The Best Organic Cat Food (Review) in 2019

We all want to give our kitties the best diet possible. It is an important way of promoting and maintaining their health. It helps you to provide your cat with a diet that closely matches the food that they would have eaten in the wild and natural cat food works in harmony with their body. It also helps them to avoid artificial ingredients that could cause health issues and get in the way of weight management.

However, buying organic cat food is not that simple. It is important that you know what the term ‘organic‘ means and that you know how to spot food that really is organic. Also, it is useful to know the added benefits of an organic diet for your cat. To help you make an informed decision, here is our quick guide to the best organic cat food.

The Best Organic Cat Food
Newman'S Own Premium Adult Cat Dry Formula

Newman'S Own Premium Adult Cat Dry Formula

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Cat Food

Tender & True Cat Food Organic

Tender & True Organic Cat Food

Best Organic Cat food Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for in Organic Cat Food

It is important that you speak to your vet before you make the switch to an organic cat food diet. They will be able to advise you on what you should look out for in a food that will suit your cat’s breed, lifestyle and age. If your cat has any particular health issues, your vet can advise on the best diet to help with this.

Don’t just buy the first organic cat food that you come across. Do your research and choose a brand that has the features that you require. Get into the habit of reading labels carefully. Here are some of the things that you should look out for.

  • High protein content. Cats are carnivores and require a lot of meat protein in their diet. A source of meat or fish protein should be the first ingredient on the ingredients list which means it is the main constituent of the recipe.
  • High quality protein. Not all sources of meat protein are equal! You need real fish or meat which are packed with amino acids. Avoid meat by-product meals.
  • USDA certification. To be sure that the food is actually organic, look out for the USDA certification.
  • Appropriate carbohydrates. Cats only need small quantities of carbohydrates but they must be healthy and easy to digest. Look out for things like organic pumpkin and organic brown rice.
  • Micro-nutrients. Your cat needs a whole range of micro-nutrients to keep them healthy. Look out for omega oils for a healthy coat, taurine for heart health and a range of vitamins and minerals.
  • Artificial additives. These are not needed in organic cat food so buy a product that specifies that there are no artificial additives.

What to Avoid When Buying Organic Cat Food

A label of ‘organic’ means very little on a tin or packet of cat food if it is not backed up with the seal from the USDA. This is because organic cat food is not regulated. Avoid buying food that does not have the seal because you have no guarantee that it is actually organic. It may however, be natural and this may be sufficient for your needs.

Also, avoid buying foods that have any sort of fillers such as wheat because these offer little in nutritional content and can trigger allergies. The same is true for meat and poultry by-product meals.

cat eat organic food

Benefits of Organic Cat Food

Organic cat food can be healthy choice for your cat and has many benefits. Here are some of the main ones.

  • Organic food contains higher quality ingredients

In organic food, the emphasis is on natural and wholesome ingredients which are packed with nutrients. You won’t find the cheaper ingredients which are often called fillers. These offer no nutritional benefits. You also won’t find cheap, low-quality sources of meat protein such as poultry by-product meals. You are more likely to find real meat and wild caught fish.

  • Organic food causes fewer digestive issues

Sadly, digestive issues are common in cats. They can include diarrhea and foul-smelling feces as well as vomiting and this is unpleasant for both the cat and the owner! Organic cat food contains no artificial ingredients which are often difficult for your cat to digest and cause stomach upsets.

Organic food, on the other hand, usually makes your cat produce regular poops that are well-formed and smaller in volume.

  • Organic food promotes a better quality of life

Cats fed on organic food are more likely to be healthy. They have a better chance of maintaining a healthy weight and are therefore less susceptible to chronic illnesses that can make their lives miserable. This is especially important as your cat reaches their senior years and their ability to enjoy life potentially diminishes.

  • Organic food promotes a healthy coat

You should be able to see the benefits of an organic cat food diet when you look at your cat! Their coat is more likely to be thicker and smoother and will shine. This is caused by the improved nutritional content of organic food as well as essential micro-nutrients such as omega oils. The best cat food is packed with micro-nutrients.

  • Organic cat food promotes a longer life

Cats given healthy food live longer than cats that eat unhealthily. This is true for humans and all other animals as well! A nutritious and balanced diet provided by natural cat food brands is essential for a cat’s body to function properly.

A natural diet results in fewer by-products in the body so the organs can function correctly and prolong life.

  • Organic cat food provides more energy

A healthy organic diet is packed with protein and healthy fats and carbohydrates and these are what your cat needs to produce a lot of energy. They do not have to waste energy trying to digest substances that are unnatural.

A cat that has plenty of energy will play and hunt and interact with their owner. They will have plenty of calories to burn and will maintain a healthy weight due to their active lifestyle.

  • Organic cat food avoids allergies

Many cats suffer from allergies. They can cause skin and digestive issues that are very unpleasant.

Artificial additives and chemicals are amongst the culprits that can trigger allergic reactions. By using a more natural cat food, many problems can be avoided.

  • Organic cat food can save you money

Whilst it is true that organic cat food brands are usually more expensive, they could actually save you money in the long run. You are going to need less of it because it is so nutritionally dense and satisfies your cat for longer. It is also very tasty and appealing to cats so there will be less waste.

Because your cat is likely to be healthier, you will spend less money on medication and on vet’s bills as well!

Eating persian kitten

Best Organic Cat Food FAQ:

Q: What is organic cat food?

A: It is important that you understand how labeling of cat food works in the US so that you can be sure that you are buying a truly organic product. In theory, any cat food manufacturer could label their product as organic but this can be misleading because there is no designated labeling for organic cat food. However, the National Organic Program (NOP) is a regulatory framework which governs all organic foods, including human foods.

If pet food manufacturers choose to adhere to these standards, they will be awarded NOP certification and you will be able to see the USDA Organic seal on the cat food label.

So, how do manufacturers of organic cat food achieve that coveted seal? Firstly, they must make sure that at least 95 percent of the ingredients of the recipe are organic. Also, the name of the USDA-accredited certifying agent must be disclosed.

It’s not just about the ingredients, the processes are important too. This means that all of the ingredients must have been grown and processed without using any toxic pesticides or persistent pesticides. There must have been no use of artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. In terms of meat products, the animals must have been reared without the use of synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics. The recipe cannot contain any GMOs and must not have been irradiated. The manufacturer is required to maintain detailed records relating to the production and processing so that everything can be traced. They will also be regularly inspected to ensure that they are complying with the requirements.

Q: Is organic cat food better for my cat?

A: The better quality food you feed your cat, the healthier they will be. Organic food is more natural and therefore closer to the natural diet of a wild cat. This is always going to be better for your cat because natural cat food will work in harmony with their body.

They contain high quality sources of protein which are very important for a cat’s diet. Cats are natural carnivores and require a high protein diet. This provides them with energy and with the amino acids that they need to build strong and lean muscle. The fewer chemicals and additives the food contain the better as this is the best way to avoid allergies and other health issues.

Q: Should I feed my cat organic raw cat food?

A: You may think that it would be better (and cheaper) to simply give your cat a diet of organic raw meat and other foods that you prepare at home. However, this may not be the case as there are dangers associated with doing this.

Firstly, there is the risk of diseases such as salmonella infection being transmitted to your cat (and their owner) from the raw meat. Secondly, it can be very difficult to make sure that your cat is getting all of the nutrients that they need. The best natural cat food that has been commercially prepared has been very carefully designed and has Omega oils, vitamins and minerals in exactly the right amounts. They, therefore, support all aspects of your cat’s health including their immune system and their skin health. If your cat is fed a raw diet, even if it is organic, you will probably have to give them supplements as well.

Our Top Pick

Our top pick of the best organic cat food contains 32 percent protein and 16 percent fat in a crunchy kibble. It is based on organic sources of protein which are organic chicken and organic soybean meal. There are also organic carbohydrates such as organic brown rice, organic millet and organic sorghum.

The fatty acids promote healthy skin and the antioxidants boost the immune system. There are no antibiotics or chemical additives.


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