The Best Dog Crates for Truck Beds (Review) in 2021

Published April 23, 2020

Traveling with your dog, or any pet, in a truck can be a challenge. Whether they are a working dog who needs to travel from site to site, or a companion that accompanies you wherever you go, your pet deserves the best. So, if you are hoping to find the best dog kennels for pickup trucks, keep reading to find the most convenient and durable cages that will keep your dog safe and happy.

The Best Dog Crate for Truck Bed


The K9 Canopy offers your dog a comfortable place to relax, protecting them in a mesh-covered bed that can shield them from the sun. The bed’s durable, grey polyester fabric absorbs the sun’s rays, while the mesh remains breathable to allow for a pleasant breeze that will keep your pet cool and relaxed. Cleaning the dog box should be very easy as the closed cell foam allows the product to be hosed off without causing any damage.

Assembly is easy and it securely fastens to your truck bed using gutter hooks and four straps. This allows it to stay put, even while moving. It can remain on the truck bed while you are traveling, and does not need to be taken down and put back up between every usage. Your best friend will be safe and protected from the elements and, best of all, the K9 Canopy is made in the USA!

600 denier polyester, tear resistant mesh

Reflects sunlight while allowing air flow

Easy to clean with water

Fastens to your truck bed securely

Dimensions: 48″ x 32″ x 30″

  • Brand: Bushwhacker
  • Weight: 11.8 pounds


Plenty of animal lovers own more than one dog, and this might mean you need a box suitable for two dogs. The UWS Dog Box has a non removable divider that provides two large spaces for your dogs, a storage area for your tools and gear, as well as a tie down rack for further equipment. Assembled in the USA, this dog crate keeps your dog safe using key-operated T-handles and durable aluminum.

While most suitable in cooler climates due to its insulated lid and metal casing, each door of the UWS Dog Box is vented to allow for air circulation during heat spells. It is a substantial size that may take up most of a truck bed when installed, but is removable for tasks that require more space than the storage area and tie rack can provide. Although perhaps more pricey than other dog crates, it is a quality and sturdy product that will allow your dog to ride on your truck in safety.

Separate spaces for two dogs

Door ventilation with locks

Made from corrosion-resistant aluminum

Insulation in the lid of a useful toolbox storage space

Dimensions: 48″ x 48″ x 31.25″

  • Brand: UWS
  • Model: DB-4848N
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces


Impact’s dog crate is great for pet owners who need a less permanent addition to the bed of their truck. It is conveniently collapsible, making it portable and easy to remove from your truck when not in use. This does not mean the crate sacrifices durability for convenience as it is made of heavy-duty aluminum with marine-grade stainless steel latches. It has sturdy bars and a cross bar that provides stability, as well as spring loaded handles.

Reviews suggest that this durability makes it best used as a truck bed dog box for dogs that are escape artists, react poorly to travel, or struggle with separation anxiety as these dogs are often inclined towards crate destruction. The steel slam latches shut automatically, so you will not need to struggle with any door locks when your pup is getting antsy. The crate also has drain holes that make cleaning quick and easy, as well as ventilation on all 4 sides, and does not have any harmful toxins, dyes or chemicals.


Made of aluminum and stainless steel

Drainage holes make cleaning easy

No harmful chemicals, dyes or toxins in any materials

Different sizes available

  • Brand: Impact
  • Weight: 33.1 pounds


Keep it simple and affordable with Owens Dog Box. A single compartment without storage, this dog crate is best as a no-nonsense, value truck bed dog crate without compromising on the most important things. It has a durable and secure aluminum casing, with a plastic corrugate lining, and fantastic all-season ventilation windows that are able to be opened and closed to ensure your pet remains comfortable throughout the year.

Also made in the USA, this dog kennel has a lockable slam latch door that will keep your pet securely inside the crate, even if they are a bit of an escape artist. It can be secured easily to a wide variety of truck beds using its D-rings. This option may be best for owners with more than one truck as its great value has made it convenient for some people to buy several crates to secure semi-permanently to their multiple truck beds, saving them the time they would otherwise spend moving one crate from truck to truck.

Aluminum with plastic corrugate lining

All-season vents

No storage compartment

Single compartment

Dimensions 20″ x 30″ x 24″

  • Brand: Owens
  • Model: 55015
  • Weight: 40 pounds


Owens also has options for truck owners with multiple dogs. You can check out this double compartment crate that makes a great dog crate for pickup truck enthusiasts. This truck kennel not only has space for two dogs, but comes with a storage unit that can be locked to protect your valuable tools and gear. Each doggie door is also lockable and is fitted with slam latches.

Your companion will be very comfortable and safe as it is made with study aluminum with plastic corrugate lining, and it is well ventilated with air holes on the center dividers that allow cross ventilation. Handles are fitted for your convenience that are rattle-free and spring loaded. You can secure this dog crate to a variety of truck beds using the useful D-rings.

Double compartment allows you to transport two dogs at a time

Lockable top storage unit

Durable aluminum casing with plastic corrugate lining

Rattle-free spring loaded handles for easy carrying

Dimensions: 48″ x 45″ x 26″

  • Brand: Owens
  • Model: 55006
  • Weight: 110 pounds

Best Dog Crate for Truck Bed Buying Guide

Getting a dog crate for any purpose can be a huge challenge. Your dog will have a variety of needs that must be considered, including protection, material, size and cost. Finding a great dog box for truck enthusiasts can be even harder, you may already have dog crates suitable for indoor use or car travel, but a truck bed kennel needs to be secure and safe on your specific truck. You can’t have them dangerously sliding around in the back.

Dog crates can be a serious investment, and you want one that is tough, yet cost effective. This requires a lot of research and work, but, as time is money, we want to help you out with this dog carrier for truck bed buying guide. We’ll speed up the process by showing you why you may need a truck bed dog crate, what dogs need out of a good crate, and which type of crate is best for your situation. Join us as we explore all the important details related to dogs, crates, and truck beds. Hopefully, we can teach you more about transporting your best friend, and help you to make the best decision for your pet.

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What to Look for in a Truck Bed Dog Kennel

If you are knee-deep in dog crates, looking for the perfect fit for you and your best friend, you may be at a loss. How do you know what you are looking for? What makes a great crate? You probably have a pretty good idea of what your specifications are and why you are in need of the crate, but you probably aren’t an expert and you could miss something crucial if you aren’t careful. If you are looking for a quick checklist, consider the crate’s suitability for:

  • Your environment

Crates have to suit the needs and challenges of your environment. If you live in a hot climate, you will need to ensure there is a lot of ventilation on the side or the door, but if you live in a very cold, rainy climate, you need a sturdy roof and minimal, protected ventilation.

  • Your truck

Some crates may not fit in every truck. Make sure to check the specifications of your truck bed, and your own usage of it. If you frequently need the space for equipment, tools and other items, you probably need a crate that is easily removed, or that comes with built-in replacement storage space.

  • Your dog

Big dogs will need big crates, small dogs will need small crates, and puppies will need crates they can grow in. Some boxes have double compartments for owners of multiple dogs, and there are a variety of locks to suit different escape artist personalities.

Once you are certain of what you are looking for, the most crucial is thing is safety. Strong, lightweight metals like aluminum can protect your pets in an accident, and strong, steel locks can keep your dog safely inside the box until you reach your destination. Some boxes come with strong harnesses and clips to secure them to the truck bed, but you may also have to buy your own. Your box needs to come with the appropriate hooks and rails to allow for attachment, and you should check that any paints and chemicals are non-toxic and safe for your dog to gnaw on. You should also keep your dog safe by removing all harnesses, leads, and clothing before they get into the crate as these things can catch on the various vents, hooks and lock systems that make the crate so secure in the first place.

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Grey shepherd looks out of the car

Benefits of a Dog Crate for Truck

Why do you need a dog crate for your truck? What is the purpose of a specialized dog box? It may be tempting to use your existing indoor dog kennel on the bed of your truck, or to keep your dog with you inside the vehicle, but there are some serious advantages of having the right kind of crate for your pup to be as comfortable and safe as possible. Most crucially, you must be aware of the safety implications, as your dogs deserve the best when it comes to their health.

  • Dangers of the front seat

At the moment, you may be traveling with your dog in the driving compartment with you. A loose dog is, obviously, very dangerous. Hazards can include suffocation from air bags, distracted driving, sudden stops, crashes, and more. Many of these hazards are improved by placing your dog in a crate, so make sure to use one if you are going to travel with a dog inside your truck. But, even with a crate, all dogs that are in the front seat can be a distraction. Barking in your ear, whining, and generally causing a bit of mayhem can make you take your eye off the road. This is a hazard not only to you, but to everyone on the road.

  • Dangers in the truck bed

Some dog owners put their dog in the back of their trucks without any security or protection. This is a huge danger to your pet’s life. Even at slow speeds, there is a danger your dog can jump out into traffic, and high speed travel is incredibly dangerous. Normal crates are a step in the right direction, but the major benefit of a crate designed for truck beds is that they are fitted to be secured to the bed. A cage that slides around is still very dangerous for your dog, so make sure you get a crate that can be fastened firmly in the back of your truck.

  • Space in the vehicle

A small pup may not seem like much of an imposition inside your vehicle, but their doggie box may be. Once they grow, it can be even more difficult to travel with them in the front of your truck. What happens when you need to travel with friends and family? Where does your dog fit then? You won’t always have enough space inside your truck for your dog, and it is better to be prepared with a suitable, secure box for the back of your truck.

  • Ventilation and comfort

Last, but not least, is comfort. Different kennels are suitable for different circumstances, and using the wrong one for the wrong situation can be very uncomfortable for your dog. The construction of a kennel may include ventilators for hot days, metal for durability, and can handle different dog sizes and weight. A crate that is specifically designed and fitted for your truck will provide a much more pleasant journey for your dog.

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Different Types of Truck Bed Dog Crates

There are a number of different options that you can consider when you are trying to find the perfect dog crate. They suit all sorts of circumstances, from strong, semi-permanent additions to your truck to light-weight coverage that will protect your dog at all sorts of fun events, from barbecues to tail gates. Familiarize yourself with all the different types before you commit to your own crate.

  • Aluminum Dog Boxes

The strongest and most durable form of box, they are very large and spacious crates that fit on the back of your pickup. They often come with ventilation vents and a lockable door. While they are removable, they are the least portable box due to their size and weight, particularly if they have double compartments or additional storage compartments. This makes them great if you are installing them semi-permanently in order to regularly transport a dog in all weather conditions, such as to work or for regular hunting trips.

  • Collapsible Dog Crates

On the other hand, if you usually need all the space on your truck bed, a more portable alternative to large, metal dog boxes are collapsible dog crates. Many of them are still very strong and durable with a steel lock door, but are easier to install and uninstall as you need. This is particularly useful if you often have to haul a lot of cargo for work, and don’t have the space for a semi-permanent dog box.

  • Dog Canopies

The most light-weight option is a dog canopy as it is usually made of high-quality fabrics that protect your dog from a variety of weather conditions when stationary. However, canopies are usually open on one side without a lockable door. Although not necessarily safe for transporting a pet, they can be fastened securely to the bed of your pickup semi-permenantly, or can be easily and quickly installed as and when you need them at fun events.

Our Top Pick

Of all the great crates that you could buy, our recommended dog crate for pickup truck owners is the K9 Canopy. It is a brilliantly adaptable canopy that provides shade for a wide variety of energetic and hard working dogs. Specifically designed for truck beds, it is made of durable, yet breathable materials that can protect your dog from harsh sunlight. It will survive securely on the back of your truck between usages, even through high winds and harsh weather, and, perhaps most importantly, it can be moved and cleaned easily when it does get soiled. It is an adaptable and convenient option for many pet owners.

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