The Best Indestructible Dog Beds (Review) in 2021

Last Updated February 13, 2020

Everyone will agree that dogs, just like humans, need a comfortable place to sleep in or just to rest its tired body on rather than lie on the cold pavement. While almost any other commercially available dog bed will do, if you’ve got a destructive chewer in your hands, it will simply tear the bed apart. What you need is an indestructible dog bed. These doggie beds will be very difficult to destroy, even by the toughest and meanest chewers in the canine kingdom. Let us take a look at your options for the best indestructible dog bed.

The Best Indestructible Dog Bed


Coolaroo Indestructible Dog Bed
Coolaroo Elevated & Indestructible Dog Bed

There’s no denying Gale Pacific’s Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric inclusion in this list of the best indestructible dog beds. For starters the knitted fabric is actually made of high density polyethylene fibers that allows for exceptional strength and durability while affording your pooch freedom from hot spots. The powder coated steel frame will also resist the chewing force of tenacious chewers. And since there are no protruding segments on the panel itself, you can bet your pooch will have a more difficult time looking for something to latch its jaws on.

The elevated platform also gives maximum comfort for your canine friend. It’s washable, easy to maintain, and highly resistant against many of your pet’s natural enemies. And for just a little over $20 for its large size, what more can you ask for?

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7-inch elevated powder-coated steel platform

Resistant against fleas, mold, mildew, and mites

Fabric panel made of high density polyethylene

Portable for both indoor and outdoor use

  • Brand: Coolaroo
  • Model: 317287
  • Weight: 7.05 pounds


Dogbed4less Orthopedic Indestructible Dog Bed
Dogbed4less Orthopedic Indestructible Dog Bed

Dogbed4less’ Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed deserves a spot in our list because it offers a surprising level of durability and strength against light to moderate chewers. It also provides an added benefit for those pooches that may have problems with their muscles, bones, and joints. The Dogbed4less comes with gel-infused memory foam that gives it an amazing density that is 5 times greater than ordinary foam beds.

Enveloping the memory foam is taffeta fabric that serves as the Dogbed4less’ internal defense against punctures and tears. An outer denim cotton cover is a bonus since this is known to be stronger and more chew-resistant than conventional fabrics. We are not just sure if these features are enough to justify its hefty price tag, although it’s half the price of TUFF.

4-inch gel-infused 100% therapeutic grade memory foam

Waterproof taffeta internal cover

Soft, comfortable, and machine washable external denim cover

Zipper stays hidden under fabric flap

  • Brand: Dogbed4less
  • Model: hscd
  • Weight: 2.55 pounds


K&H Pet Products Elevated Dog Bed
K&H Pet Products Indestructible Dog Bed

The K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot is a trendier option for those who seek a sturdy and almost indestructible bed for their pet dogs. It comes with 600D fabric complete with exceptional waterproofing, making it great for the outdoors. It is also priced reasonably fair, just a little higher than the Coolaroo. But it does have one thing going for it.

The K&H comes with a beautiful two-tone design with the center panel composed of breathable mesh and a rather wide perimeter band that gives it additional strength. Like all elevated platforms in this list, the K&H allows for more cooling comfort for your pet while minimizing, if not eliminating, surfaces that may be chewed upon by your pooch. 

7 inch elevated heavy duty platform

Constructed of 600D waterproof fabric

Breathable mesh center

Comes with 12 month warranty

  • Brand: K&H Pet Products
  • Model: 1615
  • Weight: 6.1 ounces


While it is not really indestructible in the strictest sense of the word, you can say that the Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed is a chew-resistant doggie bed that offers the added benefit of caring for your elderly dog’s aching joints. It’s exceptional for sick pooches as well. Brindle uses shredded memory foam instead of a single solid block supposedly to improve the support afforded to the joints.

A zipper closure remains hidden under a panel of microsuede flap. The microsuede fabric has a certain level of strength that you don’t see in cotton fabrics. This is what makes it chew-resistant. While the Brindle is priced almost twice as the Coolaroo for the same size of doggie bed, you have at least 3 years to put the Brindle to the test.

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3 inch orthopedic dog bed made of shredded memory foam

Comes with machine washable microsuede cover

Zipper stays hidden under a fabric flap

Comes with 3 year warranty

  • Brand: Brindle
  • Model: BRMMSP30SD
  • Weight: 5.83 pounds


K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed
K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

Have you tried getting a persistent dog to stop chewing anything and everything in sight? Special treats and toys left in strategic places and offered occasionally may distract the pup for a while, but soon enough they get back to it. The K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed is an elevated lightweight bed made with tough materials that can resist those busy teeth. It’s a durable and comfortable rip-stop bed for adamant chewers that gnaw at everything. The elevated dog bed provides equal weight distribution around the perimeters and great orthopedic support for pets with such needs.  The rip-stop fabric is water and bite-proof making it easier to clean and last longer over time. The fabric may feel light on the hands but at the end of the day, it stably holds its form without sagging.

Chew-proof bed

Great weight and air circulation

Easy maintenance

180-day chew proof warranty

  • Brand: K9 Ballistics


One of the things that you will find surprising about the Kuranda Chewproof Indoor Dog Bed is that the mesh fabric panel is inserted right through the structural frame. Conventional elevated doggie beds have the edges of fabric panels wrapped around the tubular frame, giving dogs the chance to bite onto a trailing edge and begin chewing from there. Additionally, the Kuranda comes with heavy-duty PVC materials as its choice of frame which is sturdy and chewproof enough for light to moderate chewers.

However, as Kuranda recommends, if you’ve got a real heavyweight chewer, then getting their aluminum-framed dog bed is a must. Another amazing thing about the Kuranda is that it comes with Cordura fabric panels. Cordura is a synthetic fabric that is known for its durability, strength, and resilience. This adds to the Kuranda’s chewproof capabilities. Just get ready to shell out about 4 times the price of the Coolaroo, however.

Heavy duty PVC structural support frame

7 inch elevated platform with UV resistant finish

Fabric component made of abrasion resistant Cordura

Comes with 12-month warranty

  • Brand: Kuranda
  • Weight: 8.1 pounds


AmazonBasics’ entry into the best durable dog bed is not really surprising since the e-commerce platform has been steadily diversifying its products. Amazon’s Elevated Cooling Pet Bed comes with all the features that you can see from similarly designed products. It is slightly more affordable than Coolaroo and comes with almost the same specifications, making it a very viable alternative to those who would like to save a couple of dollars more.

This AmazonBasics doggie bed is easy to clean and even easier to setup. It’s fully portable too so you can conveniently bring it in your travels. This way you’ll be enjoying more of your pet’s company while also affording it a chew-proof and comfy bed to rest on.

7 inch elevation

Comes with breathable and cool mesh fabric

Easy to assemble design

  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Model: 2007L-GN
  • Weight: 8.33 pounds


For dogs who love to roll around in foamy goodness, the Dogbed4less Orthopaedic Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed Pillow provides that extra lush comfort your pet desires. It’s handmade with premium quality memory foam to provide the extra care your pet’s bones and skin require to thrive. The interior of the pillow is filled with a mix of shredded memory foam and poly-fill for an enhanced and stable form. This provides the balance and support your pet needs to enjoy a peaceful and beneficial rest, night after night. The exterior is reinforced with a waterproof internal cover, well ventilated to seal in the stuffing while a tougher nylon cover on top for enhanced durability and resilience. The edges are well stitched at the edges to further secure the stuffing during maintenance and regular playtime.

Orthopedic support

Heavy-duty nylon cover

Handmade in the USA

Breathable and waterproof internal cover

  • Brand: Dogbed4less
  • Model: B41X27-BROWN-B
  • Weight: 11.99 pounds


Dog beds are not only sleeping places, but also retreats, where the four-legged friends can find peace. Since dogs spend a lot of time dozing and sleeping, the dog bed should be as comfortable as they come. Offer your pet pooch the most superior comfort with the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed. This bed comes packed with features that include a smart design and easy to clean cotton and twill composition. Your doggy will no doubt have the best sleep of his or life and if they are suffering from joint pains and the likes, expect improved mobility and energy. As for durability, this bed is water-resistant and tear-resistant and blends in seamlessly in your home. It’s also easy to clean and passes the European REACH safety standards.

Easy to clean

Water-resistant and tear-resistant

Passes the European REACH safety standards

Breathable fabric

  • Brand: PetFusion
  • Model: PF-IBM1
  • Weight: 4 pounds


If you need an extra comfy bed that can withstand the regular abuse it’s bound to receive, the Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Pet Bed will stand up to the task. Shaped like a sofa, it’s an extra sturdy and ultra-comfy lush bed for the luxury-loving pet. The bed has been made soft and cozy making it the best resting nest for your pet. An anti-scratch cover, as well as a fluffy stuffed pillow, comes with every purchase. The cover is made with thick and tough micro suede material that can withstand the inevitable scraping and scratching on its surface. Once stuffed with the 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly micro-fiber pillow, it forms a well-shaped and comfortable bed your pet can rely on.

Lush sofa shaped designed

Stuffing made of microsuede scratch-resistant fabric

Machine washable

Removable cover

  • Brand: Blueberry Pet


K9 Ballistics Indestructible Dog Bed
K9 Ballistics Orthopedic TUFF Bed

If you want a really tough, chew-proof, and comfortable mattress for your pooch, you might want the K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Dog Bed. It is not really an elevated doggie bed but it sure is tough. The inside is filled with moisture-resistant and air cooling poly fiber fill then covered with a 3D breathable air mesh liner that allows for optimum comfort for your pooch. Next the TUFF is wrapped in rip stop ballistic fabric that helps give this doggie bed its amazing 4/5 chew-proof rating.

The rip stop ballistic fabric is resistant to punctures, bites, scratches, tears. And even if your pooch manages to cut through the fabric, the tear won’t grow because of its unique rip stop design. It’s resistant against odors and dirt, too. The only downside to the K9 Ballistics TUFF is that it will cost you 6 to 7 times the price of Coolaroo. But, given that it comes with a 3-month chew proof guarantee, then you can always give it a try.

Made of rip stop ballistic fabric

Chew proof rating of 4/5

Fluffy, lightweight, channeled polyester mattress

Comes with 90-day chew-proof guarantee

  • Brand: K9 Ballistics
  • Weight: 4.1 pounds


The Elevated Pet Cot in or Out Dog Bed is made for both the great outdoors and in house placements. The phenomenal waterproof design gives it the tenacity and protection to withstand various weather conditions it may be exposed to outside. Reinforced with a sturdy frame, the bed is balanced and doesn’t quake under pressure. The mesh bed lining provides enough ventilation through the fabric and has the capacity to hold up to 40 pounds. A larger frame holds a bigger capacity of 88 pounds with the elevated surface keeping it off the cold hard floor. The mesh fabric is chew-proof making it immune to those sharp adventurous teeth that may skim its surfaces. Setting up the bed is also quite simple, just four bolts and a hex key are needed for a hassle-free and successful installation.

Easy maintenance

Easy installation

Larger frame holds up to 88 pounds

Breathable mesh trampoline bed

  • Brand: Paws & Pals
  • Model: PTBD-04-GY
  • Weight: 12 ounces


Big Barker Indestructible Dog Bed
Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker’s 7-Inch Orthopedic Dog Bed with Pillow Top is a true class act. A 3-inch H45 support foam is sandwiched by two 2-inch H10 comfort foams and then enveloped in an extra-durable microfiber cover. This is what makes the Big Barker truly special. And honestly, a lot of folks believe them. Otherwise, they will not back up their claims with a 10-year warranty if they are not sure if it will stand up to the test of time. Each Big Barker is carefully made by hand using foam that is CertiPUR-US-certified durable.

In fact, Big Barker says that its doggie bed should still retain 90% of its original support and shape after 10 years. Now that is huge since it virtually means the Big Barker will last the entire lifetime of your pooch. Be ready with your wallet though as Big Barker is mighty expensive.

7-inch premium grade therapeutic open cell foam

100% microfiber fully washable cover

Comes with a 10 year warranty

  • Brand: Big Barker
  • Weight: 11 pounds


K9 Ballistics Unchewable Dog Bed
K9 Ballistics Indestructible Dog Bed

When a pet tears apart a good quality, comfy bed it can be quite annoying, and since it would be a bit cruel to let them sleep on the floor, a reliable bed that can withstand their claws overtime is the practical solution. The K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad is a flat and sturdy mattress that can fit into most dog crates. There are no zippers or exposed threads for the pet to take advantage of, just well-sewn fabric with great finishing for comfortable nesting. For extra stability and protection, the included zip ties should be strapped firmly on the dog crate. This keeps the edges well protected and out of view, preventing the temptation to gnaw at it. With regular use, the mattress stays in top form thanks to the nylon material that can withstand water, dust, grime, fur and the likes. The surface is also quite easy to maintain; you simply need to surface clean it or drop it in the washer when it gets really dirty.

Rip-stop finishing

Water and Chew-resistant

Includes zip ties to secure to crate

120-day chew proof warranty

  • Brand: K9 Ballistics
  • Weight: 4 ounces


It can be a bit tricky to train a chronic chewer to drop the habit, but while you’re at it, it’s best to get some reinforcements. Along the line, the cute pooch will have to learn that chewing bedding, pillows, sofa edges and what not is totally unacceptable. To ensure very few objects are destroyed during the un-learning process, get the Slumber Pet heavy Duty Chew Proof dog bed. This mattress can be placed in crates securely and will last much longer in there. They are equally thick enough to be placed on the floor without providing discomfort. The rip-stop polyester material gives any dog a sore challenge within seconds of their contact with the mat. It’s thick and viable, and will definitely protect itself against gnawing and determined jaws.  Don’t give up on your options just yet, try this phenomenal crate mat and reap a dozen benefits.

Made with rip-stop polyester material

Stitched seams and well-reinforced corners

Machine washable

Great for travel

  • Brand: Slumber Pet
  • Weight: 4 pounds

Best Indestructible Dog Beds Buying Guide

Doggie beds are designed, for the most part, for optimum comfort. That is why you would want a material that is soft and smooth and can provide ample support for the various bony prominences in your pooch’s body. Unfortunately, we also know that conventionally soft doggie beds are not really that resistant to the bite force of tenacious chewers. As such, they get easily torn, gaping holes cut through them, and, in time, will be shredded to pieces.

Any canine bed that can withstand the chewing habits of your dog a lot better than conventional doggie beds can be classified, albeit rather loosely, as indestructible. We said ‘loosely’ because the definition of ‘indestructible’ can be as varied as the opinions of countless dog owners. For some, as long as the contraption is more durable – retains its shape a lot longer than traditional beds – then it is already an indestructible dog bed for them. Others will look for materials that are very difficult to chew on such as metal elements. True, metal can still have scratch marks on its surface but the relative hardness of the material makes it tougher than the teeth of any pooch. So, your idea of an indestructible dog bed may be different from the one in the mind of a friend or even a neighbor.

But, generally, here’s the thing. If a doggie mattress or cot possesses certain characteristics that allow it to stand the test of time and your dog’s chewing behavior, then it can be rightfully classified as a durable dog bed.

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Types of Indestructible Dog Beds

  • Chew Proof Dog Beds

These beds are designed for aggressive chewers; they are made from sturdy and durable materials such as metal frames that don’t really spell comfort. These beds ensure the bed lining is tough enough to keep avid chewers from biting into the bed.

  • Raised Dog Beds

Raised dog beds are designed to keep your pooch off the floor, on a leveled thin but comfy platform with reinforced edges. The material is made to provide good ventilation as well as highly discourage dogs from sinking their teeth into the tough material.

  • Chew Resistant Dog Bed

These beds are basically designed to greatly reduce the options of chewing. They are made to be more comfortable, with enough stuffing for lush convenience. However, they employ means such as well finished seams, hidden edges and the likes to prevent pets from destroying the material.

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dog sleeping

Which Dogs Need an Indestructible Dog Beds?

As you may have already guessed, if you have a pooch that is a mighty chewer or even an overweight canine, you might want to get a more durable bed for them.  Puppies are tenacious when it comes to chewing so it is often a good idea to get a mattress that is sufficiently tougher than most. If you were able to train your puppies to tame their chewing tendencies, you can go back to a standard doggie mattress once they grow up. However, if their chewing tendencies happen to turn destructive, then you should consider getting a really durable and tough dog bed. The same is true for pooches that are overweight. Body weight can easily compress the fill in these mattresses. As such, if you don’t get something more durable, you’re essentially looking at buying several mattresses over a period of a couple of years.

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Things to Consider Before Buying an Durable Dog Bed

Picking the right bed for your dog is easy. However, to determine if you really need an indestructible dog bed or not you may want to consider the following.

  • Chewing behavior of your pet 

As we have already said, the chewing behavior of your pooch has to be one of the most significant factors for consideration. If you have a really aggressive chewer at home, then it is a must that you get only the toughest and the most durable types of doggie beds. Your best option will be to get elevated or raised dog beds as these typically come with metal frames, although it is not uncommon to see others using other materials such as PVC.

Since the sleeping platform only includes a panel of fabric, then there really isn’t much to chew on, except perhaps the legs and frame of the doggie bed. Owing to the nature of the materials of the frame, it will be almost next to impossible to completely destroy it; unless, of course, you have a frame that is made up of cardboard, which we have yet to see.

If you have a moderate chewer, then doggie beds that are made of certain durable materials like ballistic nylon and canvas should be your choice. These materials can provide you with the peace of mind that your doggie bed will not be shredded to smithereens anytime soon.

If your pooch is a passive chewer, then rejoice as there really isn’t any ordinary doggie bed that will not be suitable for your dog.

  • The trainability of your dog

We had to include this as a major consideration since we’re essentially talking about your dog’s chewing behavior. If it is trainable, then we strongly recommend addressing its chewing behavior with sensible training first. Then you can start thinking about getting an ordinary doggie mattress. However, if your pet is simply not the breed that listens to you or is very stubborn, then an indestructible doggie bed is needed.

  • General construction

If you’re getting a doggie mattress, nothing beats double stitching of the seams. This gives you improved durability than single stitched products. Also, you might need to consider the thickness and the type of foam filling as there are those made of flimsy material. Your best bet will be those that are certified to be highly durable. If you’re getting a cot, you might need to consider the joints. Additionally, if the frame is to be assembled, then the integrity of the structure should be maintained by a mechanism. If not, you’re looking at potentially injuring your pet should the frame give in to your dog’s weight.

  • Cost of the right dog bed

In our list, we have shared doggie beds that are as inexpensive as a couple of tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars. Your choice actually depends on how much you’re willing to spend on a doggie bed.

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dog in bed

Best Materials to Look for in a Durable Dog Bed

We’ve been talking about durable dog beds. We know what you have in mind – the materials that will best fit this description. As such, we’re providing you with 3 of the most common materials used in either sleeping panels in elevated doggie cots or outer covering of conventional doggie mattresses.

  • Ballistic nylon: This provides the best material when it comes to chew-proofing your mattress. Dogs are not really fond of chewing on nylon perhaps because of its ‘slippery’ nature. And even if you do have a dog that will chew on nylon, the fabric will be so tough that your pooch will take several years of chewing before it will make a dent on the fabric.
  • Canvas: Most dogs are also averse to chewing on canvas. We’re not exactly sure why but all of our dogs simply don’t like chewing on these types of materials. While it is not as tough as ballistic nylon, just the mere fact that your dog will avoid chewing on canvas is enough to get it as a durable dog mattress.
  • Denim: Unless you gave your pooch a denim toy when it was still a puppy, there is a big chance that a dog bed made of denim will survive many years since your pooch will not be gnawing on this material. It is structurally weaker than ballistic nylon and canvas, however. Nevertheless, since most dogs are not really fond of chewing on denim materials, this should help extend the lifespan of your denim-covered doggie bed.

If you have a pooch that doesn’t really chew on things then you only need to give your pooch an ordinary canine mattress. However, if you’ve got a mighty chewer in the household, these indestructible dog beds we featured here should help you choose the best one.

Best Indestructible Dog Bed FAQ:

Q: Why do dogs chew their beds?

A: there are different reasons why a dog may chew their bedding, while some are just bored and curious, others may be led by more psychological reasons. Some dogs tear and gnaw at beddings when experiencing separation anxiety or when they are ill. Some have just formed a really nasty habit from a young age that is hard to stop. At the end of the day, you may have to make a visit to the vet with the dog to have the actual reason possibly determined.

Q: Do dogs grow out of it?

A: If the dog is not gnawing at their bedding out of boredom or separation anxiety, it may just be a bad habit. Just like any habit, it may take time and a lot of conscious effort as well as discipline to get them to unlearn and drop the habit.

Q: How do I clean my dog bed?

A: Thanks to the material used to make durable beds, the fabric is quite easy to clean. Depending on the type of bed and the intensity of the stain, it can either be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent or deep-washed in a machine.


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