The Best Dog Crate End Tables (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 20, 2021

Looking for a stylish way to keep your pup comfortable and safe? Look no further than dog crate end tables! These handsome pieces of pet furniture give your dog a comfy, secure space where they can relax, while doubling as chic home décor –perfect for smaller spaces and pet parents who appreciate attractive animal furniture. To help you find the right product for your pet and home, we tested dozens of different dog crates, focusing on high-quality, wooden pieces. Below, you’ll find 10 crate tables we liked the most, plus a comprehensive buying guide that covers absolutely everything you need to know about these versatile end table kennels.

The Best Dog Crate End Table


Durable hardwood construction and attractive design? Check! Well-ventilated, waterproof comfort for dogs? Check! The Crown Pet Products dog crate furniture really has it all. Made from sustainable rubberwood that looks very similar to teak, with a gorgeous stained and lacquered finish, this is one elegant piece that is sure to complement any home decor. It comes with a swing-through door that rotates inward so it’s never in the way, making it perfect for small apartments.

Importantly, the floor of the crate is waterproof (melamine-covered), which makes it super-easy to clean, as it doesn’t absorb liquids or odors. To provide a comfy, ventilated environment for your pet, the table has multiple vents that offer a 360-degree view. And if you need to close your pooch in their little condo while you go and run errands? No problem as the crate comes with a solid, stainless steel latch. One of the best kennel end tables available, hands down!

  • Brand: Crown Pet Products
  • Model: Crate-M-ESP
  • Weight: 70 pounds

Durable build and beautiful design

Waterproof floor, super-easy cleanup

Convenient swing-through door

Well-ventilated with a 360-degree view

Stainless steel latch




Casual Home Pet Crate Espresso
Casual Home Wooden Dog Crate End Table

Made of sustainably sourced wood, with a convenient end table design, this affordable piece by Casual Home is a solid choice for pet parents on a budget. Featuring a lockable gate door and open side slats, the crate makes for a nice indoor dog house, but can also serve as a practical end table for your books, plants and other accessories.

The manufacturer claims the wood is chew-resistant, however, it’s always best not to test this – if possible, train your dog not to chew on any furniture, including their own. Still, the construction is quite solid and the crate should last for years if treated well. That said, it’s not waterproof, so it’s not suitable for crate training or older canines prone to accidents. On the plus side, it’s super-easy to assemble!

  • Brand: Casual Home
  • Model: 600-44
  • Weight: 28.2 pounds

Made of sustainably sourced wood

Simple, attractive design

Easy to assemble

Lockable latch



No waterproof bottom

Not suitable for puppies or chewers


Merry 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate n Crate
Merry 2-in-1 Configurable Dog Crate End Table

In need of a dog crate and gate, but not willing to spend money on both? Check out the Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate and Gate as it serves a triple purpose – it’s a cozy dog crate, convenient end table and a secure pet gate all rolled into one product.

Comfortable when a dog wants to rest and reliable when you need to set home boundaries, this pet furniture is all you need to keep your furry companion safe, sound and comfortable. It also helps that the piece looks stylish when assembled into the end table – with a solid wood veneer cover, it easily complements any home décor and instantly makes it look more put-together. As a bonus, the product comes with a removable plastic tray that protects the flooring and is easy to wash. 

  • Brand: Merry Pet
  • Model: PH0101751800
  • Weight: 17.69 pounds

Dog crate, gate and end table in one

Stylish wood design

Lots of air circulation

Lockable latch

Removable plastic tray for easy cleaning included


The latch could be sturdier

Suitable only for crate-trained dogs


unipaws Pet Crate End Table with Cushion

Unipaws have gone out of their way to produce a dog crate that has a stunningly simple, yet elegant design. With delicate scalloped detailing around the outer edges of each door, it’s hard to tell that it’s a dog crate at all. The Unipaws crate end table has been cleverly designed with 2 access points. You can leave the front double doors open during the day to allow your pooch the opportunity to rest in their crate whilst having the world open to them. Alternatively, if your dog is more of the nervous kind, you can simply keep the double doors latched and open the single side door for them to tuck themselves away.

This beautiful end table crate comes with a soft, plush, complimentary dog bed so that your pup can climb straight in once it has been assembled. It can even hold up to 150 lbs of weight on the top surface, meaning you don’t need to worry about the weight of a lamp or vase on the top. Unipaws have chosen to produce this crate in two colors, as well as two sizes, to help you find the right fit for your dog as well as your home.


Beautiful elegant design to fit most homes.

Available in two colors and two sizes.

Has 2 access points – a double door and single end door.

Comes with a removable dog bed.

Can hold up to 150lbs on the top surface.


Needs to be assembled on arrival.

Not made to withstand dogs that like to chew.


Stylish and functional, this gorgeous dog crate furniture by Zoovila is a great choice if you’re looking for a proper side table and a cozy wooden crate in one. With “slide aside” door which can be retracted into the crate itself when not in use, this piece is never in the way, making it perfect for smaller homes.

The frame of the crate is made of solid wood, while the side wires are metal, so the entire piece is quite durable and should last for years. Thanks to said wires, there is plenty of airflow for your pup, plus a nice, wide view. The only complaint we have? There is no removable plastic or metal panel, making this furniture unsuitable for puppies and dogs prone to accidents.

  • Brand: zoovilla
  • Model: PTH0641720110
  • Weight: 50.4 pounds

Classic and sturdy design

Retractable door saves space

Lockable latch


Good ventilation 


No removable bottom tray


Merry Cage with Crate Cover Set
Merry Pet Dog Furniture Crate

If you need style and function combined, you turn to Merry Products. All their pieces look great and compliment pretty much any home décor, plus are of good quality, and this particular model is no exception. Made of MDF with solid wood veneer and metal wires, this is one sturdy cage that can even withstand occasional chewers.

Importantly, a plastic, removable tray is included for easy cleanup, making this crate ideal for puppies and older and sick dogs. Another plus is that the piece comes with a removable stainless steel divider, which allows for partitioning for the easier training of puppies. It’s also affordable and super-easy to assemble. One of the best pet crate side tables, hands down!

  • Brand: Merry Pet
  • Model: MPMC001
  • Weight: 18.14 pounds

Modern, stylish design with double doors

Plenty of ventilation and a 360-degree view

Removable divider for crate training

Removable plastic tray for easy cleanup

Collapsable design for traveling


The wire crate is slightly flimsier than competitive products


Richell Wooden End-Table Crate
Richell Wooden Dog Crate Table

Made of high-quality wood with a gorgeous dark brown finish, this dog crate furniture by Richell is the piece to get if you want a classy, versatile and functional side table and dog house in one. The crate looks so good, it’s hard to see it as a pet containment – but it most certainly is a proper crate as well, and a comfy and functional one at that. It comes with multiple wooden vents that provide airflow and clear view, lockable front door and a removable sliding tray for easy cleaning.

There’s even a side stopper included to help keep the door open, however, the door itself is not retractable, so the model may not be ideal for small spaces. The top of the end table is wide enough to store various items, while the inside of the crate is roomy and secure – perfect for pets who like having their own comfortable leisure space.

  • Brand: Richell
  • Model: 94916
  • Weight: 35.7 pounds

High-quality, sturdy construction with elegant design

Removable plastic tray for easy cleanup

Lockable front door with a  side stopper

Good air flow

Stain-resistant finishO


One of the more expensive models


Well-ventilated, comfortable and made of solid wood, the Newport Pet Crate is a good choice for medium-sized dogs. Its classic design makes for a  great-looking end table too, which should complement pretty much any home décor.

The crate comes with a sturdy door latch for securing the pet for lengthy stays when necessary. However,  there is no removable tray so we don’t recommend keeping your pup locked inside for long periods. On the plus side, the crate is simple to assemble, although will need some basic tools for the job.

  • Brand: Newport
  • Model: B00EKYFYO4

Beautiful classic design

Easy to put together

Lockable gate

Well-ventilated, 360-degree view


No removable tray

Not suitable for puppies and big breeds


Constructed from ecoFLEX, which is pet-safe, recycled wood-plastic polymer composite, this dog crate furniture is the ideal option for pet parents looking for something more durable but also sustainable. The material is very sturdy, so it won’t warp or crack. That said, it’s not exactly chew-proof (but no table is!), so your pup should be crate-trained before using this cute kennel table.

The single-door crate comes with two stainless steel latches that allow you to lock your pet in case of an emergency. Like the previous model though, this one doesn’t have a removable tray either, however, it is easy to clean as all you need to do is wipe the bottom with a damp cloth to freshen up the interior (and exterior) space.

  • Brand: New Age Pet
  • Model: EHHC402M
  • Weight: 29.1 pounds

Made of eco- and pet-friendly material

Attractive design, complements most interiors

Easy to assemble



Bottom tray not included

Suitable only for crate-trained dogs


Easy to assemble with no tools required, this rustic looking pet crate will add warmth to your living space, as well as a cozy home for your small to medium sized dog. Made from solid wood that’s stained with a pet-safe paint should you pooch be a bit of a chewer, this end crate is stylish enough to be used as a low corner table, while the top lifts up for easy cleaning. But what’s life like for your dog inside? With enough space to accommodate canines up to 45 pounds, this is a nice a private crate which still lets your dog be part of the family. The front gate door gives a good view and if he does feel a little separated, leave the top lid up for plenty of fresh air and easy access. The door is lockable for extra security if needed and the internal PVC tray can be removed for cleaning. The walls are perhaps not as sturdy as more substantial end crate tables but as a usable piece of pet furniture that folds down flat when not in use, this is a neat buy.

  • Brand: Lovupet
  • Weight: 24.2 pounds

Quick and easy to assemble, no tools needed

Lovely design that will fit with most decors

Flip top lid for easy access and cleaning


Wooden frame is not as tough as others

Not suitable for larger pets

Pet Crate End Table Buying Guide

All dogs should have a crate of their own. Not only are these essential pieces of pet equipment crucial for training and housebreaking, they also provide a space for your pup that is specifically theirs. This is important for restful sleep and relaxation, as well as for dealing with (and sometimes escaping from) stressful situations. But finding the best pet crate side table is no easy task; with so many different models available, picking something that is right for both your pooch and your home décor can be quite challenging. To help you in your selection process, we put together this buying guide, where we cover absolutely everything you need to know about dog crate furniture, including how to find the best one for your pup.

What to Consider When Buying Dog Crate Furniture

To get the right pet crate side table for your needs, it’s important to be selective when looking at the products. Here are the three most important things to consider during your selection process.

  • Size of the furniture and your dog

The most important thing to consider when buying a crate end table is its size. The product needs to fit appropriately into your living room or bedroom, and it needs to fit your dog comfortably too. So, naturally, you want to take exact measurements of both the space you plan to place the furniture in and your pooch. Normally, pet crate end tables come in three sizes: small, medium, and large, to make it easier for pet parents to determine which models fit which breeds the best. However, it’s still important to measure your dog’s height and weight to be sure they can comfortably sit, stand and lie in their crate.

Check out Dog Crate Sizes.

  • Construction materials

Most crate tables are made of a combination of wood and some other material: the table itself is often constructed from wood or MDF (medium-density fiberboard), while the side panels are sometimes made of metal. However, this is not always the case – many pieces are made of wood entirely, and some can even be made of plastic. Considering that most plastic crate end tables don’t look as good or last as long as wooden and wooden plus metal ones, we chose not to feature them on our top list. Generally speaking, wood crates and wood plus metal crates are the best options as they’re sturdy and durable, with some models even being able to withstand mild chewers.

  • Extra features

While classic, no-fluff dog kennel furniture works great for many pet owners, some folks prefer crates with extra features, such as retracting doors, removable sliding trays, pet beds and configurable crate parts. If that’s you, make sure the furniture you’re eyeing comes with the exact features you and your dog need. For instance, if your pooch is quite messy or prone to pee accidents, a removable and washable sliding tray can be a huge plus as it allows for quick and easy cleaning. But if you live in a small, busy apartment, something like the retracting door will probably be the most helpful feature.

Check out some of the dog crate accessories, such as Dog Crate Covers, Dog Crate Beds and Pads and Dog Crate Water Bottles.

dog laying in crate end table

Advantages of a Dog Crate Table

A pet crate end table has quite a few advantages, including:

  • Saves space

Dog crates that look and function like furniture are such space savers. Instead of getting a pet crate and pet bed for your pup – both of which can take up valuable floor space – you can get one piece of furniture that serves three functions: a convenient side table that also acts as a cozy bed and crate. This is particularly useful for smaller apartments and tight quarters.

  • Helps your pet feel more included

With traditional dog wire crates, a pet can feel somewhat left out and even lonely, as these are usually placed away from the action. With a pet crate end table, usually located in the living room or bedroom, your dog will feel more included and as a part of the family. This is beneficial for all dogs, but especially those who suffer from separation anxiety.

  • Acts as a dog’s safe space

Have you ever seen a dog hide under a desk or table? That’s a canine looking for a sense of security in the form of a confined space. Dog crates such as crate end tables represent safe, cozy spaces for most dogs, which is why many will spend hours inside them and even sleep there.

  • Saves money

Instead of buying an accent table for your living room, a dog bed and a separate wire crate for your furry friend, you can buy one pet crate end table and kill three birds with one stone! If you choose wisely, you’ll have a great-looking side table that triples as a dog bed and crate for years.

Which Kind of Dogs Are Best Suited For Dog Kennel Furniture

While all dogs can use pet crate furniture, not everyone actually should. Aggressive chewers, for instance, can easily damage even the sturdiest of crate end tables. Likewise, it’s not a good idea to get this type of pet furniture for dogs that are not crate-trained. Basically, dog crate furniture is best suited for pups who are already housebroken and kennel trained.

There is another thing to keep in mind with canine furniture crates – the size of your dog. Generally, most kennel tables are smaller in size, especially the stylish ones, so larger dogs may not be able to fit inside – at least not properly. No matter how big or small, it’s important for a dog to have enough space to stretch, comfortably sit and sleep inside a kennel, so a larger size model is always recommended.

Pet Kennel End Table Maintenance

Many pet parents believe that dog crate furniture requires a lot of maintenance to remain good looking. In reality, crate side tables require no more maintenance than a regular dog bed need – in fact, even less than that! If you buy a model that comes with a removable slide tray, all you’ll have to do is take that tray out and clean it regularly if your pup is prone to accidents. And if your kennel table doesn’t come with a removable tray? No problem, as normally, all you need to clean these pieces of furniture is a damp cloth. Of course, if your crate table doesn’t have a waterproof bottom and your pooch pees inside it occasionally, you’ll have to do much more maintenance than that. That’s why we recommend you first train your dog before you buy them a crate end table.

Generally speaking though, crate side tables require little maintenance, depending on your dog and their behavior.

Pet Crate End Tables FAQ:

Q: Is a dog crate end table appropriate for a large dog?

A: Although most dog crate furniture is either of small or medium size, it’s not hard to find large or even extra-large models appropriate for large dog breeds. Still, no matter what the manufacturer claims, it’s always best to measure your dog carefully before buying pet furniture to ensure your pooch can fit comfortably inside.

Q: How durable is dog crate furniture?

A: How durable pet crate tables are, depends on a few things, including:

  • The construction material: wooden pet crate tables and wood-metal crate tables are usually quite sturdy and can last for years before they have to be replaced. Plastic crate end tables, on the other hand, are typically not very long-lasting.
  • Your pet: if your dog likes to chew everything around them, including their crate, it’s not likely your end table is going to last a very long time, no matter how durable it is. It’s best to train your pet not to chew on furniture before introducing them to their new crate side table.
  • How well you maintain it: like all things, kennel end tables require regular maintenance. If your dog is messy, sheds excessively, and sometimes even pees inside the crate, you’ll need to clean it frequently and thoroughly. If, on the other hand, your pet doesn’t shed a lot and is well-behaved, you may need to clean the crate only occasionally. Still, to prolong the life of your pet furniture, it’s advisable you clean it with appropriate wood cleaning, pet-safe products.

Q: What is a dog crate end table made out of?

A: Most models are either made of wood, or wood plus some other material such as metal. These crate tables are usually of great quality, although the quality of the wood itself plays an important role in how durable the entire piece will be. Besides decorative wooden crates, plastic kennel tables can also be found, however, since they’re not particularly long-lasting, we recommend sticking with wooden crates.

dog crate end table

Q: What if my dog chews up the crate?

A: Since most canine kennel tables are made out of wood, they’re not chew-proof. This means you should only buy this type of pet furniture if your dog is trained not to chew on things in your home. In fact, even if a model is advertised as chew-proof, it’s wise to first train your pup not to eat and gnaw on furniture, and only then let them use it. Even super-sturdy and durable kennel end tables won’t last long if you have a chewer in the family!

Our Top Pick

Every pet crate side table that made it to our top 10 list is of good quality, looks fantastic and is super-comfy for your furry companion. We tried to include different styles and designs, as well as price tags as everyone’s tastes and budgets are different. Still, we feel like this buying guide wouldn’t be complete if we also didn’t include our very own Top Pick – Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table. This dog crate furniture has it all:

  • Durable hardwood construction and classically attractive design
  • A swing-through door that is never in the way and a stainless latch that easily secures the door
  • Waterproof melamine-covered MDF floor that doesn’t absorb liquids and odors and is easy to clean
  • Multiple vents that ensure proper airflow and offer your dog a 360-degree view.

All in all, this is a fantastic piece of pet furniture that is pretty much guaranteed to complement any home decor. Plus, it’s incredibly durable, easy to maintain and comfy for pets – pretty much the ideal dog furniture!


  1. Rolan Tripp, DVM, Canine Positive Portable Kennel Training, PetMD
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