The Best Portable Dog Fence for RV (Review) in 2021

Last Updated February 23, 2021

A road trip shared with your pooch is one of the best ways to travel, especially as you get to enjoy the great outdoors together. You can camp, hike, and play fetch for miles! But those open spaces for play mean that you will also need a secure space for them to stay safe while at camp. That’s where we come in! We’ve arranged a list of the best portable dog fences built for your RV, so that you know your dog will be safe at your campsite.

These portable fences are designed for the RV traveling life and also give your dog a little extra freedom. No need to keep them on such a tight leash! An RV dog fence means you can create an outdoor run for your dog where they can stretch their legs. The best part is that you’ll know exactly where they are the whole time! Thanks to the lightweight, foldable design, you can easily pack the fence away and store it inside your RV when it’s time to hit the road.

It’s important to pick the right camping fence for your dog’s height and weight. You also want to consider their activity levels. Our list can help you there! It includes some of the best portable dog fences currently available, so you can make the right choice for you and your travel-loving dog.

The Best Portable Dog Fence for RV


IRIS Exercise 8-Panel Pet Playpen with Door

Well-priced and smartly designed, the IRIS Pet Playpen is a good choice for pups and adult dogs alike. It gives you more than 21 square feet of space for your dog to relax in. You can also buy and add more panels to create extra room for them to roam around! Made from commercial-grade plastic that won’t rust and stands up to the elements really well, this is a versatile fence for indoor and outdoor use. Use it as a play area, exercise space, or an easy way to keep your dog safely contained during your travels. There’s a whole list of uses with this Pet Playpen!

As a portable wireless dog fence, it is pretty lightweight and easy to set up and take down, so perfect for packing inside your RV. Complete with a steel hinged and lockable access door, your dog can be safely contained, and you can reduce the size of the enclosure if you are crate training a young pup. This well-built dog playpen may not be sturdy or tall enough to contain large and stronger dogs as it doesn’t come with ground stakes so you will need to source your own if you are wanting to secure the pen outdoors. But for indoor use, the panels do come with non-skid rubber feet to help protect your floor. All-in-all, a camping dog pen that will give you and your dog many years of use on your RV travels. 

Made from lightweight, durable plastic.

Steel-hinged and lockable access door.

Eight panels, with room for more.

Quick and easy to assemble and store. 

  • Brand: Iris USA
  • Model: 301714
  • Weight: 26.1 pounds


Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Pet Dog Exercise Fence Pen

AmazonBasics are known for good value products that offer quality in their designs. This Pet Exercise and Playpen is one of them, as it doesn’t disappoint! With its selection of panel heights, you get a choice which size caters best to your dog. Each of the eight panels are made from durable iron wire and finished with a rust-proof black coating, to keep it looking good, no matter the weather! The wire panels connect easily to create a spacious octogen playpen. You can use less panels for a smaller, crate-like space. This portable dog fence for camping is tool-free. When not in use, it comes apart easily and folds flat for space-saving storage in your RV. Unlike some other portable dog fences at this price-point, you also get some essential accessories. This includes ground anchors for a secure fix when camping and thumb clips for easy panel connections. You also get a neat access door, which means this dog playpen is a good choice for indoor use. It creates a calm space for your dog when you need to keep them contained. We also think this is a good option as a training pen for puppies, although it can slip a little if on wooden or tiled floors. 

Portable playpen for indoor and outdoor use

Made from iron wire, with a rust-proof coating

Eight panels that connect without tools

Includes eight ground anchors for stability outdoors

  • Brand: Amazon Basics
  • Model: 9004-24B
  • Weight: 16.59 pounds


YAHEETECH 40-inch 16 Panel Dog Playpen

If you need a larger pen with more run space for your adventurous dog, then check out our premium pick: the Yaheetech 16-panel Dog Fencing Kit! It’ll give you and your pooch years of outdoor use. Made from heavy-duty iron wire, powder-coated for extra durability, and weather resistant. Each of its generously sized panels connect easily to each other and can be moved into a range of shapes and sizes. You can also buy additional panel sets for the ultimate play space. We think the Yaheetech is a great choice for multiple dogs. It could also be a nursing space for a soon-to-be canine mom.

But it’s as a portable dog fence for camping that the Yaheetech really excels. Take all or some of the panels with you, depending on your trip, and they fold flat for easy packing. The set also comes complete with quality ground stakes, so you can create a secure campsite space for your dog. When set in place, the playpen feels durable and sturdy. It can withstand abuse from more enthusiastic pets! The playpen is also useful for other types of pets. It also suits rabbits, chickens, and ducks that need a little fresh air and some quality time outside. Lastly, you get a hinged door with a lockable latch, so your pets can move easily in and out. 

Versatile 16-panel dog play area.

Durable powder-coated iron wire.

Multi-configurations and sizes.

Hinged door and ground stakes included.

  • Brand: YAHEETECH
  • Weight: 81.92 pounds


New World Pet Products B552-30 Foldable Exercise Pet Playpen

If you are on a budget, then this affordable dog playpen from New World fits the bill! It’s a high quality pet fence sure to work great while on your travels. With a metal wire and a rust-free black powder coat, it’s an easily foldable pet fence that fits neatly and flatly inside the RV. The eight connecting panels fit well together. We personally like the height of the playpen, as it can contain small to medium-sized dogs up to 20 inches tall, who may be more likely to escape! However, there is no access door and you do need to securely fix the fence in place. Do this using the ground stakes included in the pack. 

This portable playpen comes in a range of sizes, from small to extra-large, so you can find the right fit for your dog. The size and number of the panels also mean you can create a smaller space or even add to your pet’s crate. It has an indoor sleeping space attached to a secure outdoor run. You could also use the New World playpen for other, non-climbing pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Assembly is quick and easy, too – no tools required! Simply snap it together using the locking thumbs and you are good to go. The one negative is the New World Playpen can be a little lightweight and the sides can wobble when pressed by your dog’s weight. Just be aware of that once you set it up!  

Rust-resistant metal and powder coating.

Eight panels to create 16sq ft of space.

Four locking thumb snaps for stability.

Includes four ground stakes for extra security.

  • Brand: New World Pet Products
  • Model: B552-30
  • Weight: 19.4 POUNDS


MyPet Petyard Passage Plastic Dog Pen

If wire grill fence panels are not your thing, then this plastic portable dog pen from MyPet is perfect for you! It features a diamond pattern, which is also safe for smaller dogs and pups. Made from weather-resistant, durable plastic, this fence also comes in two smart colors: coffee brown or light gray. The six panels fit into a neat hexagonal pattern, which creates space for your dog to sit, lie down, and walk around. You also get a swinging door, when conbined with your dog’s crate, gives them the freedom to come and go. The swing door also locks if you need to keep your dog secure and contained.

Ideal for puppies, as the Petyard Passage Fence grows with them. This is mainly due to the two extra panel extensions! The Petyard dog fence’s hexagonal shape fits snugly with other Petyard products. So if you have multiple pets and want to give them their own space, this additional fence is great! However, you will need to buy ground stakes separately if you are using this pet fence outdoors, as they don’t come supplied.  When not in use, fold the panels into each other, then secure it with the carry strap for a super-convenient way to go. RV traveling with your pets has never been easier! 

Six panel playpen for 18.5 sq ft of space.

Made from weather-resistant plastic.

Lockable swing door.

Made larger with two panel extension. 

  • Brand: MyPet
  • Model: 8799
  • Weight: 26 pounds

Portable Dog Fence for RV Buying Guide

How to Choose the Right Portable Dog Fence for Your RV

For your pet’s comfort and safety, you’ll want to get the right portable dog fence for camping. Here’s what to look out for:

Size and height: You need to make sure the size and height of your new portable fence is appropriate for your pet’s size and breed. If you have multiple dogs, you’ll want to consider that, too! The size of the fence also needs to work with your RV. Your RV should have hook-up space, just as the fence should be easily foldable for storage. When considering the height of your fence, you also need to consider the full height of your pooch when they are standing on their hind legs. If your dog tends to be an escape artist, then maybe buy an even larger fence so there’s no way they’ll jump over it!

Material: The portable dog fence’s material should be weatherproof and lightweight. That way, you can carry and transport it easier. Heavy duty metal or high-grade plastic are popular options, too.

Perimeter range: Request a more flexible dog fence that has the maximum perimeter capacity you need (and have space for). Then, you can adapt the fence for smaller spaces or keep your pet more confined.

Adaptability: For the ultimate flexibility, you’ll want to look for a dog fence that can adapt or reconfigure depending on your needs. Many portable dog fences for RVs are also used with additional panels, which creates a larger space for your pup.

Durability: It goes without saying that your portable dog fence should be able to withstand a lot of doggy use! For example, when they jump up on it and push it with their paws. Make sure the fence is stable when set up, so it won’t topple over under your pet’s weight. It should be heavy duty and durable enough to deal with energetic dogs, or even dogs that have a tendency to scratch or chew. Ensure it is rust-resistant and designed for outdoor use.

Accessories: To ensure your portable dog fence for camping is as secure and versatile as possible, look for accessories included in the package. This includes ground stakes, thumb latches, wire tops, and sunscreens.

Benefits of RV Portable Dog Fences

If you and your dog are happy RV travelers, then there are many benefits to buying a portable dog fence for camping. Take a look:

  • Your dog can roam and exercise around the campsite and nearer to the RV. The fence also ensures they don’t have to be leashed.
  • Furthermore, you can spend more quality time outdoors, as your pup will be safe and secure beside you.
  • The fences are easy to transport. They are versatile, lightweight, and can fold down easily for onboard RV storage.
  • They are tough. Portable dog fences are heavy duty and designed to be used outdoors, so can withstand bad weather. Many fences are also coated with a rust-resistant finish for a longer life. The whole design is sturdy enough to safely contain your outdoor-loving dog.
  • RV fences for dogs are versatile. With their paneled design, these dog fences are easy to set up and can be configured however way you want. They can fit in small spaces, keep your dog securely contained, or add a run to their current crate. Above all, they create larger areas for your dogs to move and groove.
  • Portable dog fences are a cost-effective choice. They are typically cheaper than a permanent dog pen and easy to install (you can usually do it tool-free!), as well as easy to maintain.

Our Top Pick

The sturdy yet lightweight Pet Playpen from IRIS USA is our best portable dog fence for RVs. It is RV Review’s top pick, thanks to its price, durability, and ease of use. Whether you have a young pup or an adult dog, this versatile pet fence can cleverly adapt to your pooch’s needs. Made from heavy duty plastic, it won’t weather. It also features high-quality steel hinges and locks. Ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use, it also won’t damage your floor. Certainly a top pick in our books!

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