Best Dog Hats (Review & Buying Guide) of 2019

Turns out that your canine’s eyes are extremely sensitive to the sunlight. It is very important for you to protect their eyes against bright conditions so that they can see stronger. If you want to safeguard your dog’s eyes from the sun while making them feel cool when you take your furry friend out for the day then dog hats are the answer. And what’s cuter than your dog wearing a hat?

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Here are some simple functional hats for your furry best friend that will protect them from any conditions while making them look like a fashion icon:

Cade Dog Hat-Pet Baseball Cap

Cade Dog Hat-Pet Baseball Cap

PET SHOW Crown Dog Birthday Hat

PET SHOW Crown Dog Birthday Hat

Rubies Viking Hat with Braids for Pets

Rubies Viking Hat with Braids for Pets

Best Dog Hats Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Hat

A dog hat is not just a hat, it defines your dog’s personality, outlook, style and most importantly, it also has to fit within your budget. In case you really want to buy a hat for your dog, continue reading to know what you need to consider before buying a hat for your furry friend:

  • Choose the one that fits your dog’s needs

Firstly, consider the fact, does your dog really need a hat? If yes, then how often will they wear it along with the condition of the weather in the country you are residing? Mostly, a hat is needed for special occasions rather being worn every day.

dog hat

If it’s for fashion that you want to buy a hat for your dog, then there are many different styles to choose from. But if it’s for weather conditions, then keep it in mind that a fancy one might not be effective. Choose the one that is likely to keep them warm and protect their eyes from the excruciating sun.

  • Choose the hat style according to your dog’s head circumference

The most common styles of hats are wool woven fury ones, baseball cap hats or pet-sized sombreros. Seasonal, fancy hats such as the graduation hat or the top hat might not be suitable for your dog’s head circumference. It’s best if you measure your dog’s head circumference before ordering online or buying one from the pet shop as different breeds have different head measures.

  • Choose a hat that matches your dog’s personality

Yes, there is something called your dog’s personality and it should certainly complement with their outfits. If you often dress your dog in some clothing, it would be wise for you to choose a hat that matches their outfit. However, if you only prefer to make your dog wear a hat when taking them for a walk to protect them from dust and sun, you could choose the type that suits their personality. A sporty dog would look best in a baseball cap hat, while your diva dog would rock a fashionable hat. Choose wisely!

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  • The best material

A dog hat could be made out of an array of materials ranging from cotton, polyester, durable canvas, etc. Or even you might think of DIY-ing one for your furry friend. However, if you are planning on buying one online, choose the best possible material. By now you must have known which type of materials suit your dog and they are not allergic to it. We’re sure this would make it easier for you to choose accordingly. Ensure that the hat has good ventilation and keeps your dog cool and calm no matter how hot it is or vice versa!

  • The dog hat must fit

Your pet is likely to move a lot. There isn’t a second where they can stay still, right? To save yourself from the trouble, make sure to pick a hat that has adjustable elastic straps. This seriously makes it easier for you to make them wear it. Plus, there is no chance of them dropping it somewhere and it would go missing! In addition, you should choose a hat of which length of the brim is not too big, blocking your canine’s view. The height should also not be too big, which might create comfortless in them while they walk.

  • Consider your budget

Pet accessories can something be very expensive. Therefore, you should limit yourself to a budget of how much you should spend. The hats listed above are really budget-friendly. All of those also have the luxury look. If you would like to invest in one of those, it would be a long-run worthy investment as they are all reusable and will sustain you for a long time. You might as well save some money to buy another hat for your furry friend for Christmas or Easter later. However, never opt for a very cheap one as it will look cheap as well as feel cheap. Moreover, it might not even last long. So, make your decisions sensibly.

Benefits of Using a Dog Hat

You may not realize the importance of a dog hat, but to your surprise, they are just excellent. Here’s why:

  1. Keep them cool/warm:

As we mentioned before, a good dog hat will keep your dog cool during summer and warm during winter. By the design of a dog hat, you may notice that the ones with holes to point out the ears have excellent airflow technology, providing breathability for their head. That is what keeps your dog cool. Whilst the woolen ones with covered ears help to keep your dog warm.

  1. Prevents elements:

Even when you take your dog out for a simple walk, they are exposed to a lot of dust. What it does is make your dog’s fur dirty. You sure wouldn’t want that to happen. As you had always known about dog outfits, now you have come across dog hats and this is what will keep your dog extra protected from dust and other bad things. The brim shields their head and fur from the sun and protecting their eyes from the rain.

  1. Looks attractive:

An extra credit goes to you on how your pet looks. Make your pet feel even more confident than they actually are by adorning them with lovely accessories such as a hat. Looking good will increase their chances of getting admired more and when they get more attention, definitely you will feel good as the pet owner. Thus, focus on making your furry friend look the best!

hat for dogs

Types of Dog Hats

There are numerous types of hats that are impossible to keep a count on. However, we have concluded into these few types that are the most suitable for your dogs. Check out the list that might help you find the best hat for your pet.

  1. Baseball Cap: If you are a pet owner who’s a baseball freak, get one of these for your furry friend! These are widely available in the market and your dog will look iconic in this.
  2. Beanie: Beanies have the frightening capability to transform anything into strikingly beautiful. Due to their cozy fit around the skull, your dog is going to be a fan of this. Especially if you own a pug, they are going to look adorably cute!
  3. Top Hat: Your furry little friend would look great at parties or weddings wearing one of these rich black top hats. Plus, if you pair it with a tuxedo, there is no chance that they will leave any heart unbroken. However, top hats are usually designed for small to medium-sized breeds depending on their head circumference. It’s best if you measure your dog’s head before buying one for yourself.
  4. Sombrero: Unbelievably, you’ll find pet-sized sombreros that you can match with ponchos or other colorful, vibrant outfits. The sombreros provide a traditional look and fit perfectly on your furry best friend with the adjustable strings on the chin.
  5. Bobble Hat: Although you may confuse them with beanies, these knitted bobble hats for your dog with a floof of wool (pom-pom) on top is known as bobble hats. It is as comfortable as ever and perfect for winter countries that will keep your dog’s ears and head warm. And honestly, these are some of the most adorable hats out there that you’ll ever find for your dog.

Dog Hats FAQ

Q:  Won’t my dog eat it?

A:  Dogs do have the tendency to bite and eat everything and anything that they find. However, in the case of hats, dogs are not likely to eat it if they find it nice and cozy around their head. But if it is uncomfortable, they are likely to put it away from themselves and possibly try to cause harm to it so that you never try to put it on them again. In addition, you must train themselves that they are not to bite or eat anything that they see.

Q:  Will my dog will shake it off or paw it off?

A:  Again, if they find it uncomfortable, they surely will. Consider the materials. Always keep it in your mind that you are buying something for your furry little friend. Use your rationalization to get them the best possible thing. If something is too tight or forcefully wrapped around them, they will NOT like it at all.

Q:  Do I have to train my dog to wear the hat?

A:  You sure cannot train your dog to make them wear their own hat by themselves. They need their hoomans to help in it. Put the hat on top of their head for a couple of seconds and adjust the hat suitably. Fasten the strings and adjust it accordingly. Start out with your dog wearing the hat for only 10 to 60 seconds. Once you repeat this process, your canine will get used to it and if the hat excites them, they are likely to get excited seeing the hat in your hat, eagerly want it on top of their head.

Q:  How will I know the size of the dog hat?

A:  We are sure you already have a soft tape measure at your home. Using the tape measure, measure from the of your dog’s throat and over the ears to the top of their head is the actual size of your dog’s head circumference.

sombrero for dog

Our Top Pick for the Best Dog Hat

Whoever invented this California Cade Electronic Dog Baseball Cap is a genius! This is specially designed for your dogs to enhance their handsome appearance and personality that they already have. This baseball cap is designed from breathable polyester materials with two holes for your dog’s ears to point out. The two holes are also the reason your dog’s head will remain cool and calm during hot summer outings. It comes with an adjustable strap that helps you alter it according to your dog’s head circumference.

Plus, the wide brim is what helps to protect your dog’s eyes from treacherous sun rays and crazy wind. Providing utmost comfort, this cap is perfectly tight and relaxing for holidays with your canine. With a diameter of 7” and ear holes’ of 2.2” your small dog would be restful. This amazing cap comes in 6 vibrant colors and 3 sizes with functional features. With all these, this is going to be a perfect choice for your dog!


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