The Best Cat Food for IBD (Review) in 2021

Last Updated May 4, 2021

IBD, also known as irritable bowel disorder, is often caused by many factors in both humans and animals. If you have a pet cat that is experiencing this disorder, most experienced vets will advise you to change its diet to help reduce inflammation, as well as for the fast healing of their gut. To further help you achieve better health goals for your kitty, we have compiled a list of the best cat foods for IBD, their ingredients, and other vital information. Each product discussed is advantageous in restoring your cat’s gut health, without stressing their digestive system; this is the primary reason why they’re recommended for all cat lovers and owners.

The Best Cat Food for IBD


Dr. Elsey’s Cat Food is a clean protein meal, formulated with just the right amounts of protein for your feline. This is a purely animal-based meal; thus, it features non-grains and gluten. What’s more, Dr. Elsey’s meal for cats contains high amounts of Omega 3 acids, which go a long way to quicken the gut healing process.

Cats with IBD are known to exhibit loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting, as well as a myriad of symptoms. Still, Dr. Elsey’s food for cats with IBD is formulated to curb all these symptoms and encourage your pet to try out more nourishment for faster healing. Furthermore, the protein kibble from Dr. Elsey is also great for filling up your cat and helping it maintain its initial body mass. Certainly, if you want to introduce your kitty to an active lifestyle, it’s wise to start with its diet, by offering him/her this wonderful treat from Dr. Elsey.

100% grain-free and gluten-free

Animal-based protein

Highest biological value proteins

Optimizes body condition for all cats

  • Brand: Dr. Elsey’s
  • Model: 02660
  • Weight: 6.75 pounds


The next best thing since tuna for cats comes from a leading manufacturer in animal foods. This is Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried meal formulated as a dinner morsel, no matter their size or species. This food for cats with IBD features only the healthiest and yummiest ingredients, which keep your cat coming back for more. Every morsel is made up of 98% wild-caught fish and cage-free chicken, for better dietary health and an even more impressive energy level.

Stella & Chewy’s cat food aids in digestion, improvement of appetite, and the relief from allergies. What’s more, many pet owners swear by the meals that come from this brand; the most raved about is that it is freeze-dried, and also that it comes with a rich, organic taste that many cats desire. 

Contains no grains and no glutens

Enhanced with probiotics

Rich in antioxidants

Fortified with added minerals

  • Brand: Stella & Chewy’s
  • Model: CAT-FDSC-18
  • Weight: 1.13 pounds


Cat owners around the globe have a lot of praise for the Royal Canin Feline PD Can. This meal is considered one of the finest in today’s market, both by veterinarians and cat owners themselves. With years of food processing under their belt, the Royal Canin company has in-depth knowledge of the special dietary requirements needed for cats with IBD. They make use of their information to create the best cat food for cats with IBD.

Once ingested, it is straightforward to digest and saves cats from experiencing allergic reactions.  Trust that the Royal Canin Cat Food will help quicken the healing of your cat’s gut, keep him or her healthy for longer. Furthermore, it will assist with the maintenance of his weight. Say no to IBD and obesity with this fantastic adult feline food. 

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Boosted omega-3 fatty acids

Can be easily absorbed by your cat

Chelated minerals

Pure duck protein to lessen allergic reactions

  • Brand: Royal Canin
  • Model: 302810
  • Weight: 10 pounds


Cats by nature are hungry; thus, to appeal to their wilder side, Honest Kitchen has created a formula featuring real chicken. This happens to be their most excellent cat food yet, the Honest Kitchen Chicken Cat Food. Besides being packed with protein, this meal also contains high amounts of moisture, which makes them a better alternative to the canned meals in today’s market.

We trust this feline IBD food because it is processed and packaged in the USA. Nothing is imported and added from China, and all procedures are done under strict health conditions. With such quality, our editorial team is confident in this company’s foods. Experience the best effects of organic food by purchasing a pack of this chicken cat food for your best feline. 



Human grade

Made in the USA

  • Brand: The Honest Kitchen
  • Model: P4
  • Weight: 4.25 pounds


Find the best cat food for cats with IBD in the Hill’s Prescription Diet. This is a digestive care meal that was formulated for gut relief, easy digestion, and overall well being. We took a look at the ingredients used for this cat food and came across a wide range of organic substances. Such purity ensures that your cat is safe from any dangers associated with the ingestion of canned foods. It also allows them to receive the nutrients and minerals present in meals, faster than with any other meal.

It’s also no secret that many veterinarians love Hill’s prescription cat food for inflammatory bowel disease; hence why it often gets recommended for cats suffering from IBD. Even more reassuring is the fact that Hill’s Prescription is a brand that has been in the business for pretty long. Regardless of your cat’s species and gender, their food helps to address illnesses and disorders that other diets cannot tackle efficiently. It is for this reason that this brand has won several awards from trusted scientific institutions all over the world. 

For more information on the brand, check out our Hill’s Cat Food Review.


Chicken canned cat food

Ensures easy nutrient absorption

Help improve digestion and stool quality

  • Model: 4628
  • Weight: 5.4 ounces


Our Merrick Recipe Cat Food is the real deal when searching for a meal with balanced nutrition. This cat food comes in high quantities for longer periods. This meal is produced in China, with all ingredients being sourced directly from nature. What’s more, it contains pure proteins and carbohydrates, which are also easily digestible.

Keep your cat’s diet simple with this meal option in your home, and watch as he/she enjoys it with relish. The Merrick Recipe cat IBD diet is a unique blend of nature and scientific knowledge, merged perfectly for the safety and satisfaction of every cat. The company is made up of scientists who have a soft spot for cats; thus, they do everything possible to cater to all their health needs.

Take a look at our Merrick Cat Food Review.

Country of origin: china

Limited ingredient diet

No grains, gluten ingredients

Single source of animal protein

  • Brand: Merrick
  • Model: 39023
  • Weight: 2 pounds


What is the best protein-packed meal one can ever offer their feline? It is the Blue Basics Adult Cat Food. It comes with many descriptions given by both veterinarians and cat lovers. This cat food is certainly a top choice concerning its ingredient choices, packaging size, and price. It comes in a pack of 24 cans, with each can weigh 3 oz. And even better is the fact that the Blue Basics cat food features no gluten or grains.

It is a limited ingredient meal formulated as a pate style for easy digestion. Besides its smooth texture, this meal encourages natural health and smooth digestion with its complex carbohydrates. Overall, the Blue Basics food for cats with IBD is recommended for every cat experiencing the symptoms of IBD such as vomiting, bloody stools, etc.

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Adult indoor grain-free

Fish & potato

Limited ingredient diet

Made without wheat

  • Brand: Blue Buffalo
  • Model: 800454
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds


The Instinct brand started in Lincoln, Nebraska, and they have gradually made a name for themselves in today’s cat food industry. The brand has a lot of animal food options under their name, causing them to maintain their fame across the globe. They have launched their latest food, the Instinct Raw Boost Recipe. This natural cat food was prepared by seasoned scientists with guidance from both veterinarians and cat enthusiasts and has been produced without soy, wheat, grains, and other artificial elements to avoid any allergic reactions from your feline.

We love that the Instinct Raw IBD in cats best food is freeze-dried because this provides your cat with all the needed nutrients in their right amounts. Hence why it is best to invest in this cat food that can be eaten over a more extended period, as it helps save you some money. Overall, the Instinct Cat Food is one such food; the ideal solution for all economic cat owners. Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Recipe with Real Chicken is one of 5 recipes included in our review of Nature’s Variety Instinct Cat Food.


Freeze-dried raw pieces

Grain-free recipe

Made without grain, potato

Natural dry

  • Brand: Instinct
  • Model: 769949658627
  • Weight: 5 pounds


Tiki is a well-known brand in the world of cats. They’re famous among cat owners because they are made with love for cats. Every morsel of this food for cats with IBD is sourced from nature, and as such, there are no additives, artificial flavors or colors, and no preservatives. Your feline will love the taste of this fantastic cat food; the second it takes a single bite.

Tiki started with a group of cat lovers, who wish to improve the general health of felines all over the world. They began by researching the various causes of IBD, and with the help of science, found diet alternatives that can help curb all symptoms and aid in fast healing. Their Tiki Pet Food is the end product of such dedication and can be purchased in all animal stores, at an affordable rate.

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Cat canned

Certified for human consumption

Single source proteins

Whole food diet

  • Brand: Tiki Cat
  • Model: 10780
  • Weight: 2.16 pounds


The last best cat food for IBD on our recommendation list is one amazing act of food that has stood its ground over the years in quality and efficiency. Meet the PureVita Cat Food is a grain-free and dry food that is produced by the PureVita Brand. They specialize in the distribution of high-quality cat food that fills up your feline, aids in their digestion, and also offers them nutritional values for overall physical and emotional wellbeing.

There’s no better meal plan than one with the Pure Vita check cat food. It contains some critical phyto content that supports the development of your feline at every stage. If you ever need healthy food options for your pet, think PureVita. PureVita GrainFree Chicken Entree is one of 4 dry cat food recipes mentioned in our Pure Vita Cat Food Review.

Chicken entree

Dry cat food


Maintain health and longevity

  • Brand: PureVita Grain Free
  • Model: 131550
  • Weight: 15 pounds

Best Cat Food for IBD Buying Guide

What is the Cause of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats?

The cause of IBD in cats isn’t known scientifically, mainly because all cases that are recognized are idiopathic or unknown. Some scientists claim that the idiopathic cases of IBD are caused by a shift in the relationship between the GI immune system and the natural microbiota. When this happens, the gut starts to fight with itself, often leading to the presence of inflammatory cells in your cat’s intestine.

The presence of inflammatory cells in the gut makes it difficult for the intestinal lining to do its job efficiently. The result is that the digestion and absorption of nutrients by the intestines become extremely tough and may take a longer time than usual.

Wet cat food in a bowl

Symptoms of Feline IBD

Some prevalent symptoms that allow you to identify IBD in cats include:

  • Chronic vomiting & diarrhea

This often occurs when the intestinal lining gets leaky thanks to the occurrence of severe damage. The leak causes the coating to have a hard time doing its job, thus diarrhea and vomiting.

  • Bloody stools

Luminal damage in the digestive tract of your feline could occur, and this might lead to blood moving into your cat’s stool.

  • Weight loss

Cats tend to lose weight when dehydrated, and this happens when their systems don’t retain the water they consume. The inability to retain water is as a result of holes in their intestinal system.

  • Loss of appetite

This symptom stems mostly from the vomiting discussed earlier. Cats get apprehensive about food and tend to neglect it during such periods.

What to Look for in a Cat Food for IBD

All cat foods are high when sourced from nature. In this section of the article, we’re looking at the full range of products on sale and how best we can filter the top quality and highly effective ones from all others.

  • Nutritional value

The first thing is the nutritional value being offered to your feline. The cat food you choose needs to be species-appropriate, such that it meets all your cat’s dietary demands. Cats require high amounts of protein as well as carbohydrates. plant-based foods don’t fill up cats as much as protein-based products do; thus, you need to be mindful when selecting the meal.

  • Inflammation

Another thing that is vital to the selection of your cat’s meal is inflammation. Some ingredients support inflammation, and this can be dangerous for your feline. Some elements that cause inflammation include lactose, carrageenan, artificial flavors, and colors, as well as preservatives such as TBHQ.

  • Moisture

Moisture is essential in foods for cats with IBD because they help combat dehydration in your cat’s digestive system. This is a common symptom amongst cats with IBD. As much as possible, choose freshly-cooked, canned, raw, or dehydrated meals overfeeding of kibble.

  • Limited ingredients

Avoid all allergenic ingredients, since food allergies play a massive part in IBD. Some allergens include pork, chicken, beef, dairy, and eggs. Opt for name proteins instead, like turkey, lamb, rabbit, etc.

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How Can Cat IBD Diet Help?

The IBD diet isn’t designed to cure IBD; it’s only formulated to aid control its effects and symptoms. IBD diets are meal plans carefully constructed by scientists and veterinarians to avoid any adverse effects. They are formulated, keeping in mind that your cat’s digestive system needs some time to heal. Cat foods for IBD are known to aid in the reduction of gastrointestinal system inflammation, allergies, and gut diseases. This helps the occurrence of IBD or better yet control it once it’s experienced.

Should You Feed Your Kitty a Prescription Cat Food for IBD?

Prescription foods for cats with IBD are those meals that usually omit the common inflammation ingredients. This doesn’t offer your cat’s digestive tract a faster healing process. Prescription foods are high, but when it involves cats with IBD, owners need to be mindful. When feeding cats with prescription meals, every cat owner needs to ensure that their pet still receives the much-needed protein from meats. Prescription diets such as Hill’s prescription cat food is a great product to introduce to your cat because it contains the right amounts of nutrients and minerals, needed for both healing and growth.

Cat eating fodd from a bowl

Our Top Pick

The best choice product in this article comes from Dr. Elsey’s company, a leading manufacturer of animal foods. Since their inception, they have given cat owners some of the best diet options meant to satisfy and heal their cats simultaneously. The perfect balance between these two things is what makes DR Elsey the very best. They formulated the best protein-packed cat food, made with easily digestible ingredients for the enjoyment of your feline. With high amounts of omega-three acids as well as other nutrients, you can be confident that your cat is gaining all the required nutritional balance needed for optimal growth.


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