Tiki Cat – Cat Food Review

Last Updated January 27, 2020

Cats depend a lot on meat for basic survival; it’s not something that can be scrapped from their diet as with dogs. So, a brand that makes the perfect blend of meat chunks and moisture for easy chewing and swallowing is one to look out for. Tiki is one of the few cat food brands that don’t compromise on nutritional value when it comes to manufacturing delicious and easy to serve cat food. In fact, they are known to ‘human-grade’ chunks of meat and fish with just the right amount of moisture for the cats’ general dietary needs. Instead of roaming up and down the cat-food isle, looking for the most appealing ingredient-list on various cans, here are some of the best Tiki cat mixes your feline friend would surely love.

Tiki Cat – Cat Food Review


Regardless of how opposed you are to ‘wet-cat food’, the Tiki gourmet-style foods are really hard to ignore. While promising high levels of moisture, they equally guarantee an optimally nutritious meal deserving of a top-cat. With Tuna being the main ingredient, this is a dish your cat would hardly reject, benefitting from an undeniably tasty fish-meal as well as the high proteinaceous content their body thrives on. Luckily, the Tiki Cat Grill Grain-Free Low-Carbohydrate Wet Food contains just the adequate amount of moisture that provides the supplemental water they need.

Furthermore, what’s great about the protein rich dish is how suitable it is for practically all age groups, thanks to the grain-free and moisture-rich texture. There is a feeding guideline provided on the can to ensure ever cat, regardless of the age is getting the right amount of food per time. The recipe contains real nutritious fish, with a shellfish garnish; this is one meal made to ultimately satisfy various palettes while providing a well-balanced nutrition.

High-protein content with zero carbs and grains

High moisture content for appropriate water

Complete and well-balanced for all stages of life

Available in 2.08 oz 6oz cans

  • Brand: Tiki
  • Model: 10787
  • Weight: 6.1 ounces


For easy serving and storage of food, the Tiki Cat Aloha Friends Grain-Free Low-Carbohydrate Wet Food provides an easy 12-pouch pack that delivers 3oz per sachet. Easily pour out the appropriate amount of delicious cat food into their bowls and watch them devour the whole thing. You can trust their highly nutritious mix that majorly contains tuna, delivering great lip-smacking taste as well.

Although this dish is highly rich in protein, it contains adequate amounts of vitamins to add the required fibre to your furry friends diet. No doubt, the subtle pumpkin content adds great taste and nutritious value to the already content-rich meal. And with tuna being the first and major ingredient, there are other major vitamin supplements like calcium, folate, vitamin A and magnesium to mention a few.

Additionally, the high-moisture level in each pouch ensures each meal is sumptuous, easy to chew and digest while providing the appropriate amount of water they need daily. With real ingredients that supply natural nutrients to the body, this delicious tuna meal would equally go a long way to nourish the coat, fur and the whole body.

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Grain-free with low-carbs

Natural ingredients that boost overall health

Balanced and ideal nutrition for all ages and stages of life

Pumpkin for adequate source of fiber

  • Brand: Tiki
  • Model: 43009
  • Weight: 2.25 pounds


Cats are born carnivores; it’s something you simply can’t take away from them. Substituting to an alternative diet may not be the wisest decision when it comes to your feline friend. They need proteins and meat-rich food to survive, and the Tiki Born Carnivore Dry Cat Food provides all that and more. Tiki Born-Carnivore provides up to 46% proteins – which is not a common feat when it comes to dry food. Natural, real ingredients are used to make this dry kibble for the utmost pleasure and nutrition of cats. There are no processed plants included,the protein source is gotten from real chicken which is the first ingredient, among other deliciously baked meats.

Baking the chicken keeps and preserves the natural nutritional contents, as opposed to extruding it which leaves the actual food with less. Not compromising on the taste, these dry kibbles are a great dietary choice or cats who actually don’t mind drinking water. With up to five different flavors to choose from, your cat can now enjoy naturally tasty kibble made with the vitamins and nutrients made to boost their health and preserve their inner feline nature.

44% average protein

Grain-free and low carbs

No by-products or fillers

Nutrient-packed with flaxseed oil and other vitamins

  • Brand: Tiki
  • Model: 47001
  • Weight: 5.62 pounds


Unlike dogs, the dietary needs of cats hasn’t really changed, even though they can now consume commercial pet foods. They still require a good source of protein to survive and won’t thrive on a vegan or vegetable-based diet. The Tiki Cat Velvet Mousse Grain-Free Wet Food provides a well balanced, protein rich mix that is smooth on the tongue. It’s great for picky eaters who don’t love chunky food, the mousse consistency allows the wet food slide down easily while delivering adequate water content as well.

With Tuna being the first ingredient, among a high-nutrient list of other vital vitamins and proteins like egg, it delivers the kind of food your cat naturally craves for. Available in six different flavors, the mousse mix provides a perfectly smooth texture, great for kittens and older cats who are picky with textures.

Unlike other big-name brands, Ttiki doesn’t rely on plant-based proteins, but real, human grade sources that provide total nourishment, great taste and a smooth consistency that is easily digestible. Furthermore, no by-products, artificial ingredients or fillers are included in this nutrient-rich blend; instead, mackerel, vitamin E and thiamine mononitrate are some of the major vitamins that make Tiki Cat food a top choice for all.

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Great for pregnant and nursing cats

Grain-free and low-carbs

High protein and vitamin content

Creamy and smooth consistency

  • Brand: Tiki
  • Model: 48000
  • Weight: 2.1 pounds


Putting water in a cat’s bowl may prove to be quite challenging, a lot of cats are not exactly open to slurping adequate amounts of water. Well, that’s where the Tiki Cat Wet Food After Dark cans come in. It’s safe to say that this can is filled with all that would delight cats and more when it comes to food. The rich and nutrient-packed meal has organ meats and shredded chicken as the stars of the dish; it’s a mix almost no cat can resist.

With low calories and a rich protein content, this optimally makes up for what your cat may be missing from being out in the wild. It’s equally a great choice for cats with dietary needs or illnesses and the natural formula supplies the body with the best dietary supplements that contributes to the wellness of cats. Balancing off on protein, fiber, healthy fats, moisture and minimal carbs, this is a great choice for picky eaters, and cats who deserve rich, tasty food that may cost a little extra, but compensates with the high-value it delivers.

Low carbohydrates

High moisture content

Succulent organ meats, shredded chicken and healthy broth

Suitable for all life stages

  • Brand: Tiki
  • Model: 11236
  • Weight: 2.8 pounds

Tiki Cat – Cat Food Review Buying Guide

When it comes to pet nutrition, there are a lot of factors that come to mind. Hence why it’s vital to opt for the right product that wouldn’t simply serve as a temporary meal supplement, but a long-term, go-to choice. However, choosing food for cats is a lot more complicated than it is with other pets because of their unquenchable nature. In the wild, cats hunted for their food, and that the food was more of proteins; from smaller animals to little herbs and veggies here and there. What’s more, their food has been majorly based on meat since time began, and it hasn’t really changed. About 60 decades ago, domesticated cats started accepting processed foods and company pre-packaged foods, which has undoubtedly been a great relief to many pet parents. However, with over 43 companies manufacturing and preparing cat food, the question is now, which one to stick with? Well, there’s a brand many pet-parents swear by; Tiki Cat Food.

Cat eating food

Company Information

Tiki Cat Foods are manufactured by Petropics, a pet company that started out as Tiki Cat, a cat food company founded by Christine Hackett and her husband Robert. They went on to become Tiki Pets, manufacturing pet food for other pets like dogs.

Christine branched out in 2005 to establish her food company after observing the shortcomings in the pet food industry. Her burning desire was to provide solutions to the increasing problems she discovered while working in the research and development arm of Petco, a pet food company. Hence, the creation of her own pet company.

Tiki Cat has over 40 cat food flavors and textures which are generally classified into wet, dry and raw. Although they have a sizable variety of dry cat food, however, the brand concentrates on wet food with a broad variety of canned and pouched formula.

Whatever form of Tiki Cat you buy, you’re getting value for your money and a satisfied cat every day. Now you can rest assured that your pet is getting rich, nutrient-filled and pet safe food they rightly deserve.

Why Choose this Brand?

  • Whole ingredients

Tiki Cat is the first true gourmet food that features whole human grade shredded meat, chicken or seafood to enter the cat food industry.

  • Nutrient rich

They specialize in making nutrient filled wet food with 38 of their products being different flavors and recipes filled with adequate moisture content. The other fice are dry foods gently baked to retain the nutritional value of the natural ingredients used.

  • Digestibility

Their food mimics the natural diets of cats and dogs if they were out fending for themselves in the wild. These ingredients make up the actual food cats should eat for easier digestion because of their genetic make-up and ancestry. Their recipes also satisfy the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient requirements.

  • Human-grade

Tiki Cat Food is a family-owned business, with their sole interest being to satisfy the biological and dietary needs of cats. They make use of a human-grade factory that produces high quality canned and pre-packaged food.

Cat eating food from the bowl

Ingredient Analysis

  • Meat

Tiki Cat makes use of animal-based protein such as chicken, turkey, lamb, duck, and beef which are muscled meat. These food sources provide cats with sufficient energy without making them gain unnecessary weight. You will also find other nutritious meat organs like chicken parts like chicken liver, gizzard and heart in Tiki Cat foods.

  • Seafood

Another protein-based ingredient common in Tiki Cat food is seafood. Tuna, Alaska Salmon, and whole prawns are examples of seafood recipes found in Tiki Cat brands. Seafood is rich in protein which aids healthy skin and hair as well as normal weight.

  • Kibble diet

The baked kibble diet is a Tiki Cat specialty that offers up to 44% protein average without carbohydrate saturated ingredients like wheat, corn, rice and potatoes.

  • Vegetable

Your cat’s nutrition is incomplete without a but of vegetable and so Tiki Cat included highly nutritious vegetable sources like flaxseed, kale, pumpkin, spinach, and carrots. Vegetable provides a boost of fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, and minerals to your cats. These nutrients aid growth and maintenance of strong teeth and bones, healthy joints, and easy digestion.

Pros & Cons

  • Their moisture rich foods provide adequate hydration
  • Their gourmet foods are rich in flavor as well as nutrients
  • Offers complete, natural nutrition to cats
  • Their recipes are safe, not containing fillers or artificial flavors
  • There have been some recent issues with their packaging
  • Their foods are not made in America, but in Thailand
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