The Best Pokemon Costumes for Dogs (Review) in 2019

Thanks to its compelling story, colorful animation, and lovable characters, Pokemon has developed an enormous fan base over the years. Now, with the help of some creative petcare companies, you can dress up your own little monster in pokemon themed dog outfits. That’s right – on the back of Pikachu’s perennial popularity, Pokemon dog costumes have been designed in all shapes and sizes. To help you find the perfect costume for your pooch, we’ve reviewed a selection of popular options.

Whether you’re looking for cute dog halloween costumes, or an adorably cozy coat for them to wear on chilly walks, we’re confident there’s something on our list for all you nostalgic Pokemon fans with pets.

pokemon costumes for dogs
PAWZ Road Cartoon Design Dog Pokemon Costume

PAWZ Road Cartoon Design Dog Pokemon Costume

Tonimoz Pokemon Dog Costume

Tonimoz Pokemon Dog Costume

PAWZ Road Pokemon Costume for Dogs

PAWZ Road Pokemon Costume for Dogs

Best Pokemon Costumes for Dogs Guide & FAQ

For us, these five costumes are the best of the bunch, providing pets with a safe, comfortable experience, and owners with an adorable costume companion. We’re confident that all of you Pokemon fans will find the perfect themed outfit for your pet on our list.

If you’ve never dressed up your pet before read on, as we run through some common questions about safe and comfortable canine costumes.

dog in pokemon costume

Q: Can any dog wear a costume?

A: Not necessarily. With proper training, most dogs can be taught to have fun with costumes, but not all pooches are comfortable with the idea. Just like us humans, some dogs are a little claustrophobic, and may find it distressing to be put in clothes.

If you introduce your pet to costumes gradually, chances are you can both have fun dressing up. However, if your dog has an anxious disposition, you may need to accept that fancy dress isn’t an activity they can enjoy.

Q: How do I train my dog to wear a costume?

A: Patience is key if you’d like to wear joint costumes with your dog. Below is a basic training structure to get you started:

  • Begin Early if Possible

Dogs will take to costumes much more easily if they begin to wear them from an early age. If you pooch is still quite young, great – start your training as soon as possible.

  • Choose a Safe Costume

Safe dog costumes:

  1. Are not too loose or tight
  2. Allow pets to stand, sit, walk, and go to the toilet
  3. Keep eyes and whiskers uncovered
  4. Are odor-free
  5. Are not flammable
  6. Don’t feature chewable parts
  • Forge Positive Associations

The trick to teaching your dog new skills is to reward them for their efforts, and this is no less true when it comes to costume training. Begin by showing your dog their new outfit, offering praise and a little treat when they go to investigate it.

  • Gradually Build Wear Time

Once your dog is familiar with the outfit, you can gently dress them up. On their first attempt, only leave it on for about five minutes. Cement their positive associations with the outfit by providing plenty of praise and some treats during this time. Over the next few weeks, pop the costume back on your pooch regularly, increasing the time they spend in the outfit gradually until you reach around three hours – enough for the average costume party appearance. Again, reward your dog during dress-up time.

Q: How long can my dog wear a costume for?

A: This will depend on the costume in question and your dog’s disposition. As a rule of thumb though, your dog shouldn’t wear their costume for more than a few hours.

If you notice any signs of distress, remove the costume as soon as possible. Some signs include:

  • Constant lip licking
  • Yawning
  • Flattened ears
  • Wide eyes
  • Flattened whiskers
  • Shaking
  • Heavy panting
  • Escape attempts

dog sitting in costume

Our Top Pick

Topping our list of Pokemon costumes for dogs is this adorable outfit by PAWZ Road. With a variety of sizes to choose from, almost any pooch can be transformed into the iconic pikachu in no time at all. With elasticated cuffs and three easy to seal poppers, your dog will evolve into a spunky electric type Pokemon in no time at all.

Featuring a hood, fitted with pikachu’s iconic pointy ears and rosy cheeks, the outfit can double up as a hoodie to keep pets warm on chilly days. It’s also easy on the skin and comfortable to wear, thanks to the fleece-like fabric it’s made from. Owners report that the costume is well made and cozy, so there’s no need to worry about your little Pokemon accidentally tearing their new outfit.


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