Best Dog Pajamas (Review & Buying Guide) in 2019

If you’re staying in a country where the weather is mostly cold, chances are that your furry baby might also be feeling cold. While you are comfortably snuggling beneath your blanket, your beloved dog might be cold in their doggie bed. Canines are best at hiding their feelings away from you. Therefore, you’ll never understand what they’re actually going through.

Your furry friends deserve nothing but the best! Provide your canine with a pair of pajamas for both functional and fashionable reasons. Make them comfortable sleeping next to you. Did you know many of your favorite pet brands also manufacture these cute pajamas?

To keep your dog warm during heavy winter season and to ensure their comfort, here are some of the best pajamas for your dog:

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Lazy One Matching Family Pajamas

Lazy One Matching Family Pajamas

LovinPet Large Dog Clothes Dog Pajamas

LovinPet Large Dog Clothes Dog Pajamas

WIDEN Pet Dog Clothes Pajamas Coat Jumpsuit

WIDEN Pet Dog Clothes Pajamas Coat Jumpsuit

Best Dog Pajamas Buying Guide & FAQ

What factors to Consider When Buying Dog Pajamas?

  • Fabric Material

Since the main purpose of purchasing a pajama for your dog is protection and comfort, make sure the material is comfortable for them. The pajama should make your dog feel warm and comfortable at all times and that it’s breathable so that your dog doesn’t feel suffocated.

  • Comfortable fit

Do take note that your dog feels comfortable wearing their dog pajamas, and that they are able to move freely. Before buying, take a rough measurement of your dog and always buy the pajama that is a bit bigger than usual. Ensure that they are not facing any trouble wearing the pajama.

  • The right style

Depending on your dog’s breed, dress them accordingly. A high-class breed may be dressed as something very different than a mix of two breeds. On the other hand, if you see your female little dog having a bit of an attitude, she’ll look great in diva clothes. However, your male dog is hyperactive and loves running around, he’ll suit wearing a sport-themed pair of pajamas. Choose wisely!

  • Design

We all love fancy stuff for ourselves as well as or our pets. But in case of your pet, be a little considerate! Any extra hooks, strikes, fancy accessory might make them look like the royalty that you want them to look like, but pets are usually not very comfortable wearing them. they are liberated creatures and like being free. Hence, the color and design of the clothing should be eye soothing and modest.

dog pajama

The Incredible Benefits of Dog Pajamas

While you may think that dog clothes are trendy and are becoming a fashion for pet enthusiasts, there are significant benefits to it. If your dog spends most of the time outdoors, it’s high time you should consider buying a dog pajama. Your dogs need protection against sunburn, rain, and mud and to keep them safer on the sidewalk. It also acts as a barrier against insect bites.

Most importantly, it keeps them warm, especially in cold countries, where the weather is uncomfortably cold. Since your dog cannot enjoy under blanket snuggles, the pajamas act as their blanket, keeping them warm at night. Most dogs appreciate clothing. Make them your fashion icon with these pajamas!

Other than that, if your dog suffers from anxiety, or especially in cases of rescue dogs with PTSD these dog pajamas are an excellent form of therapy, helping them to feel warm and put together, releasing stress.

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Maintenance of your Dog Pajamas

Generally, most pajamas are to be used and washed. You can either hand wash it or throw it in your machine for a quick wash. But it is recommended to use cold water for both these cases. If the pajama is not needed for a certain time, keep it in the closet by keeping the surface clean. Always remember that you are to avoid high temperature, high abrasion, excessive scrubbing and chemical oxidized destructive factors for your dog’s outfit. Plus, bleaching chemicals are a big no-no!

dog pajamas

Best Dog Pajamas FAQ

Q:  How and where should I measure my dog?

A:  A dog’s actual size should be measured by a tapeline. The neck, chest, and back should all be measured one at a time. The measurement of the neck is taken from the circumference of the neck and must be taken as correctly as possible.  The widest part of the chest needs to be measured usually from behind the front legs. In order to measure the back length, the dog must be in a standing position and then measured from its neck to the base of the tail. Make your canine is standing when you are measuring the height and remember to place the front feet and back feet maintaining a proper distance between them.

Q:  How do I care for my dog pajamas?

A:  The maintenance of a dog outfit is quite easy and simple. You can either hand wash it or wash it in a washing machine. For hand wash, all you need to do is rinse the cloths in water and then put conditioner designed especially for dog cloth. Rinse again and let it dry.

Leave the clothes to dry off (indoors) and brush after its dry. On the other hand, for machine wash, make sure to wash it with like colours and fabrics. Remember to use cold water for both the situations. In addition, you may also use a warm iron to run through the crease of the cloth to make it look superb.

Q:  Do the dog pajamas shrink?

A:  It totally depends on the type of fabric of the cloth. While the dog outfit made of 100% cotton has a high chance of shrinking, the polyester is less likely to shrink. Choose your material wisely and the one that is easier for you to maintain.

Q:  How can I get my dog to wear its dog pajamas?

A:  That’s pretty effortless! But before that make sure your dog is comfortable in those clothes because not all dogs are happy roaming around wearing doggie outfits. In order to make your dog wear the cloth, wrap it over his back and fasten the stomach and chest straps. Although some clothes have a snap button, it becomes easier for you to put that on your dog. Be kind and patient if it’s their first time wearing a puppy pajama as they might not be comfortable wearing it. Once they get comfortable, they’ll certainly love it.

pooch in pajamas

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Out Top Pick for the Best Dog Pajamas

Lazy One Matching Family Pajamas is certainly the best set of dog pajamas you would come across. These are just perfect! If you’re getting the best, premium-quality clothing for your dog at an affordable price, what else do you need? In the realm of comfortable pajamas for your dog, this is one of the best you could ever have! Your precious pet can take advantage of the soft, comfy materials that fit any dogs perfectly fine. Besides, LazyOne is a fantastic brand for your pets, with plenty of amazing potential as they move toward becoming a plastic-free company. Enjoy warm, fuzzy super moments with your furry friend with LazyOne.

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