Best Dog Wipes (Review & Buying Guide) in 2019

Dog wipes can be real life-savers. Just as a baby who has his or her distinct adorable scent that parents and other people would love to cuddle, the same is true for dogs that are smelling fresh and clean. While nothing beats regular bathing when it comes to keeping your pet dog smelling nice, there will always be instances when giving it a bath is definitely out of the question. Pet wipes are a must-have for every pet parent especially if they have hounds that love exploring the outdoors or perhaps those with other health problems where the use of pet wipes is warranted. And, in case you’re wondering which dog cleaning wipes to pick, we’re giving you 10 of the market’s best pet wipes.

Pogi's Pet Supplies Grooming Wipes

Pogi's Pet Supplies Grooming Wipes

Dechra MalAcetic Wet Wipes

Dechra MalAcetic Wet Wipes

Nature's Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes

Nature's Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes

Best Dog Wipes Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Consider When Buying Dog Wipes

Picking the right dog wipe can be quite intimidating. If you already have a baby, then you’ll know how challenging it can be to look for the right product to use on your baby. The same is true with dog wipes. You might want to think about the following things when making a purchase, though.

  • Purpose of wipes

This is the single most important consideration you will need to think about. There are many types of wipes and these are often based on their purpose. If it’s basically for general cleaning and grooming purposes, then grooming wipes should suffice. However, if your concern is more about your pet’s skin issues, then you might want to go for those with disinfectant or antiseptic properties.

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Similarly, there are dog wipes that are highly specific for the cleaning of a specific body part such as the teeth and gums, the area around the eyes, the outer ear, the area outside the anal glands, and even the paws. While grooming wipes can do the trick, getting more body-specific wipes is much better.

  • Safety of ingredients

Grooming or cleaning dog wipes should be free from alcohol, paraben, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. These substances can irritate your pet’s skin. Medicated wipes such as those with antiseptic formulations usually come with alcohol so its use should be tempered.

  • Size and durability

You would want dog wipes that have a larger cleaning area so you can clean and deodorize larger sections of your pet’s body using as few pieces of wipes as possible. If you’re looking for an ear, eye, or dental wipes, then smaller sizes will do. Together with the size is durability. You don’t want the wipes to break down with a single wipe across your pet’s body.

  • Ease of use

Some dog wipes come in handy canisters that can be easily refilled once fully used up. These also offer better access to the wipes while making sure it doesn’t dry up.

Benefits of Using Dog Wipes

While dog wipes should never be substituted for a full doggie bath, they can do a great job of keeping your pet clean and smelling nice as it awaits its next scheduled bath. It’s perfect for instant cleanups especially after some really intense dog activities outside the home. Dog wipes are also perfect for cleaning smaller sections of your pet’s body or certain body parts like the paws, the butt, the ears, the teeth, and even the area around the eyes.

These can also be beneficial for pet parents who may be allergic to pet dander or have someone in the home who is. Since daily bathing is definitely out of the question because of the removal of natural oils from the dog’s skin, wiping the coat and skin with dog wipes can help lessen the accumulation of pet dander while also removing other allergens that may have attached to your pet’s coat when it went outside for a walk.

Some pet wipes come with antiseptics or disinfectants which can be great tools for minimizing the effects of microorganisms on the skin. These can also aid in the management of certain doggie skin conditions like hot spots.

Types of Dog Wipes

Pet wipes come in different types, often depending on their purpose. These can include the following.

  • Grooming wipes

These are perfect for everyday use as they are mostly made of gentler, all-natural ingredients that are designed to clean dogs’ coat. Some come with specific scents or fragrances which serve to mask pet odors. We don’t recommend these, but some pet parents do love the smell of their dogs afterward.

  • Antiseptic wipes

There are wipes that come with antiseptics and disinfectants. While these can kill germs they are not substitutes for more contemporary treatments like antibiotics as well as anti-inflammatories. What they do, however, is that they can kill microorganisms that may be present on pets’ skin. However, owing to the fact that they contain medications or stronger chemicals, their use should be guided by your vet.

  • Eye wipes

Perfect for managing tear stains, dog eye wipes contain a special formulation that helps remove staining around the eyes of dogs.

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  • Ear wipes

These wipes are perfect for controlling the buildup of earwax while also helping to prevent ear infections as most come with antiseptic and disinfectant formulations.

  • Dental wipes

Think of a gauze pad that you can wrap around your fingers and brush against the surface of your pet’s teeth and gums. This is what dog dental wipes are. They’re perfect for pets that don’t like the feel of a toothbrush so they get to maintain the integrity of the oral cavities.

  • Anal gland wipes

All animals have anal sacs that release secretions during defecation in an effort to make it easier to pass stools while also leaving a characteristic scent on the stool. Sadly, there are some instances when these secretions are not effectively expressed out so they clog inside the sacs. Anal gland wipes can help in the expression of these secretions to maintain the patency of the anal glands.

  • Paw wipes

While grooming wipes can also serve this purpose, paw wipes are better designed to remove dirt from your pet’s paws. The surface of the paw is not exactly smooth so it needs a wipes that is thicker and more resistant to abrasion.

cleaning wipes for dogs

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Environmentally Conscious Options

Dog wipes may be handy contraptions for keeping your dog smelling nice and looking clean in between baths, but there’s one undesirable effect to the continued use of such tools. Used dog wipes eventually end up at landfills and this can be a cause of concern. A more environmentally-conscious approach to keeping your pet dog smelling nice and clean is to moisten a piece of towel and add a drop of dog shampoo. Use this as instant wipe for your pet.

Make sure to use only a dollop of dog shampoo as putting too much can leave residue on your pet’s coat. In case you inadvertently put too much shampoo, wipe it off with a piece of towel that is moistened only with water. Rinse the towel with hot water, wring out excess water, and wipe it over your pet’s body. Hand-dry your pet and you’re done. 

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Q:  What are dog wipes?

A:  As the name implies dog wipes are small rectangular pieces of disposable or single-use cleaning cloth that are embedded with several ingredients to provide a cleansing effect. Most products come with deodorizer and moisturizer properties to aid in their ability to wipe dirt off of your pet’s body. Some wipes are embedded with medications or other substances with specific activity such as antiseptic, disinfectant, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. These are medicated wipes that should only be used as directed.

Dog wipes are generally used in between baths to keep one’s dog smelling fresh and looking clean by removing dirt that may have attached to its coat, neutralizing pet odors that may have built over time, and provide a smoother and shinier coat because of its moisturizing effects.

Q:  Can I use baby wipes on my pet?

A:  There’s a reason why pet wipes were developed; otherwise, vets would tell pet parents to use baby wipes instead. The reason for this is that pets and humans have different skin pH. The formulation of baby wipes may be different from what your dog actually needs. Furthermore, your dog tends to lick the area that was wiped with these grooming products. If the baby wipes you used happen to contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs when ingested, then you’re facing a real problem.

One thing that pet parents often find attractive with baby wipes is that these have a larger surface area. Pet wipes are usually smaller, so it’s quite understandable that pet parents would consider using baby wipes on their pets. It’s costlier, but we do recommend sticking with pet wipes.

Q:  How do I use dog wipes?

A:  Dog cleaning wipes are quite easy to use. It’s like running moistened tissue or piece of cloth over your dog’s body. Technically, everything depends on the kind of pet wipes that you have. If it’s grooming wipes, then you can expect it to be used all over your pet’s body, except the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. If it’s the medicated type of wipes, then you’re only supposed to use them over the affected area.

Dog ear wipes are essential for the ears while paw wipes are designed for the thicker nature of the paw pads. There are dental wipes, too that can take the place of a doggie toothbrush as well as eye wipes that are designed specifically for cleaning tear stains.

Q:  How often should I use dog wipes?

A:  Depending on the formulation of the dog wipes, there are those that can be used on a daily basis. These typically contain water and a few all-natural ingredients that will not irritate or dry the pet’s skin. Medicated wipes should be used as instructed by your veterinarian. These are typically discontinued once the main issue has been resolved.

Other dog cleaning wipes may have to be used on a less frequent basis owing to the presence of harsher ingredients such as alcohol and other chemicals like artificial fragrances. We don’t actually recommend using these products, but it is up to you if you wish. However, don’t use it every day as the drying effects of alcohol can be quite harsh.

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Our Top Pick for the Best Dog Wipes

Fully capable of giving pets instant cleaning in between baths, our top pick for the best pet wipes is Pogi’s Grooming Wipes. Its all-natural formulation plus the absence of harsh chemicals makes Pogi’s one of the best cat and dog cleaning wipes for everyday use. There’s no alcohol to dry pet’s skin or parabens and chlorine that can produce skin reactions. There are also no artificial fragrances, just the faint natural scent of bamboo, Hawaiian awapuhi, and aloe vera. Its hypoallergenic formula makes it a great tool for keeping puppies clean, smelling nice, and having coats that are smooth and shiny. And since its base is made of bamboo fibers you’re also contributing to a cleaner planet.

Whether it is to keep your pet clean and odor-free or to maintain its silky-soft and shiny coat or even to help manage its skin and ear infections as well as aid in the expression of anal sac secretions, dog wipes are a must have.

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