Your dog's health and welfare are paramount, including keeping him happy, safe, and comfortable whatever the weather. Of course, we all know the dangers of cold weather and low temperatures, but those gorgeous warm summers can also be bad for your pet.

Overheating can be a real issue for canines when the heat is on, and if not appropriately managed can lead to potentially fatal conditions such as heatstroke. So, keeping your pet cool throughout a hot summer is vital, especially in more confined spaces such as their crate or enclosed dog bed.

While the air conditioning in your home can help, you can also add a dog crate fan to keep your pet's sleeping and resting space cool and comfortable when summer temperatures rise. We review some of the best dog crate fans designed to specifically help your pet keep his cool.

Did You Know?

  1. A dog crate is a useful way of keeping your dog safe and giving them their own space.
  2. But during the summer, or if it is kept in a poorly ventilated room, the temperature inside their crate can rise, putting them at risk of heat stroke.
  3. Helping your dog manage his body temperature using a crate fan is one way to stop them from overheating.
  4. Adding a dog crate fan to the side of your dog's crate will ensure the inner temperature remains cool enough for your pet.
  5. You can also take the best dog crate fans with you on vacation, so you can always keep your pup cool.
  6. You should also ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water and their crate is out of direct sunlight.

A Quick Glance at Our Favorites

Power Source
Bottom Line
Treva Portable Fan
Powered by battery and/or AC adapter
A super portable fan with a good battery life that’s built to take the outdoor knocks.
You need to buy the six required batteries separately.
One to have in the car or with the camping gear when you go summer traveling with your canine best bud.
SkyGenius Stroller Fan
USB-powered, battery-powered
A portable design with a 360-degree head so you can get the cool air exactly where it needs to be.
Not as tough, pet-proof, or durable as other dog-specific crate fans.
Best for days out drives in the car or as a backup when your dog needs a little extra help.
Pro Select Cool Pup Crate Fan
Quiet operation makes it a popular choice in the home.
The option of rechargeable batteries would make this dog crate fan more versatile.
Well-priced, with all the essential functions and decent cooling power, this is an excellent everyday fan for hot dogs.
Metro Vacuum Crate Cooling Fan
Small, and almost perfectly formed, this fan doesn’t take up too much space but gives powerful cooling airflow.
It is not the most efficient on battery power, so it can be a little expensive to keep it running.
Ideal for when the summer temperature rises, this dog crate fan is not so efficient for all-year-round use.
Lucky Duck Kennel Fan Kit
Rechargeable battery
Tough, powerful, and with two fans, this weather-resistant fan is ideal for outdoor spaces and larger kennels.
Not really suited to indoor use as it’s large and heavy.
If your dog like to spend time outside but need to keep cool during the summer, then this is the fan for them.
Jiffi Rechargeable Fan
Powered by a rechargeable battery
Quirky looks make this a fun dog crate fan that has sticking power.
Could do with a little more power in the blades.
Not the largest fan heads but a good choice for traveling or when the days are not excessively warm.
*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can change.

6 Top-Rated Crate Fans

1 Treva Portable Fan

Treva Portable Fan
Key features:
  • Lightweight and portable fan
  • Durable enough for outside use
  • Two speeds and quiet operation
  • Battery or mains powered

This portable mini fan could be the answer when you are out with your pup, and the rising temperatures catch you unawares. Of course, as a desktop fan, it is free-standing, so you shouldn’t leave it with your pet unsupervised. But for cooling down on the go, the Treva works well.

Made with a strong ABS plastic body, this is a durable 10-inch fan that you can use both inside and outdoors. There’s a choice of two speeds, and the blades are quiet, especially at the lower setting. The required six batteries, however, are not rechargeable.

However, you can opt to use the power adapter to hook into the mains. And the average run time – 20 hours on the higher setting – means you and your dog will have that day out at the beach covered.

What others say about it:

We lost power for 4-12 hours one night two weeks ago. Without A/C we were miserable, especially our dogs who are used to the cooler inside temps. Yes, they’re spoiled but rightfully so. After research, purchased two of these and two of the smaller 5inch ones. Upon arrival, tried them all out. They’re all quiet and work as they should. This one operates on either (6) D batteries or AC power. When plugged into the A/C it disconnects the battery power. It has two speeds, high and low. The high speed delivers a nice blow. Almost had to use them last night when we lost power, but after two hours power came on. It was nice, though to have these on hand just in case. They do run quietly. Anyone in a storm area subject to power outages should invest in these. I highly recommend them without issue.

Originally posted on

  • Ideally sized to take on days out with your pooch
  • You can get up to 53 hours of run time on one set of batteries
  • The six batteries – which are not included – are not rechargeable
  • The blades’ air power is a little lacking
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2 SkyGenius Stroller Fan

SkyGenius Stroller Fan
Key features:
  • Three speeds and low noise operation
  • 360-degree rotatable fan head
  • Rechargeable battery using USB
  • Secure clip-on fixture

This mini clip-on fan is the ideal solution for small dog spaces or when you and your pooch are on the road. It is a handy portable size, and the clip-on clasp has a strong grip to keep it secure. Unfortunately, the cage is not the strongest over the blades, so you must ensure your dog can’t reach it. But as a versatile mini fan, it also has many other uses, from in the car and on your senior dog’s outdoor stroller to clipping to your work desk.

For its size, there’s a good amount of spec, including a 360 vertical and horizontal rotation, three adjustable speeds, and a rechargeable battery which also gives you up to six hours of run time. And as a backup fan as well as one to take when traveling, we think the SkyGenius should hold up well.

  • Simple and easy to use design with a decent amount of additional spec
  • A good choice for camping, time in the garden, and the car
  • Includes a rechargeable battery
  • It’s not specifically designed for dog crates, so not as durable as others
  • Not particularly chew-safe
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3 Pro Select Cool Pup Crate Fan

Pro Select Cool Pup Crate Fan
Key features:
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Two-speed control and quiet operation
  • Includes a built-in thermometer
  • Uses 4 x C-sized batteries

The Pro Select Cool Pup is a bestseller, and it’s easy to see why. This smart-looking dog crate fan is easy to set up and use. With its two-speed control, you can tailor the airflow to keep your pup calm and cool. And the lightweight yet durable design makes this crate fan ideal for traveling and use in your home.

Powered by four C-sized batteries, you can buy a separate AC/DC adapter if you prefer to plug the fan into the wall. And, as some users say that it can eat through the batteries quite quickly, the option of another power source could be a good idea.

This small fan unit works hard to keep your pooch cool. There are two fan speed settings, and the airflow is impressive. Plus, you get a built-in thermometer to keep things on track. It fits well with most crate cages, thanks to its retractable clip-on hangers that clasp securely to the wires. And for day and night use, this dog crate fan is extremely quiet, making it one of the most popular Proselect standard cooling fans.

What others say about it:

This fan is being used in my bedroom where my 2 Boston terriers have their own bed and fan! They sleep better and get through the night without “panting” the night away! They are SO MUCH MORE comfortable now. The fan runs so quietly, yet is so efficient, and the price is really nice also!

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  • Option of battery power or AC/DC adapter
  • Easy to control airflow thanks to the two speed settings
  • Can eat through the batteries quickly
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4 Metro Vacuum Crate Cooling Fan

Metro Vacuum Crate Cooling Fan
Key features:
  • Up to 100 hours of run time
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Fits most standard dog crates and cages
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

Designed to snugly attach to the wire on your pet carrier or dog crate, the Metro Vacuum is an efficient hard worker. Operating on two D batteries, you can get up to 100 hours of run time, plus two speeds so you can get the cool airflow just right.

This dog crate fan is ideal for more nervous or easily disturbed pets and when used at night, thanks to its super-quiet operation. It is also very stable, thanks to the snug attachment clips, so rattling is minimized.

Attached to the front door of their crate, this small fan won’t get in the way but works well to transform warm air into a constant cool breeze to bring the inner temperature of their crate right down. And this portable fan can also be used inside or outside its cage, depending on your preference.

What others say about it:

This little fan ran 50+ hours on one set of batteries when we drove cross country. Is it the most powerful fan on earth? No. It’s small and runs on a battery… But we hung it on the cargo barrier and it did the job perfectly of generating airflow into the cargo area for our two German Shepherds and Malinois as we drove cross country in a heat wave. The dogs stayed cool and comfortable, and the fan was relatively quiet considering it was right beside my head. Great purchase, I’m very happy with it.

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  • Hushed operation for a peaceful dog rest
  • 100 hours run time before batteries need changing
  • Batteries are not included
  • Could benefit from an optional power adapter
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5 Lucky Duck Kennel Fan Kit

Lucky Duck Kennel Fan Kit
Key features:
  • Attaches to most wire kennel doors
  • Two-speed control and dual fans
  • Water-resistant outer housing
  • Uses a rechargeable 12V battery

Our review’s best dog crate fan for kennels or large outdoor dog houses, this tough cooler will give your pups some cool relief when outside this summer. It’s not the cheapest crate fan, but the build quality is good, and it fits easily on most wired kennel doors.

The unit features two powerful dog crate fans with two speeds for greater control, and the cool air flow ensures decent fresh air ventilation. And, as it is built to be used outside, the outer housing and the battery compartment are both highly water-resistant. The 12V lithium-ion battery is also rechargeable, so you never need to worry about running out and buying new batteries.

Not the prettiest, smallest, or lightest dog crate fan in our review, but it does what it says on the tin, meaning you’ll have cool outdoor puppies this summer.

  • Durable, water and weather-resistant
  • Two-speed dual fans are powerful enough for larger spaces
  • Includes a charger for the lithium batteries
  • At over a kilo, this is a large and heavy cage fan
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6 Jiffi Rechargeable Fan

Jiffi Rechargeable Fan
Key features:
  • Unique wrap-around fixture
  • 360-degree rotatable head
  • USB-rechargeable
  • Lightweight and portable

Although not specifically designed for canine crates, this clip fan has a relaxed Flexi-tripod fitting which would work well with most dog cages without causing any damage. The bendy ‘octopus-like’ fixture leg wraps snugly around bars and wires so it can be attached to the top of their crate. Then the 360-degree rotatable fan head can be positioned to get that cool air to where your pup needs it the most.

USB cable-powered, this rechargeable fan is a cost and time-effective way to ensure your dog keeps his cool. And it is portable and outdoor tough too so that it can come along with you on your travels. Add in three speeds, quiet blades, and up to 20 hours of operation, and this is a crate fan that can also be used around the home.

  • Choice of three speeds for power-cool that’s nice and quiet
  • Three-hour charge time for up to 20 hours of battery life
  • The fan head is on the small side, so you may need a couple if you have a large dog crate
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How to Choose the Best Dog Cage Fan

Red English Cocker Spaniel is lying in front of the fan on the living room floor.

Your dog, their personal space, and your home will all help in choosing the right dog crate fan. However, to make the very best selection, there are other things to consider.


The material used in your new dog crate cooling fan is an essential consideration as you need it to be durable and safe for your pet. A good choice is BPA-free polypropylene plastic, as it’s lightweight yet durable. But if you are looking for a crate fan to use outdoors, then ABS plastic, which can stand up to direct sunlight and the elements, is a good idea.


Size also matters when it comes to a crate fan, as the bigger the cage or sleeping space, the larger the fan you need. A good-sized pet fan for most standard crates is between 5 and 5.5 inches tall, although you can get fans of 7 inches and more. What you want is a fan that’s big enough to create a cool environment without taking up too much space or getting in the way.

Noise and airflow

You also want a fan that keeps your pup cool without spooking or making him feel uncomfortable. This means choosing a fan with sufficient airflow to make a difference to his environment while offering quiet operation.

The good idea is to look for a dog crate cooling fan with adjustable speeds, ideally at least two, so you can adjust the fresh air flow as you and your pet prefer it.


Pet safety should also be top of the list. When choosing the best dog crate fan, check that the blades are made from safe materials such as silicone and are encased behind a durable cage to prevent contact with your dog. The pet fan should also have a good method of securing it, so look for high-quality, adjustable mounting hooks or clasps.

Power source

Choose the method of powering your new crate fan that works with how you intend to use it and where you will place it. Batteries are a good option if you need to take your crate fan with you on vacation or road trips. However, you will need to replace them regularly, especially if the fan is left on for longer periods. Crate fans powered by rechargeable batteries are the most versatile, especially if they can be both USB and wall charged.

However, as you are using the fan to keep your pet cool, it’s best to avoid fans with a power cord or trailing cables.


Other useful accessories include built-in thermometers to measure ambient temperature and a cooling pack.

And with all electrical items, a good warranty – ideally one year or more – can be a cost-saver should something go wrong with your new fan.

Should You Worry About Your Dog Getting Heat Stroke?

Pug dog is lying on a table in front of the green fan.

Heat stroke can be life-threatening so keeping your pet cool during hot summer or rising in-house temperatures is essential. And your dog is not only vulnerable to heat stroke during the summer as poorly ventilated rooms, and overly warm crates can also raise the risk of overheating.

Canines can usually regulate their body temperature through panting. But when the external temperatures exceed their body’s ability to dissipate the heat, you enter dangerous, over-heating territory. And the result can be a case of heat stroke, which can potentially lead to:

  • Kidney damage
  • Liver damage
  • Central nervous system dysfunction
  • Severe gastrointestinal issues
  • Damage to the vascular system

In some cases, heat stroke can prove fatal if not treated in time.

To prevent heat stroke, pet owners should ensure their dog is cool enough during hot periods and that their indoor spaces are well-ventilated all year round. Your dog should always have plenty of fresh, clean water; outdoors, they should always have access to some shade to help your pet stay cool.

You may also find our guide on dog water fountains useful.

How Are Pet Crate Fans Useful?

A pet crate fan is an excellent backup when you need to keep your pup cool and prevent them from over-heating, especially during hot weather.

Using a pet fan will keep their safe space – their crate or cage – cool and create a pleasant place to retreat to when the outdoor heat gets too much. They are also useful for keeping their crate at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Dog crate fans are also affordable, and if you choose a portable model, they can take you and your dog from home to camping, traveling in the car, or on vacation.


  1. How to prevent heat stroke in pets, American Animal Hospitals Association

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

If you buy a quality fan from a reputable seller and have had all the necessary manufacturer testing, then a dog crate cooling fan is safe to use with your pet.

But, as with all other electrical items or devices with moving parts, you should use the cooling fan carefully. And that means putting it in a place that won’t endanger your pet or so close that they can tip or knock it over. And never use it near water, which includes their drinking bowl. Finally, always follow the manufacturer’s user instructions.

If the hot summer temperature doesn’t drop enough by nightfall to make sleeping comfortable for your puppy, it is ok to leave the cooling fan on for him overnight. However, ensure it is not too close to your pet or on a temperature setting too cold. And your pet should be able to move away easily and safely from the fan’s airflow should he get too cool or uncomfortable.

As well as using a crate fan, you should take other key steps to keep your dog cool and happy. Our top tips for keeping your dog cool in the summer include :

  • Adding a thermometer or choose a fan that has a built-in thermometer so you can monitor the internal temperature of their crate
  • Ensuring their crate is in a cool space and out of direct sunlight
  • If used outdoors, use a cover or reflective cloth over the top to protect your dog from the sun
  • Provide your dog with constant access to fresh, clean water to ensure he remains hydrated
  • Raise the crate slightly off the floor to allow for air to pass under the crate and your dog
  • Use extra cooling devices such as cooling mats to create a pleasurable sleeping space
  • Use additional cooling devices such as cooling pads or mats to create an enjoyable sleeping space
  • Use a crate that has a higher ceiling; lighter colored crates can also deflect heat
  • Treat your dog to cooling titbits such as frozen watermelon or homemade ‘pupsicles’

Getting proactive in ensuring your dog is cool is the best way to prevent heat stroke and keep your precious pet safe and comfortable when the heat is on.

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