machine wash them using laundry detergent on a cool cycle. If the water is too hot, it could break down the non-slip surface. Most dog socks cannot be put in the dryer but need to be air dried.

Russian toy-terrier in yellow clothes

Best Socks for Dogs FAQ:

Q: Do dog socks protect hardwood floors?

A: The primary purpose of dog socks is to provide traction so that your dog will not slip around on hardwood floors. However, an added benefit is that many socks also protect the floor surface from getting scratched by a dog’s claws.

However, this will not work if you let your dog’s nails grow too long because they will poke out through the socks. The material used in many socks is not that thick and long nails could produce through the fabric.

Q: How do I select the right size dog socks?

A: It is important that you get the right size of dog sock for your pooch. If they are too big, they will simply fall off and will not do their job. If they are too small, they will be very hard to get on, may not completely cover the feet and could be very uncomfortable for your dog. In extreme cases they may even restrict the blood supply to the paws.

Most manufacturers supply a size guide with the description of their product so read this carefully. You will probably be given a length and width measurement. To get the right fit for your dog, you will need to actually measure their paws. Do not rely on what breed and age they are because paw sizes are very variable!

To help you take the measurements, some manufacturers have a sizing guide that you can print out. You put your dog’s paw on it and it indicates which sock size you should order. It’s a good idea to get your pup used to you handling their paws from a young age. This is useful for checking injuries and nail clipping as well as for fitting socks!

Q: How do I get the socks on my dog?

A: Choosing the non slip dog socks for your pooch is the easy part. Now you have to fit them on! This can be a tricky task and you have to do it four times! Don’t try to rush the process, it can take several weeks for a dog to get used to them. Many dogs will initially resist you putting on the boots. It is best to start with just one boot. You could give your pooch a treat when you are putting it on so they learn that they will be rewarded. Leave it on for a while and then take it off. Repeat the process by putting the same boot on a different paw.

Gradually build up to two feet and then four. Be prepared for your dog to pull them off or at least to try to do so. Some socks are fixed on with Velcro straps and they should be a snug fit to stop them coming off. If you start putting socks on your dog when they are a pup, they are more likely to accept it. This will also be very useful if you ever need to cover up a wound on their paw.

Q: Do the socks protect against rough objects and the heat?

A: Dog socks are not the same thing as dog boots and you can’t expect them to do the same thing.  Dog boots are designed for outdoor use and have more robust soles. They will be able to afford protection from rough objects and hot pavements. However, you should still avoid taking your dog out in the heat of the day as they can get heat stroke.

Dog socks are generally made from softer material and thorns and sharp stones could poke through them and pierce the soft skin of the paw. They may protect delicate paws from the heat of a sidewalk in the middle of summer but it is best not to rely on them.

Nice chihuahua puppy with knitted set

Our Top Pick

Our top pick of the best socks for dogs is a set of cute and functional socks available in four color combinations and five sizes. If you get the large size it will fit paws with a width of 3.15 inches and a length of 7.1 inches.

These dog grip socks are anti-slip so they protect paws and floor surfaces but also provide traction. They have a cute design and can be worn every day.


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