Dog chew toys serve a variety of purposes. In many instances, these products are used to help ensure optimum canine oral and dental health so that microorganisms can be effectively removed and help prevent the development of dental and oral health problems. In some cases, these are also beneficial for addressing the natural behavior of dogs to chew by giving them something a bit less destructive. For puppies however, chew toys can also serve to soothe sore gums especially during the teething process. With the 8 best chew toys for puppies in 2017, you’re now in the right position to care for your pups’ optimum dental and oral health.

How We Chose the Best Puppy Chew Toys in Our List

Just like any other project that we had, it was crucial to first obtain a more concrete understanding of what puppy chew toys are for. This is to help us better choose the right products to share with you. First, the functionality of the item was determined. This was very important since there are those that are designed to be used as a plaything only while there are also those that cater to the chewing habits or behaviors of doggies. It was imperative for us to look at a variety of features that have been built-into the product to make sure these provide a host of benefits as well.

Customer experiences with these products were also considered. While we did see a few products that have 5 star ratings, the number of reviewers for that particular item somehow limited the veracity of its usefulness. It is clear that items that have a substantially greater number of reviewers and users coupled with a sufficiently high consumer product rating are almost always guaranteed a place in our listing. For items that may have questionable ratings, we delved into the reasons of consumers why they think the product doesn’t deserve a higher rating. These reviews are quite subjective so we wanted to know if there really is a basis to the negative comments.

The safety of the product was also determined. While dogs are not humans, they are nonetheless, also vulnerable to chemical imbalances, infections, and other health problems. It is thus, important that the products do not leach chemicals that may be harmful to our furry four-legged mutts. Part of the safety profile of the product was the overall trustworthiness of the company that made it. Reputable companies can always be relied on to deliver, not only high quality products, but also safe ones.

Keeping Our Dogs’ Teeth Healthy

Just as oral health is important for excellent health in humans, dogs too, require a healthy oral cavity and teeth so they will be adequately protected from a variety of systemic diseases associated with canine periodontal disease. Like us, dogs, too require meticulous oral and dental health care to help prevent health problems. Unfortunately, they don’t have hands to brush and floss their teeth. But there are some ways we can do to help keep dogs’ teeth healthy and clean. Here’s how.

  • Use a dedicated doggie toothpaste. As much as possible, don’t use human toothpaste to brush and clean your pup’s or dog’s teeth as these contain ingredients that are considered harmful to dogs. Canine toothpastes are especially formulated so that dogs don’t need to rinse anymore.
  • If a canine toothpaste is not available, you can manually clean your dog’s teeth by wrapping a piece of moistened gauze around your finger, dab it in baking soda, and gently rub against your dog’s teeth.
  • Always give your dog good food as the correct nutrients will help guarantee healthier teeth structure and healthier gums, too. If you have to give your dog fruits and vegetables, choose those that don’t contain starch and too much sugar as these can hasten the development of plaque and tartar.
  • Offer dried meats as these are considered excellent chew treats. The chewing action will help keep your dog’s teeth sparkling clean. You can also give chew toys. As we have already presented in this review, there are a variety of chew toys you can choose from.
  • Consider giving your dog raw bones especially the larger ones. Don’t give chicken bones or any other small bone as these can break or produce splinters which can injure your dog.

The Bottom Line

Caring for our dog’s teeth is crucial to ensuring their optimum health. Helping them act out their innate chewing instincts also help to create a more well-balanced puppy and dog. With the 8 best chew toys for puppies, you can ensure these and more.


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